Fun With My Adopted Asian Daughters (Part 2)


Fun With My Adopted Asian Daughters (Part 2)This is a continuation of an earlier story. To recap, I have two adopted Asian teen daughters, Jasmine and Vina, that I’ve raised from the beginning to be good little sluts. Vina is only 5’ tall, and Jasmine is even a few inches shorter. Both have beautiful long black hair and sensual almond-shaped Asian eyes. Their tummies are flat and their titties tiny, not even enough to fill out A-cup bras. And both have nice round tight little butts and smooth, hairless pussies.I had just had my friend Joe over to check my daughters out while they swam naked in the pool. Shortly after Joe left, Jasmine and Vina came back inside. Now that it was just the three of us, they could resume their normal household attire: fully naked, unless instructed otherwise. Their tiny dark nipples were small and hard from the coolness of the water. “Did you have fun with your friend, Daddy?” Vina asked.“Oh yes, honey! He got so horny watching you two in the pool that he let me suck his dick. He’s got a nice big hairy cock, and I swallowed his thick load.”“Mmmm, you’re lucky, Daddy!” Jasmine moaned, as she and Vina both came forward to sniff my mouth. “I can still smell his delicious cum on your breath! I hope I’ll have my turn with your friend someday,” she smiled.“Well, if you behave, then I just may let you have your turn,” I laughed. “Now, are my girls ready for today’s workout?”“Not yet Daddy,” Jasmine pouted, holding her flat tummy. “I have to go to the bathroom, and it may take a while…” “Me too,” Vina added. Swimming in cold water often seems to have that effect, so I told my girls to go take care of their business and meet me in our home gym. Vina showed up first; Jasmine took a few minutes longer. Both were wearing yoga pants with thongs underneath and sports bras that probably weren’t even necessary, given how tiny their tits were. Today was their cardio day, so both hit the treadmills to run hard for thirty minutes while I lifted weights, checking them out non-stop during their workout. By the end of their run, both girls were glowing with sweat, the small of their backs nice and moist, and the outline of their thongs clearly visible underneath their tights, where their ass sweat had pooled. The weightlifting had gotten my testosterone pumping, and looking at my girls, their smooth exposed skin glistening as they panted for breath, made me horny as fuck. I was hard as a rock underneath my mesh shorts, and caught both of my daughters staring down at my prominent bulge.“Ok girls,” I instructed, “now it’s time for you to stretch out before we have our nightly family fun time.” Jasmine and Vina got down on the mats and began to stretch out after their run, and I did the same, being sure not to hide the fact that I was staring at their tight young teen bodies and checking them out at every occasion. (I had raised my daughters to relish in the male gaze, to crave male attention and to proudly and shamelessly display their erotic attributes for male visual pleasure at every opportunity.) My favorite part of their stretch routine is when the both get into a “doggystyle” position and stick their butts out—I get right behind them and bring my nose close to their assholes and pussies, trying to decide which one of them has the stinkiest holes. (Today, Vina’s butt seemed to be a bit stinkier, but I’d have the chance to investigate further later.) When the girls finished their stretching, there was sweat all over the mat, and visible prints from their sweaty butts after they got up from their butterfly stretches.So now that our workout was done, bahis şirketleri it was time for my favorite part of the day, our daily family group masturbation session. Vina and Jasmine led the way to our living room, walking hand in hand, their little asses swaying in their yoga pants with each step. I immediately stripped naked and stood in front of them, my own seven-inch hairy cock fully erect and ready to explode, as they began putting on a show for me, just like I had taught them to. My daughters knelt on the couch and started kissing each other delicately, making lots of sweet licking noises as they sighed into each other’s eager mouths.Now, we had certain rules for play that I insisted we had to abide by. We’re a sexually liberated family, but we’re not deviants or criminals. There was to be no touching at all between my daughters and I: I could look and I could sniff, but I couldn’t touch or taste. Since both girls were adopted and weren’t related to each other, however, they were allowed to have sex with one another—in fact, I insisted upon it. Jasmine and Vina were both straight: they loved men and weren’t interested in women sexually, at all. But in raising them to be good little sluts, I forced them to do lesbian things with each other, since men get turned on by that sort of thing, and their sole purpose in life as females is to please men sexually however the men want it. As heterosexual females, Jasmine and Vina were disgusted by the lesbian stuff initially: they were fine with some playful kissing, maybe even feel a boob or suck on a nipple here and there, but the thought of licking a pussy made their stomachs turn (as it does for most straight females), and they hate the smell of another woman’s pussy. (I still remember the first time I made them 69 together, with Jasmine exclaiming, “Eww, Daddy, she smells fishy and tastes like tuna!” and Vina replying, “so do you! This is disgusting!”) But part of the education I instilled in them was that they needed to overcome their natural feelings of repulsion in order to sexually please men. So, whenever I wanted it, my two daughters put on a little lesbian performance for me while I jerked off.Tonight was no different, as Jasmine and Vina playfully took off each other’s sweat-soaked sports bras and took turns licking each other’s dark tiny nipples. “Eww, you taste salty!” Jasmine teased. “So do you,” Vina snickered, running her fingers through her sister’s long black hair. The two girls knelt before one another on the couch and started rubbing each other’s pussies through their yoga pants, then pulled their pants down halfway, revealing their thongs. Their firm little Asian butts were glistening with sweat, and the g-strings only partially covered their tiny dark shit holes. “Do you want to have a smell, Daddy?” they both chirped in unison as they finished taking off their tights. Turning to face the wall, my daughters rested their hands on the top of the couch, spread their slim firm thighs, and arched their backs, sticking their asses out. Their thongs had been rubbing against their holes throughout their sweaty, intense workout, letting those nasty anal scents fester and ferment. On cue, the girls moved their g-strings to the side, exposing their beautiful bistre shit-holes as I drew my nose closer for a sniff. Jasmine’s anus is bigger, but closed tightly; Vina’s asshole is smaller, but is always open slightly—I could tell that she’d been indulging in plenty of ass-play lately. “You’ve got a winky, stinky hole, Vina,” I joked. “Your shit hole is always open!” “Yes Daddy,” she blushed, “I’ve been bahis firmaları having a lot of anal sex with my boyfriends lately…” “That’s my girl!” I grinned. “And I know your boyfriends all have big thick cocks. Your little hole is nice and loose now, which explains the stains I’ve been finding in your panties…” I went back and forth from one Asian asshole to the other, savoring their deliciously dirty teenage scents, that unique combination of sweat, shyte, and female pheromones that can only be found in an attractive female’s anus. Vina even had a small speck of toilet paper stuck to her hole, but I didn’t have the heart to tell her about it. “Well, Daddy?” they asked. “Do we have a winner?” “It’s a tough call,” I answered, “you both smell really strong today, but I think Vina’s loose, open asshole is the stinkiest. I bet you didn’t wipe properly, that’s why you came out of the bathroom before your sister!” Vina pouted and blushed as Jasmine pointed at her and laughed, but I promptly spanked Jasmine’s ass and scolded her. (I’m a firm believer in using corporal punishment to keep females in line.) “A good whore should always keep her holes nice and stinky,” I instructed. “Next time, follow your sister’s example and don’t wipe so diligently, leave a little behind for us men!” Now Vina was smiling and Jasmine shyly agreed to follow my advice in the future.“Ok, on your backs now, girls, I want to smell your dirty little pussies next!” My daughters laid back on the couch and spread their legs wide, with their feet in the air and their hands on the back of their knees as I moved in for the pussy inspection. Their young teen cunts were perfectly bald and smooth, since I had them get permanent laser hair removal to get rid of all those nasty female pubes. Both girls have dark, meaty labia minora and big clits, but between the two, I’d say Jasmine’s pussy is just bigger overall, while Vina’s looks very tight and compact. “You’ve got a big pussy and a big asshole, Jasmine, but while your anus looks like it’s never been penetrated, your slit is wide open! I bet you could easily fit two cocks in there at once.” “You guessed it,” she blushed, “a couple of the guys from school have been stretching me out together every day…” “Good little whore!” I smiled. Both cunts were already filled with sticky cream and emitting strong, musky scents of teen pussy juice mixed with sweat. But truth be told, it was the stench of their assholes that was most overpowering—those two dirty, stinky holes are just so close together on a petite female body, that it’s impossible to sniff the snatch without the shitter taking over. “I’m going to call this one a draw,” I concluded, “you’ve both got beautiful stinky little pussies! Now why don’t you get in 69 so you can taste each other’s cunt juices.” I had Vina get on top of Jasmine, and both girls immediately got to work delicately licking each other’s swollen clits. Jasmine’s nose was right in Vina’s asshole, and it wasn’t long before the anal stench made her open her eyes with a start. “Ewww!” she exclaimed. “Vina, you stink and you have a piece of toilet paper stuck to your dirty ass!” “Why don’t you lick me clean then, sis” Vina replied with a devilish grin as she rocked her butt back closer to Jasmine’s nose. Jasmine wrinkled her nose in disgust and went back to diligently licking Vina’s clit, but Vina’s suggestion gave me an idea for later. But in the meantime, I just admired the view of my two teen Asian daughters licking each other’s stinky pussies. Soon they were both sighing and gently groaning with pleasure as the stench of pussy kaçak bahis siteleri filled the air. I could tell they were getting close to orgasm—my girls were experts at licking each other’s pussies and knew exactly how to get each other off—and soon enough, they both erupted simultaneously in a pair of high-pitched moans and full-body spasms.Now it was my turn to cum. I had been standing there watching with a raging hard-on, and I was about to explode. “Are you girls ready for Daddy’s cum now?” “Oh yes, Daddy!” they chirped. “Give us your cum!” “Ok, don’t move, stay in 69 for me.” I straddled Jasmine’s face, hovering just above her with my sweaty, hairy ass, taint, and balls just above her flat little nose. I knew that she was disgusted by my manly scents, but I had trained my girls never to complain about men: their lot in life as females was just to endure whatever is necessary in order to please men. Still, I couldn’t help but tease her a bit: “Keep sniffing my dirty balls, you little bitch, I want to hear you inhaling deeply through your nose!”Vina’s tight little ass and pussy were right in front of me, her open anus winking slightly, and provided me with my visual stimulation and cum target. Her tiny bald cunt was dripping with sweet pussy juices, mixed with her sister’s saliva, but it was her anus that drew all my attention, as the delicious stench of her moist stinky hole was overpowering. The stink of Vina’s ass triggered something primitive in my brain: I felt my head tingle as I furiously stroked my cock, staring at her dirty little hole as it stared back at me. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum on your filthy shit-hole you fucking whore, I’m gonna cum!” I couldn’t hold it any longer, and I shot spurt after spurt of hot, sticky white semen all over Vina’s asshole. “Mmmmm, Daddy, your cum’s so warm!” she moaned. And there was so much of it! My cum plastered her asshole and butt cheeks, and was dripping down over her pussy. When I got up, Jasmine could have a clear view of my artistry. “Wow, Daddy, there’s so much!!” she exclaimed. “That’s what you little sluts do to me. Now, Jasmine honey, you know what to do, remember what I’ve always taught you!” A look of horror came across her face. “But Daddy, that cum is on her dirty asshole! If I eat it I’ll get sick!” “Do as you’re told, cunt. You know that a man’s semen is sacred, and must not be wasted. Every last drop has to go inside, one way or another.” Some of my semen was already dripping from Vina’s asshole, down over her pussy, and onto Jasmine’s chin. Deviously, Jasmine scooped the cum off her face, and shoved it deep into Vina’s asshole, along with all the semen that was still sticking to her sister’s shitter. “Mmmmmm,” Vina moaned, “keep fingering my asshole like that, it feels sooo good!” Jasmine obliged as she slurped the rest of my cum off of Vina’s butt cheeks and pussy. Sucking Vina’s pussy while finger-fucking her asshole made her writhe even more like a bitch in heat, so Jasmine continued delicately licking Vina’s clit with her fingers firmly embedded deep in her stink until the girl exploded in a massive second orgasm.“Good girls,” I praised, patting Jasmine’s head. I liked that my sperm are going to be swimming in Vina’s rectum and Jasmine’s belly, searching for an egg but only fertilizing the remains of what Vina had for dinner last night and what Jasmine had for lunch earlier this afternoon. “Now Vina, hurry up and put on a cute pair of panties, and don’t take them off until tomorrow! I want to see the stains from my brown-tinted semen when it finally seeps out from your ass.” “Yes Daddy!” she obeyed with a smile, releasing a juicy wet cum fart as she stood up. “Look sis, you lost some already!” Jasmine exclaimed as she scooped the brown gooey substance off Vina’s thigh and stuck it back up her asshole, where it belongs.

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