Frat Party


This was a night I’ll never forget. Well, at least as much as I can remember.Our sorority was invited to a “Meet and Greet” party at the fraternity down the street. Each month, the boys invited one of the sororities for a welcome function. In college, that meant beer and pot. I wasn’t a beer drinker, but I smoked.Getting stoned or drunk was typical behavior, almost expected. By the time I was a junior, I had been to several of these gatherings that frequently included sex. The guys generally respected a girl who didn’t want to fuck although there was some peer pressure to be part of the group. So, most of the girls went along with kaçak iddaa it if they liked the guy.It wasn’t until my sophomore year that I met a guy with the deepest blue eyes I’d ever seen. He took me upstairs at the frat house and we fucked for about an hour. His name escapes me now but what I remember vividly was that it was the first time a guy came in my mouth. It really turned me on, and it still does. It makes me feel like a porn star and when a guy needs a quickie, a good blow job works best. I like the feeling of the warm fluid on my tongue, then making sure my partner sees that I enjoyed it by swallowing every drop. Guys kaçak bahis really like that in a girl, but getting my pussy filled is still the best. The funny thing about the night I was with blue eyes is that the room was a dorm and some of my sorority sisters were in the other beds making the springs sound like a zither concert.In my junior year, one of the fraternities came up with a novel idea. They offered a special “intimate experience” to volunteers from my sorority. The boys had a totally new surprise for us, something out of the ordinary. Now keep in mind that nearly all my sorority sisters had lost their virginity in high illegal bahis school and most of us had liberal views of sex. In fact, our sorority had a reputation. We were known on campus as ΣΛΥΤ or Sigma Lamda Upsilon Tau or SLUT.  So, a novel intimate experience sounded inviting.We don’t haze our pledges but encourage them to participate in training events like our dildo exercises. Using an eight-incher, we test to see how deep each girl can take it down their throat. We do this once a month to determine if the girls have made progress. On the night before the pledges’ initiation, we have a ritual that entails bringing in a well-endowed guy that is usually one of our boyfriends and letting the girls demonstrate their skills on him. The girl who shows the best deep-throat expertise has the option of finishing him off in any way she chooses.

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