Monsters Are All Around Us


Debbie dried dishes while singing, Onward Christian Soldiers, acapella with her mother. This filled her mother with pride and elicited a rare smile on a face which typically depicted lips that were pursed as if she had just been sucking on a lemon.Debbie’s mother had been ever so proud when Debbie had signed the pledge committing herself to abstinence and chastity. Even more so when she looked at her daughter with her E cup breasts and cheerleader’s uniform, which was so short, it barely covered her butt and realized the dangers her daughter faced in life. That Debbie had pledged to preserve her pearl of high value till she was married was a major relief to her mother.Unbeknownst to her mother, Debbie, on the same day she signed the pledge, was seduced and lost her virginity to the Bates couple she was supposedly babysitting for that day. Lured over to their house on the pretext of babysitting both Randy and Fanny Bates had taught her the pleasure of both Sapphic and heterosexual fornication and so much more. The session had ended with an invitation by Fanny to come over on Wednesday for a sleepover and to bring the rest of the cheerleading squad with her. Debbie smiled to herself as she considered how to involve Milly, Molly and Mandy, her squad mates, besties, and the three other best-looking girls in the senior year at her high school. The four of them had signed that ridiculous pledge together at the same time.”Mommy, Wednesday we have been invited to attend a prayer meeting and worship service by Mrs. Bates. May I go?””The Bates? Debbie, I don’t trust that Mr. Bates with that ridiculous pornstache of his and his porn star good looks.”What would you know about porn stars? Debbie thought, as, despite herself, she felt a sudden pussy twinge while recollecting how he had ravished her last Friday.”Mr. Bates will be out of town, Mommy. It’ll be just Mrs. Bates and the rest of the cheerleading squad. Please, mommy, can I go.””Well… if you promise to be on your best behavior, worship dutifully, I can see no harm in you going. So OK.”‘Yes,’ exulted Debbie to herself. ‘Now, how do I rope in my besties into going? And yes, I definitely plan to worship; at the altar of Aphrodite.’After cheerleader squad practice the next bahis şirketleri day, Debbie and the girls assembled at the local diner as was their wont. Despite being pledged, they sat there and drooled over the football team’s studs while drinking their milkshakes. When the song ‘I Touch Myself’ by the Divinyls started blasting through the cheap speakers, the studs threw pointed glances at them, and the pledged badges pinned to their tunics and snickered. Mandy started to blush.”Mandy, why are you blushing?” asked Debbie.”I don’t know why,” Mandy answered. “I’m not sure we made the right decision. Hank asked me out, and because of the pledging, I turned him down. He really is a hunk, and his reputation precedes him. They call him Hank the Hands.””Ha! So did you think about those hands and do something with your hands last night. Well, don’t worry about that. You kept your oath, so no harm was done. I have a suggestion. Mrs. Bates has invited me to go to a prayer meeting on Wednesday and told me I could bring other worshipers with me. It might be a good idea if we all went and did some worshiping together to reinforce our decision. What do you say?”Is Mrs. Bates that gorgeous woman who comes to church with that dreamy husband? The ones who always sit in the back row,” Molly asked.”Yes, the very ones. However, Mr. Bates will be out of town.””OH! Too bad he has such a nice face with those blue eyes and friendly smile.”Two down, thought Debbie. “What about you, Milly? Will you go?””It’ll be just us and Mrs. Bates?””I believe so. Are you in?””Sure.” oOo Parental permissions obtained, the four of them arrived at the Bates residence right after cheerleading practice. Mrs. Bates opened the door and ushered them into the living room.”Now, who have we here, Debbie?””Molly, Mindy and Mandy, Mrs. Bates.””What mellifluous names,” she giggled. “They look as tasty as M&Ms. I am so pleased you could all come. It’s a pity that it is raining outside, or we could have relaxed in the hot tub and had a bite to eat before starting the worship service. However, I have ordered pizza, and we will eat in the dining room before proceeding with the rituals.””What rituals, Mrs. Bates?””You’re Mindy, aren’t you?””Yes.””Mindy, worship bahis firmaları service requires us to look our best before giving praise. When you go to church on Sundays, you dress up and look your best. Is that not so?””Of course. Mother insists.””Well, a private worship service is no different. After supper, we will all get ready by trying to look our best. Now, who would like to have a little wine with your pizza?””Mrs. Bates is not drinking wine sinful?””Of course not, is it not written in your holy book ‘Go, eat your food with gladness, and drink your wine with a joyful heart, for it is now that God favors what you do.’? You mean you have never had wine with your meals?”The three girls erupted in a chorus of “no and never,” while Debbie, who suspected what was happening, giggled silently.Mrs. Bates thought what a dull life they must lead while she took off her shoe and caressed Debbie’s thigh, who was sitting across from her. Debbie placed the foot in her lap and so that it was against her pussy and enjoyed the warmth against her tender bits and when the toes started to wriggle against her was hard put not to moan. Mrs. Bates smiled sweetly at her and, while the other girls were momentarily distracted, blew her a kiss which sent shivers of anticipation coursing through her body.After supper, the girls helped Mrs. Bates do the dishes and cleaned up before being lead to the chamber of ablutions. The room they entered was illuminated by candles which wafted a seductive scent of sandalwood through the air. There was luxurious furniture arranged in secluded nooks around the room, and it featured a pool of translucent green water as its focal point. “This is where we are going to prepare ourselves for the worship ritual,” Mrs. Bates explained as she removed every stitch of clothing from her magnificent body.She stood before the awestruck girls in all her magnificence, her long black hair cascading down to cover her magnificent breasts. She seemed transformed from the simple housewife she had portrayed previously.”Mrs. Bates, what are you doing?” shrieked Milly. “Why are you disrobing like that?””Milly, do you take your bath or shower in your clothes?””Uhh… No. But when I do, I am alone, and we all have taken the kaçak bahis siteleri pledge.””Ah yes, the famous pledge. Now, if I remember right, you pledged yourself to chastity. Do you see any men in this room?””No, but…””Are you ashamed of the body you were blessed with?” asked Mrs. Bates, looking at the slim girl with her long blond hair, trim waist, bubble butt, and perky tits.”No, Mrs. Bates.””First, when we are in ritual, my name is Lilith. Not Mrs. Bates. Second, if you want to participate, you will have to prepare. The robes you see hanging there will clothe you after you are cleansed. You must be at your most beautiful to take part in the worship service.””Enough of this,” Debbie said as she stripped, “I’m anxious to start, Lilith.”The other three girls with blushes lending color to their faces followed suit.Lilith smiled and led them to a pool of translucent green water. “Get in, and you will find that a bench runs around the pool. Sit down. Milly, come and sit next to me. Debbie, place yourself between Molly and Mandy across from us.”Oohs and ahs were heard as the nude girls slipped into the warm water and found their spots. Having their charms hidden underwater, they soon relaxed and were chatting excitedly when Mandy yelled out, “That tickles!”Lilith smiled at her, “Don’t be scared. These are my pet pooka fish. They will make your feet soft and beautiful. They will remove the dead skin and calluses from your feet. Doesn’t that feel good?””Yes, it feels so sensual. It just caught me by surprise. Are they doing your feet too?””Yes, they will do all our feet, making them soft and beautiful.”It didn’t take long before the whole group was giggling as the pooka assiduously cleansed their feet and toes, tickling their tender digits. Eventually, the tickling stopped, and Lilith announced that the fish had done their task and it was time to cleanse their bodies.The scent of the candles and the room’s warmth had soothed the unease that the girls had initially felt, and when Lilith had them take the loofas that were conveniently placed and told them to scrub the backs of their seatmates, they did so with no reservations.Debbie was patiently waiting her turn to be scrubbed by either Molly or Mandy, who were doing each other. She was the first to feel it. Her pussy was being gently caressed by what seemed to be feather-soft touches titillating her tender bits. She bit her lip to keep silent, not wanting to alarm her besties.             

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