First time gay public toilet


First time gay public toiletFirst time gay public toilet This is a true story.I won’t be giving my age out here but I was young when this happened to me, I’ve never found men attractive and I still dont but I always wondered what it would be like to touch, wank and suck a cock, but I really didn’t know where to find it. I wasn’t able to go to the usual places to get what I wanted, bars, night clubs and the like so really I had to think outside of the box!Not far from where I lived there was a industrial estate with a large brick built public toilet in the middle of it, I must have walked past it 100 times before and one day I thought to myself I’ll just walk in and have a look, it was an old building with cream tiled floors, 6 cubicles and one of the urinals that were metal and ran the length of the building, it smelled like stale piss and toilet blue. As I walked in there were two men pissing in the urinal, I stood between them, unzipped my trousers and took my cock out and began pissing, I was shacking from being so nervous, I couldn’t help myself and looked at the guy to left of me, he was looking down, and was paying me no attention at all, I eyes fell down to his cock, it was much bigger than mine as I was very young, I was transfixed on his pissing cock, my cock was starting to get hard. I quickly zipped up, washed my hands and ran out!When I got home I ran straight to my bedroom and wanked myself silly for the next hour thinking about that pissing cock I just saw, I started to wish I lent over and touched it, thinking what might have happened, thinking about it pissing over me! I’ve never thought about being pissed on before but the more I thought about it the more it turned me on.I made my mind up by the next morning, I’m going to go to that toilet everyday until I get the nerve to do something! Thursday 3:55pm Smells of stale piss, smell kind of turns me on, Nothing else to report, toilet empty. Pissed and left.Friday 4:05pm Same as Thursday! bahis siteleri Maybe I should try later if I can get out of the house or the weekend?Saturday 6:30pm Said I was going to a friends house, I made my way into the industrial estate and I was walking towards the toilet when I saw four men walk in before me, one was in his early 40’s the other three where at least 60 I would say. I waited outside for a few minutes then made my entrance. As I walked in all four of them were standing at the urinal, their trousers were around their ankles, one of the older guys looked around and saw me come in, he shot down and pulled his trousers back up and the other did the same once they noticed I was there. I thought I’m going to do this and I’m not going to chicken out! I stood in-between them, two on my left and two on my right, I undid my jeans belt, unzipped my fly and pulled my jeans down to my ankles just like they were doing, I looked to my left where two men had their cocks out in their hands, they were not pissing they were just holding them, looking to my right both of the men were pissing. My cock starting getting hard, but this time I didn’t run off, I started to slowly wank. One of the guys to my left was watching me, he looked down at my cock and said no underwear? I looked up at him and told him I never wear any, he simply replied that’s naughty, he was one of the older men there, greying dark hair and a fat cock, I asked why he pulled his trousers back up when I walked in, he said that you never know who’s coming in behind you, I looked back at his cock it was getting harder in his hand and he was slowly moving it up and down, I could see precum making the end glisten, I thought this is my chance, would you like me to do that for you I said, he just nodded. I reached out with my left hand and touched the head and his cock twitched with excitement, I applied a small amount of pressure and started wanking him, his cock was so fat I couldn’t canlı bahis siteleri fit my little hand round it! He moaned with pleasure but said I needed to do it harder for him. I changed hands and started to wank him harder and faster with my right hand, cup my balls while you wank me he said, I did as asked and put my left hand on his balls and rubbed them in time with my wanking, we stepped down from the urinal and I played with his balls and wanked him in the middle of the toilets, he asked me if I had ever done anything like this before, I told him no this was my first time, he smiled at me and asked if I would like to taste his cock, there was no turning back now this is what I had dreamed about, I nodded and lent over a bit and licked the tip of his cock, it tasted amazing not bad like I thought it might, I looked up and asked if I was doing it right, open your mouth for me he said, I opened up as wide as I could for him and he pushed his cock into my mouth and slowly and gently fucked my mouth, this is better he said. I was so engrossed in what I was doing I didn’t notice that the other three men were now standing around me wanking their cocks, they were not as big as the one I was now sucking but still big. Are you going to wank and suck us all now one said, I had never done this to one guy now my first time was going to be with four! I didn’t stop sucking I just nodded. I took the fat cock out of my mouth and started sucking the next one, I could taste the piss on his cock and it made my cock even harder, then the next one trying to please them not knowing if I was doing it right, I sucked the other two each one making me harder than the last, I stopped and stood back up, am I doing this ok I asked, they all said I was doing just fine. The older guy with the fat cock told me to wank two guys at the same time. I took two of the cocks and started to wank them hard like I was shown, they both moaned as my hands ran the full length canlı bahis of them, now suck the other one he said, I lent forward to took it in my mouth, I couldn’t believe what I was doing! But I was loving every second of it. After about 10 minutes the older guy said shall we all cum on his face? All three of them said fuck yes! I wasn’t sure but thought well I might as well as I’ve gone this far! The older guy told me to sit on the floor cross-legged, I got down and looked up, four men wanking their cocks over my face, don’t worry the older guy said you will love this, they were wanking harder now, two started to rub their cocks ok my face while the other two wanked, I’m cumming one said, the others moved out of the way and he stood In front of me wanking his cock pointing straight into my face, here I cum he said as rope after rope of sticky cum hit my face, I was so turned on I fucking loved it, I’m cumming too the next one said, yes please cum on my face too I said as he covered me in tons of spunk, spunk was now dripping off my face onto my black t-shirt, one more for you boy the next one said, fuck yes please I answered, not so much cum this time just a little dribble, I didn’t like that I wanted loads now! Then the older guy said it was his turn, he moved in front of me and began wanking, I really loved the look of his fat cock so I began licking his piss slit as he wanked over my face, I’m going to cum he shouted as tons of hot spunk flew into my face, that was a good load! Fuck I was drenched in cum and I loved it.They all pulled their trousers up and walked out leaving me there dripping with cum, as they got to the door the older guy with the fat cock I loved turned and said, were here most Saturdays maybe we will see you again? I said sure, I would like to watch you all pissing first next time though, that’s fine he said maybe next time we will piss on you! Then he left.I waited a few minutes and ran out after them, I didn’t even wipe my face I just ran straight home and into my room and wanked myself still covered in their now crusty spunk, I had never been so turned on in my life up till that point!Many more adventures like this were had, maybe I’ll write more.

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