Mom’s Broken Arm


Kristy cursed at the pain caused by her dress getting caught on her cast as she tried to put it on one handed. After she failed to get it completely on, she took it back off and threw it on the bed with the other clothes that were piled haphazardly across the bed and onto the floor. It had been four weeks since Kristy broke her arm rollerblading. She’d taken one week of sick time and then worked remotely from home for the next three weeks, but starting Monday she had to be back into the office for a big project her team had just been awarded.

For four weeks Kristy had gone bra-less only wearing a tank top with either sweats or pajama bottoms. Since most people agree it’s considered bad taste to go to the office bra-less in just your PJ’s, she was going through all of her clothes trying to find something she could get into one handed that hopefully would cover her now hairy legs.

A few weeks ago her sister Cindy talked her into going rollerblading with her. When Kristy told her she hadn’t skated in years and didn’t want to break her neck, Cindy just laughed and said it was like riding a bike. Well they were both wrong, 1) rollerblading is nothing like riding a bike and 2) Kristy didn’t break her neck, she broke her arm. So here she sat with a cast from from her bicep to her hand, her right arm bent 90 degrees at the elbow and her thumb completely immobilized.

It was tough but not unbearable. Her car had an automatic transmission so she could drive, with some extra effort (like reaching the ignition with her left hand). She could cook canned and frozen meals (a good excuse for take out and delivery) and while she couldn’t hold a pen to write, she could hunt and peck left handed on her laptop. Her two bigger problems were getting dressed and shaving. Kristy liked to keep her legs shaved and her mons trimmed. She usually wore dresses and almost always with thong panties.

Because Kristy broke her dominant arm, the first time she tried to shave left handed it looked like someone threw a wet cat on her lap. She had nicks and cuts all over her legs. She tried wearing pants, so she wouldn’t have to shave. But she found that her slacks had the zipper on the right hand side and there was no way she could fasten her button fly jeans. So she’d been walking around with hairy legs and several weeks of overgrown pubic hair trying to escape her panties.

But Kristy’s biggest problem was keeping her overactive libido calm with just her left hand. She always pleasured herself with two hands, her left hand working her trusty G-Spot vibrator and the fingers of her right hand working her clit. She found that left handed self-pleasure led to more frustration than relief.

She called Cindy, mostly to complain about the mess her sister’s idea had gotten her into, but also to see if she had any ideas on how she could shave her legs and underarms. Cindy said “My advice would be to find someone you have an emotional tie with, maybe even someone you’ve fantasized about taking to bed. Then explain to him that you can’t shave and need help with your legs.” She snickered and continued, “You never know, he might even offer to shave your pussy for you.” “If he doesn’t, you can ask him to rub some lotion on your freshly shaved legs.” She paused and then asked, “Have you ever had a horny guy rub lotion on your legs that didn’t try to get into your panties?” “Just tell him that you don’t want to go any further until your pussy gets shaved.” She giggled and said “Then ask him if he’d like to volunteer”

After she hung up Kristy sat and thought about Cindy’s idea. It had merit, the problem was the only person that checked all of the boxes was her 19 year old son, John. Emotionally he was closer to her than any man including her late husband Bill. Kristy laughed and mumbled to herself, “and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t fantasized about fucking him.”

He’d been a shy, tall and slender teen and she was pretty sure he’d been a virgin when he went off to college. But every time he came home from college his body was more bulked up and his increased confidence was more evident. Everywhere he went girls were all over him, they were either quietly checking him out or openly flirting with him.

She also noticed every time he came home from school her panties would disappear from the dirty clothes hamper. When he was younger he would sneak off with her soiled panties and she was pretty sure he was breathing her scent as he jerked off. Kristy originally thought he just wanted to know what pussy smelled like, but if he was getting laid as much as it seemed, maybe he was really just interested in how her pussy smelled.

She wondered, did that mean he was interested in her sexually as well? The possibility of that really turned her on, just thinking of him beating off while breathing her scent as he fantasized about eating her out and fucking her drove Kristy to the brink of climax.

It quickly became obvious to Kristy that she should be less concerned that he wouldn’t want to yalova escort shave her and more concerned that he would. Because she was pretty sure if he started shaving her it wouldn’t be long before they’d become lovers. Another concern was that she and her sister were close and Cindy knew John was the only person in the world who met the criteria she had laid out for Kristy. Plus when John first started taking Kristy’s soiled panties she’d confided in Cindy about his obsession/fetish.

Was her sister telling Kristy she should ask her son to shave her most intimate parts, with the likely outcome of them developing an incestuous relationship? Kristy felt sure she was, but even though she was leaning toward that eventuality she had to remind herself that just like rollerblading, not all of her sister’s ideas were good ones.

John texted Kristy to say he’d be home for dinner. She texted back and asked if he had any plans for tonight, to which he replied no. Kristy opened a bottle of wine and poured a glass. She needed to relax and a glass or two would help to loosen her inhibitions enough for her to ask him to shave her legs.

Kristy ordered pizza, John’s favorite meal. No cooking or dishes and it goes great with beer or wine. They enjoyed their pizza with a glass of red wine. After they cleared the table Kristy sat on the couch and said, “John can we sit and talk for a moment?” As soon as he sat down she threw a leg onto his lap. Kristy pulled her pant leg up and asked him to feel her leg.

He did as she asked, but slowly like her leg might bite him. With a shocked look on his face he said “Mom, I’ve never seen your legs so hairy. When’s the last time you shaved?”

“Over 4 weeks ago, before I broke my arm. I tried shaving left handed but it didn’t go very well.” She let out a long breath and went on “I’ve been wearing PJ’s or sweats every day because I’ve been working from home, but I have to wear a skirt and a blouse next week.”

“Why can’t you just keep wearing your sweats?”

“Because next week I have to go back into the office. I can’t wear PJ’s to work and the only work outfits I can manage to get dressed in by myself are skirts and blouses.” She pantomimed slipping the sleeve over her broken arm and said “I have to put my right arm into the sleeve and then put the other arm in. Then I have to button, snap or zip everything one handed.” She continued acting out spinning a skirt around her, so she could close the fastener and explained “I can spin a skirt around my waist, but I can’t spin pants. So I have to wear a skirt and as you can see I really need to shave.” She took a deep breath and continued “I know this is a big ask, but I need help shaving my legs and underarms.” “Do you think you could help me out?”

“I’d be happy to help, but how do you propose we do this?”

Kristy smiled and said “I can sit on the edge of the bathtub facing in and you can kneel in the tub so you can maneuver my legs to get every thing shaved and rinsed.” She looked right into John’s eyes and said “We’ll both be nearly naked, so I need to know if that will be a problem for you?”

John tried to keep a smile from forming on his face, he adopted his most serious look and shook his head. “I’ll be alright, but will you be okay with me touching you all over?”

She felt heat as her face and chest blushed and hoped he thought her reaction was embarrassment and not the excitement of her son’s strong hands running up and down her body. She took another deep breath and in a husky voice said “It’ll be okay.” She knew her panties were soaked and she realized she was licking her lips as she stared at the rather large bulge growing in her son’s pants. Kristy lifted her glass and drank the last of her wine, looked at her son and said. “Let’s finish this bottle of wine and get started before one of us realizes just how bad an idea this is.”

John swirled his glass and downed the last of his wine. He looked at his mom, winked and said “I’m ready, do you want me to run a tub of hot water?”

Kristy smiled and said, “Yes, about half full and add bubbles, it’ll make everything slippery” “You get the bath started and I’ll grab the shave cream and razor from under the sink.” Then she pointed at his glass and said “There’s just enough to top off both of our glasses.”

John held his glass out and Kristy filled his, then hers. She held the bottle up to the light swirled it, then put it to her lips and took the last sip. She swapped the empty bottle for her glass, motioned John to get out of his chair and said, “I’ve got an idea how we can break the ice and make it easier for us to get started.” “We should to ask each other some questions and in turn answer them honestly so we’ll both have a better idea what we’re both thinking.”

John followed behind his mom, trying not to spill his wine, while he stared at her ass. He was trying to see if she had any lines from the thong he was sure she was wearing. They stumbled into the bathroom. John started the hot water while yalova escort bayan his mom got on her hands and knees looking for the can of shave cream and her razor. John could just see the outline of her thong dissecting her perfect ass cheeks, the thin material of her pajamas was stretched so thin that it was almost transparent. Kristy stood up and caught another glimpse of the large bulge in her son’s pants. She licked her lips again and said, “I’ll start. Have you ever shaved a woman’s legs, underarms or pussy before?”

John smiled and said, “I’ll answer your questions, but the answers may be graphic.” He continued, “Yes, I had a lady friend who I’d been having sex with for a couple of weeks. She wasn’t my first, but she was my first experienced lover. She was older and taught me a lot about how to please a woman. She wanted to shave me down there. We had so much fun she asked if I wanted to shave her too?” His voice was getting huskier and his bulge larger as he said, “Shaving her was extremely erotic and we always had great sex after we shaved each other” He winked and said “My turn, how often do you usually shave and do you want me to shave your pussy too?”

Kristy answered, “I usually shave every two or three days and yes I’d love for you to shave my pussy.” She pulled her pajama bottoms off and said, “You know your dad was over six feet tall with big hands, almost big enough to completely cover my D cup tits and his dick was close to 8 inches long.” “I’ve always liked big men, the thought of having my tits completely covered by a pair of big strong hands always makes me horny!” She pulled off her tank top and said “My question is, are your hands big enough to cover both of my tits and just how big is your fucking dick?” “Because based on that bulge, I’m guessing it’s even bigger than your dad’s.”

John dropped his boxer briefs stroked his cock once and said “We can measure it, after I shave you.”

Kristy smiled and said “Last question, what did you do with the panties you lifted from the hamper?”

John turned crimson, he blew out a long breath and said “The truth huh, well I held them to my face so I could breathe in your scent while thinking how much I wanted to taste you while you came all over my face.”

Now it was her turn to blush. She mumbled “Wow” as she thought that was the answer she was hoping for. She said “Your turn. What’s your last question?”

He thought for a minute and asked “What did you hope I was doing with your panties every night?”

She blushed a little more and in a low voice said “Well they weren’t covered in your cum and they weren’t stretched out of shape so you weren’t stroking yourself with them and you weren’t wearing them. That left sniffing them while you masturbated.” She demurely looked toward the ground then lifted her head and the looked directly into his eyes. “I always hoped you were fantasizing about me, because I’ve often diddled myself thinking about you doing exactly that.”

John knelt in the tub, his cock sticking out of the bubbles like a periscope. Kristy asked John to take off her panties He put his thumbs through each side and pulled them to her ankles. She stepped out of them, sat on the edge of the tub, one foot in the water and the other on his chest. She cleared her throat, which finally took his attention away from her hairy pussy that he’d been staring at almost trance like.

He took handfuls of water and bubbles and soaked her left leg. He grabbed the shave cream and put a dollop into his left hand, rubbed his hands together and then gently spread the foam over her lower leg. He rinsed his hands in the water and then swirled the razor through the water and started shaving her lower leg. He made stroke after stroke rinsing the blade every other pass. He ran his left hand up and down her leg making sure she was shaved smooth. He checked her feet and toes and then put her leg up in the air so he could inspect the back of her calf. Putting her leg up opened her pussy and even thru her pubic hair he could see her pink nether lips starting to open.

Another dollop and on to her upper leg. He started on the outside and then moved to the the tender junction between her inner thigh and her pussy. The closer he got to her pussy the more she squirmed and shallower her breathing got. He lifted her leg again to so he could shave the back of her upper leg. Now he was shaving her by feel, because his eyes never left her pussy. After a moment he realized he’d been holding his breath.

He really wanted to shave her pussy next, mostly because then, when he lifted her right leg he’d be able to see her naked pussy up close and personal. But deep down he understood the sexual tension that was building between them would more than double while he shaved her right leg and possibly cause them both to erupt in ecstasy when he finally got to her pussy.

As he started shaving her lower right leg, she started to move her left leg around, like she was stretching her muscles. Then she brought escort yalova her left knee up to her chest and tucked her heel up to her butt cheek. She slowly fanned her knee back and forth which was opening her pussy to her son’s gaze. She acted like she just noticed where John’s eyes were focused as she smiled and said “Oops! Sorry, I guess I should put my leg down.” She dropped her foot into the water and let it settle on her son’s upper thigh. “The bubbles make everything so soft and slippery.” She giggled as she moved her foot up and down John’s thigh, getting closer to his hard cock with each pass. Finally her foot ran over his cock and she continued to giggle as she said “Oh my, I guess not everything’s soft.” She tried to fit his hard cock in between her toes but it was too big, so she ran the top of her foot under his balls and said “Feels smooth, did you recently shave your balls?

“Last night, I usually shave them every other day or so.”

“Ooh, I’d like to watch you shave yourself sometime, I think it would be really sexy.”

John had continued to shave his mom’s leg while they talked. He continued upward to shave the crack of her ass, being careful around the tight knot at her core. He was ready for the grand finale. He stood up and stepped out of the tub, grabbed something off of the vanity and climbed back into the tub. He was holding his waterproof electric razor, he pushed a button and the pop-up mustache and beard trimmer popped out. He said “This will allow me to trim away the extra hair and outline the landing strip you had before you broke your arm.” He trimmed it back to about the two to three days growth level. He set down the electric razor and took another dollop of shave cream and began to move toward her bikini area.

Kristy stopped him and pointed toward her underarm. “Don’t forget my underarms need to be shaved too.” “I’m afraid if you get started down here we’ll forget my underarms.”

“You’re probably right.” He took the dollop and covered her left underarm with the cream, a drop of shave cream fell on her left nipple. He took several passes across her underarm and then slowly ran his thumb and forefinger across her nipple scooping up the shave cream. Her already hard nipple turned diamond like. Then he did the same thing on the right side. He looked at his mom, reached out and completely covered both of her tits with his big hands. He winked at his mom and took another dollop and covered her pubic area.

He swished the blade in the soapy water and started to shave around the landing strip. More than once his left hand came in contact with her pussy, twice he put his thumb next to her clit and pulled it taught to shave her mons, but he left the most sensitive area for later. Gently he pulled her outer lips away from her body to get the soft, fine hairs out of the creases. Finally he very gently moved her clit back and forth to get the most sensitive area. To get a grip and keep his fingers out of the way he slid two fingers into her so he could manipulate the tender skin around her clit and hood to gently shave it smooth as silk.

Just as he finished she grabbed his hand and pulled it toward her as she moaned loudly, “My god! You’re killing me, I’m going to cum on my son’s fingers!”. He smiled at her and slid his fingers deeper as he thumbed her swollen clit. Her body went rigid with her climax and then the air just rushed out of her. She fell forward onto his chest, completely spent.

He got his feet under him and picked her up as he stood in the tub. She wrapped her arms around his neck and laid her head on his shoulder as he carried her to her bed.

She pulled him down with her and whispered in his ear, “I hope you plan on making love to me, because I’ve been waiting for this for months!” Then she kissed him tenderly at first, but with more passion by the second. They were naked, entwined on the bed, kissing like lovers.

He pulled away and said, “I want this more than anything, but we need to be sure, we can’t unwind this once we take this next step.”

“There’s nothing I want more, please make me yours.”

He kissed her mouth once more and moved down her perfect body, he licked and sucked her nipples and then ran his tongue and lips back and forth across the bottom of her breasts, he continued his downward path until he had his shoulders between her thighs and just before he took his first real taste of his mother, he looked up and said “I’ve dreamed about doing this for so long. Mom, I love you so much!”

Then he ran the flat of his tongue from the bottom to the top of her pussy, each new swipe he pressed the tip of his tongue into her split, ending at her clit each time. After several more passes he took her clit into his mouth, sealed his lips around it and gently sucked while he flicked it with his tongue.

She grabbed his hair and rode out several orgasms. As she fell back into the bed he released her clit and started to gently tongue her slit again. As she started to build to a new orgasm he locked his lips around her clit and sucked and batted her clit as he put two fingers back inside her and thumped her G-Spot. She came again and again as she yelled, “Oh my god, fuck me, John fuck me and cum inside me.”

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