Isle of Boys


Isle of BoysPart OneArrivalJanet Thomson lounged on the sundeck of the sleek cruise liner determined to perfect her tan in preparation for the aptly named Fantasy Explorers’ visit to the little know Caribbean island of St Pedro, arrival being early next morning. She stretched her slim, tanned body on the sun lounger and enjoyed the final hours of the afternoon sun. She was wearing a tiny black bikini with gold chains on the sides and looked absolutely stunning. She sat up glancing at the ship’s pool- deck clock. Spotting a waiter she ordered another ‘cocktail of the day’ and brushed her long ginger hair out of her eyes.A casual observer might make her for an attractive, obviously wealthy traveler but perhaps somewhat shy and withdrawn and not really interested in forging relationships with any of the eligible men on board.They would be right – at 32 Janet was divorced, wealthy and in search of the finer and more exclusive vices that life had to offer and in her case that meant young boys. Yes, dear reader, boys were Janet’s secret and most enjoyable vice in life and this cruise was all about finally satisfying her secret longings. Her eight year marriage to a much older man had ended after he had been caught in an affair. Janet had been devastated but had seized the opportunity of her new found freedom to explore the darker side of her desires.The cruise had been the idea of a friend of hers who had been on a similar cruise just a few months before. Paula, also divorced, had told her over a long lunch of exotic destinations, white beaches, fun and sun where gorgeous bronzed young men would approach single women on the beach or in bars and were available as escorts for very romantic tropical nights or of course massages and ultimately even sex. Janet had pushed her friend for more information especially on the ages of the young men available for such pleasures and had perked up on hearing that Paula had been approached by boys as young as 12 or 13 but had been very shocked at these brazen approaches – her own interests being a somewhat older age range around twenty. Janet on the other hand had much younger interests and without giving anything away to her friend resolved to research this type of vacation at the earliest opportunity.The recommended cruise line consultant had been very discrete but had confirmed that many women booked this particular cruise mainly for the two day stop at St Pedro being a small island still almost untouched by tourism. It had however become very popular in recent years among women tourists looking for special attentions. She didn’t use the words ‘sex tourists’ to describe these women but the inference was obvious. The consultant had indicated that the cruise director on the ship would hold a ‘special’ briefing about the island which would be by invitation only the day before arrival and that her booking had been flagged so that she would be invited to the briefing. If her invitation did not arrive she should simply approach the cruise director.Janet’s invitation had however arrived that very morning. Carefully worded it had simply read – “Kindly join your Cruise Director Nolene for a special private briefing on the delights of St Pedro to be held at 17:00 hrs in the ships auditorium.”Janet enjoyed her cocktail and relaxed on the pool deck in anticipation of the briefing. Whilst relaxing she scanned the pool area always hopeful of spotting a slim and sexy teen boy to indulge her fantasies. This was however an off peak season cruise with very few such sights.And now it was time… Janet gathered up her few things, covered herself with a beach sarong and headed for the auditorium, curious to see which other women would be there and to hear all about the delights of St Pedro.Janet was almost surprised at the turnout to the briefing. Over 40 women gathered in the auditorium – some faces were familiar – the group of three women travelling together and seated at the next table in the dining room. The blond 22 year old goddess she had once briefly chatted to at the pool was there. So too an elderly greying lady of about 60 and some others she recognized from the few days at sea. They all took there places nervously glancing around at each other. They all knew that they had a common interest in the young men of St Pedro but Janet wondered whether any of the others shared her own particular age preference.Nolene the cruise director, always jovial started the briefing. Janet learned that ‘St Pedro’ had been a Spanish island but had changed hands many times over many wars over hundreds of years and was now independent. It had been used as a base by pirates in days gone by and was always considered a little wild and lawless. Historical attractions included the old Fort overlooking the harbor, the old Monastery and the many ancient ruins around the island. Excursions were being organized for all the passengers and any of the ladies were welcome to join any of these excursions… but the special attractions of the island of interest to this group would be certain of its beaches and bars and certain areas of the main market.The ladies were told that the full name of the Island was ‘St Pedro isla de los niños’ meaning ‘St Pedro isle of boys’ and that for many years now the island had enjoyed a reputation for it’s beautiful and somewhat precocious population of young men and boys who thrived on the small but growing tourist industry providing certain services to the women tourists. Word had spread far and wide in many western countries of the very special and almost unique attractions available. They were told that the island was a mecca for gay tourists as well and that young men of all ages would approach tourists hoping to hook up with a wealthy tourist intent on spoiling them and buying them giftd during their short stay. There were special beaches where young men would approach them selling anything from sunglasses to themselves.They were told of a special area near the market where young men and even boys plied their trade alongside the female hookers on the island. Responding to a question, Nolene confirmed that prostitution was legal and that there was no law stipulating the age of consent but that the age was generally accepted to be puberty or about age twelve. They were told that they were all welcome to bring guests on board the ship during its visit as long as all guests were off the ship by the time of departure in two days time and as long as they were somewhat discreet if the guest was very young. They were advised not to miss the boy divers outside the port in the early morning on arrival or the ships entertainment programme on the first night. Finally they were told not be too surprised of they spotted Nolene with a young prize at some point on the visit – she had in fact visited the island many times now with the ship and had made quite a few young friends. The briefing ended and the ladies were left to ponder how best to make use of the short two day visit.DisembarkationAt dawn the ship eased its way close to the port entrance and groups of passengers could be seen waving to the small fishing boats approaching the ship. The island was beautiful in the early morning sunrise, with gorgeous golden beaches seemingly stretching for miles. Soon the few small fishing boats were much closer, with groups of what appeared to be stark naked boys aged from about 10 to 15 waving furiously at the passengers. Most of the boys had darker olive skinned complexions but some were very light skinned and some even had clear blonde features. Some passengers started throwing coins into the water and the boys dived for them always retrieving them and holding them up for the passengers to see. Janet was enthralled by the site of so many beautiful tanned naked pubescent boys diving for coins. The movement of the naked boys bodies through the crystal clear tropical water as they dived had a special natural beauty of its own and no one could deny the erotic beauty of the boys. Many passengers used binoculars for a better view. They all enjoyed watching the boys dive and could not take there eyes off them until the ship moved very slowly through the harbor entrance to its mooring.Janet too, had enjoyed the welcome and had even picked out her favorite boy from one of the boats. She had thrown many coins just for him, a beautiful shaggy blond haired slim and smooth boy of about twelve. He had noticed that she seemed to throw coins especially for him and had waved enthusiastically at her as his small boat moved away from the ship at the end of the diving. Janet had already made a friend on the island and she knew that this boy or a similar gorgeous specimen would be hers to enjoy before the day was ended.Disembarkation procedures at the island were simple and it was not long before Janet was making her way down the ships gangway to the dock. She wore tiny yellow shorts over her black bikini and a purple top. She had decided to take a taxi to one of the recommended beaches for the morning, preferring to be alone. She wore the special blue sticker that Nolene had handed out to the group at the briefing – identifying her as belonging to a tour group but only the sticker holders themselves, knew the special meaning of that particular color sticker.Most of the tourists did not notice anything unusual as they disembarked. Like any port anywhere in the world there were hawkers of every type selling souvenirs and T-shirts and all sorts of trinkets to the tourists. Taxi drivers touted for business and large coaches waited for the groups going on island excursions.The trained boy spotter would however also notice a larger number of young boys hanging around than would be usual. Some were hawkers trying to sell trinkets or sunglasses to the tourists. Others simply sat around observing the tourists and still others quietly approached the single men offering tours or guide services but hoping for much more. Most of them were gorgeous slim boys wearing skimpy shorts with long tanned boy legs to tempt those who would be tempted. Others were older wearing tight jeans or baggy shorts. Janet noticed everything, her own trained eye taking in all the possibilities.On seeing a single woman alone some would offer tour guide services hoping to be hired for the day. A young boy pointed to her sticker and gave the thumbs up sign – It seemed that the boys already knew the meaning of the blue sticker. Janet wanted to keep her options open especially for the beach and did not hire any of them, seeking instead a taxi to take her to the recommended beach.Beach boysArriving at the chosen beach not too far from the port, Janet stripped down to her tiny g-string black bikini, selected a central position on the beach and settled down to look around. A normal beach at first sight, she thought with mostly groups of locals dotted around. There were also families, tourists staying on the island and the usual bikini girls. Some other women from the ship sporting blue stickers also arrived and settled down on the white sands, nodding or waving at her as they passed.She noticed a lot of younger boys on the beach too. Unlike on beaches back home, almost all the younger boys below about age 15 wore tiny speedo type swimming costumes or the even briefer Italian style boykini’s (as many called them) with thin string on the sides and tight fronts. Janet looked around her scanning the beach and picking out certain boys that she liked – usually the younger skinny ones. The European history and colonization of the island hundreds of years before had ensured that the population was mixed with dark, olive skinned complexions as well as light skinned blonde like features on many.She soon spotted the famous but slightly older ‘beach boys’ on the beach, brought out by the knowledge that a cruise ship was in port. She knew that the term ‘beach boy’ essentially meant male hookers on most of the islands.A dip in the warm tropical ocean and a walk back to her spot on the beach showing off her beautifully tanned body and sexy bikini attracted some attention. Within a short while she was approached by a very friendly and extremely attractive, well built but somewhat older young man of about twenty. He asked all about her – where she was from and asking if she knew about the islands ‘beach boys’ and suggesting that he be her guide for her stay. He was clearly used to being ogled and desired by women tourists but was somewhat surprised and disappointed when Janet turned him down – suggesting that he was a little older than she was looking for. He ambled away and she noticed that he stopped to chat to a group of younger boys a short while away. As he chatted to them they seemed to glance in her direction – it was clear that he was telling the younger ‘beach boys’ to try their luck with her.After a while an olive skinned dark haired boy of about fifteen wearing a bulging red speedo tried his luck – chatting to her, trying to sell her souvenirs from a large basket, and trying to find out where her interests were – after all most of the single lady tourists knew that this particular beach was famous for ‘beach boys.’ He offered to get her anything she wanted including any boy on the beach that she liked. She thought that he was very nice and very confident but still not quite what she really wanted, and being too shy to actually ask for a younger boy, she sent him on his way after a short chat telling him that she just wanted to lie on the beach for now. He ambled back to his group and they continued to speculate about what the beautiful red haired lady might want.Janet soaked up the sun and enjoyed the view of all the people on the beach. She especially watched the older beach boys selling trinkets, sunglasses, hats, scarves and sandals and of course sometimes themselves to the tourists. She declined all their offers when they came to her preferring to wait and see as many of them as possible before choosing one.She noticed a group of about five mid-teen boys sitting with a group of women from the ship. Most of the beach boys seemed to be in their mid to late teens but Janet also spotted younger boys of interest to her from time to time. She was not sure that they were ‘beach boys’ though, some looked too young to have such interests. Not being too sure of what to do to lure a younger one she simply lay on the white sands and waited for events to unfold.About 30 minutes later a younger blond boy of perhaps twelve or thirteen that she had not seen on the beach before came up to her and knelt on the beach just in front of her. He wore a tiny navy blue speedo some two sizes too small and was a vision of delight – like an angel from heaven she thought. He had a perfect unblemished choirboy face, a mop of blond hair and ultra smooth tanned body with slender boy hips. She wondered if he was the diving boy that she had seen from the ship. He was just the type to attract her immediate interest. Leaning back, and sitting on his ankles the boy offered her a range of sunglasses and chatted easily to her. She noticed that his cock, bulging against the blue stretch nylon speedo seemed semi-erect. God he was beautiful she thought to herself – just her type in terms of blond beach boy looks and ultra smooth boy body. She felt herself lubricate just a little as her eyes feasted on this most perfect boy just an arms length from her.He must have sensed her interest in him as he had not been sent away and after a while he made his move. “I show you island and be your boy,” he asked confidently, in good and only slightly broken English with big innocent blue eyes and a big smile. Janet melted.He resembled the young diver boy she had seen from the ship earlier and she wondered if it was him.”Were you diving for coins this morning?” – she asked just wanting to chat before committing to anything.”Yes kaçak iddaa and I think I saw you on the ship too – you are beautiful lady,” he replied.”Thank you, and you are very nice boy – what’s your name?””I am Miguel,” he repliedHe picked up her suntan lotion. “I rub oil for you,” he offered and without waiting for an answer moved closer and told her to lie on her tummy, and then started rubbing the lotion gently into her back and legs.”You very nice lady,” he said as his expert fingers seemed to know exactly what to do.Janet enjoyed the sun and the feel of the massaging hands of the boy rubbing oil into her sun kissed skin. She closed her eyes and thought about her holiday adventure. One of her fantasies had been just this beach scene of a beautiful strange boy rubbing sun cream on her. Back home this could never happen.She adored young boys – they were her biggest and most secret fantasy but she was too timid to ever approach an u******e boy back home. The fact that they all approached her on this enchanted island made it so much easier. At home, most of her desire for young boys had been reduced to solitary masturbation sessions following seeing a perfect boy or group of boys. She sometimes trolled the internet for Woman and boy stories or even boy pictures that piqued her interest but in reality her secret desires which she had enjoyed from her early twenties had never been truly satisfied and this holiday embraced all her hopes and fantasies of what might happen in a safe holiday environment.She closed her eyes now for just a few moments, whilst continuing to enjoy the massage and remembering how her boy fetish had all started … at age 19 when she was still a student… A babysitting job for two brothers aged 11 and 13. The boys had been perfect – skinny and playful. They were used to running around their own house wearing just briefs and Janet had enjoyed seeing their slim smooth bodies and tight bulge of their cocks against the briefs. Later at bath time she had seen them both naked and even had to towel dry the younger one. He had become excited and she had seen his solid little boner which she had been able to brush against with a hand, as she dried him. It would have been so easy to fondle him but she had been too afraid. Immediately after putting them to bed she had locked herself in the bathroom and masturbated frantically to fantasies of those boys and what could have happened if she had just been bolder. Nothing sexual had happened but images of those perfect naked boys had become deeply imprinted in her memory and became the focus of her fantasies – a spark had been ignited and after that her secret interest in pubescent boys had become her primary sexual interest.She woke from her brief two minute beach slumber suddenly, remembering where she was. She had now made up her mind she turned on her back on her back:”So Miguel – what would it cost me for you to be my boy for today?””Don’t worry lady there is no charge for such a pretty lady,” he replied, carefully avoiding the suggestion that a lady was compelled to pay for any services.They chatted some more and she discovered that young Miguel had just turned 13 and lived with his large family not too far from the Port. His grandparents were Swedish hence his classic Nordic looks although he had been born on the island. He was not even expected home that night as a large cruise liner was in port and it was accepted that everybody in the tourist industry – the islands economic mainstay – would be very busy until very late entertaining the passengers or selling souvenirs, working in the market or night spots and so on.This boy was just perfect and it was already late morning. Janet had enjoyed a wonderful morning on the beach but now it was time to move on to something else with her perfect prize. She contemplated seeing more of the island but decided to go back to the ship during the heat of the day with the boy. They showered quickly on the beach and hailed a waiting taxi.Back on-boardThe boy sat tightly against her in the taxi. He had donned a pair of skimpy white shorts over his speedo and also a sleeveless red T-shirt. Janet placed her hand on his smooth thigh and marveled at the electric smoothness of his perfect skin. She felt a familiar tingle as she moved to softly stroke his smooth inner thigh. The boy smiled broadly at her touch and snuggled even closer. She threw a beach towel over her lap to cover her hand and gently moved her hand higher while stroking his inner thigh. Her hand found his white shorts and then his boy cock – already hard under the shorts. She squeezed and stroked it through his shorts, feeling for the first time in her life the erotic and forbidden pleasure of a hard 4 inch [10 cm] boy-cock in her hand. Janet flushed and breathed deeply, the excitement of the moment was almost too much for her.The taxi driver pretended not to notice the unlikely couple in the back or perhaps he was simply used to such goings on. He whisked them back to the ship in just a few minutes. Seemingly knowing the drill the boy walked innocently next to Janet, carrying her bags to look like a bag carrier hired just for that, as they boarded the ship. She obtained a visitor’s card for the boy and made their way on to the cool air conditioned liner and out of the intense heat of the island. She noticed a few of the passengers both men and women glancing appreciatively at the blond shaggy haired boy, carrying her bags as they walked to her cabin – she had indeed chosen well.Janet was almost shivering with excitement as she locked the cabin door. She had fantasized about boys for years now and finally it was all happening. The boy she had chosen could not have been more perfect. She allowed just a few moments for Miguel to explore her small cabin, looking at this and that and then peering out of the stateroom window at the harbor below. She moved behind him as he looked out of the window and wrapped her arms around him holding him close to her. For the first time since meeting him she was alone with her prize and fully intended to enjoy every moment of the afternoon. Her hands moved under his T-shirt as she savored the soft sweet scent of pure boy. Her hand roamed downwards to his now hardening little cock. After a few minutes she moved with him to the bed. She could feel the excitement in the air as she gently pushed him back and moved her lips to his soft boy lips for a first kiss. She felt his warm and almost sweet boy lips against hers and imagined just for a moment that she was a young girl, just his age, kissing him. It was a beautiful teen kiss and their tong’s intertwined, her excitement rising in an insatiable appetite for this perfect boy.Her hands moved freely over the boys body now, once again feeling the soft smooth skin under his T-shirt and feeling his ultra smooth boy thighs. He was as smooth as a girl, she thought but with the benefits of a real cock which her hand found again. This time, her hand slid inside the elastic waste band of his shorts and speedo. The boy was hairless and his cock was smooth and rock hard. She quivered with excitement as she removed his T-shirt. She wondered just for a moment how many other hands had fondled him and whether he was perhaps even a virgin but didn’t really want to know the true answer to that question in case he wasn’t. Her head moved to his chest and she started licking his nipples and then moving lower over his perfectly flat belly. He did not have an ounce of fat – just a perfect tapered and smooth boy body made for special women like her to enjoy.She removed his skimpy white shorts, preferring just for a while to keep the sexy speedo on him – enjoying the sight of his cock bulging against the nylon material. The boy lay still, smiling innocently at her and enjoying the sensations. He simply offered his body to her every whim. Janet slowly toyed with the boy trying to excite him even further, but now the dripping and very excited woman couldn’t wait anymore. Her hand found the waistband of the tiny speedo again now and slowly pulled it down over his slim boy hips. She noticed a glistening drop of pre-cum on the tip of his 4 inch [10 cm], uncut and perfectly formed 13 year old cock. He had just a few soft blond hairs above the shaft but other than that the boy was smooth and hairless, just as she preferred boys to be. Her lips moved over his cock shaft now claiming her prize and starting to lick and suck it, taking it all the way into her mouth on occasion. The boy moved his hips in a slow undulating and excited motion.After just a few minutes she forced herself to stop sucking him. She wanted his first cum inside her and he seemed too close now. She slipped her bikini bottom and top off and moved on top, straddling him and moving her wet and dripping pussy to his cock. Whispering for him to just relax her hand found his cock and carefully moved it into position. Janet slowly moved down feeling the unbelievable sensation of boy-cock sliding into her, stimulating her already engorged clit and moving on him until it was all the way in. She began to fuck the pubescent boy in earnest now, leaning back and then forward in a lust inspired motion, feeling her own wetness lubricating them as she moved easily against his cock knowing that her own intense boy inspired climax was only moments away.The adult woman’s wildly lubricating pussy contracted against the boy’s shaft trying to suck him in. She moved faster now, moaning and caring only about her own pleasure. Although only boy sized she could clearly feel his solid cock stimulating her clit and inner walls as she moved closer to her climax. She looked at the slim boy under her, the sight of his slim boy body and innocent face stimulating her even more. She was fucking a beautiful thirteen year old boy and loving every second of it. This was so different to a man she thought – so innocent and erotic. She could not control her orgasm rising now from deep in her loins. The first tingling spasm erupted deep within her and then wave after wave of a perfect wet orgasm engulfed her whole body. She continued to move against him but now the boy gripped her hips and lunged upwards as his own orgasm exploded inside her in jets of hot thirteen year old boy-cum. The contrast of his smooth c***d face but exploding cock inside her inspired her even more and she erupted again. No man had ever pleasured her so completely, she thought, as their rhythmic mating slowed and stopped. No wonder so many women were now pursuing boys she thought as her orgasm slowly subsided – that had been truly amazing she thought. Afterwards they lay together side by side for a long time in blissful after glow.Later she toyed with his almost flaccid cock and in seconds the boy was hard again, just like she expected. She had heard that thirteen year olds were marvelous at repeated erections and young Miguel was no exception. Clearly they both wanted more – she could not get enough of the boy and was soon moving her mouth lower again over his smooth torso to take his freshly hardened cock in her mouth again. This time she wanted him to shoot inside her mouth and told him to ‘cum for me again baby’ and ‘let it all out for me darling boy.’ Within minutes she was rewarded with fresh spurts of sweet nectar as the boy let go and shot his seed into her wildly expectant mouth. She looked up with white boy-cum on her lips, completely satisfied with her endeavors. She had never had such fantastic wild sex and knew then that her innocent attraction to young boys would soon become an addiction.Part TwoSleepoverRestingThey rested – both drifting into a blissful late afternoon sleep, spooning, with Janet behind Miguel and holding the boy’s naked body close and tight. Janet was the first to waken just thirty minutes later and used the time to examine and stroke her boy lover’s perfectly formed body. A year or so ago he might have been too young and his cock possibly too small for her, she thought, and would he even have been able to cum she wondered? In just a years time the onset of puberty and manhood would begin to spoil him in so many ways – but right now at this most perfect age he was just right for her – no longer a small boy but not yet a hairy grunting man. Just perfect – smooth, skinny, narrow hips, almost hairless and wonderfully c***d like, but yet with the beauty and energy and sexual recovery power that only a boy could have. Janet lifted his flaccid cock and let it flop back. She did that again and marveled as it instantly began to harden even as he slept.Miguel opened an eye and smiled broadly at the older woman toying with his cock. His angelic boy face lit up. He was lucky to have found this beautiful ‘horny for boys’ lady he thought as he admired her own curvaceous body and wondered just for an instant what had brought her to choose a boy as her lover but Miguel was accepting of everything and reveled in his new adventure, after all many women came to his island in search of such pleasures. He felt his cock harden and hoped that she wanted more, as he did. He too could not get enough of this most beautiful woman.Janet spoke softly to him now as she toyed with his 4 inch [10 cm] boycock confessing to him how she had come to the island to meet a boy just like him and how young boys had been her most secret fantasy for many years. He seemed to understand her and accept her fantasies instantly and even offered to get her other boys if she desired. The thought of using Miguel to get other boys had not entered her mind but now she was intrigued by the idea and told him that she might take him up on his offer the next day, after all why come all this way and then restrict herself to just one boy she pondered. Her insides juiced at the thought.The boy’s hand moved to her wet and lubricating shaved pussy as they now lay side by side and with a little gentle guidance from her, found her clit and started soft manipulations. She too gripped his cock a little harder now and they moved naturally to a mutual masturbation session. Janet was careful not to excite the boy too much afraid that his thirteen year old hair trigger may set him off pre-maturely. As for herself the wonderful feeling of his soft fingers on her clit caused her to writhe against him begging for quick release from her pent up feelings. He insisted on him putting a finger inside her too and before long she felt the inevitable feelings rise deep within her body as she approached another wonderful climax.Miguel loved every moment of the opportunity to explore and play with the secret places of an adult woman. He had done so fleetingly before with previous women visitors but none seemed quite as keen as this particular beautiful lady. Previous tourist women that he had met had only gone as far as sucking his cock or playing with him with their hand. Miguel however never spoke of other tourists, having since learned that women tourists did not wish to hear of other previous encounters. Miguel specialized in women tourists leaving male tourists for other boys. Perhaps he did not make as much money as some of the others but he certainly had more fun. He continued to play with her clit and wet insides and she played with his cock. He was reminded of the many times he had done this with his best friend José whilst they lay side by side but those boy to boy sessions could not compare to the real thing of having a real woman to explore. He was determined to make her cum wondering if she would gush or shoot like a boy or just lubricate profusely. He also stroked her perfect breasts and felt her nipples harden to his touch.Janet sank into her fantasy world of perfect boys and boy cocks as she neared her climax. Her thoughts turned to the many twelve and thirteen year old boys she had seen on the islands beach and their perfect skinny speedo kaçak bahis clad boy bodies with boycocks bulging against the tight nylon material. To think that one of them was now pleasuring her so perfectly. She lubricated and felt her pussy spasm wildly as her orgasm flooded over her causing shuddering and shivering such as she had never thought possible. At the same time she felt the boy’s cock stiffen in her hand even more and then a spurt of white hot boy cum shot high into the air followed by another and another – spurts landing on his chest and others on her breasts.Once again they rested and recovered from each others ministrations, before she inquired whether he was hungry and suggested they go on deck for a buffet dinner.’k**s of the Island’A grand buffet dinner had been prepared on deck for the passengers and guests on board and no one even noticed Janet and Miguel as they enjoyed dinner at a quiet table on the pool deck. They simply blended into the many passengers and guests on board. At dinner there was a reminder announcement over the public address system about the special ships entertainment that had been arranged for the evening – a dance show called ‘k**s of the island’ which was to take place in the ships theater at Eight pm. Janet immediately asked Miguel if he would like to attend and he nodded enthusiastically at the invitation.The dance show was spectacular and very well done as boys and girls of all ages from the island put on a show to impress. Janet immediately noticed that the costumes were very sexy and wonderful. The show started with a group of about twenty young boys and girls perhaps aged about ten to twelve, topless, in glittering and very skimpy red shorts dancing on stage. It was difficult to tell the boys from the girls as they all looked so perfect with long smooth legs and slim and trim bodies. Only soft budding breasts on certain of the girls gave them away.A team of girl fire dancers came next, none older than f******n and wearing just G-strings.A young female illusionist of about eighteen had a perfect young blond twelve year old boy assistant. The boy had long blond hair falling onto his very tanned shoulders and wore just a tiny golden G-string type costume and a short red waistcoat barely covering his smooth chest. Janet creamed at the site of that boy and the audience was enthralled as he was ‘sawed’ in half and different parts of his body seemed to appear in different places on the stage.Boys in skin tight lycra costumes performed gymnastics, tossing each other high into the air. Young girls in short flowing mini’s and bobby socks danced to music from the sixties. A beautiful blond boy singer of about f******n in skin tight jeans, with a perfect unbroken boy’s voice had the audience enthralled with his talent.An item called ‘dance of the coin divers’ featured totally naked boys dancing as if they were diving for coins – the only thing preventing clear views of their nakedness was copious amounts of smoke and subdued lighting on stage.A beautiful love song duet done by a woman and the young boy singer left no doubt about the real reasons that some women visited the island.The show was amazing and extremely sexy and was over all too quickly. Although mostly innocent in content the sexy costumes used and youthful ages of the dancers would mean that the show would never be permitted in any western country for fear of turning too many adults to the allure of the forbidden. Janet thought that any woman seeing it must be at least a little sexually affected by the beautiful boy dancers, regardless of any previous interest. The girls were beautiful too but somehow the subtle emphasis in this particular show was on the male and specifically the boy dancers.Janet, for her part felt herself lubricating many times especially when young perfect cute boys appeared on stage. She particularly liked the illusionist’s assistant and controlled and consoled herself by holding her young companion Miguel very tight in the darkness and from time to time stroking his smooth young shorts clad thigh and even stroking his cock from time to time in the darkness reminding herself perhaps that there was one ‘k** of the island’ that was hers to enjoy. If she spotted a boy on stage that she particularly liked she would squeeze Miguel and point him out, enjoying the forbidden pleasure of having somebody to share her most secret thoughts with for the first time in her life.The audience went wild at the end giving the show a standing ovation. Janet noticed that many of the women in the audience screamed and whistled when their favorite boy dancers appeared for a final curtain call.Tropical nightsAfter the show and back in her cabin they chatted excitedly about the show telling each other which of the items they liked best. Miguel had especially liked the illusions and magic tricks and kept guessing as to how they could have been done. He also wanted to hear about which of the dancing boys Janet liked best. He was clearly enthralled and very excited by her interest in boys reminding her that he could get other boys for her if she wished.They showered together in the tiny shower cubicle in the bathroom. She soaped him down and they even kissed under the warm water. She was very turned on by the show and could not wait to take her own naked boy back to her bed. It was a few hours since they had last made love and the boy was instantly hard and willing. On the bed she drew him on top wrapping her long thighs around his slim boy torso and gently moving to take his boy cock inside her already lubricating pussy once more. “Slowly this time” she whispered in his ear wanting to just hold him like that at long as possible. He withdrew his cock almost all the way and then moved in again to the hilt. She felt his cock rub against her engorged clit and moaned out loud in pleasure. Again the slow withdrawal and back in deep as she used her thighs to keep the light boy hard against her body. Her hands too moved over his smooth back lightly scratching him with her perfectly manicured nails, as he took a nipple gently in his mouth.The slow movements gradually quickened. Soon the boy was moving as only a boy does – quickly and excitedly, stimulating her on every thrust. Janet hoped that her excited moans could not be heard in the next cabin. She hoped too that he would control his excitement but it was clear that he would cum very soon if she did not do something.She slowed him with her hands and legs barely allowing him to move for a few minutes telling him that she wanted him to last longer. She felt his solid boy cock inside her stimulating her clit gently and slowly sending her over the edge. After a few minutes she felt that her own orgasm was just moments away and told her boy lover to move faster and to cum for her now. She writhed and moved against her little boy lover bringing on a most perfect simultaneous climax as the boy spurted hot boy juice into her waiting insides.That night they made love until they both fell into a deep tropical island sleep – woman and young island boy locked in a brief and forbidden holiday romance and enjoying and savoring every moment of their time together.Part ThreeDay Tour’Boys beach’At dawn Janet pondered what to do for the day – thoughts of beautiful island boys never far from her thoughts. She also wanted to see more of the Island. Miguel had offered to show her the market and special beaches, the monastery, convent and some other island attractions. She had only one day to do all that as the ship was due to sail that very evening. Soon she would have to leave her island paradise and her heart already felt a little heavy at the prospect of leaving Miguel.They ordered a hearty breakfast to be brought to the cabin and the insatiable boy wanted to make love again while waiting for it. Needless to say Janet agreed readily.Afterwards Janet dressed in a tiny bikini covered only by tight denim shorts and a stunning white top with bear midriff and a shiny red ruby belly ring. Miguel wore his speedo and skimpy shorts over it. With Miguel’s agreement, Janet cut his red sleeveless t-shirt short exposing his perfect flat tummy. Miguel looked absolutely amazing as they prepared for their day long tour of the island. Janet loved the idea of other people drooling over her scantily clad blond boy and loved to watch their reaction when they saw him. Little did she know the effect that this would have on certain nuns that would see him later that day. They both looked stunningly sexy as they left the cabin for their day out.They left the ship and Miguel negotiated a good rate for a taxi to take them around for the whole day. It was a gorgeous ‘blue sky’ tropical island day and he suggested they visit a special beach first which he was sure she would like.They passed through the town and after a short drive stopped at a car park from where they had to walk down a steep decline and over some rocks to a beautiful secluded golden beach. On one side a cliff face overhung the ocean. Miguel told her that this beach was known as ‘boys beach’ as it was mostly used by local boys that loved jumping off the cliff into the ocean or tanning naked on the golden sands. Drawing closer she immediately understood as dozens of boys and some young girls appeared in view all enjoying a perfect island day. Janet and Miguel picked a spot against some rocks, stripped down to their skimpy costumes and settled down for an hour or so of tanning and boy watching.Janet was thrilled to see that quite a number of the boys, although not all, were stark naked and that their ages seemed to be from ten to about fifteen. There were just a few equally naked girls dotted around and a few adults here and there, clearly tourists, just as inquisitive about ‘boys beach’ as she was. Janet could not take her eyes off the feast of boy flesh on display. Some boys were jumping or diving from the high cliff into the sea, and Miguel told her that most of those boys were also coin divers who met visiting passenger ships. Some boys wore very skimpy boykini type costumes and Janet could not decide whether the naked boys or sexy boys in little speedo’s were more alluring.Miguel explained that ‘beach boys’ and hawkers were not allowed on this beach as they did not wish to attract hoards of tourists. This was just a natural spot where boys swam and played as nature intended. Beautiful to behold this could be considered a rare beach anywhere in the world. There were so many perfect boys that caught her attention that she could not even choose a favorite. Although enjoying the boys on the beach she thought that very few compared to Miguel in terms of perfect blond boy beauty. Miguel, for his part, enjoyed watching her enjoy the beach, loving her commentary about which boys she liked best. Janet wished she could just lay back and pleasure herself to images of beautiful tanned boys on that fantasy beach but they had little privacy. The hour allotted for the visit was extended to two hours but soon passed.DreamboyThe next stop on Miguel’s island tour was a small fishing village that served as a base for most of the islands fishing industry. Pleasure cruises also left from the small fishing boat harbor and many private yachts were also moored there. As picturesque as the harbor was, Janet wondered why Miguel had brought her there.Her questions were answered when Miguel pointed out a large pleasure boat named Dreamboy which seemed to be preparing to sail. As they drew closer Janet noticed that the crew comprised of about twenty boys all wearing a smart sailor suite with tight denim shorts. Miguel explained that the boat was crewed by the local sea scouts and did pleasure cruises around the island or sometimes went out for a few days. He told her that the boy crew on board looked innocent but most of them were available to provide extra services to the passengers,some of which had private cabins. He told her that once the boat was out at sea the boys would discard their sailor uniforms and wear tiny speedo costumes as they served the passengers drinks or meals from the galley. Miguel explained that the cruises were very popular and were usually fully booked in the summer by certain tourists well aware of the special services that could be procured on board. Janet noticed that the passengers were a mixed group of both men and women. They all waved wildly as the boat cast off. One woman passenger spotted Miguel and jokingly beckoned him to come on board and join her. Miguel smiled knowingly and waved back as the boat left the small port for yet another ‘pleasure’ cruise.Janet resolved that if she ever visited came St Pedro again she would definitely stay longer and spend a few days cruising on Dreamboy.The ConventTheir taxi now took them high into the mountains away from the coast. They drove for about an hour on a twisty mountain road admiring amazing views of the ocean far below them. After a while they saw a large group of stone buildings in the distance, which Miguel explained was their destination and was in fact a monastery and a convent sharing the same grounds. The old historical buildings were now open to paying tourists in order to make a little extra money for the resident clergy and nuns.Janet was a little bored at the prospect of touring a convent and a monastry but perked up when Miguel mentioned that all the priests and nuns there had been sent there as a result of being suspected of improper conduct with boys in their care at previous postings around the world. The powers figured that they would be well out of the way on St Pedro and if any of them had the urge to stray then the nature of the islands laws would ensure that no fuss would be made. It was apparently a well known fact on the island that the buildings housed a group of p*******e nuns and priests from around the world. Janet wondered at the prospect of taking a perfect and nearly naked boy like Miguel into such a lions den but decided that it would be fun to watch the reaction of the occupants to the scantily dressed Miguel.A few other tourists’ cars were parked in the car park as they made their way into the main stone building housing the visitor’s reception area. An elderly nun at the desk advised that the next guided tour would leave in about 10 minutes and issued a ticket to Janet advising that her son would be free. She said that a modest lunch would also be provided at the end of the tour. Janet thanked her and mentioned that Miguel was not actually her son. This caused the nun to raise her eyebrows and appraise Miguel top to bottom. “You have chosen well” she muttered, seemingly now understanding the nature of the relationship.A younger nun of perhaps about thirty introduced herself as Sister Roberto, the tour guide, and summoned the group of about ten tourists including Janet and Miguel to follow her. At the first stop in the quadrangle she explained about the history of the buildings and other historical facts and Janet noticed immediately that she constantly looked at Miguel.The tour group then moved on to various locations and each time they passed a nun or a priest Janet would notice that they took a particular interest the moment they spotted Miguel, some doubling back for a second or even third look. Of course Miguel in his tiny shorts and half t-shirt with long tanned boy legs and curly blond hair was certainly a vision of delight. Janet noticed everything and was titillated by the interest that they all seemed to take in her perfect boy. Once priest stared openly at her in her tiny denim shorts, and Miguel, and clearly could not decide which of them he preferred.The tour ended after about an hour and they were taken to a great dining hall for their lunch.They had a very modest lunch consisting mainly of freshly baked bread, a little meat and cider. After lunch illegal bahis Miguel asked Sister Roberto, the guide, where the bathroom was. She immediately offered to take him and they disappeared down a long stone corridor together.Sister Roberto knew that this was her chance to be alone with the beautiful boy that she had observed on the tour, and who had had caused a constant moistening of certain parts of her anatomy. She took him to a quiet distant bathroom and seemingly waited outside.It had been a long time since she had touched a boy. As a dormitory ‘mother’ in the boarding school where she had been posted after her studies, she had plenty of opportunity, and had in fact introduced many young boys to the pleasures of a woman, taking boys into her bed on a constant basis. Unfortunately, she had eventually been caught and her superiors had decided after an evaluation that she could no longer work with c***dren. After a further incident with a choirboy at her next posting at a church, it had been decided to send her to St Pedro.Here was another perfect opportunity with one of the islands ‘beach boys’ that she had heard all about, after all the woman with him was clearly not his mother. She quietly entered the bathroom. Miguel finished at the urinal and as he turned around he discovered Sister Roberto standing immediately behind him with her finger to her lips as if to tell him to be very quiet. She took his hand and led him into one of the toilet stalls. Telling him that did not have much time she told him to stand on the seat and then immediately began stroking his legs and fondling his body pausing after a while to pull his shorts and speedo to his ankles. Her excitement was almost uncontrollable as she saw his boy cock rise to the occasion as so many boys had in her past. She knelt down and took his now solid erection into her mouth and began to suck him frantically. This was a dream come true for her and she did not intend to waste a moment of these precious few minutes with a boy. At one point she stood up and French kissed him wetly and deeply, telling him that she had wanted to do that from the first moment she saw him. Then she went back to sucking his cock. Her one hand found its way under her robe to her pulsating clit and she proceeded to pleasure herself whilst bringing Miguel to a special and copious boygasm. She swallowed his nectar enthusiastically to the last drop, shaking uncontrollably as her own orgasm overwhelmed her.It all ended as suddenly as it had begun. She cleaned him up in the bathroom and then hurried back with him to the dining room, handing him back to Janet with a big smile and very flushed cheeks. Janet immediately guessed what had happened and her suspicions were confirmed when Miguel confided all the details to her on the taxi ride back. Janet could not believe how excited she was at the thought of other women craving boys just like she did. How ironic, she thought, that a monastery and convent designed to keep p*******e nuns and priests away from boys was in fact situated on ‘St Pedro-isle of boys’. She gathered however that the remotely located occupants had little access to the pleasures of the island as transport and money was limited. Their only, albeit infrequent, contact with boys was with the boys in the few tourist groups that came to the Monastery in the summer.The MarketJanet was so horny by the thought of Miguel with that nun that she toyed with his solid cock under the towel all the way back. She could not wait to have him inside her again.Their final stop was the Market at the main port town, where Miguel showed her everything. She wanted to buy a special present for her boy, and they finally settled on a special watch which Janet had engraved with her name and the date. Miguel was thrilled with the expensive gift, and some money that she also gave him. Tears came to his eyes at the thought of leaving her later. The bustling market was full of tourists and beautiful young island boys seemed to be helpers in almost every shop.Miguel took her down a side alley and showed her an old cinema. He explained to her that it was very popular among the island boys as tourists often picked them up there and of course paid for their ticket in exchange for certain special services inside. Even Women picked up boys around the cinema. The casual observer would not notice anything unusual, just an old cinema but Janet noticed a few very tempting boys milling about, some looking directly at her as if to offer themselves. The place was virtually a boy brothel she thought. There was no time for a movie now but Janet marveled at how full of surprises the island was, and how lucky she was to have Miguel show her everything.Cinema boysThe mid afternoon sun was scorching and Janet sent Miguel to buy soft drinks for both of them while she sat on a bench under a tree in the small garden square opposite the cinema and watched the goings on. The soft drink was not the only reason she sent Miguel away for a short while – she also wanted to be alone in the cinema area to see if any boys hit on her.She was not disappointed. No sooner had she settled when two gorgeous boys came and sat near her on her bench. The younger boy looked around eleven and the other a little older. They wore identical tight blue jeans and white sleeveless t-shirts showing beautifully tanned shoulders and arms. They both had perfectly formed adorable choirboy faces, framed by a mop of longish brown hair. They could have been twins but one appeared a little taller and older than the other. She made them for brothers.They too surveyed Janet in her ultra short denim shorts with her sun kissed long legs and red flowing hair. After a short while the older one spoke to her:”Hello Lady,” he said.”Well hello there,” she replied sexily.”Are you waiting for someone,” he said.Janet replied saying that she was just resting and waiting for her friend to bring a soft drink. It was clear that these boys were sounding her out and showing that they were available if she was interested.”I am Jose and this is my brother Antonio,” he said sensing her interest.She looked at them again now. OMG they were just perfect she thought surveying their innocent boyish looks and slim smooth tanned bodies. If only she had more time, she would not hesitate to do something with them.Just then, Miguel returned, and the boys spoke to him in Spanish clearly asking him about Janet. After a brief conversation he translated telling Janet that the boys thought she was very beautiful and asking why she was in that particular area being the cinema area where some people went to pick up boys. He had explained that he was showing her the place and that she in fact liked boys very much.This news of her interest in boys seemed to encourage them.The older boy announced with an innocent smiling face”We have a place nearby that we can go to if you like – please lady – you are so beautiful.”Janet began to consider the proposition.Janet thought quickly – These boys wanted her and already had a place nearby – it would not take too long to have some fun with them – She looked at Miguel hesitantly as if to ask permission. He nodded enthusiastically clearly very interested in seeing her with other boys, and re-assuring her that it would be safe. Janet knew then that she would agree. After all she had come a long way to this island and Miguel was very keen for her to experience other boys. He had allowed the nun to pleasure him earlier, so it was only fair that she have some fun too. Most of all she felt that familiar warm ‘horny for boys’ feeling again and these drooling boys presented another perfect opportunity. She sipped her ice cold coke and nodded her agreement.The four of them walked to an old and small hotel building, not too far from the square. Miguel mentioned that the boys had told him that their uncle owned a small hotel and that they had a room there. They followed the boys to a small room on the second floor. The room was clean with a double bed and an adjoining bathroom with a large shower cubicle. After a long hot day Janet insisted on showering first and went to the bathroom, mentioning that she wouldn’t be too long. She should have guessed, no sooner was she in the shower when the door opened and Miguel asked if the two brothers could join her. Without waiting for an answer both boys entered the bathroom stark naked and joined her in the shower. Miguel waited outside giving the new boys the first opportunity with Janet.Janet was thrilled and felt familiar tingles through her body as the boys pressed against her and helped to soap her down. She reached for their hardening cocks. The younger boy was eleven and had just three inches [7½ cm] of uncut pleasure on a totally smooth boy body. The older one of twelve had a respectable five inches or so [13 cm], for his age, with a few strands of soft pubic hair on an otherwise smooth body. She felt their erections pressing against her thighs as she in turn soaped them down and enjoyed the special sensations of soft boy skin against her own smooth flawless body. Thinking of Miguel, Janet ended the shower after about ten minutes of sheer soapy bliss and suggested that they go to the bed. Miguel had undressed already and went to shower as she settled on the bed, an adventuress and very horny boy on each side of her.She was thrilled to find that she did not have to do much; The very enthusiastic boys seemed to take control and were all over her body with exploring hands and hard young cocks pressing against her legs. She took a cock in each hand and relaxed to sheer pleasure as the boys worked their magic on her body as only a young exploring boy could. She felt a soft and wet mouth on one of her nipples and a gentle hand on her pussy. The older boy leant over for a long soft kiss on the lips. Essence of pure fresh boy invaded her senses. Of course she felt her pussy moisten in response to all the stimulation. The older boy whispered in her ear that his brother Antonio was a virgin and that he wanted to be first. The smaller light virgin boy moved on top and she assisted him to find the right spot. His smaller cock entered her lubricating pussy smoothly and easily. She was in heaven as the light skinny boy started moving against her. He seemed to know what to do, schooled perhaps by his older slightly more experienced brother. The fact that he was a virgin and that she was the instrument of his loss of innocence caused even more excitement in her and her orgasm mounted quickly as she wrapped her long legs around his skinny boy body feeling her pussy contract against his small cock.Miguel came out the bathroom now and moved next to her where Antonio had been. Janet could not believe that three wild island boys were now having their way with her. Jose, with the five incher [13 cm] moved a little higher now and she knew that he wanted it in her mouth. She wet her lips and took his beautiful boy cock into her mouth, all the while being taken by the horny eleven year old still pumping away on top of her. Her other hand found Miguel’s solid cock and so it was that she had three boy cocks in different places of her anatomy as they all drew closer to their inevitable climaxes.Antonio was the first to cum in the form of an excited and shivering almost dry cum inside her. At that moment she felt her own orgasm flood her senses excited in the knowledge that she had just relieved an innocent but very willing boy of his virginity. Moments later Jose’s cock stiffened to steel in her mouth and shot hot jets of twelve year old boy cream deep into her mouth. She swallowed most but some stayed on her lips as she slowed and he gently withdrew from her mouth. Miguel followed shortly shooting a huge load of sweet boy juice onto her breasts and tummy as he had done the day before. Janet shuddered and shivered and then they all lay still for a few moments before she staggered to the bathroom to clean up. As she cleaned boy cum from her mouth, pussy breasts and tummy she knew that she was sliding into a boy craving addiction from which there could be no escape.It was after 5pm already – Time was fleeting, and Janet wanted a last hour or two, alone with her very special Miguel before the ship sailed. The two brothers, eager for more, were a little disappointed when she started dressing but understood that her ship was sailing shortly. They seemed genuinely pleased with the tip she gave them, clearly not expecting anything.They left the hotel and Janet purchased some more souvenirs at various shops always choosing a smiling island boy to assist her. In a small adult sex shop in a side alley she found a boy size vibrator with a smiling and suggestive young blond boy set against a picture of the island on the wrapping. She could not resist buying it before hurrying back to the ship.Back on board ship they made love like two insatiable lovers for the last time, feeling each others sadness at the coming parting and longing for time to stand still. Janet once again enjoyed her boy’s young body to the fullest and felt at one with him as she held him close with his cock deep inside her. They kissed deeply and passionately knowing that time was fleeting and that such a special brief liaison occurred only a few times in a lifetime. She had truly enjoyed her wild afternoon with those other boys but if truth be known she was virtually in love with Miguel.All too soon, the ships horn sounded three long blasts and the ships loudspeakers requested all guests to disembark as the ship was preparing to sail. They lay together staring tearfully into each others eyes as the time of parting drew closer. They did not stir until the last possible moment and then a final long desperate kiss before they dressed. Janet walked to the gangway with him, tears swelling in their eyes. They could not kiss at the gangway as there were too many other people around so she squeezed his arm tightly, promising to email him and then gently let go as he reluctantly left the ship, and she turned to go on deck to wave a final farewell.At exactly eight pm departure time the ships horn again sounded three long blasts as Janet waved tearfully at Miguel from the deck. The men cast off the thick ropes that secured the ship. Soon the ship was being tugged slowly away from its berth. She waved frantically as her beautiful and special Miguel became smaller and smaller on the dock. After a while she could no longer see him as the ship left the port, guided by tugboats, and then made for open sea ahead.Janet cried that night. The next morning she found it in herself to lounge on the sundeck once more, memories of Miguel and her perfect island visit never far from her mind. She wondered if she would ever return and whether she would ever see her Miguel again.Days later a man who she had seen here and there on the ship pulled up a chair to speak to her. He introduced himself as Stefan and asked her how she was and after some small chit chat asked her if she had enjoyed the Island. He mentioned that he had seen her with a young boy and asked her if, like himself, her trip to St Pedro was to enjoy certain special pleasures. She regarded him suspiciously but acknowledged reluctantly that she did have such interests. Stefan smiled broadly at the confession, suggesting that such pleasures, although limited were available back home too. He offered her his business card with a suggestion that she contact him if she wanted to explore her interests further.A few days later the Fantasy Explorer docked, and her fantasy holiday was over. Janet would never be the same again after her wonderful adventure. She had confirmed her primary addiction in life and many exciting new adventures awaited her. Whilst waiting for her taxi she accidently dropped some keys and a good looking perfect smooth skinned boy of about twelve retrieved them for her, with a giant smile, and then scuttled off back to his family. Janet melted and looked again at Stefan’s card, resolving to contact him at the earliest opportunity.The End

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