Eye opener


I’m a lucky girl. I love a good spanking, and my husband loves to give them. And he’s not one to hold back. He’s got a whole drawer full of implements, and I’ve felt them all. He doesn’t always make me cry, but even when he does, it’s not long before I’m feeling the throbbing of the bruises and welts on my poor bottom make my pussy start to itch in that special way.But our relationship isn’t just fun spankings. I have a bit of a willful streak, and he’s made it his mission bahis şirketleri to keep it in check. But when you want to discipline someone who actually likes to be spanked, there’s a bit of a quandary as to how to use spanking to teach a proper lesson.And, well, he figured it out. Whenever I’m naughty, he’ll pass sentence and immediately (if we’re home) order me into the bedroom to begin my punishment.He’ll order me out of my clothes, pick an implement from his… bahis firmaları tool drawer, I call it… and then have me get into position (it varies, but more often than not it’s bending over the bed) and he’ll spank me until I’m crying uncontrollably. After the spanking is finished, he’ll put me into the corner with my hands folded behind my back until I calm down. Then he’ll nonchalantly say that I’ll be getting an “eye opener.”That phrase just makes the whole bottom kaçak bahis siteleri of the world drop out of my soul. They always come at the point where ordinarily I’d be trading my tears for wetness somewhere more private, but the looming threat erases all of that.My further punishment begins at bedtime. When I have an eye opener pending, I must sleep in the guest bedroom rather than with my husband next to me. I also must go to bed completely nude, rather than in my PJs. Knowing why I am alone and what is to come makes it hard to get to sleep. My mind just keeps turning over the behavior that got me into this mess and feelings of guilt and sorrow. But eventually I nod off into a fitful sleep.

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