Hot Summer Affair Part 1: The Beginning


I was twenty-one, and as hot as the summer day when I ran into my mom’s next-door neighbor, Jacob, at the convenience store. I had just come home from college and the only sexual experience I had was with my first boyfriend- which in hindsight was horrible… another story for another time. However, this encounter turned me on to something new. It is when I discovered that I liked older men.As I approached the counter to make my purchase, Jacob reached in front of me and insisted that he complete the purchase and I obliged. He was thirty-six years old, six-foot-two, more on the skinny side, with a caramel skin complexion, a white smile, and a smooth voice. Not to mention the cologne güvenilir bahis he had on that was so mesmerizing and truly invaded my senses. So, when he asked for my number, I had no constraints in giving it to him.I returned home and got in the tub for the afternoon. It was so hot outside that as soon as I stepped out, I would sweat. I got out my shower gel, shave gel, and I cleaned and shaved myself free of all body hairs except for the dark patch I liked to keep on my mound. I got out and oiled my body down and then sprayed on my Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. I put on my bra but opted to go commando. I slipped on some short pink cotton shorts and a white tank top with güvenilir bahis siteleri my fuzzy house slippers.When I walked into my room, I grabbed my phone and noticed I had a text from Jacob. He asked what I was doing and would I like to come over and get my pussy eaten. He was so straight forward I was startled but intrigued at the same time. Let’s just say the thought of his tongue giving me something I’d never had turned me on and the next thing I knew, I was anticipating this man’s offer. I had known him my whole life and it should have been weird, but my pussy was hot for attention.I had barely been home a day and I was already about to get into something. iddaa siteleri Luckily, no one was home with me and he was literally next door. So, when he told me to come over, I did the dash for the door making sure the coast was clear. Heart racing and mind racing, I made it there and almost turned around, but he opened the door and welcomed me inside. And just like that he had me.I walked in and sat on the couch, and he wasted no time getting to what he wanted. As soon as the door was closed, he was beside me. He reached out and started to grope my breast. I was aroused and shocked at us at the same time. He reached his hands in my shorts and discovered I had on no panties and was already so wet. He slipped a finger inside of me as he used his other hand to free one of my breasts and he began sucking on my nipples. I grabbed his head and spread my legs wider. Then he invited me to his bedroom to get more comfortable.

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