Begin With His End In Mind Ch. 3


The question was to answer itself. As I felt my shaft being swallowed by Tony, I shivered as he placed his large hands on my arse cheeks and spread them further. Again I felt a surge as his tongue left my rod, slid along my balls and up along my crack. The tip of his tongue pushed against my virgin hole as I pushed down onto Tony’s face. As I felt him enter my anus with his sharp tongue my balls contracted a little. Even though I had cum not long ago, this was rapidly building another one. The only thing I could do in this 69 position was to suck Tony’s rigid penis, pumping him with my fist. And then the answer came – well Tony did anyway. Unexpectedly I felt him arch his back and mutter ” I cumming” – which was a little too late as by now I was tasting my first ever serve of cum.

The hot spurts first hit my tonsils as I had swallowed him just as the first spurt erupted forth. Tony had seen and experienced a lot of action that night so he had built up quite a load. The second spurt covered my tongue as Tony moaned uncontrollably. The third spurt hit my lips and my chin as he withdrew from my mouth. The taste was sensational. I had occasionally tasted my own cum from the lips of my wife or girlfriends but never before had I drank straight from the source. Tony’s cum was salty and thick and I kept my mouth shut enjoying the feeling of his cum in my mouth before I swallowed as much as I could. Some had leaked out and my face had a shiny glisten on it.

I licked his shaft for what seemed like minutes. He had lost his stroke on my dick as he had collapsed into exhausted pleasure. I climbed off him and he crawled along my body softly kissing my skin until again we were face to face. Tony laid next to me and we kissed. I felt his tongue licking mine, tasting his own cum. After some time he drifted off to sleep as we laid in the spoon position. I couldn’t sleep as my head was spinning with the intoxicating smell of man sex and I was still hard having recovered bahis siteleri from my earlier time with the hooker. However as I lay there I new what I wanted next required Tony to be given some recovery time.

After some hours, he stirred and began to caress my body again, kissing my nipples until they were erect. Moving down my body his kissed my stomach however I was surprised when he skipped over my stiffening rod and began to lick my balls. Mmmmm I thought. Then, as if reading my mind, his tongue continued down and I was compliant as he parted my legs. This allowed him greater access to my arse and in particular, my tight, virgin bud. Again electricity shot through me as I felt his wet tongue flick against my anal opening. I lifted my left leg, spreading myself open to this lover I barely knew. Tony appeared to enjoy the experience too as he began licking my opening with some vigor.

“Are you alright Gar?” he asked. I could barely respond.

Then I was again pleasantly surprised by his next move. Slowly his tongue left my bud and he replaced it with his finger. My back arched as his middle finger pushed into me. I could feel the knuckle pushing into my puckered sphincter. The tip of his finger caressing the inner walls of my arse. Tony moved up my torso and again we kissed. This time it was me that tasted myself on my partner’s tongue. With my legged still raised up, Tony’s hand could still reach my arse and his finger was working its magic.

“Well Gar” he whispered in my ear “what do you want now?” It was a tease. He knew what I wanted – what I needed.

It is important to state here that to allow another person to enter you is an incredibly intimate gesture and I can empathize with how a girl would feel immediately prior to losing her virginity or having sex. The fact that right then I wanted my arse to be filled with a rock hard cock that would shoot a full load of hot cum deep inside me was pure passion.

“Tony, I want you to fuck canlı bahis siteleri my cherry arse. I want you to cum deep inside me. I want to return the favour to you. Deal?”. Tony knew when a deal was too good to refuse and I could see his cock grow another inch.

“How do we do this Tony?” I questioned.

“Get on your hands and knees and I will ride you like a dog.” He laughed.

I rolled over and tucked my knees under my damp stomach. The palms of my hands lay flat on the crisp white cotton sheets. I lowered my head and raised my virgin arse. Tony knelt behind me and I could see he was rock hard again. I felt rather nervous, rather exposed, rather inexperienced and I loved every sense of it. My mind shot back to the hooker I had earlier had in the same position. Now I would know what she felt. I jumped a little as Tony placed his right hand on my raised bun. “Don’t worry, I will be gentle” he mocked me.

Tony leant over me so I could feel his breath in my ear. Then I felt the tip of his cock brush against my crack. Involuntarily I pulled away. “Relax” he said.

“Tony I want you to fuck my hole now” I replied. And he did. I felt the head of his cock push between my cheeks and nestle at my virgin opening. The tongue bath he had given me earlier had provided some lubricant and he applied a little pressure. I pushed myself back on him. I needed a dick in me so bad. Finally the head of his shaft split my anal lips and pushed into me. Inch by inch I accepted Tony’s rigidness into my arse. When I felt the length of him inside me and his pubic hair tickling my arse cheeks, I pushed back further onto him. I wanted more. It hurt initially, but the pleasure and the thought of having a cock up me countered any discomfort. When Tony slowly withdrew for the first time, Ifelt empty and quickly pushed back onto him. As the sweat from our skin covered his rod, Tony pushed into me a little faster.

“Fuck me” I groaned. Tony again quickened the canlı bahis pace and I could feel his balls slapping against mine. My cock was as hard as it had ever been and just swaying in the wind. Tony put his hands on my hips and rode me hard. I pushing back on his thrusts and he was grounding out, only to then withdraw the whole length until I felt only the tip against my now gapping hole. Slam in again.

By Tony’s reactions I could tell he would soon cum. But this was my first (maybe last) arse fuck and I wanted it to last.

“Lie down” I told Tony. He had some trouble stopping pounding my tight arse, but I pulled away and rolled him onto his back. He soon realized what I had in mind. I wanted to go on top. Grabbing his shaft I knelt over him and lowered myself over his erection. Spreading my legs wide I sat on his cock. He slipped into me as we looked into each others eyes. I now controlled the pace. Lifting up I pulled his cock out of me and then slowly sat on it again until he was deep inside me. I massaged his chest. I thought of fisting my own cock and spraying my cum over his chest, but decided not to as I wanted to fuck him as well. Up and down.

“I cant last much longer” Tony grunted through clenched teeth. I wanted to feel him blow deep inside me so again I climbed off him and resumed the Doggy position again, this time raising one leg to allow greater access. Tony climbed behind me again and pushed his tortured shaft up my compliant anus.

“Give it to me” I teased. After one or two violent thrusts Tony was about to fulfill both my dream and me.

The heat of his cum surprised me. As he thrusted into me he exploded deep inside me, and I could feel the heat of his cum in my bowels. Tony shot spurt after spurt deep inside me and I drew him in further. After his convulsions had ended, we just stayed in the same position for minutes, needed of us could talk. I had been fucked for the first time and loved it.

When he finally pulled out of my quivering hole, I felt his cum trickle out of my ravaged hole and down my thigh. Tony collapsed on the bed.

“Well, your turn now” I asked. “What should we do now? Any ideas?”

Email with further ideas.

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