Mother and Son in Hiding

Group Sex

There are no characters in this story under 18.

This story is one that will have to be fudged a bit to protect my friends identities and because much of it is classified. A doctor friend of our family had a diplomatic mission in a small Muslim country and was accompanied by his wife and 19 year old son. It was supposed to be an easy and risk free job but things got complicated when the local extremist Muslim group had a coup that got the doctor killed. The religious fanatics wanted to kill, jail, or torture all westerners in their part of the country. Luckily one family hid my friends family in a little attic room for a year and a half.

Mary and her son Charles lived in a space with no windows in a tiny room that had a single full sized bed, a small desk, a tiny closet, and a basic bathroom with an old claw footed tub. It had been used as a maids room during better times in the past. It had only a bare light bulb and no heating or cooling. Luckily the room seldom got too warm but often was chilly or cold due to the high elevation.

The room hadn’t been used in a long time but everything was relatively clean and functional. There was also a dumb waiter in it which was very unusual. Food and supplies where sent up to the room once a day and this was the only contact Charles and his mother had with the outside world for all that time. In many ways this made them feel and understand how Anne Frank most have felt.

As you can imagine this little family was in grieving for weeks but they knew that their father and husband would want them to go on and be strong. Mother started a routine for her and Charles. Mary was an avid yoga practitioner and started practicing every day for a few hours and trained her son to do the same. Yoga has its roots in the Kama Sutra with the intent of raising one’s sexual energy although I don’t believe either of them knew this at the time.

Mary also knew French and she decided to teach Charles the language he had never shown an interest in before. Charles, who was an advanced chess player and had a portable set with him with which he taught his mother how to play.

Luckily the family that housed them provided them with paper and pencil as well as some books in English. They had learned English in a private school and had loved reading American literature. They could request items they wanted by writing notes leaving by the door with dirty dishes and they would try to provide but seldom could. They later also learned that the US government was secretly paying this family handsomely for helping them and would eventually give them US citizenship.

So yalova escort Charles and Mary tried to fill their days as well as they could but the isolation was getting to them. They often heard gun fire outside, things being blown up, and other signs of violence in the nightmare that was “outside”. This meant they were constantly living in fear, especially Mary, who knew she would be raped and abused if discovered. Charles would probably be tortured and killed for American TV.

Living this way changes you and makes you a different person than you thought you could ever be. It made Mary and Charles much closer and dependent on each other. Each night they also slept next to each other for comfort and often to fight the cold. Often they would hold each when laying down as if this might be the last night they ever spent together.

This closeness and loneliness made them start losing many of their inhibitions around each other as close living will do. Using the bathroom or taking a bath was not something they could do in private. Sometimes when they would wash their clothes in the tub and wait for them to dry they would only be in their underwear because they only had a few changes of clothing each. They did have some simple toiletries thank God.

On nights when the world outside seemed particularly frightening they would hold each other closely while looking at each other. They could talk like this for hours or tell stories to each other (made up ones as well as real) and would confess how much they loved each other. The would often kiss also but usually on the forehead, cheek, or hand but eventually even on the lips but not in a sexual manner.

However on night about six months in the kiss lasted a little longer than appropriate. The next time longer still and soon they would hold it for minutes. One night after telling her son how much she missed her father she let her tongue slip in his mouth. Soon they were making out like sex starved teenagers for hours until she stopped him and said she was sorry and this was not appropriate for a mother and son.

The next night Charles confessed to his mother that he was afraid they would never leave their prison alive and that he would die never knowing the love of a woman. Mary tried to assure him that this wasn’t true but it wasn’t more than a day or two before they were making out again.

This started getting more heated every night. Soon she was letting her son feel her breasts over her shirt but it wasn’t long before she let him open her shirt to admire and play with them. She found herself pushing Charles’s yalova escort bayan face down to her nipples to suck on them. She had never liked her husband sucking on her tits before (nor any man) but having her son do it sent shivers down her spine and made her very wet and hot. She also was starting to feel a lust and hunger that was starting to make her crazy. There were times it was all she could do not to rip her son’s clothes off and rape him.

Charles too was getting hornier then he thought possible. He would spend much of the day with a hard-on imagining what his mother would look like without clothes lying under him as he fucked her like a slut and while begging him to fuck her harder.

One night about 9 months in a commotion downstairs and sounds of fighting made them think they were finally being discovered and that their days were together were numbered. That night Charles told his mother that he loved her and wanted to make love to her if this was his last night alive. He told her he was still a virgin at 19 because he could never find a woman he was as attracted to as her. “I want you to be my first mother.” He said with tears in his eyes. This is when their last inhibitions fell apart.

Mother cried with him and soon was taking his clothes off slowly kissing him down his body as she did. When he was finally naked with his huge hard-on at attention for her she put her mouth on the head of his dick and he immediately shot his load into her mouth. She swallowed it all looking at his eyes as if she has just drunk the sweetest nectar.

She then did a slow strip tease for him while he looked on entranced. She then pushed him down on the bed and went to put his hard dick in her hungry pussy.. Charles said he was afraid to make her pregnant but Mary told him not to worry because due to complications with him she was no longer have children. So saying this she filled herself with him. At first she went slow but she found herself going over the edge. Her son’s cock was about his father’s size but with a lot more girth which felt better than any cock she had ever had. She felt like this was the first time she really was making love with someone.

Her emotions were also on fire. The idea of her son inside her, the person she loved most in the world, and the taboo was the ultimate aphrodisiac. She found that she had no control anymore and and didn’t want to anyway. “Fuck your mother honey,” she would yell “fuck me like a whore.” Her love making in the past had been very polite and almost clinical so her orgasms had been few and never too intense but now escort yalova she was an animal and her orgasms shook her whole body and opened her mind ( what they call in Kama Sutra “raising the Kundalini). When he came inside her it becoming one with her precious son..

From that day on they would fuck two or three times a day. They tried different positions, the loved to 69, and she even learned to love him in her ass. She finally knew what it was like to to be passionate and one morning even realized that she had never really known what love could be. Charles had always been a little in love with his Mom which is why he could never find a girlfriend. Now he knew that only woman he ever wanted had to be her.

The next nine months was like a honeymoon for them. They got to know every inch of each others bodies and what turned the other on. They learned that they loved to talk dirty to each other and she taught him to talk dirty to her in French too. They acted out complex fantasies and role played. They would also often practice their yoga in the nude and mix sex it. They were in their own paradise until finally the day came when they were rescued. They were separated for a while, debriefed for days, checked at a hospital and more. There were appearances on TV, interviews, and more until they finally had enough.

When they finally were able to go home they didn’t know what to do. For days they tried to pretend their sexual experiences had not happened. The idea of the incest they had committed made them ashamed of themselves. Outside captivity their incest seem depraved and dirty. He came home from college a few days later and found his mother drunk and passed out on the couch.

When he woke her up she started crying. She said she could no longer live with herself for what she had done to him and that he most hate her. What he did was carry her to her bedroom and then he started ripping her clothes off and told her he loved her and wanted to fuck her now and forever. He told her he was tired of pretending that he didn’t want her, that he was ashamed of having incest with her, and that she was the only one he loved. Soon they were in bed fucking like it was the first time. Charles was surprised because his mother was now shaved everywhere which made him super horny and he knew she was his slut. To her surprise he had also shaved and that told her he had been wanting her the same as she had him.

Since then they have moved to Paris since they could live there without attracting attention. I had grown up with Charles and I’m the only one he has ever told about what really happened to his mother and him. I write this to just show that while mother son incest probably is a bad idea for the 99.99% there is always an exception for every rule. I wonder if my mother would make the same exception for me.

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