My First Time


My First TimeFor most of my life, I led a pretty sheltered existence. I came from a Southern Baptist family and went to a local Christian school throughout elementary to high school. Needless to say, we were raised and taught in a pretty strict way. Sex was something to occur only after marriage, and though I had a girlfriend throughout high school, the farthest I ever got was third base. To be honest, I was surprised I’d even got that far, but I think both of us were too damn horny not to at least try something. After graduating high school, I gave her a “Promise Ring”, which was supposed to symbolize my desire to one day propose. However, we never made it that far since we both attended different colleges. Still, we did manage to keep our relationship throughout our sophomore year. To be honest, after that year I started to question some things regarding my upbringing and I think that was the nail in the coffin for her, but that’s getting a bit further afield than we need to for this story. I was accepted to a number of universities, but given I wanted to go into international business, like my father, I went to the school with the best program for that degree. It happened to be a state school and not Christian, which as you can no doubt believe, caused a bit of a scandal in our community. To them, non-Christian colleges were “Liberal Indoctrination” centers, but my father supported my decision and I end up going there. Not much happened my freshman year. I got a 4.0, which was the result of staying in on the weekends and not partying like 99% of the rest of the campus did. I did, however, make a few new friends. All of which were partiers, and all of which tried to get me to go out partying with them almost weekly. I always politely declined, and I think it became sort of a game for them to see if they could peer pressure me into going. If truth be told, I wanted to go, but I think I was a bit scared having never done so before. I’d drank a few times back home with my cousins, but that was the extent of my partying. Still, when you’re in college, especially having led a sheltered life up until that point, peer pressure is strong. Finally, just to get them off my back, I told them I’d drink after my last exam.Though I tried to back out of it, they refused to allow me the opportunity. So, there I was, if not the first time I’d ever drank, I was still very much a beginner. Still, I managed to have a lot of fun. My friends kept me from drinking too much too fast, and made me stick to beer only, which given some of my later experiments with alcohol, was a Godsend. We party hopped our way through the student housing just off campus. However, sometime late in the night, I managed to get lost. I still don’t really know how, but by that time I didn’t really care. I was having too much fun, and the alcohol gave me enough courage to talk to anyone. In fact, at the next party I walked to, I ended up meeting a guy named Mike, and we ended up drinking together until the wee small hours in the morning. However, when the party scene started dying down and we couldn’t find any more alcohol, he suggested we head back to his place for the beers he had there. I was probably drunk enough by that point, but I didn’t argue. Besides which, I really couldn’t have found my way home if I tried.He lived in a sort of loft, with only a curtain separating the rooms. One room was his bedroom, where he had a sort of bunkbed, with his bed on top, and a futon at the bottom. Given I had already told him I wouldn’t have been able to get home, he told me I could sleep on his futon. We drank for another hour or so. He asked me if I had a girlfriend and I said “Yes”. He then told me he could never have a girlfriend, because he liked to fuck too much and even though I had almost zero experience in that field, I lied and said my girlfriend and I “fuck all the time” when she visits. I didn’t want to sound as lame as I was, and I think he believed me. The strange thing was, all the talk about fucking was getting me horny as hell and I could feel my dick getting hard, but I couldn’t very well pull it out and start masturbating in front of this guy. Instead, I got this genius idea that I’d pretend to go to bed so I could jerk off in the other room. I looked at him and said, “Hey, if you don’t mind, I think I’m going to crash”. Mike looked at me and said, “Yeah, go ahead. I think I’m going to watch some porn for a while”. I think my jaw hit the floor. I know it seems unbelievable, but I had never watched porn before. I saw a Playboy once and it made me hard as a rock, but we had limited screen time at home and the dorm’s WIFI prevented students from searching adult themes. I think I almost stayed, because my dick went fully erect at the idea of actually watching porn, but I needed to play with myself at that point, so I went to the other room. He came in with me, helped me sort out the futon, and gave me a pillow and a blanket. Afterwards, he shut the lamplight off and went into the other room to start watching porn. My dick was out before he even turned it on. To this day, I don’t know if he did this on purpose, knowing something might happen if he did, or it was simply happenstance, but the porn was really loud. So much so, that when I heard it, I think my dick doubled in size. I was playing with myself pretty hard at that point in time, but for reasons I didn’t understand at the time, I couldn’t have an orgasm. Much later in life, I realized it was because of alcohol, but all that was really happening that night was that I was getting hornier and hornier. Eventually, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I got out of the futon and walked to the curtain and asked, “Hey, Mike, do you mind if I watch it too?”He barely missed a beat, probably knowing I wouldn’t be able to control myself, and replied, “Yeah, bahis şirketleri I don’t care, but just to warn you, I’m jerking off.” At that point, I almost stopped and returned back to the bed, but that thought was quickly overwhelmed by the rest of my brain screaming to go watch porn. I walked out and pointedly kept my eyes on the TV, where a girl was sucking a man’s cock. To my right, I could tell something was happening, but not the specifics of it. I sat down on the chair perpendicular to the couch Mike was sitting on and watched the first ever porn video I’d ever seen. I was so damn horny I could barely think straight. My dick was screaming to be let out of my shorts, but I was so nervous I didn’t know what to do. Finally, I looked over to my right to see if Mike could see me or just the TV. Before I even saw his face, I caught a glimpse of him playing with himself. The weirdest part was this turned me on even more for some reason. I wrenched my gaze away from his cock and quickly saw he was only watching the TV and I decided I couldn’t help myself anymore. I pulled out my own cock and started stroking it. The video we watched was a compilation of blowjobs. Each new scene made me hornier and hornier, but the strangest part was my eyes, almost of their own volition, would turn to watch Mike stroking his cock. It got to the point where I was splitting time 50/50 between the porn and watching him play with himself. I think he knew too, because every once in a while, I saw him start to turn his head, and I’d immediately set my eyes to the TV. However, one time, he was too quick and saw me staring without a doubt. I probably blushed and forced my eyes forward, but he knew. He said, “My God, she sucks dick like a champ.”I not knowing what to say agreed, “Yeah, she does.”He replied back, “I’d give anything to have her lips around my cock right now.”I was too damn horny but also so unbelievably nervous to say much more than, “Me too.”We watched for a few more minutes and he said, “You got to see this other girl sucking cock. It’s on a different DVD though, so give me a minute.” I was disappointed he stopped the video but understood I’d be seeing more porn soon, so I relented to looking down at myself stroking my dick, while he got up and changed the DVD. After I saw him sit back down and grab the remote, I looked up. He clicked on the home screen and I saw 2 guys and 1 girl standing next to each other. The title of the DVD was “Teach my Wife to Suck Cock”. To be honest, I didn’t even think twice about it, but I had zero clue what was coming. He hit “Play” and the movie started. The story started out with a woman sucking her husband’s cock. Once more, I began switching my attention between Mike’s dick and the action on the TV. I know it seems silly, but at that point I didn’t see anything “Gay” about staring at another man’s cock. I guess I wasn’t really thinking at all. Just acting on instinct. It wasn’t long before the husband said something along the lines of “You’re getting better, but I think I know someone that can help you.” There was some silly dialogue for a few, and the scene switched to the couple now dressed in their living room when they heard a knock on the door. Looking back now, I should have known what was about to happen, but back then and there I had zero clue. After some silly introductions, the guy said, “Let me see how you do it.”The wife pulled out her husbands cock and started giving him a blowjob. In truth, I didn’t see anything wrong with her technique, but back then I had limited experience to base that off of. What happened next, I will remember to my dying day. The man got down next to her, grabbed hold of her husband’s cock, and said, “Let me show you.”On screen a man just swallowed another man’s cock and I couldn’t take my eyes away from the image to save my life. I was mesmerized. So much so, that I don’t actually know how much time had passed when Mike said, “Do you like what you see?”I turned to look at him, first looking into his eyes, and then looking downwards as he was now facing me instead of the television. He was stroking his cock, but stopped on the downswing, just holding it erect so I could get a good look at it. I voiced out “Yes” almost too quiet for him to hear. I don’t know if I was talking about the porn scene or his dick. Mike didn’t miss a beat though and said, “Why don’t you come over here and sit next to me?”I don’t know if I made the conscious choice to do so or if my body was acting on its own accord, but I slowly got up and walked over to the left of him and sat down so that our legs were touching. Nothing immediately happened. We just kept playing with ourselves for a moment or two. Then, almost in slow motion Mike reached over and grabbed ahold of my cock, and it was if an electric shock went through my body. I let go, and let him have his way with me, and just watched as his hand slid up and down my dick. It felt amazing. Better than it ever felt when my girlfriend touched me. I almost got lost in that feeling, before I felt his other hand grab my left hand and pull it over to his own prick, where my fingers reached out and enclosed his cock beneath them. I remember thinking two things. The first was he was so damn hard and the second was “I’m touching another man’s dick right now”. We stayed that way for a few moments, until Mike leaned down, regrettably causing my hand to have to let go of his cock, and without hesitation swallowed mine. If I thought I felt good before, I had a new sensation to dwarf that feeling. Without even thinking, my butt thrust my cock further into his mouth, wanting nothing more than to feel more of his wet warmth to engulf my awaiting prick. I’m not sure if it was the novelty or taboo of it all, but I have rarely since received a blowjob that felt that good. After bahis firmaları a few moments of going halfway down before bobbing up, he slowed down his downturn and began swallowing every inch of my cock. After a few seconds, his lips wrested on the base of my shaft touching my balls, and I think I almost came. He did this a few more times, and then released his mouth’s suction on my cock, and I almost said something before he took my balls into his mouth. Every new sensation made me feel better than I’d ever before, and I almost begged him to keep going when he sat back up, looked at me and asked, “Would you like to try?”I think I gulped but nodded my head slowly up and down. I grabbed ahold of his prick once more, stroking my hand down to the bottom part of his shaft, and just stared his cock for a few. My mouth was watering, and I started bending down towards his erectness as my mouth began to slowly open. My eyes were staring directly at the head of his oncoming cock, but I closed them as it came within an inch of my face. My mouth was open, and I forced my head to go down a little further. In less than a couple seconds I could feel the softness of his cockhead as it touched my lips and began to push through into my awaiting mouth. I was going so slow, I felt every centimeter of his cock enter my mouth, rolling over my tongue, heading deeper into my throat. To be honest, it felt a little strange at first. Not bad, but different. His cock was so hard in my hand that I think I expected something other than the feel of skin. Nevertheless, I fell in love with cock at that moment. I swallowed his as much as I could, let it sit there as my mouth adjusted to the feel of another’s man’s prick inside of it, and then pulled my head up until I felt the contours of his cockhead come to the forefront of my mouth. I then went back down with a little more speed, once again enjoying the feel of the length of his shaft enter my throat. After a few slow rotations, I began to find my rhythm, and I could feel him thrusting upwards as my mouth swallowed downwards. I never really had a gag reflex, something a nurse told me many years before this as she shoved one of those huge popsicle stick things down my throat, so I was taking more and more of him when he did this. At one point, I decided to try and take his entire length, and actually did so before he thrust up a little more and it surprisingly made me choke a little. After that I had to release his cock for a moment, swallow some saliva down, and was ready to start again when he stopped me and said we should “69”. I, of course, knew what that was, though I’d obviously never done it before, and readily agreed. He told me to get up and take off my shorts and boxers as he stood up to do the same. When he took off his shirt, I followed suit, and we were both completely naked. He then sat back down, turned and laid backside down on the couch. I turned in the other direction and wrapped my leg around so I didn’t hit his head, kneeling down just to the left of it. He grabbed ahold of my cock and guided into his mouth as I finished getting situated and did the same. We sucked each other’s cocks for a good 15 minutes or so. I actually remember getting a little tired, but I refused to stop. A few times I had to take a small break, but they were only a few seconds or so. Then he pulled my cock out of his mouth and let it rest on his cheek and asked me “Do you want to try something else?”By that time, I was ready to do anything, so I said “Yeah, tell me.”He replied, “Okay, get off of me for a second I have to go grab something.”I complied, a little reluctantly since I couldn’t have his cock, but also a little relieved to be getting a break. He went into his bedroom and after a moment came back out with a bottle of something. I, curious what it was, asked, “What’s that?”“It’s lube, so I can put a finger up your ass. It feels amazing.” He replied. I remember thinking that was a bit weird, because I’d never thought of my ass as anything more than a waste organ, but I was so horny I thought “What the hell?” As stupid and naïve as this sounds, I had no idea that’s how gay men had sex. Mike started pushing down the nozzle getting some lube on his fingers and said, “Here, lay down on your back on the couch.” I complied, and he came over and got between my legs and said, “Pull your legs up so your knees are at your chest.”Once more, I followed his directions. I made a small sound of protest as he pushed down on the nozzle squirting some cold lube on my ass, but I let it pass. He started by wiping a lot of lube around the opening of my butt. Next, he put down the bottle and focused on me. I felt his finger touch the outside of my sphincter and then felt a small protest as he pushed it inside. My body tightened a little and I started breathing harder. It didn’t hurt exactly, but it felt odd. I actually remember thinking “How is this supposed to feel good?”After a moment or so, I could feel my sphincter relax a little and the feeling became less strange. Still not good, but I thought to myself “Maybe I just need to get used to it?” He then curved his finger upwards and I felt the entire movement, as he started to massage the upwards portion of my inner ass. That’s when I fully started to relax and started to feel good. Though, that was short-lived as he grabbed more lube and stuck a second finger in. It became a routine, and I almost wondered why he kept ruining the good feeling by sticking more fingers in me. Still, I accepted it as best I could. Though, it did seem to take longer and longer for my ass to relax to make it feel better. As he thrust 3 of his fingers inside me, he said “Turn over.”He pulled his fingers out and I did as he said. He then poured more lube on himself and me and started all over again with one finger. Though, this kaçak bahis siteleri time, he progressed faster than before. After he had three fingers inside me, I could feel as he was trying to stretch out my sphincter some. Again, it didn’t hurt. It just felt like my butt was extremely reluctant to stretch out. After a little while of this, he asked, “Can I fuck you?”As ignorant as ever, I said, “What do you mean?”I couldn’t see his face to see if he smiled but I didn’t hear him laugh. He simply replied, “Instead of my fingers, I want to stick my cock inside of you.” As soon as he said “cock” I wanted him to do it. I know that sounds crazy, but I was so unbelievably horny and the idea of him doing anything with his cock to me turned me on. I waited a breath or two feeling his fingers thrust in and out of me and said “Yeah, sure.”He pulled his fingers out of me, allowing a small sense of relief to my ass, grabbed his bottle of lube again. I was almost but not quite on all fours and I could see him rubbing the lube all over his cock. At this point, you’re probably wondering why I didn’t make him wear a condom, but I would have had no knowledge of asking him to do that back then. He squeezed more lube on my asshole and then I shuddered as I felt the head of his cock rubbing circles around the opening of my ass. I felt the tip of his cock begin to enter me and I almost marveled that it didn’t feel as bad as his fingers. There was still a lot of tension and it took him a moment to fully enter me. I felt his cockhead enter my ass, until I could almost make out the contours of the head meeting his shaft. That did hurt a little and I tensed up, almost pulling myself forward so that he exited me. He must have done this before, because he followed my motion without pushing deeper into me and said, “Don’t tense up. It’ll make it hurt.”I had to force myself to relax and began breathing heavy. I was also grunting a little, but I couldn’t help it. Eventually, I felt him push more of himself inside of me, and I almost stopped him. However, after a certain length of his dick got inside of my ass, my sphincter finally started to relax as it did with his fingers. A few moments more, and I could feel him enter me completely as his balls hit the bottom of my ass. It still didn’t feel good, but it wasn’t hurting as much anymore. He let himself rest there for I don’t know how long. It felt a lot longer than it probably was, but he was letting my ass adjust to his presence.When he thought he waited long enough, he began to recede his cock until just before his tip exited my ass, and then he thrust himself in slowly, stopping, and then allowing me to relax again. We played this game for a while, but eventually it stopped hurting. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it felt good, but at least there was no pain. He fucked me like that for a while and I finally started to see why anyone would do this. I told him, “That’s starting to feel good.”He was moaning slightly and kept fucking me for a few more minutes when he said, “Okay, I want you on top of me.” He pulled himself out and said, “Quick get back on.”I turned around quickly got off the coach, let him lay down, and got back on him so that I was straddling above his cock with holding my hands on his stomach almost sitting in the air. He guided his prick to my ass, and I started to descend. I still felt the pressure from before, but there was no pain. I sat down completely on his cock but didn’t move from there. He then took charge and grabbed my hips and pulled me up releasing most of his dick from my ass, and then pulled my hips down so that he entered me again. The pleasure took a minute or two to kick back in and I began to realize what I should be doing and started to ride him. It was such a surreal moment. An hour before this I didn’t even know how 2 guys had sex and now, I was naked, straddling another man, and fucking him. Regrettably, my legs started to get tired and I said so. He didn’t say a word, but sat up some, grabbed ahold of my waist and lifted me slightly, as he sat up more. He then pushed me, so my back hit the couch and his cock unwittingly left my ass. He didn’t miss a beat though and grabbed ahold of his cock and guided it so he could enter me again. He started to fuck me harder and harder, but in-between thrusts he said, “Jerk yourself off while I’m fucking you. Let’s try and cum together.”Without saying a word, I grabbed hold of my cock and started stroking it and his cock thrust deep inside of me. He slowed down some and said, “Tell me when you’re close.”By that time, I was already close, and I could feel it was only a matter of a minute or so. I was breathing so heavily though, all I managed to say was, “Close.”He began thrusting harder and I felt his legs tighten around me. I looked up at him and he closed his eyes and started to say “Uh, uh…uh.” as he pulverized me with one huge thrust, followed by slightly diminishing thrusts in power. Before he completely finished, I stroked myself a few final times until the cum burst out of my cock so fast and so far, that the first burst went over his head, but I came a lot that night, and the next burst soaked him in my cum. I have rarely since had an orgasm so intense. He leaned over me, with his cock still inside of me, resting. After he took a few deep breaths he said, “That was intense.” I could only agree and managed to sigh a sound of relief after he pulled his cock from me. It was then that I felt his cum as it began to exit out of me with his outthrust. He got up to grab something to drink, but I only laid there. I could barely move. And not just because my body was not used to getting fucked, but because I couldn’t stop thinking “I just fucked a guy. I had his dick in my mouth.” That kept going in my head over and over, until a new thought entered my mind “I wonder what it would taste like if he came in my mouth.” Apparently, I said it aloud instead of just inside my head, because he said, “We can try that later on. I want to fuck you one more time tonight.” But that is another story.

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