My Aunt’s Throne


“Luke, I need you to call round your aunt Sylvia’s house after work” my dad instructed on the other end of the phone.

“What for?, it’s in the opposite direction to where I’m going” I moaned.

“Just do it please, she needs some help with her laptop or something” he informed me.

“Why can’t you go round?” I shot back.

“Come on, you know me and your aunt don’t really get along. Besides your much better with that kind of stuff than me” he pleaded.

“Oh for gods sake, fine. You owe me one” I fired back tersely as I hung up.

Let me back up a little and explain. My name is Luke Daniels, I’m 21 years old, and I love fat women, the bigger the better. I myself am pretty skinny, average build and I just love a woman with such a vast size difference and let me tell you, my aunt Sylvia is the fattest and most obese woman I have ever laid eyes on. So in all honesty I wasn’t really annoyed that my dad had asked me to go and help my aunt, I was secretly happy to have an excuse to head over there.

I have always gotten on really well with aunt Sylvia, and the fact that she had been the object of my lust for as long as I could remember meant that any reason to head over and see her was fine with me.

Aunt Sylvia is my dads, brothers ex-wife so not blood related as such but she has been my aunt for most of my life so I still feel a lot of guilt whenever I think about her while masturbating. We have gotten a lot closer since my dead beat uncle left her, I swear that she is overly flirty with me some times, although it’s probably just in my head. Regardless though, I love spending time with her.

My aunt is absolutely enormous, she easily weighs over 400 lbs and has the biggest tits I have ever seen. Her belly is huge and has this insane sexy overhang that covers her thighs, I’ve never seen her naked but it’s easy to make out the contours of her body through the thin summer dresses that she likes to wear.

The part of her body that turns me on the most though is that ass, each of her massive cheeks is easily twice the size of my head and they almost hypnotically clap together when she walks. Each of her legs are thicker than my waist line and have roll up on roll of cellulite that cascade all the way down to her ankles like a stack of tyres.

Anyway, on this particular hot and sunny afternoon, I had just finished work when my dad called and had that conversation. I drove the 15 minutes to my aunts house with the windows down and some rock music blasting before I eventually pulled onto her driveway.

Her house was massive, a four bedroom detached property in a nice area. I have no idea how she affords it though as she doesn’t work and my uncle, before he left only had a regular job with a modest income. I let myself in as I always did, taking my shoes off in her hallway.

“Aunt Sylvia?” I called out trying to gauge which room she was in.

“I’m back here” aunt Sylvia called back to me, her voice coming from the kitchen.

“I’m just in the kitchen hun” she called out again.

I walked through the door, just past the stairs and into the kitchen and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. My aunt was on her hands and knees with her head buried in the back of one of her cupboards and her enormous arse was just staring me down. She was wearing a yellow floral dress that just to say covered her humongous derriere and the rolls of fat on each of her legs were smushed together.

She carefully backed herself out of the cupboard and onto her knees before grabbing the kitchen worktop and slowly hauled herself to her feet.

“Sorry about that dear, takes me a while to get up these days” she laughed.

As she stood before me her summer dress had fallen to just above her knees and although the dress was a massive size, it clung to her huge hanging belly and soft fleshy tits like it was a mini dress. She was wearing her shoulder length brown hair in a high pony tail showing off the cute, chubby features of her face.

She walked forward and wrapped her arms around as she hugged me, I never tried to hug her back as there was no way I could wrap my arms around her. The fleshy mass of her body smashed against mine, in truth she couldn’t get her arms around me due to the enormous bulk of her own belly and boobs. I felt my cock start to rapidly stiffen as she hugged me close, I was sure that it was now rubbing against her thick leg.

“Was there something you wanted help with aunt Sylvia?” I asked as I pulled back in a hasty retreat from her crushing embrace.

“For god sake, I’ve told you a million times. Just call me Sylvia, less of the aunt!” she told me for the the millionth time, giving me a playful tickle as she did. Her touch was electric as I shuddered against her playful attack.

“Sorry Sylvia” I said prolonging each syllable of her name in a playful mocking manner.

“I’m sure I could make you very sorry” she said eyeing me up and down. Was she just biting her lower lip?, I gave my head a quick shake.

“Dad yalova escort said you were having some computer issues or something like that” I said, clearing my throat, rapidly changing the subject. I quickly averted my gaze to her face as I realised I had not stopped looking at her giant heaving breasts since she stopped hugging me. I could feel my eyes getting lost in the cavernous cleavage she had on display.

“Ah yes, I almost forgot. Follow me Lukey” she asked calling me by the pet name she had for me and smiling wildly as she notice my gaze shift.

I followed my aunt as she made her way, slowly up the stairs, one step at a time. I trudged up the stairs behind her making sure I followed the pendulous sway of her hips, which were so wide they were almost brushing against both hand rails. Her flabby legs shook with each step and her huge arse was almost clapping together as she moved, I looked hard and couldn’t see a visible panty line. It was a thing of beauty as I felt my cock stiffen to full mast imagining what her body looked like under there. I tried to have a sneaky look under her dress to catch my first unobstructed view of her ass but just as I was about to draw line of sight, the stairs stopped as we stepped on the landing.

The second floor of her home had a master bedroom, a bathroom, a big spare room, a third room which was converted into an office where and another room which I had never been in before. This room had always intrigued me whenever I visited as it was always locked and I had no idea what was in there. I had always wondered and often asked but she would always be very evasive and never tell me.

As I walked across the landing area I saw that the mystery room that was usually always locked was ever so slightly ajar on this occasion and as I walked past the door I fought the urge to peek inside as I followed my aunt into her office room.

“I think I’ve got some kind of virus on this stupid thing, it just won’t turn on” she said, gesturing to the laptop she had open on her desk.

“No worries, I’l have a look at it. Probably just needs backing up and a full re boot, il also install some anti virus software too while I’m here” I told her confidently

“Thanks Lukey you’re the best, what would I do with out you” she said as she quickly hugged me again. This time my fully erect penis was crushed against her giant over hanging belly and I froze, I was sure she could feel it and would say something. She shocked me by appearing to gyrate against it briefly before pulling back slightly and flashing me a sly grin, could she feel that?, did she do that on purpose?.

“Do you want a drink or anything while you are HARD at work?” she enquired, with a real emphasis on ‘hard’. Surely my horniness was playing tricks on me again.

“Erm, no I’m ok thanks Sylvia. Hopefully shouldn’t me take too long” I replied.

“No worries hun, I’l leave you to it then. All those stairs make me tired so I’m just going to go for a lie down in my room. Just shout me when you are done” she said as she waddled uneasily to her bedroom before closing the door behind her. I sat down in the chair, taking a deep breath to try and calm down my raging erection and began to work on rebooting her computer.

After 45 minutes or so, I had finished what I was doing and had managed to restore her computer before setting the anti virus I had just installed to do one last sweep of her hard drive. I stood up and popped my head out of the room, my aunts bedroom door was still shut and I looked at the other door down the hall and saw that it was still slightly open and unlocked.

I had always wondered what was in that room and never had a better chance to find out than right now. My curiosity had gotten the better of me as I tip toed across to the room checking behind to make sure her bedroom door was still closed. I very slowly pushed the door open and as I walked in I was stunned by what I saw.

The room was dimly lit and the blinds were closed but this was unmistakably some sort of fetish room!. There was a bed with wrist and leg restraints on at one side of the room and numerous shelves on the wall with all manner of hand cuffs, dildos, gags, whips and things I had never even seen before. Despite all of these sex toy’s on display, my attention focused on a wooden box that was laid on the floor.

As I inspected it, I saw that this extremely wide, black wooden box had an oval shaped hole in the top for someones face to poke out of with thick padding around the edge. It was currently lifted up open on a hinge to reveal a shallow, hollowed out space within. There was a semi circle hole on the side of the bottom half and a matching one on the top so that when it closed it created another hole around the neck, like when wooden stocks in the olden days would close on a prisoner. This was clearly designed for someone to put their head in and when the box closed the persons face would be securely poking out of the padded oval on top, locking them in yalova escort bayan place.

The whole piece of equipment looked custom made, I glanced around before quickly deciding to see how it worked. As I nervously laid myself down, I rested my head inside the box. It was a tight space, but it was cushioned so it was relatively comfortable which was a good job because if the seat closed down above you and sealed you in, there was no way you could move.

I decided to close the lid to see what it felt like. As it closed, sealing me in my place my face was now poking out of the hole and was a very snug fit indeed. I heard a loud click and as I pushed against the top to release myself, it wouldn’t budge an inch.

“Oh shit!, what the fuck!” I said out loud as I tried to push harder.

I was trapped in this thing, I started to panic realising I’d have to shout for help and my aunt would be furious that I had gone snooping especially given that I was doing so in her kinky sex room. I used my hands to try and search for some kind of latch that was keeping this thing locked but I froze as I heard the door to the room push open.

“Whats going on in here” I heard my aunt’s voice call out.

I couldn’t see her as my head was fixed in place through the oval hole looking up at the ceiling and she was staying clear of my peripheral vision.

“I was just” my voice trailed off as I struggled to thing of a good lie that would explain me being stuck in this weird contraption.

“Oh, I see that you have found my throne” my aunt Sylvia stated.

“Your throne?” I replied, confused by everything in that moment.

“Yes Lukey, my throne where I sit on pathetic men’s faces who pay me a lot of money for the privilege” she informed me.

My head was spinning, the thought of my SSBBW aunt sitting on here with some guy trapped inside was a terrifying prospect, yet my cock completely rock hard at the same time. I’d also be lying if I said that I’d never imagined my aunt sitting on my face.

“What do you mean men pay you?” I replied, curiously.

“Well, rich men mostly” she mused.

“They come far and wide for the ultimate queening experience. I sometimes video it as well and sell the clips on the internet, how do you think I pay for this house” she informed me, chuckling.

“I thought that my uncle, before he left you know” I guessed hopelessly

“Oh Luke, you are so cute. That waste of space didn’t lift a finger, I paid for everything before I got sick and chucked him out” she proceeded to inform me.

“He did build my throne that you are currently stuck in though, I used to trap him in it and sit on his face for hours at a time. So I guess he did have some uses” she reminisced.

“How do I get out?” I asked, frantically.

“Oh you can’t get out I’m afraid” she responded, matter of factly.

“What do you mean I can’t get out?” I shot back at her, with panic starting to set in.

“Well you can, but not without paying a tribute first” she informed me with a wicked tone.

“What do you mean a tribute” I asked naively, still trying to force my way out of this wooden prison.

“Well, I only let men out of there once I’ve queened them” she continued to inform me.

I wasn’t stupid, I had a monster fat fetish and knew full well what queening was. My cock was no straining against my jeans as I realised my aunt, the object of my sexual desire for as long as I can remember was now talking about sitting on my face.

“You can’t be serious?, we can’t do that that. I’m your nephew” I weakly objected.

“Oh Lukey, you are the cutest, we aren’t exactly blood relatives or anything and besides that has never stopped you perving on me every chance you get” she countered as I started to blush.

“I have no idea what you are on about” I tried to deny.

“Oh come on, I’ve seen you have full on conversations with my breasts before and I can always feel your eyes burn right through me whenever I bend over” she told me, exposing my years of shameful ogling.

“I….don’t…I” I stammered, tripping over my words feeling slightly ashamed that she has seen me perving on her before.

“It’s ok baby, I’ve known for years that you’ve been in to me. I’ve always done my best to try and tease you” she informed me.

“Besides, the massive erection you have whenever you’re around me is a big giveaway. I bet you are hard right now aren’t you?” she guessed, correctly.

“I am not” I lied, my face a crimson mass of embarrassment.

I suddenly felt a something press down on my cock, I realised that my aunt was using one of her feet to rub my swollen cock through my jeans.

“You’ve never been a good liar Lukey, I know that this is what you want” she taunted as a soft groan escaped my lips.

“Please just let me out of here” I begged, trying to change the subject.

“All in due time, sweetness, we are going to have some fun first” she replied, almost seductively.

As I continued to look up, my head escort yalova fixed in place, I suddenly saw my aunt now standing above the box, I had a clear view right up her summer dress but couldn’t make much out due to the dimness of the room and darkness up her dress.

“If you can make me cum then I will let you out” she informed me. I had no reply as my mouth went dry, she wasn’t being serious was she?, was she going to sit on my face?

I had my answer moments later as she slowly lowered her full massive bulk down towards my helpless face. I’d be lying if I said that I hadn’t fantasised about licking my aunts big fat pussy and having an obsessions with SSBBW’s naturally meant that face-sitting was huge turn on. Fantasy was one thing and the reality was another, and the reality was that I had never been with anyone remotely close the size of my aunt and as her continent sized posterior inched closer to its I destination I started to panic.

Her dress covered rump was now inches from my face as I fought in vain against the wooden box that held me. She suddenly hiked the dress up over her hips and I got a seconds glance at the bare flesh of her magnificent ass for the first time in my life. It was so vast up close that it filled the entirety of my sight and beyond, she was wearing panties that was either a thong or they just looked like it as they were swallowed by the enormity of her cheeks. My cock was ready to burst in my trousers as I stared into the fleshy abyss, and then every thing went dark.

As she sat down, her full weight had forced the fleshy underwear covered mass of her pussy against my face, the pressure was insane and I couldn’t draw a single breath. I immediately started to panic, realising I was completely at her mercy, I had imagined what having a big beautiful woman sat on your face would be like and now I was finding out!.

Her underwear was absolutely soaked, the thought of smothering her nephew had obviously turned her on. I was starting the struggle even more, my lungs felt ready to burst it was probably the closest il ever come to being waterboarded with her soaked panties pressed against my mouth. I tapped furiously against the smother chamber and she must have sensed I was about ready to pass out when I felt the pressure lift from my face.

I gasped and spluttered for air, dots of light flashed in my eyes as I sucked in the beautiful air.

“What the fuck!, are you trying to kill me. I thought I was going to die” I shot out angrily.

“Oh stop being a wimp Lukey, if you want a big woman like me in your life you are going to have to get used to having your face sat on. Let’s try it again and this time get licking!” she instructed firmly.

I was still gasping for air as I saw her slowly start to descend again, the enormity of her in this close proximity was still incredible.

“But aunt Sylvia!, please…” I started to almost beg before suddenly being cut off as her huge arse sat back down on my face.

My face felt like it was going to implode as she settled down once more, I still couldn’t breathe but tenderly stuck my tongue out and pressed it against the soaking material of her underwear as the tangy moisture rolled down my tongue, the taste was strong and almost sweet. I started to drag my tongue back and forth across the coarse material as I felt her start to tremble.

She must have been so turned on as the mere stroke of my tongue against her panties was causing heavy shudders and so much of her strong fluid was leaking through her underwear that it was causing me to have to swallow as it landed in my mouth.

“Oh my god, fucking hell Luke I’m cumming!” she screamed loudly.

All of a sudden I was hit by a warm tsunami as she loudly reached her shuddering orgasm. I was shocked and my entire face was flooded, I felt like I was drowning as I tried to swallow as much of her juices as possible. I started to thrash my legs wildly as I ran out of breath under the onslaught of her climax, I thought in that moment that I was done as I felt myself blacking out as I drowned in my aunts orgasm.

I felt the crushing weight slowly lift from me face and clawed for air, my chest hurting with every breath I was able to take, as she continued to stand, more and more of her sweet nectar steadily dripped onto my face like water from a ship that had been lifted out of the ocean.

I could barely see anything as my entire face was soaked in her orgasm, I was disappointed that I couldn’t get another view of her enormous arse.

“Oh my god Lukey that was incredible. I think we are going to have to work on your stamina for next time though. You are lucky that I was so turned on and came almost right away” she told me.

“What do you mean, next time?” I gasped, still fighting to refill my lungs.

“We are going to have to make this a daily thing my sweetness. You are going to come round every day, lock yourself in my box so that you can service my big fat pussy.” she informed me, my cock throbbed away as she talked.

“I feel like you need a reward though now, wouldn’t you agree” she asked.

“A reward?, what kind of reward Sylvia?” I asked back, hornier than I had every been in my life despite nearly drowning.

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