Auntie Marilyn


Auntie Marilynoriginally submitted 8 years ago by retired user eremiti Marilyn Goodge studied herself carefully in the mirror. “Am I getting old,” she mused as she stroked her face, studying her high cheekbones with the close scrutiny that only a very beautiful woman could do. She was still a knock-out and she knew it, it was just that earlier on that day she had witnessed something which had shocked her profoundly and had caused her, for the first time, to wonder if she was getting old.The voluptuous 35 year old woman had just stepped out of the tub and having toweled her body vigorously she had caused her ruby red nipples to spring to immediate hardness. She cupped her breasts in her hands and held them lovingly, feeling a surge of sexual pleasure erupt in her body. Marilyn knew that she was horny, it wasn’t easy being a beautiful widow with very high standards, none of the men in her immediate social circle really appealed to her, that was with the exception of Ronnie Goodge but then he was her dead husband’s brother and it just wasn’t done to have an affair with such a close family member.She had noticed of late that her attention was being drawn more and more to very young boys, in fact it was that very thing that had upset her so much earlier on in the day.The young widow had stopped by her brother-in-law’s house to drop off a birthday gift for him. She hadn’t bothered to knock on the door and had quietly entered the kitchen, only to realize that there was someone in the house. At first she thought it was her eleven year old nephew Peter and she hadn’t thought anything of it, then she had heard other voices and she had just presumed that it was a couple of Peter’s friends. But then, she heard a strange moaning that had caused her to stop dead in her tracks, it wasn’t an ordinary moan, in fact she knew immediately what kind of a moan it was … she might not have made love for a long, long time but she knew a sexual cry when she beard it!Whatever could be going on in the house, she had wondered and quietly moving through the house she made her way to the den where the sounds seemed to be coming from. The door was slightly ajar and peeping through the crack in the door, Marilyn saw, much to her horror her nephew Peter with his friend Seth Roberts hovering over Emmy Phillips’ girl Jenny … the only problem was that Jenny’s sweater was up and she was not wearing a bra. The boys were cupping the girl’s swollen, nipple-peaked mounds eagerly, tweaking and teasing the nipples and causing the young girl to writhe and squirm in her seat.Marilyn could hardly believe her eyes, Peter was only eleven and so was his friend Seth and Jenny Phillips wasn’t more than thirteen years old. She had no idea that k**s of that age did things like that. Then she gasped inwardly as her nephew leaned over the young girl and started to suck one of her swollen rigid nipples up into his eager mouth.”Oooooooooh!” the young blonde girl moaned, her eyes almost popping out of her head as the boy licked hungrily at the tingling little bud as Seth continued to massage the other nakedly upthrust mound.”When are you going to let us look at your pussy, Jenny,” Peter urged.”Another time,” purred the young girl seductively, licking her lips sensually as the boys continued to play with her tits.”How about now?” Seth grinned lewdly, giving her breast an extra hard tweak.Suddenly Marilyn could bear it no longer and she coughed loudly, causing the young girl to thrust down her sweater quickly just before the older woman entered the den.”What’s going on here Peter,” she inquired, looking earnestly into the guilt-stricken faces of the young c***dren.”Oh Aunt Marilyn, what a surprise,” blushed Peter, looking down quickly at his shoes.”I said, what’s going on here,” Marilyn said again firmly.”Nothing, we were just trying to get Jenny to go to the park with us,” lied Seth Roberts.”I see, well, why don’t you run along Peter … and when Daddy gets home, tell him I left a gift for his birthday. Oh, and also, tell him to call me.”Marilyn Goodge left the house quickly, she was in a quandary, should she tell her brother-in-law what she had seen at the house, or not … she really didn’t know what to do … it was so embarrassing.”Marilyn, are you serious,” Ronnie Goodge exploded on the other end of the telephone later that evening, “you saw what?””I saw your son Peter sucking Jenny Phillips’ breasts, I’m telling you … don’t you believe me, Ronnie?””I’m sorry Marilyn, to sound so disbelieving, it’s just difficult to imagine young Peter doing such a thing, he’s just a k**.””That’s what I thought Ronnie, but both he and his friend Seth were playing with the Phillips’ girl, I thought you should know.””Thanks Marilyn, I’ll have a talk with Peter and oh, by the way, thanks for the birthday present, you’re really sweet.””Goodnight then Ronnie, be gentle with Peter, he really is just a c***d.”Marilyn Goodge hung up the telephone and moving over to the drinks cabinet she poured herself a stiff drink. She had been more than embarrassed to talk of such a thing with her handsome brother-in-law, especially as she always felt such a sexual undercurrent from him … still, she had to do her duty, it was only right and proper.The older woman had just taken a bath and was now feeling quite relaxed, the drinks adding to her relaxation. She sank into the chair and picked up a book, pulling her bathrobe tightly around her voluptuous body. She looked like an old fashioned miniature at that moment, her black curly hair piled up on the top of her head like a Gibson girl, her cornflower blue eyes gazing into the distance, totally lost in thought.She sipped her second drink a little more slowly, feeling her nipples hardening against the fuzzy material of her bathrobe. Marilyn always felt embarrassed when her body spoke to her this way, it was almost as if it was telling her that it was hungry to be touched and caressed … yet, what could she do … she couldn’t go out and solicit a man, she just wasn’t that kind of a woman.Marilyn had been widowed a couple of years now and during that time she had had one brief affair with a doctor, but since that time no man had entered her life. For a long time, it didn’t bother her but she had noticed over the past few months that she was feeling hornier and hornier, it didn’t take very much to make her body flare up in a passionate need that demanded satisfaction immediately. She sighed languidly now, leaning back on the couch, allowing her robe to fall slightly open to reveal the swollen mounds of her breasts and the rose- tipped nipples nestled on the top of them.Marilyn gazed down at her body, allowing the robe to fall open enough to reveal her smooth belly and the provocative valley down between her parted thighs. She sucked in her breath now as she felt her flesh beginning to tingle with the wanton desire that she had been fighting for the past few months and almost u*********sly she trailed her hand down to the wide-set mounds of her breasts, slipping her fingers inside her robe and flicking them lightly over the pertly swollen buds of her nipples.The beautiful widow sighed as she began to gently massage her breasts, then still without thinking of what she was doing she allowed her hand to trail down her smooth satin belly to the steadily pulsating mound of her pussy and to come into alarming contact with the little bud of her clitoris.Suddenly the lust-contorted face of young Jenny Phillips sprang up in front of her and she knew now why it had disturbed her so much to see the boys playing with the young girl … it was her own desire that she had seen mirrored in the girl’s face.Beside herself now, not thinking of what she was actually doing, Marilyn tweaked harder and harder over the urgently pulsing little clitoral bud. She moaned softly at the titillating shocks of delight that shot out from her loins at the teasing contact of her finger on the ripe little bud, her buttocks undulating sensuously as she reached both hands lower to part the black-fringed lips of her cunt. More strained whimpers issued from her throat as her fingers spread the smoothly flowing cuntal moisture up and down the lust-tortured slit, and she could feel the fluttering in her stomach from her growing desire as she further intensified the lewd stroking on her pulsating clitoris.Marilyn continued the obscene self-caress unthinkingly for a moment longer, then with a sigh of shame and frustration, stilled her hand again, her body stiffening and her eyes opening wide to stare up at the ceiling in shock and humiliation as she realized what she was about to do. It was almost too warped and perverted for her to even imagine, and even here in the privacy of her own home Marilyn felt almost as embarrassed and ashamed as she should have if she had been caught in the act!She was confused, part of her felt that it was wrong and evil to touch herself and the other part of her was on fire for release, her lust was like a hot ball of fire in her loins and she knew that she had to have some kind of relief. Suddenly she arched her smoothly rounded buttocks of the couch, she had to release herself even if it did mean this lewd act. A shiver ran through her as she placed her finger back into contact with the lewdly pulsing little bud of her clitoris, moving downward again to spread the flowing cuntal moisture up and down along her glistening pussy- slit. Her fingers worked the hair-lined lips wider apart and began to probe teasingly up into the softly clasping upper flesh, sending further obscene shocks of pleasure and need to dart out over her lustfully quivering body.Her mind almost blotted out the guilt that welled parallel to her rising lust as she wormed her middle finger slowly up into the resisting tightness of her desire-heated pussy. She knew there was no way to stop herself now. She would never get to sleep if she didn’t do something to quell her consuming lust. Moaning distantly she burrowed her middle finger deeper, her thumb rubbing swiftly at the hotly throbbing bud of her clitoris as she arched her hips even higher and sank her finger to the last knuckle into her moistly parting cuntal flesh. Then with an even more insane whimper she surrendered completely to her obscene longing and began a lewdly writhing undulation of her body on the bed, finger-fucking with smooth even strokes in and out of the tightly caressing lips of her cunt.A stream of desperate moans and pleadings issued from Marilyn’s throat as she began to finger-fuck herself in earnest. Her eyes and teeth clenched and she thrashed her body savagely from the obscene lust of passion that consumed her.Grunts of salacious pleasure spewed from her lips and her fingers darting swiftly in and out of her tightly trembling pussy-lips, her thumb working with maddening effect on the pulsating bud of her clitoris.Her face flushed and she broke out in a shining coat of perspiration as the lovestarved widow strained for the still distant orgasm, groaning in lustful frustration and worming her finger even more rapidly in and out of the quivering warmth of her pussy. She tossed her head from side to side, whipping her long black curly hair undone from the confines of the bobby pins that were holding it up on the top of her head. Then she lifted her head up from the couch, gazing in shock down between the trembling mounds of her naked breasts and deriving a lewd thrill at the perverse sight of her own hand moving eagerly up and down between her widely scissoring thighs.Again she recalled Jenny’s expression as her nephew Peter had sucked her breast and her sense of identification merged more clearly in the focus of her own heightened lust, and in spite of the thrills coursing wantonly through her naked loins and flesh, Marilyn could not quell the sob that rose in her throat at the shattering realization that above and beyond everything else she’d felt at the obscene encounter at her brother- in-law’s house, she had been envious of the young girl being so lewdly fondled by the two young boys!Now Marilyn’s body was thrashing savagely on the couch, her loins jerking madly to the probing strokes of her fingers working deeper and deeper into the quivering flesh of her cunt. The lips of her vagina flowered open wider to accept two fingers, and then three, up into her warmly yielding inner flesh, and she continued the frenzied stroking of her thumb over the little twitching bud of her clitoris, almost driving herself out of her mind with obscene passion.Then suddenly her whole body tensed and shuddered, and a series of obscene grunts and moans and whimpers spewed from her lips as she moved her finger in a staccato rhythm in and out of her burning loins. Her body uncoiled in a frantic whiplash motion, her legs opening and closing in desperation on the finger that still jerked in and out of the wantonly sucking lips of her pussy. Already Marilyn could feel the rising tide beginning deep up in her heaving belly. Spontaneous contortions racked her naked flesh as she hungered and fought for the release she now knew was imminent. Another spasm of obscene delight shook her, obliterating the last of her inhibitions with the salacious promise building in her loins.As reality began to fade, Marilyn emersed herself totally in the delirium of her selfinflicted passion. She drew her fingers almost completely out of her trembling cuntlips, stroking in an even more rapid motion over her swollen clitoris to send new, more wanton thrills to swell out from the pulsating flesh of her loins through every inch of her gyrating body. She worked her finger frenziedly back and forth over the quivering cuntal bud, sobbing and moaning in urgent supplication as the release she so urgently needed continued to elude her. Then giving out with an even louder moan she thrust her three fingers savagely back into the trembling little cuntal mouth.Marilyn’s breasts heaved with the insane tossings of her lust-racked torso as she lunged her hips wildly up and down on the bed, jerking with the little spasms flowing spontaneously out through her loins.Suddenly the wanton woman began to feel her orgasm mounting inside her quivering pussy-flesh that surfaced swiftly in a blinding volcano of elation, bursting forth in a breathtaking wave of sensation that soared through every inch of her nakedly thrashing body. The lips of her cunt clutched and sucked at her lewdly fucking finger.Her breath rasped in short gasps, and she cried out in delirium, wallowing in her obscene bliss as the lightning-like sensations jolted relentlessly through her.Marilyn continued the rapid workings of her thumb over the pulsating bud of her clitoris until she’d extracted every bit of the obscene pleasure that her body had to offer. She writhed and bucked beneath her own finger as it continued to plunge in and out of the contracting walls of her pussy. She was riding the waves of her overwhelmingly sensational orgasm now, giving herself the release she had yearned for so long.She felt soft and yielding and very much a woman now as she sank back down onto the couch, satiated by her own hand, her lust-tormented body relaxed now. The tiny cringing wall of doubt began to mount in her mind now, however, as the orgasm faded and began to be replaced by the overwhelming pangs of doubt … she was really perverted to do such a thing, she told herself over and over again in her mind … there was no reprieve for her … she was a lost woman.Ronnie Goodge hoped that he had handled the situation correctly as he watched his eleven-year-old son saunter out of the house on his way to school. He had had a good talk with his son and had gotten the boy to finally admit that he and his friend Seth Roberts had been fooling around with young Jenny Phillips … the only thing that troubled Ronnie was that Peter swore that the girl’s sweater was down when his sister-in-law had entered the room … which meant only one thing … that Marilyn had been watching at the door!It wasn’t easy for Ronnie Goodge to bring up his young son alone, his wife had left him when the boy was only three years old and he had never heard from her since, nor wanted to for that matter. Over the years Ronnie had had more than one girlfriend and several times he had been tempted to re-marry but he had never quite felt strong enough about any one girl to tie the knot. He was fatally attracted to his sister-in-law Marilyn, and now with his brother’s death he had grown even fonder of her. He knew that it wasn’t proper for a man to want his own dead brother’s wife but he did. He never got very far with Marilyn, however, even on the occasions when they were drunk together, she was always aloof … holding herself back, not quite letting her hair down altogether with him.Ronnie knew however that she must be madly frustrated, he knew that she hadn’t had a boyfriend in a long, long time and now, realizing that she had virtually been a peeping tom with the c***dren, convinced him even more than she was ripe to be fucked. The only problem is, he thought to himself, how can I do it!Later on that day, after school, young Peter Goodge and his friend Seth Roberts were hanging out at Seth’s house, talking about their mishap the previous day.”So was your Dad hopping mad?””Not really, he just told me that I was a little young for such things and that I should watch my step from now on, he was kind of embarrassed if you know what I mean and didn’t really want to talk about it anymore.””Did he say anything else about your aunt?””No not really, only one thing did puzzle me, after Dad made the remark. Do you realize that my aunt must have been watching us for quite a while before she came in because she told my Dad I was sucking Jenny’s tits, now you know we heard her cough and Jenny shoved her sweater down, so her tits weren’t even exposed when Aunt Marilyn came into the room.”The two boys looked at each other, their eyes widening with excitement.”You realize what that means, don’t you Seth,” young Peter Goodge grinned lewdly.”No … ” puzzled the other boy.”It means that Aunt Marilyn was watching us through the crack in the door because she’s frustrated. She hasn’t had a man in a long, long time and I think she’s horny.””What!” exclaimed Seth.”That’s right and what’s more I’m going to find out if it’s true.””What do you mean Peter?””Well … I want to lose my virginity, you’ve already fucked your sister and your cousin, how about if I get to fuck my aunt.””You’re k**ding!””Nope, I’m not … I’ve thought about it all day long, I’m going to go to my aunt sort of tearful like, then I’m going to ask her to explain the facts of life to me, tell her I don’t really know about girls or anything and that my Dad is too embarrassed to talk to me about it. Make her feel sorry for me, not having a mother and all. I’ve got something else too that will loosen her up a bit.””What?””Some hashish.””She’ll never smoke it, she’s too uptight.””I know, but I talked with Jenny at school today, her mother is at work all day long and tomorrow Jenny said she would bake me some brownies. I’m going to give her some hash for the brownies and then I’ll give one or two to my aunt, tell her they are Boy Scout cookies or something! “”Oh boy, do you think she’ll go for it?””She won’t know what’s hit her, she’ll eat the brownies, then I’ll start talking to her about sex, she’ll start getting all worked up, because I’m telling you she’s really horny and then hopefully after that everything will be a cinch.””How nice of you to come and see me,” Marilyn Goodge said a little nervously to her nephew Peter. She was still embarrassed from the sexual encounter she had witnessed with young Jenny Phillips and didn’t know quite how to act around her attractive young nephew. It was almost as if she were seeing him for the first time, she had only thought of him as a little boy, but now, having seen him suck Jenny’s nipples so expertly she was beginning to see him in another light.”I brought you a little present too Auntie,” Peter smiled, thinking lewdly of all the things he wanted to do to his aunt once he got her stoned and loosened up. He knew all about what a guy did to fuck, he had just never done it yet and he was anxious to try it.”What do you have Peter,” Marilyn asked curiously.”A few brownies. They’re from the Boy Scout bake sale. I thought you might like one with your tea.””How thoughtful of you Peter, I’ll put the kettle on.”Half an hour later, having consumed at least three brownies and drunk two cups of tea, Marilyn Goodge was relaxing in the living room of her own house.”It really was nice of you to come and see me Peter, it’s kind of like old times, isn’t it.””Yes Auntie,” the young boy said quietly, “only there is something I wanted to talk to you about.””Oh really Peter, what is it.””Well … I don’t know quite how to say it, but not having a mother has made things a bit difficult for me.””Oh I know Peter, I know,” the older woman said sympathetically, laying her hand on her young nephew’s thigh in a motherly sort of way.Marilyn wasn’t quite sure what was happening to her but for the past few moments she had begun to feel sort of different, it was almost as if she had had a few drinks but not quite, it was a different sort of feeling, one that she couldn’t quite identify.Suddenly however, she noticed how everything had taken on a kind of surreal quality, and young Peter was beginning to blur in her consciousness into pictures of her dead husband and then his father and then back to his boy-face again. I wonder what’s going on with me, she puzzled. Then she shot her attention back to her nephew, he seemed to be staring at her intently as if he were expecting something from her. Then she realized that he was waiting for her to say something.”Oh, I’m sorry Peter, I don’t know what came over me,” the older woman confessed, running her hand over her brow in an effect to calm herself. “What was it you wanted me to help you with?””Well I’m sort of embarrassed, but you know Auntie, I don’t know anything about …well, you know … men and woman, sex and all that, how babies are born. I mean I don’t know anything about it,” the boy finished lamely.Marilyn Goodge took a deep breath, she was a little shocked and embarrassed at her nephew’s question but not as much as she thought she would be, after all she was only doing what his mother would have done if she had been there at that moment. What she didn’t know, however, was how to put it in terms the boy could understand. She wasn’t prepared though for his next remark.”What I really want to know Auntie, is how men and women do it.”Marilyn Goodge gulped, she could hardly believe that her young nephew was asking her such an outlandish question, how on earth could she answer him!!!”What I mean Auntie, is, what is the difference between boys and girls, you know, down there …”The young widow drew in her breath, “Well Peter,” she said slowly, “the man has a penis and the woman has a vagina … that is an opening. Now in the act of sexual intercourse the male’s penis is inserted into the female’s vagina. The male ejaculates and if the female happens to be ovulating at the time and the sperm unites with one of the eggs, that will cause … “”Oh,” the boy said looking very puzzled. “Then what is it when boys and girls play with each other, you know, play with a girl’s tits and all that kind of stuff that the boys talk about at school.””Peter, I really don’t know how to answer you, this is very difficult for me.””Well Auntie, what I really want to know is how do people fuck.”Marilyn Goodge was stunned, she could hardly believe her ears, was this her eleven year old nephew talking to her this way … it couldn’t be … it just couldn’t be. And, she still felt so strange, what was wrong with her, even Peter’s face seemed to be coming in and out of focus.Peter Goodge was elated, he knew that his aunt was stoned out of her gourd, even though she didn’t know it, he could tell. He could see that he was really arousing her also, he could tell by the way her hands were fidgeting up and down her sweater.She seemed to have a far-away look on her face too, and her lips were moving almost as if she were talking to herself. He noticed now how her tongue began to dart nervously out of her mouth and to lap around her lips sensually. Suddenly the young boy knew that he had to be very daring, his aunt was in an altered state of consciousness and it was time for him to make his move. With a trembling hand, he reached up toward one of his aunt’s swollen breasts.Marilyn Goodge wasn’t aware of her nephew’s movement until his hand was actually in startling contact with her voluptuously molded mound … then she started so violently that Peter drew back his hand rapidly.The young widow stared down in mute shock at her young nephew, she was stunned by his action and couldn’t do anything but stare at him. She didn’t know how to re-act … everything seemed so unreal to her!”I’m sorry Auntie, I’m really sorry,” the boy sobbed.Marilyn was suddenly aware of the tiny tingling shivers of excitement that were beginning to course up and down her spine as she looked at her handsome young nephew. There was a fluttering in her stomach and a pounding in her heart and her breath was coming in short rasps. She knew that she should have been angry and shocked at her eleven year old nephew’s outrageous behavior and yet she couldn’t help but admit to herself that she wasn’t!She was well aware that the young boy was profoundly upset at his action however, and she reached out her hand and gently touched his face, his hands running through his hair. “Peter dear, what on earth is wrong with you, you’ve never done anything like this before.”Then almost as if it were someone else and not herself that was acting, the beautiful widow drew her young nephew close to her, flicking her tongue out to moisten her voluptuous lips.Peter Goodge was amazed, his aunt was looking at him so seductively this moment, an entire change had come over her. It was almost as if his touch had awoken something deep inside her … it looked to him almost as if she were going to kiss him, or something!With a soft moan, Marilyn turned the nervously trembling boy’s face up toward hers.She caught just a glimpse of the surprise in his eyes before she covered his lips with her own mouth, breathing softly into his and parting her own lips wide to thrust her tongue in between his teeth.Peter stiffened in shock as his aunt kissed him lightly on the lips. He could feel her full breasts, pressed hard against his chest and she was breathing heavily, her body trembling. His aunt wasn’t kissing him in a motherly way, though, this was a woman’s kiss he was getting he realized as she sucked on his tongue.Another soft tremor of excitement coursed through Marilyn’s wanton body as she felt her nephew’s hands move cautiously back up to touch her waist, then trailed slowly up her sides beneath her arms, lightly brushing the heaving swells of her breasts.She could feel the electric excitement exuding from Peter’s trembling body, and she knew what she was doing was insane. She was leading him on, and Peter’s response to her embrace could only be sexual arousal. But she couldn’t stop. Her breasts were bursting with all the love and emotion that welled up in them for her beautiful young nephew and her flesh quivered with her own forbidden craving. She knew that she was doing something very dangerous, but somehow she couldn’t stop herself.Another distant puff rising in her throat, Marilyn removed her lips from Peter’s, snuggling her face against his cheek and blowing softly into his ear. Now she didn’t resist as one of Peter’s hands slipped between their bodies to eagerly cup and massage the ripely rounded firmness of her breasts, hardly protected by her flimsy blouse.”Auntie, please show me … will you show me how to do it?”Marilyn could hardly believe her ears. Yet now the blunt request, which ordinarily would have shocked and angered her, prompted a much different reaction. Her lust and her compassion for her nephew were becoming confused and it was difficult for her to separate one from the other.”Auntie, please, please will you do it with me?””Oh no, Peter, I can’t … I can’t …” the older woman whispered into her young nephew’s ear, “I just can’t.”Marilyn was hardly aware as Peter took one of her hands and pulled it gently downward. Only when it was placed right down on the lewdly throbbing erection that tented the crotch of his pants did she realize what he was doing. Then another shock coursed through her loins as Peter’s other hand dropped from her breasts to seize the hem of her skirt and begin to work it slowly up to reveal her soft-skinned thighs and the nearly transparent bikini panties, which hardly protected her already obscenely moistening pussy.Peter was so excited he could hardly stand it. He could hardly believe that this was happening with his aunt but he couldn’t think about anything at this moment but playing with her gorgeous breasts, and having her hand resting on the pulsating hardness of his penis, and the sheer thrill of pulling her dress up and revealing her tantalizingly rounded thighs and buttocks was almost more than he could bear. His cock was so hard he thought it was going to burst out of his pants, and if he didn’t get to fuck his aunt pretty soon, he thought he would go out of his mind.Marilyn gathered all her strength together now and pulled back from her young nephew. She stared down at her own body, completely exposed from the waist down except for the thinly revealing panties that didn’t even conceal the soft black hair of her pussy nestled so invitingly between her thighs. Then her eyes rested on her nephew’s bulging pants, his lewdly aroused cock causing her to suck in her breath sharply. It didn’t seem quite real though, nothing seemed quite real.”Please Auntie, you’ve got to do it to me, I want it so badly, I can hardly stand it.”Marilyn watched her nephew in desperation. She knew he was right, for it had been she who had begun this! How could she leave him hanging this way … how could she … it would probably harm him for life!”Promise you’ll never tell anyone Peter,” urged Marilyn.”I promise,” the young boy kaçak iddaa said excitedly.”I can’t make love to you though, Peter, I just can’t.””B-but …””It’s just that I feel badly leaving you hanging this way, really I do.”Marilyn slid her own hand slowly down her body, brushing at the bunched up skirt around her waist, she tried to smooth it down but she didn’t quite manage it. She knew what she was about to do was sheer madness and yet she couldn’t stop herself … she couldn’t leave her young nephew in this state.”Do you have a handkerchief,” she asked in a soft., lusty voice.”Yes Auntie.””Give it to me then,” she purred softly.The boy gave his aunt his handkerchief, still not quite understanding what she was going to do with it.Marilyn spread it over his stomach, then she unzipped his pants and, trying to stifle the urgent moan rising in her own throat, reached her fingers inside the fly of his pants. She felt his hips jerk in sudden excitement as she closed her hand around the already eagerly throbbing shaft of his penis, looming up with a twitch in warmly pulsing erection as she worked the jockey shorts aside to expose the resilient flesh to his touch and free it to protrude upward in lewd invitation from his fly.Marilyn moistened her lips, gazing hungrily down at her nephew’s nakedly throbbing little cock-shaft. “I’m going to jack you off, Peter.”Peter frowned in disappointment as his aunt lightly touched the sensitive skin of his cock, beginning to draw it slowly up and down from the naked head along the smoothly pulsating shaft. Though the caress of her fingers on his penis felt better than anything he’d ever experienced in his life and was beyond even comparing with the way it felt when he did it to himself, he still wasn’t going to be satisfied just to have her jack him off. Though he was tempted. The prospect of actually fucking his aunt still scared Peter, no matter how much he wanted it!”But Auntie …” pleaded Peter, his voice strained.”Doesn’t this feel good darling,” Marilyn asked, watching the expression on her nephew’s lust-contorted face as she increased the up- and-down motions of her hand on the erect little cock-shaft.”It feels good Auntie, but I want to fuck you.”A lustful shiver ran swiftly through Marilyn’s body at hearing that blunt word, but no matter how much she might want to give in to the boy’s lewd demands, she knew she had to control herself.Peter continued to tremble and jerk on the couch as his aunt increased the smoothly skinning up and down motions of her hand on his blood- filled cock, feeling it surge even harder in her fingers with the young boy’s wildly spiraling desire. Again she licked her voluptuously full lips and even more urgent cravings shot through her own hashish- d**gged body as she saw the little glistening seminal droplet that appeared in the glans-slit at the tip of Peter’s cock. Then slowly she decreased the movements of her hand, softly squeezing the lust-inflamed hardness and gazing down in completely wanton anticipation as an even more insane, more intriguing idea invaded her consciousness.She’d never felt this way in her life, and she knew what she was thinking of doing now could have an even more disastrous consequences than the relatively minor act of jacking her young nephew off. But once the idea had entered her mind, she couldn’t get rid of it. The prospect was so warped, so perverted, so fascinating …Now Peter was groaning and tossing in youthful frenzy between the delicate manipulations of her fingers on his sex-crazed cock. She knew he was enjoying what she was doing to him, but she could see the shame and disappointment that lingered in his face even beyond his rising excitement. And she knew that even by giving him a climax in this manner, she would in a sense be humiliating him. There was an inherent degradation in what she was doing to him now. She was the aggressor, he the passive receiver. And that wasn’t what she’d intended. For no matter how stimulating it might be physically for her nephew, the act of ejaculating into a handkerchief as she, his aunt, watched and assisted, would inevitably be humiliating for him.Slowly Marilyn ceased the movements of her hand. She couldn’t do it to him. She couldn’t shame and humiliate him this way. And short of indulging her own perverted lust, of using his innocent body for the satiation of her own warped desire, Marilyn could think of only one other way to give her nephew satisfaction, the satisfaction his young body demanded and let him retain his dignity at the same time. Then her hand dropped slowly away from his erectly throbbing cock.”Auntie … w-what … Peter gasped, his body twitching and jerking in frustration, his rigidly pulsating cock shaft visibly flexing as the contact was completely ceased.”I know this isn’t fair to you,” she said softly. “So I’m going to do something else. I know a better way to make you cum.””Are you going to let me screw you?”Marilyn couldn’t help the light, playful giggle that sprang to her lips. Then she shook her head. “No, Peter, I told you I wouldn’t do that … but I am going to suck your cock.”She hesitated, relishing the look of shock and anticipation on the boy’s face. Then, her own desire surging almost as wildly as his at the thought of offering her mouth and lips for his lewd pleasure, she leaned slowly downward. Again she seized the thickly swollen shaft of his cock and bent it backwards until it was pointed directly up at her face. Inches away she paused and opened her mouth to breathe softly over the glistening little glans, her fingers resuming the obscene up- and-down skinning to prompt further excited grunts and groans from the astonished boy.Then Marilyn flicked her tongue gingerly from her lips, the saliva- wetted tip coming into wantonly shocking contact right upon the throbbing head of Peter’s engorged cock. She circled it slowly about the rubbery flesh, listening with keenly rising passion to his excited moans, feeling his hips twitch spontaneously from the arousing sensation. The tip of her tongue found the little opening of the glans at the end and greedily lapped up the little shining droplet of eager pre-cum, the sharply pleasing taste only further increasing her own hotly building hunger and want. Then her hands slipped softly to the base of the pulsing shaft as her lips parted to take just the blood- swollen head up into the warmth and moisture of her mouth.A low sigh escaped from Peter’s lips as his aunt’s mouth planted moist kisses around the jerking cock-head, continuing to play and tease him, yet still refusing to actually take the tingling shaft between her lips. She trailed her tongue teasingly down the straining rod of flesh, then again flicked it back all the way up the slender moistened shaft. Then with a sudden deep groan, Peter reached down into his aunt’s long black hair, holding her face against his loins as he thrust his hips eagerly upward, shoving the full-length of his hotly twitching cock between her lips and ramming it all the way down her tongue to the back of her throat.Marilyn gulped, giving out with a muffled whimper of mixed delight and protest at the sudden shocking invasion. It almost choked her, but she took a wanton masochistic pleasure in her nephew’s sudden display of aggression, surrendering her lips willingly as she felt the wildly palpitating head of his penis crush relentlessly into the moist tenderness of her mouth.Peter trembled as he felt his aunt’s lips warmly close around the hard- fleshed shaft of his cock, now taking almost the whole length into her mouth. As the young boy began to hunch up and down on the couch, Marilyn surrendered her lips even more willingly to the satisfaction of his obscene lust. Again and again she felt the hotly swelling hardness shoving into her yielding mouth, the massively throbbing head plunging down the full length of her tongue to embed itself far into the back of her throat as Peter squirmed his loins even harder into her face. With a wanton whimper she closed her eyes and began to work her head up and down in a bobbing movement over his loins, swishing her tongue wildly around the sensitively pulsing head as she started to suck in earnest.Marilyn was losing her inhibitions, throwing herself body and soul into the task of sucking her nephew’s cock. She wanted him to cum in her mouth. She now longed for the lewd ejaculation and was determined not to waste a single drop of the precious life-giving fluid. She concentrated all her efforts toward that end, making gurgling sounds deep in her throat, yielding up her softly willing mouth totally for Peter’s pleasure. Her lips were stretched tightly by the violating rod of flesh, and her bent-over position beside the couch made the strain on her neck and shoulders almost unbearable. But she didn’t care. She sucked ravenously, further intensifying the frenzied bobbing of her head over his loins.”Oh wow, Auntie, that feels so good, I can hardly stand it.”The young boy had never experienced anything like this before in his life, and it was everything he could do to keep from shooting off right this minute into his aunt’s obscenely ovalled mouth. The feel of her tongue and lips on the sensitive flesh of his cock was too much, and he knew very soon he was going to lose control.Then as his aunt began to sway and undulate her body with her own frenziedly building passion, Peter became suddenly aware that on one side her skirt was still pulled all the way up to her panties, and through the near-transparent fabric he could just glimpse the shadowy black curls of the hair of her cunt. Staring hungrily at her wantonly writhing buttocks, he thrust his cock even harder into the warmth and softness of her mouth. Then, unable to resist the temptation he reached out toward her with a trembling hand.A shiver ran through Marilyn’s body as she felt Peter’s hand move up to touch her full-fleshed buttocks, again working her skirt completely up above her thighs and off her seething panty-clad loins. She gasped around the hotly plunging cock as she felt his fingers begin to dig and prod gently into the firmness of her ripely quivering asscheeks.She sobbed in abandon, her own body beginning to come savagely to life as Peter’s hands moved eagerly up between her thighs.Marilyn further intensified her cock-sucking, the lewd submission tapping a masochistic course in her she hadn’t even known existed. Now every inch of her voluptuous love-denied flesh was demanding contact, sensation, a physical reward in exchange for the offering of her mouth up for Peter’s obscene exploitation, and already she was beginning to waiver in her resolution to make this act a sacrifice on her part. She needed her own release also. Her whole body was crying out with obscenely welling lust.Then she purred even more urgently around the boyish cock-shaft that violated her mouth as she felt Peter’s hands begin to stroke softly up the straining tendon of one of her inner thighs. She was almost completely naked below the waist, with only the sheer panties to conceal the squirming half-moons of her buttocks and the already lewdly moistened flesh of her cunt, but her complete vulnerability to her young nephew’s hands only further stimulated her now almost uncontrollable passion. Her submissive mewling around the hotly thrusting shaft of Peter’s cock intensified, and she continued her fervent sucking as his fingers flicked shockingly up inside the tight elastic legband of her panties and teased into the soft curly hair that fringed her urgently pulsating little cunt- lips.Then a muffled moan issued from deeper in her throat as she felt the first shattering contact of Peter’s middle finger stroking right up along the slickly moistened slit of her cunt and coming into savage contact with the rigidly throbbing little bud of her clitoris.As her buttocks writhed eagerly in lewd gyrating motions, Marilyn felt her nephew’s other hand seize the waistband at the top of her panties and pull them slowly down off the flexing ripeness of her buttocks. Then an even more violent shiver darted through her loins as his middle finger stroked softly down the forbidden crack between her ass-cheeks running right over the sensitive little opening of her anus.The exciting contact made her intensify her hungry sucking of Peter’s cock, and her head bobbed in an even more wildly frenzied rhythm over his bucking loins, her teeth scratching lightly up and down his resilient flesh and her tongue still swiping over the palpitating head.Peter groaned at the lewd sight of his aunt’s face bobbing in obscene submission over his loins, sucking his cock right up between her sensuously rounded lips. Then once more he turned his attention to her near-naked buttocks and the softly haired flesh of her pussy, his fingers moving down from her hot little anus to stroke teasingly into the parted lips of her cunt from behind and up over the little bud nestled so tenderly at the top of the slit.Then Marilyn’s buttocks twitched even more wildly as his middle finger slipped right up in between her flanged pussy-lips, worming slowly and deliberately into the warm wet flesh of her vagina, and Peter’s own body stiffened an even louder groan coming to his lips.”Uh-oh,” he gasped, his buttocks sinking down into the couch as he tried to gain control over his maddening need, but the thought of playing with his aunt’s pussy even as she lewdly sucked his cock was more than the young boy could stand. He’d never had the slightest sexual contact and the sensation was just too much for him.He could feel the cum welling up excitedly in his balls, and he knew there wasn’t a way in the world he was going to stop. He was going to shoot off whether he wanted to or not … and if his aunt didn’t move fast, he was going to do it right in her mouth.Marilyn felt the sudden increase of the tension in Peter’s body. She sensed the even greater urgency of the obscenely thrusting cock between her lips, and she knew it wasn’t going to be long until he ejaculated. Frantically she began to hunch and undulate her own hips, squirming the softness of her lustfully tingling pussy flesh back and forth on the finger that still remained embedded far up inside the sensitive softness, now straining to obtain her own desperately needed release in spite of her previous vow.”Uh-oh,” Peter gasped again. “I’m gonna cum, Auntie. I can’t help it. I just can’t hold it any longer.”Again his hips retreated downward and suddenly Marilyn realized what he was trying to do. Due to Peter’s inexperience, it must have never occurred to him that when she said she wanted to suck his cock, she intended to go all the way with her masochistic surrender. She’d intended to let him cum in her mouth. Now the young boy’s display of naivete sent an even more wanton thrill darting through her wildly pulsing loins, and she followed his retreating cock with her lips, clinging to it desperately, again sucking the full length of it almost to the back of her throat. She’d never let a man cum in her mouth before. But she was determined to do it for Peter.She wanted him to cum there. She wanted his triumph and her subjugation to be complete.But as Peter continued to squirm away from her, it became apparent Marilyn was going to have to communicate her wish verbally. The idea that she might want him to shoot off in her mouth must be completely beyond the realm of his innocently-rooted imagination, and she had to let him know so he could enjoy his ejaculation to the fullest.With a distant sounding whimper Marilyn let the hotly twitching shaft of Peter’s cock slip from her lips and raised her head, gazing hungrily up the length of his body at his lust-strained face.”I want you to cum in my mouth, Peter, I want you to cum in my mouth.”That did it. Peter could hardly believe his ears, but the prospect of actually coming in his aunt’s mouth was more than he could resist. With a loud gasp he thrust the throbbing rigidity of his cock violently back up between her full red lips, groaning and grunting in complete abandon, as he released his restraints, further increasing the lewd fucking movements of his fingers into her moistly seeping pussy as he felt the dam give way in his throbbing testicles.An instant later Marilyn felt the first warm drop of Peter’s fresh- tasting sperm come spewing obscenely into her mouth. She gulped, her Adam’s apple bobbing in rapid rhythm as she swallowed to keep from choking.At almost the same instant the first distant waves began far up inside her own loins and sensing what was happening, Peter thrust his middle finger even more swiftly in and out of her pulsating cuntal depths as the shocking waves of orgasm began to pour through her body. His own buttocks continued their wild lunging as her tongue twirled maddeningly around his twitching young cock-head, gurgling sounds continued to pour wantonly from her throat as she swallowed the ceaselessly spurting droplets.At last, with an exhausted sigh, Peter sank his buttocks down onto the couch. His aunt closed her eyes, her body squirming for a few moments longer as her orgasm played itself through her satiated body.The young widow was slowly beginning to come to her senses, it was almost as if the exhaustion of the sexual endeavor had torn the last remnants of the hashish from her body and everything was beginning to come back to it’s former sharp reality.”I liked it, I really liked it,” gasped Peter excitedly, looking down at his deflating penis, its glistening shaft still seeping cum from it’s throbbing head.”I know darling, but we must never do it again,” said Marilyn seriously, realizing now fully the enormous responsibility she had taken on, showing this kind of release to her nephew. What if he should tell his friends, or worse than that, her brother-in-law.How could she ever explain her outrageous behavior.Peter was silent, he knew that his aunt meant what she was saying now but he knew that it wouldn’t be the last time for either of them. Unbeknown to her he had a little tape-recorder stashed in his pocket and if all had gone according to plan he had recorded their entire fucking session, it would prove to be a good piece of blackmail for future sessions, besides he wanted to let Seth Roberts hear it, he would never believe him that he had had his cock sucked by his aunt unless he heard the tape.”I promise I won’t tell anyone Auntie,” the boy said innocently, knowing full well that the tape would do the talking for him.”Good darling, it’s better this way, believe me. I’m glad I helped you out, though. Now you’d better run along before your father wonders where you are … and Peter …thank you for the brownies!”The sun was setting as Ronnie Goodge pulled his car into the driveway of his house; he came home, as he left, thinking of his sister-in-law Marilyn, he just hadn’t been able to get her out of his mind all day long. In fact, he hadn’t really been able to get her out of his mind since she had called him about the incident with his son Peter.The more he thought about it, the more the attractive forty-year old man realized that his sister-in-law was horny, and like a good Samaritan, he had decided that he would be the one to give the release to her she so obviously needed. Her story didn’t quite coincide with his son’s and after having put two and two together he had realized that of course, Marilyn had stood for a while peeping through the door at the youngsters.That only meant one thing in Ronnie’s mind and that was that the beautiful widow was horny.Ronnie had thought that before but this time, for some reason, he decided that it was time he acted on it. Besides which he was tired of lusting after his beautiful sister-inlaw and getting nowhere with her and he had never really tried to fuck her, perhaps that was what she had been waiting for all these months! He would wait until Peter was sleeping and then slip over to her house on the pretext of thanking her properly for his birthday present, better yet, he would ask her to share a bottle of champagne with him to belatedly celebrate his birthday!Marilyn Goodge was practically glowing today, she felt so relaxed and peaceful and she knew it was from the wonderful release that her young nephew had given her.Too bad he’s so young, she had thought wickedly to herself later on that evening, we could have a wonderful affair together.It really did not occur to the beautiful woman that she had done anything really wrong by allowing the boy to touch her, and if it did, she didn’t admit to it.Even now she could still feel her nephew’s delicious boy cock in her mouth and her body, all day long, had been tingling from the wanton sensations that had coursed up and down it. The only thing that really worried her, however, was the fact that her body was still craving release; instead of satisfying her for a while, her nephew’s sexual encounter had turned her on so much that she now wanted more of him. But she knew she couldn’t do that, it was too dangerous and sooner or later someone would find out and she couldn’t even think of what that would mean!Marilyn picked up her scotch and soda and flicked the television on, determined to spend a lazy evening, relaxing and thinking of Peter.She had been relaxing for only about ten minutes when she heard a knock at her back door followed by her brother-in-law’s familiar voice calling her name, “Hello, Marilyn, are you home?”Marilyn started, oh no … oh God! he’s found out … was her first thought but then she dismissed it, realizing that his voice sounded quite friendly. She knew if Ronnie ever found out that she had sucked his son’s cock he would probably kill her!”Come in Ronnie,” she called out.”Thought I’d bring this bottle of champagne over for us to celebrate my birthday, that is, if you don’t have anything else to do,” Ronnie added quickly, noticing how lovely his sister-in-law looked this evening. Especially lovely, all soft and dewy and very sexy.”Oh, I’d love it Ronnie, take a seat, I’ll get some glasses,” the young widow said, relieved that her brother-in-law seemed his usual happy self.Ronnie watched his sister-in-law rise from the couch, taking note with satisfaction of her rounded buttocks and swelling breasts. She’s one hell of a woman, he thought to himself, boy, I’d like to get into her pants tonight, in fact, I’m going to get into them, if it’s the last thing I do!Marilyn came back with the glasses, straightening out her dress in an effort to appear decent for her attractive brother-in-law. Ronnie popped the champagne, he didn’t know what was different about Marilyn tonight, but something was, something was definitely different about her … she was even more appealing than ever!The two of them sat and drank the champagne, Ronnie making sure, without letting Marilyn realize what he was doing, to give her much more alcohol than he was drinking himself. Which only added to the already raging fires in Marilyn’s body from the glasses of scotch she had drunk earlier and suddenly she began to realize that it perhaps wasn’t such a good thing to mix scotch and champagne together!”You look gorgeous tonight Marilyn, I mean you always look beautiful but tonight, well, I don’t know what it is, but you took ravishing.”Marilyn blushed to the roots of her black hair, realizing that Ronnie’s son had a lot to do with the way she looked to him … it was true, she knew it . . she did look radiant!But she wasn’t prepared for her brother-in-law’s next remark … “You watched the k**s for a while the other day, didn’t you Marilyn?””W-what are you talking about, Ronnie?”You know what I’m talking about Marilyn, you saw Jenny with her sweater up and her breasts exposed but all three of the c***dren say when you walked into the room Jenny’s sweater was down. That leads me to only one conclusion you were peeping and that information leads me to another thought … Marilyn dear, you’re lonely and horny, aren’t you?”Her brother-in-law sounded so tender and gentle that Marilyn found herself sobbing uncontrollably on his shoulder within seconds. She had no idea what came over her other than this gave her the excuse to release all the pent-up emotions that she had been holding back.”I don’t know what to say,” she exclaimed after a while, looking at her handsome brother-in-law through tear-stained eyes.”There’s nothing for you to say Marilyn, dear,” the older man said solicitously now, drawing her voluptuous body into his gently, feeling her breasts and nipples pressing against his chest and feeling his cock begin to slowly rise to its manly proportions inside his pants. “You’ve been through a lot since Walt’s death, and you’re a very beautiful woman Marilyn, believe me, a very beautiful woman. A woman that any man would be proud to call his wife.”’That was just too much for the beautiful widow and once again she started to sob, allowing herself to be pressed closely to her brother- in- law’s body in a way that she never usually allowed him to touch her. “There, there,” he said softly.Marilyn had lost all control now, she realized fully now that she had corrupted an innocent boy and her own nephew at that, and he had come to her with a simple request for knowledge. What had she given him but the wicked sinful knowledge of the Garden of Eden, she had not only tempted him with the apple, she had allowed him to eat it! She was a wicked woman, there was no doubt about it now in her mind … she was sinful!”Don’t worry about it now, honey,” moaned Ronnie Goodge softly, running his fingers lightly up and down her spine, “I probably would have watched too, Jenny Phillips is a well-developed girl, I bet she’s got beautiful breasts.””Ronnie!” gasped Marilyn. “How could you say such a thing.””It’s the truth, that’s all Marilyn.”Another racking convulsion passed through the alcohol confused body of the young widow, then suddenly she stiffened as she felt her brother- in-law’s hand moving down over the flaring ripeness of her buttocks to seize one of her smoothly rounded ass-cheeks and pull her loins up tightly against his own. She drew back her head, staring through her tear-filled eyes in horror as she felt the throbbing erection in his pants pressing lewdly right up against the warmth and softness of her thinly clad body.”It’s all right, I understand everything,” Ronnie soothed, hardly able to conceal the hungry glint in his eyes.Suddenly Marilyn realized that her brother-in-law was now acting in a more than fatherly way toward her and she tried to squirm away from him, but he was holding her too tightly in his strong, muscular arms.Suddenly Marilyn realized the intent of her brother-in-law, “You bastard,” she cried, “let go!” She was in a panic, her brother-in-law had made many passes at her but he had never come on this way, did he know about Peter … now she was confused, she didn’t know what to think! Yet she couldn’t deny the tiny wisps of sexual excitement that had already begun to course through her flesh in response to the lewd caress of her buttocks and the titillating prodding of the hardness of Ronnie’s swollen cock right up between her soft vulnerable thighs.Then a low moan rose in Marilyn’s throat as Ronnie leaned down and kissed her hard on the lips. His tongue worming hungrily into her mouth as his hands kneaded and massaged her helplessly squirming ass-cheeks, drawing her quivering loins even more tightly up against the bulge in the crotch of his pants.Marilyn felt compelled to resist, but her heart wasn’t in it. She’d been through too much over the past several days and her defenses were crumbling. She needed a cock inside her cunt, a real live palpitating rod of lust-hardened male flesh up inside her — but filling her like she’d never been filled in her life. And she needed it now, even if it did have to belong to her brother-in-law, and in spite of all her will to struggle and resist, the young widow could hardly move as Ronnie suddenly began to work her dress apart, pushing it off her shoulders to expose the wantonly swollen nakedness of her breasts.Marilyn gave out a low sob, a shudder coursing through her loins as Ronnie pushed the dress completely down off her shoulders to expose the whole upper half of her body, glistening from the oils she had used on herself earlier in the evening after her evening shower. She gazed through narrowed eyes down at the naked beauty of her own ripely upstanding breasts, her breathing hastening as she felt the contact of the air on her already rigidly tingling nipple. Then she moaned softly as he pulled the sash which held the dress together in front, letting it fall open to completely reveal her smooth flat belly and the little triangle of black hair nestled teasingly up between her milk-white inner things.Ronnie whistled softly, he could hardly believe his luck, she wasn’t wearing any panties at all! He dreamed many times of how his sister-in- law would look naked but he’d never thought that he would see her body, and now it was happening so fast that he could hardly believe it.The goggling man stared eagerly at his sister-in-law’s naked body, relishing the lewd revelation of her forbidden flesh. Then slowly he dropped his hand to her slender waist, half turning to give him an even better view of the enticingly rounded halfmoons of her buttocks.”Can we go in the bedroom,” he asked quietly.Marilyn nodded mutely, hardly realizing what she was doing, she walked, naked and defenseless before his lascivious gaze, ahead of her brother- in-law into her bedroom.Marilyn turned, her body trembling, watching now with fearful anticipation as her brother-in-law began to eagerly strip off his own clothing, a little nostalgic quiver darting through her loins as he pulled off his shirt to reveal his hairy, muscular torso.He kicked his shoes off, then in a quick motion pulled down his pants and jockey shorts at the same time.The young widow gasped in surprise as the thickly pulsing shaft of his penis loomed up suddenly in complete and threatening erection, the huge bulbous head swollen with blood and throbbing almost visibly. She watched as he grinned and flexed his loins so that the giant rod of flesh bobbed up and down in a lewd springing motion.”Like that?” he asked with a leer.Marilyn bit her lip, unable to take her eyes kaçak bahis off the massively pulsing cock, unable to prevent the mental comparison between it and Peter’s smooth slender hardness which she had taken without any effort into her mouth. But his father’s penis would choke her to death if she tried that. She didn’t think she’d ever seen a penis this big, and she didn’t see how a woman — any woman — could take that thing up inside her vagina. Yet in spite of her fear, the young widow found herself turning that idea over and over in her mind with a strange fascination.Then Marilyn’s body stiffened again as Ronnie stepped forward and pushed her firmly down onto her back on the bed atop the spread. She moaned deeply, her breath coming in strained and hastened sobs as she gazed up through watering eyes at her handsome brother-in-law. From this angle the awesome size of his lustfully throbbing cock was even more exaggerated, but in spite of her fear Marilyn knew it was too late to resist. She couldn’t have even if she’d wanted to, and now she was past even that, past worrying about fear. She had to have it, even if it hurt her. She had to have that pulsating hardness all the way up inside her, violating and stretching the forbidden tightness of her pussy until she could hardly stand it, until she finally achieved some real satisfaction and relief from her outrageous lust.She lifted her eyes again from the massively throbbing shaft of flesh and back to the grinning face of her brother-in-law. She knew he was playing with her, mocking her, yet now she made no attempt to hide the supplication in her gaze. Because even as she lay in helpless surrender before him, she couldn’t quite get his son out of her mind — or for that matter the other boy who’d been feeling up Jenny Phillips. And in spite of all his gloating triumph, she could still derive her own silent satisfaction from the fact that she was using him, using his body, for an end all of her own that had nothing to do with him.Then, that secret buried deeply in her mind, Marilyn closed her eyes as her brotherin- law got up on the bed beside her. Quivering half in fear and half in anticipation, she spread her legs in complete surrender as his hand dropped to the warm naked flesh of her belly, and trailed lightly through the sparse black curls of her cunt and down into the moist forbidden softness between her thighs. A wanton little shiver coursed out through her wide-splayed loins. Then she thrust her buttocks up in a sudden violent motion at the first contact of his fingers on the already wetly glistening little bud of her clitoris.”Oh. Ohhhh, yes!” Marilyn whimpered as Ronnie’s fingers trailed lower down the softly hair-lined lips of her pussy, the teasing contact made almost unbearable by her already heightened sensitivity.’Jesus,’ Ronnie thought. He’d never seen anything like this in his life. He’d barely even touched his sister-in-law and already she was going out of her mind. Then, grinning in even lewder triumph, Ronnie parted the flanged lips of her tight little cunt, his middle finger probing experimentally just at the entrance of the softly resisting flesh to prompt further excited quivers of her body before with more determined effort he shoved forward, driving the full length of his finger swiftly and relentlessly up into her trembling vaginal tightness.Marilyn’s body twitched and quivered as the lewd spasms of delight surged wildly through her loins. Then, groaning even louder from her obscenely aroused passion, she wrapped her hands around Ronnie’s body, tugging him down urgently on top of her.Ronnie levered up, his finger now moving swiftly in and out of Marilyn’s warm cuntal opening, gazing down in total lewd triumph at the voluptuously squirming female beneath him.Then gradually he slacked off the thrusting movements of his middle finger, using his own legs to spread Marilyn’s quivering thighs even wider apart to completely expose her helpless loins to his view. Using both hands, he parted her hair-lined pussy-lips, then inched slowly forward, prodding his desire-engorged cock farther up between her thighs, and dropped lower and lower until the bulbously pounding head was thrust right up into the moistened slit of her cunt.Marilyn turned her head to one side on the pillow, closing her eyes with another shudder of mingled fear and anticipation as she felt the lust-stimulating contact against her sensitive moistened lips of her pussy. She held her breath for what seemed an eternity, lying perfectly still in utter subjugation beneath her brother-inlaw as she anticipated the searing entry into her tenderly yielding loins. Then she gasped as she felt the first hard pressure against the warm little opening of her vagina, her body trembling as just the huge blood-filled tip slipped into her. An involuntary cry rose in her throat and she tried to screw her buttocks down into the mattress in retreat. But Ronnie only shoved harder up between her tensing thighs, the throbbing shaft of his cock worming mercilessly into her burning pussy tightness.Gradually her cry of protest faded, evolving smoothly to a soft beseeching moan as Marilyn’s heated vaginal secretions began to flow more freely and the pulsating cockhead inched slowly deeper into her throbbing cuntal softness, “Oh!” she gasped as Ronnie gave a little twitch that sent an even wilder shudder running through her body. “Oh God!”She trembled and quivered in continued fear and want as her brother- in-law held himself poised above her for a moment longer. Then she spewed out her breath in a low, guttural sigh as his weight sagged downward and the lust-thickened rod of cockflesh lunged ruthlessly into the soft wet warmth of her cunt, pushing aside her slightly resisting cunt walls until suddenly it was embedded in her belly up to the hilt.”Oh yes! Oh yes!” Marilyn sobbed again. She’d never been fucked so deep in all her life. Ronnie’s cock lay sunk far up into her belly, fitting so tightly against the softness of her cunt walls that she thought she could feel every tiny ridge and ripple of the heavily throbbing shaft. Then suddenly she felt another throb deep up inside her vagina as Ronnie flexed to surge the violating rod of his flesh even farther up into her sensitive cuntal depths.From the look in Marilyn’s eyes, Ronnie sensed she’d lost her last inclination to resist. Again clamping his mouth tightly over hers and worming his tongue hungrily between her parting lips, he began a slow rocking motion in the saddle of her thighs.He could feel the narrow tightness of her cunt begin to give way, seeming to stretch and widen with each smooth inward stroke as she groaned and whimpered beneath him on the bed. He knew it wouldn’t take long to make her cum she’d been on the verge of it the moment they’d actually begun to fuck. But he wanted to stretch it out as long as he could, and when she did attain that coveted orgasm Ronnie wanted her to know she’d really been fucked.Marilyn’s body was reacting now beyond all her conscious control. The sheer ecstasy of having her hungering vagina so ruthlessly stretched and violated was driving her out of her mind, and her whole body had begun to jerk and writhe without inhibition beneath the body of her brother-in- law. Little chills of intense arousal went running along her spine from the deep skewering of Ronnie’s cock into her helpless loins. Her face was contorted with unfulfilled desire, a light perspiration breaking out on her forehead beneath her disheveled black hair, down onto the stiffened nipples of her ripely passionate and servile acceptance poured in torrents from her throat.Ronnie basked in his own triumph, hardly even believing his voluptuous sister-inlaw’s unrestrained response to his obscene attack. Increasing the length of his cuntplumbing strokes, he dropped his hands down from beneath the nakedly upturned half-moons of her buttocks, grasping the milk-white mounds with his fingers to pull her loins even more tightly to his own, guiding the wanton thrashings of her body as he rammed the full hard length of his cock again and again into the most sensitively responding depths of her pussy.Marilyn’s legs scissored wide in uncontrollable abandon on either side of Ronnie’s impaling rod of flesh. Her eyes were closed, her thighs jackknifed backwards with her knees crushed down onto the stiffened nipples of her ripely quivering breasts as Ronnie fucked harder and harder into the voracious mouth of her loins. He pounded into her widespread pussy with such violent strokes that she could feet the teasing slap of his balls into the crack between her buttocks each time his body struck hers.Reality was fading. She was drifting in a nether world of untamed ecstasy and bliss, aware of nothing but the shattering inward fucks against her helplessly quivering flesh, the heavy cock-shaft impaling her to the hilt on its lewdly pulsing rigidity.”Oh yes!” she moaned, “Fuck me! Fuck me!” Her body was tossing and thrashing in complete abandon, every inch of her flesh burning in anticipation of the lewd release that now seemed to be almost upon her. She strained and shuddered, tossing her head from side to side on the pillow to whip her long black hair wildly about her shoulders. Again she remembered her shocking episode with Peter, and even as his father continued to fuck ruthlessly into the unresisting tightness of her vagina, she could almost feel the way the eager young boy had fucked into her mouth as he’d felt his own orgasm building and anticipated his obscene ejaculation into her greedily swallowing throat.Then suddenly Ronnie slammed into her with an even mightier stroke and even that sordid vision faded from her mind as she felt the deep and distant rumbling begin somewhere far away up inside her quaking belly. She bucked and twisted her body, quivering beneath him in a desperate frenzy of passion. Locking her ankles high up behind Ronnie’s laboring shoulders, she clung tightly to his sides with her quivering inner thighs, holding the lust-bloated shaft of his massive cock deep inside her hungrily clasping loins.Ronnie trembled above her, looking down in unconcealed triumph as he saw the incipient orgasm mirrored in her face. He gasped into the warm wetness of her mouth as he felt his own hot load of cum surging up relentlessly in his balls. Then with a deep grunt, he began to fuck again in even harder, more racking strokes as he felt himself explode deep inside her, shooting his boiling sperm deep up into the welcoming depths of her wildly pulsating pussy-flesh.A rhythmic stream of moans and whimpers issued from Marilyn’s full red lips as she felt Ronnie’s final burst of furious and insane energy, as she felt the wanton spasms deep up in her own loins blot everything out of her mind but the white-hot light of blinding release. She grunted and groaned, straining in her own wanton response until her whole naked body was coated with the perspiration of her effort. She continued to toss and struggle until she was drained of every ounce of energy, until she could feel Ronnie’s strokes slacking off, the surging rod of his penis gradually beginning to deflate inside her.Marilyn closed her eyes, dropping her thighs back down and letting her buttocks sink into the softness of the bed as she felt her brother-in- law’s body sag down on top of her, then she gave an exhausted whimper as he withdrew and rolled over onto his back, reaching up with one hand so lightly to stroke the still swollen mound of her breasts.”Mmmmmmmmm,” she purred softly, her eyes still closed, her breathing still strained and irregular. She felt strange though, even though she was satisfied, she had never meant to make love with her brother-in- law, but somehow the floodgates of her passion had been opened and now there was no holding back … she needed a man in her life, a man, a boy, it didn’t matter, but she knew that she needed to feel the completion inside her of a man’s cock buried deep up into her belly … it made her feel whole, female, all woman. She could no longer ignore the fact that she was a woman and she had needs in the world that only a man could satisfy. Had she stepped into a role that she wouldn’t be able to control, that would eventually control her and take over her life, demanding to be fed like the Cretan monster in the labyrinth … had she begun something with her brother-in-law Ronnie that would be impossible to terminate … not only Ronnie but his son!She turned now and looked at her handsome brother-in-law, smiling at him as he leaned over to caress her. He was so gentle and manly, she couldn’t help but surrender herself to him … but where was it all going to end?Peter Goodge had only meant to let his friend Seth Roberts listen to the tape of his wild session with his aunt, but somehow his big mouth had gotten the better of him and he had found himself boasting to Josh Harding.Josh was thirteen and very much Peter’s superior and in a way Peter was afraid of Josh. It was a kind of one-upmanship that caused him to suddenly blurt out his secret to his older friend and after that, Josh made his life a misery until he had actually revealed the tape to him.Now as the three boys sat in the den of Peter’s house they were cooking up a scheme to get them all in on his aunt’s lascivious carryings- on … neither Seth nor Josh would be satisfied, they told Peter emphatically, until they too had had a piece of Marilyn Goodge’s ass.Peter knew that it was up to him to forge the way for his friends, it made him feel very important to have something that Josh Harding wanted … how could he deny the older boy when he had allowed him into his small intimate circle of friends … and besides which, he himself could hardly wait to have another taste of his delicious aunt, just the thought of her fabulous body and moist pussy made him shiver all over … he hoped that the next time he was with her, she would let him fuck her. He hadn’t been able to think of anything else for days!Marilyn was disturbed to see her young nephew coming up the pathway to her house. She had hoped that he would stay away for a few days but she knew in her heart that she was secretly longing to see him. How would she handle this situation, she knew that she shouldn’t give herself to him again, it was just too dangerous.”No Peter, I can’t, it’s just too dangerous,” she said firmly to her eleven year old nephew as he pleaded with her to allow him to fuck her.”But why, Auntie, why, you loved it the other day you know you did.””I know, I know Peter, but it’s just too dangerous,” Marilyn said, a little scared that she was going to relent herself before too long.Peter Goodge was depressed, he knew for sure that his aunt wanted him to fuck her but it seemed now that she wasn’t going to allow her true feelings to emerge, she was scared … really scared. Then he thought of his friends and how he had promised … nay, boasted to them that he would get them a part of the action and he knew that he would have to succeed, otherwise he would just look like a total asshole in their eyes.The young boy sized up the situation, his aunt would never verbally agree to it but if he made his move swiftly enough, maybe she would get caught up in the ecstasy of his kiss and his body and not be able to resist. What could he lose, it was his last chance and he had to do it. Without another thought, the young boy made his move!Marilyn watched, her eyes widening in amazement as her young nephew stepped toward her, she tried to move away from him but he was too swift and before she could do anything about it he had grasped one of her breasts in his hand and was fondling it gently. A soft whimper arose from her throat as his hand touched her nervously palpitating breasts, pressing the constricting brassiere cup hard against the swollen mound, the pressure and friction causing the nipple to prickle to an instant tingling rigidity.Marilyn heaved a deep sigh, her legs almost going weak, as Peter moved closer to her. Then she closed her eyes as he bounced onto his tiptoes and crushed his mouth eagerly onto her parted lips, his tongue flicking wetly inward as his hand continued to knead and massage her breasts.Marilyn fought with all her strength against the electric sensations coursing through her flesh. She squirmed and writhed as Peter pressed his body more tightly against hers, the shocking pressure of his thighs and the tender erection already swelling in his pants and pushing right up against the softness of her loins only further stimulating the young widow’s wantonly growing need, making resistance even more difficult. She couldn’t help herself. She wanted this young boy so badly she thought she would die if she couldn’t have him. Her body cried out in desperation, her will to resist was failing fast.Then with a shiver, she squirmed out of Peter’s arms. She glared at the panting youngster in mingled shock and want, her own eyes wild with the fury of her consuming lust.Peter gasped to catch his breath, looking back at her pleadingly. “Please, Auntie, please!””No, Peter. No! You must stay away from me!”He hesitated an instant longer, then started forward again. Marilyn took two more steps backwards, her movements taking on a peculiar trapped a****l quality. She knew only a few more moments of the stimulating physical contact with her young nephew would be all she would need to be lost. She wouldn’t even want to resist, so now, at all costs, she had to avoid him until she could begin to regain her selfcontrol.Then a little scream of surprise issued from her throat as she backed against the end of the couch, the armrest catching her just at the back of her knees. She swayed, trying to regain her balance, for a moment, then with another soft moan fell backwards onto the couch, landing in a reclining position, her knees still hooked over the armrest, her thighs invitingly parted.Peter saw his opportunity, and the whole mad scheme flashed clearly in his mind, as if during that brief instant it had all played out in slow motion. It was the craziest idea he’d ever had in his life, but now he knew he had to do something far out.The young boy had heard his friends talking about eating pussy, but he’d never believed anyone could seriously think of doing such a thing. And by the same token, until the other day he’d never believed women sucked men off. But his aunt had done it for him, and he had really liked it. And it only stood to reason she’d like having her pussy licked just as much.His own excitement and curiosity rising by leaps and bounds, the eager boy moved without further contemplation.Marilyn could hardly believe her eyes as Peter suddenly dropped to his knees at the end of the couch. She was in an awkward position with her thighs resting on the armrest and her legs dangling off at the knees, and she wasn’t able to move to protect herself in time. The boy’s hands caught her inner thighs just above the knees, holding her legs wide apart in spite of her attempts to close them. Then, as Marilyn stared down in helpless shock, the young boy leaned forward, sticking his head right up under her skirt between the warmth of her straining thighs. She gave out with a soft whimper, ceasing her struggles from the sheer paralyzing shock, as she felt her nephew’s nose nudging her panties right over the already softly pulsing mound of her pussy.Peter had never felt so strange in his life. His head and face were completely buried up under his aunt’s skirt, right between her softly perspiring thighs, which he still had to hold firmly apart with both hands. It was dark and warm, there was not too much air, and he could smell the strangest, yet somehow most tempting aroma he’d ever encountered in his life. And even in the dim light, he could just distinguish the shadowy looking black hair of her cunt, peeking out on either side of her panty crotchband, right before his face.”Peter,” Marilyn gasped, again beginning to twist and struggle as she realized the young boy’s truly lewd and shocking intentions. “Peter, please! Let me go!”Peter knew he had no choice but to go through with his desperate scheme. His aunt was right at the turning point now, and if just for one minute he could get his lips on her pussy, he knew he would be assured of success. In spite of his own keenly rising excitement at the prospect of the perverted act he was about to perform, there was a part of his young mind that continued to function lucidly. And he realized, with a curiously titillating sense of self-sacrifice, that the idea was even better than he’d originally thought. If he ate his aunt without actually bringing her to a climax, without going ahead and fucking her as he’d originally intended, then she would never be able to refuse Seth and Josh when they arrived. She would be too far gone to resist, or even to protest. His friends would get what they wanted, it was all too perfect!And maybe, just maybe, after they were through she would still let me fuck her.Even more determined, Peter shoved his face farther up between his aunt’s urgently scissoring thighs. There was only one thing standing in his way of success right now, his aunt’s flimsily clinging panties, and as Peter’s hands were still occupied in holding her struggling thighs apart, he could think of only one way to get them off.Marilyn gasped, her buttocks trembling from the sheer excitement and tantalizing frustration of having Peter’s head completely buried up under her skirt between her quivering thighs. Then a little shiver passed through her wantonly moistening loins as she lifted her head up off the couch pillow to stare down the length of her body with even greater incredulity as she felt her nephew’s tongue flick in a searing path up the tautly straining tendon of one of her inner thighs. She gasped then as his teeth took hold of the tight elastic legband of her panties and with a dog-like motion of his head he began to jerk and pull them downwards.Peter could hardly get his breath. His head and face were completely shrouded by his aunt’s skirt, and now in spite of his manual resistance, her thighs were clamped tightly about his ears. And taking off her panties with his mouth was like trying to thread a needle in the dark.With a final effort, the excited boy managed to lower his aunt’s panties several inches farther. Then he ducked his head under them, running his nose right along the crack between her defenselessly clenching buttocks, and again bobbed his face up into the fragrant smelling softness of her loins. Now completely pinned there between her thighs, with the panties that were stretched tight above her knees pulled taut across the back of his neck to hold his face in position, Peter began.Marilyn’s whole anxiously quivering body tensed at the first titillating contact of Peter’s lips and tongue darting down onto the tingling bud of her clitoris.”Ooooooooooh!” she gasped from the sudden electric contact, a shudder darting out from her moistening loins, strained and desperate moans pouring from her throat as she ceased her struggles. Between her thighs, Peter licked his own lips and groaned inwardly as he whipped his tongue cautiously from his mouth, then trailed it in a slowly licking wipe down the full length of his aunt’s wildly throbbing cuntal slit.”Oh, yes! Yes!” she moaned, hardly able to believe the lust-inciting sensations that were surging out from her naked loins to every part of her helplessly tormented body.Peter’s tongue, probing gently now up into the softness of her cunt, felt like nothing she’d ever experienced in her life, and the limber wetness of it was a direct contrast to everything she was accustomed to feeling when she was touched by a man. She held her nephew’s head tightly between her warmly clasping inner thighs, then, a more distant-sounding moan rising in her throat, she jerked her skirt up and began to push the young boy back from between her thighs.”Yes Peter darling, you can fuck me, you can fuck me now … I want you to fuck me darling, please,” she groaned, and then her mouth dropped wide open as the sounds of footsteps reached her ears and she looked directly into the faces of her nephew’s friends Seth Roberts and Josh Harding, realizing immediately that she had been set up for something far beyond anything she had control of. How long had the boys been watching her, how long … but then what did it matter, obviously they were here for one thing and one thing only … a piece of the action … a piece of her ass!Marilyn Goodge was in a state of shock, she was now embroiled in something far beyond her understanding, far beyond the limits of her mind. Had her first lewd encounter with her nephew brought all this upon her, how had she allowed herself to sink so far down in to the mire … and how was she going to extract herself … and for that matter, did she want to.She was more than aware of the fact that from the first moment she had seen the two boys stealthily creeping into her living room, obscene thrilling sensations of lust had begun to erupt in her body. In the most secret depths of herself she had always wanted to be part of an orgy, to be fucked by several men at once … now it seemed she was on the verge of giving herself to three boys at once, boys or men, what did it matter, her body was crying out to be fucked, to be sucked and to be taken by force if necessary, so great was her need for satisfaction and. stimulation … so long had she gone without love … without the feel of a man’s cock inside her body … so very long!”My God! just look at her,” gasped Seth Roberts, his eyes almost popping out of his head with lust and desire.”I’m looking man, I’m looking,” moaned Josh Harding, his cock already throbbing insistently in his jeans. “Come on man, she’s hot, let’s both fuck her at once.”A quiver went through Marilyn’s prone body. She shook her head feebly from side to side, trying to mouth an objection, but the words wouldn’t come to her lips. She waited, silent, watching with wildly lustful eyes as the two youngsters began hurriedly to strip. Then when they were both standing completely naked, she had what must have been her last rational thought of the entire obscene ordeal, “Lock the door,” she urged in a quivering voice.The wanton woman had made a fast decision, they were there, she knew what they wanted, and she was prepared to give it to them, she might never have such an opportunity again the rest of her life and she couldn’t turn it down.”Come on baby, get undressed,” Josh Harding said to her in an alarmingly mature voice.”How are we going to fuck her at once,” young Seth asked in a quavering voice.Marilyn quickly stripped off her clothes as if she were hypnotized, nothing seemed quite real to her.”Get down on the floor Mrs. Goodge,” urged Josh.Suddenly she glanced at her nephew Peter and she saw a disappointed look on his face, of course, he was upset he had been in the middle of sucking her pussy when the boys had walked in, she would have to make it up to him in some way, after the boys had gone she would make it up to him.Trembling all over her lascivious body, the older woman got down on the floor, her whole voluptuously naked body trembling with the soft spasms of excitement coursing through her wantonly lust-tortured loins.”Let’s fuck her dog fashion,” urged Josh. “Seth you get behind her, I’ll be in front doing it in her mouth.”Marilyn let her body go limp now in submission, she heard the boys’ heavy breathing, felt them take their positions, Josh in front to fuck her in the mouth, Seth behind to take her in the humiliating “dog fashion” position. Another little spasm shot through her sensuously prostrated body as she felt Josh place his hands on either side of her face, pulling her forward toward his loins as he knelt in front of her.”Open your mouth,” he whispered, squirming his loins forward to press the hotly swollen head of his rigid cock right up against Marilyn’s sensuous red lips.Once more, just as if she was so lost in her frenzy and excitement that she had no mind or will of her own, Marilyn complied, opening her mouth wide, taking the lustfully twitching young cock-head without protest between her lips. Then her body tensed, as, at almost the same time, Seth leaned forward from behind, thrusting his palpitating penis right up between her trembling thighs to find heated contact with her already lewdly moistened cunt lips. Quivering in excited anticipation, Marilyn sucked her breath in deeply as the eager youngster lunged forward, his boyish member burrowing its way easily up into the defenseless softness of her wantonly yielding pussy flesh, slipping deeper and deeper into her cunt until his loins smacked up against her ripely proffered buttocks.From in front of her, Josh shoved eagerly forward, a lusty groan rising in his throat as he pushed his pulsating cock-shaft deeper between her obscenely ovalled lips, all the way up along the length of her tongue until it was embedded in full erection far in the back of her throat.Marilyn’s body shivered from the shattering dual penetration. Her mouth was completely filled by the lewdly throbbing rod of Josh’s cock, and from behind Seth’s pulsing shaft of flesh was buried to the hilt in her already wantonly flowering loins.She’d never felt so ashamed and humiliated in her life. Kneeling between the two boys who were obscenely and thoughtlessly violating her defenseless flesh, she felt herself a picture of depravity, and she was helpless to resist, even if she had wanted to.Then Marilyn moaned as the two boys simultaneously began to move, and almost instantly she forgot her shame and responded with a sensuous writhing of her own body. Wilder spasms of lust and passion darted out over her naked flesh as Seth slipped his hands around her waist, pulling her upthrust ass-cheeks even tighter against his squirming loins, and Josh began to fuck with an even in-and-out sawing motion between her lewdly rounded lips.Marilyn squirmed and twisted on the floor of her living-room, groaning around the teenage cock-shaft that filled her mouth, grinding her milk- white buttocks back in a wild screwing motion against the lust- inflamed hardness ramming into her from behind. The long drawn-out oral assault young illegal bahis Peter had inflicted on her loins had built her to a state of intense sensitivity, and already she was beginning to lose control of herself. She was quivering and twisting between the two young boys in insane and nymphomaniacal abandon.The boys had never seen anything like it in their lives. From behind, Seth was ramming furiously into the exquisite tightness of Peter’s aunt’s cunt, his loins making loud smacking sounds each time they struck her upthrust buttocks. He got a terrific feeling of power from fucking her in the “dog fashion” position, from having her bent over on her hands and knees before him, from being able to watch leisurely every salacious movement of her trembling body. On the backstroke, he drew his cock almost all the way out of her black-rimmed pussy lips. He could see the slickly coated shaft going in and out of the glistening pinkness, the clasping cunt lips clinging in protest, flowering open eagerly to receive him as he thrust forward again.And each backstroke afforded him one view he’d never seen in his life-just a glimpse of the hairless puckered little opening of Peter’s aunt’s anus, that seemed to quiver and purse as if begging to be ****d.Josh on the floor in front of the beautiful widow, could hardly keep from cumming at once from the lewd spectacle of this voluptuous woman on her knees before him, her face buried in his loins, her lips circling tightly about his rigid cock-shaft. He’d never been sucked off before in his life, but the minute he’d heard the tape of Peter’s aunt doing it to him, he knew he had to have some of the same for himself. And it felt better than Josh could have ever imagined.As for Peter, he was almost out of his mind with jealousy and excitement. He still hadn’t even had his first real piece of ass, and watching his two friends fucking the older woman in the cunt and the mouth at the same time was almost more than he could stand. In spite of his initial hesitation, kissing and licking her pussy had really turned him on. And now he couldn’t bear being forced to stand and watch instead of fucking her too. He only hoped that his scheme would work and that he would get to fuck his aunt too.The wanton buffeting of Marilyn’s body between the two boys on the floor had completely destroyed her resistance. She could feel the relentless currents of desire flowing out of control through her burning flesh and she knew it wouldn’t be long now until she got the satisfaction she so desperately needed. She sucked ravenously, swiping her tongue around and around the pulsing head of Josh’s lust-swollen cock.Already she’d begun to hunger for the fresh-tasting cum she knew would come spurting any minute into her mouth. At the same time she drove her buttocks even more furiously back against Seth’s loins, taking the throbbing rigidity deeper and deeper into the tenderly exposed flesh of her cunt, relishing the stinging slaps of his loins against her soft uptilted buttocks, longing for his equally obscene ejaculation into the trembling vaginal depths.Moments later an even more obscene tremor shot through Marilyn’s frantically squirming body as she felt Seth stiffen behind her. His loins quivered and jerked against her nakedly clenching ass-cheeks and far up inside her cunt she felt his young penis begin to twitch and throb, seeming to grow even larger with the hot semen welling up from his balls.”Uh-oh,” he grunted, “I think I’m going to do it.”Even as he spoke, a deeper masochistic groan issued from Marilyn’s lips around tile lustfully pulsing shaft of Josh’s cock, which lunged even deeper into her mouth. He grabbed her black hair and pulled her face ruthlessly against his naked loins, the little curls of pubic hair tickling her nose and face.Marilyn threw her arms up around the boy’s waist, clinging to him as she squirmed and writhed her own body, straining for her own desperately needed release. She dropped her hands lower, her fingernails digging eagerly into the smooth flesh of Josh’s naked buttocks and prompting him to thrust his cock even deeper and more brutally into her willing mouth.”I’m going to cum,” Josh gasped again in a quivering voice.”Me too,” Seth grunted, tugging so hard at Marilyn’s hair that she wanted to scream.An instant later it began. From behind, Seth slammed into her helplessly bucking body with a powerful lunge that shoved the older woman forward until her face was buried even deeper into Josh’s loins. At that same instant the first sweet-tasting droplets of cum came rushing up the length of his palpitating cock and spewing into her mouth.Marilyn sobbed and whimpered around the boy’s surging hardness, making gurgling sounds in her throat as she swallowed the thickly splattering droplets to keep from choking. Behind her, Seth groaned as he completely lost control and began to shoot his own lust-heated load of sperm into the warmly pulsing inner flesh of her pussy.The lewd ejaculation seemed to temporarily endow him with an even greater energy, as his increasingly violent lunges racked her helpless body. Now the obscene young cum was shooting simultaneously into Marilyn’s mouth and cunt from two opposite directions; she was like a conduit between two energy sources, and the spasm of lust darting through her own body were elevating her rapidly to a plane of wanton delirium. She had never felt so soiled and degraded in her life, but the sheer masochistic bliss of being ejaculated into by two boys at the same time was completely breaking down her mental resistance, shattering the barriers of reality as she drifted to the very brink of ecstatic madness. Then, as the eager fucking lunges of the two boys reached a peak of frenzy, Marilyn felt the even more violent spasms begin far up inside her own helplessly quivering belly.She screwed her buttocks around in a wild rotating motion, altering the angle of Seth’s continued racking strokes into the quivering inner flesh of her cunt. She sucked hungrily at Josh’s relentlessly driving cock, milking it of the sweet-tasting semen that still welled up and spurted in a seemingly endless stream against the back of her throat. Her Adam’s apple bobbed as she swallowed, determined not to lose a single drop of the precious life-giving fluid. And as her own violent orgasm built to a climax, the burning electric sensations flowed in sweeping waves out from her trembling loins, pouring up through her breasts to the tingling tips of her nipples, surging wildly down her thighs, pouring over every tender inch of her nakedly glistening flesh.Then as the crescendo passed, the young widow felt the boys’ slender penis begin to deflate within her two ravaged orifices.Peter sat in a corner of the room, his own painfully erect cock almost bursting the crotch of his pants as he waited eagerly to see what would happen next. He could hardly wait to sink his cock into her delicious pussy and he hoped and prayed that she wasn’t too exhausted to let him fuck her.”Want to switch around now,” young Seth said eagerly, anxious to know what it felt like to have his cock inside a woman’s mouth.”Peter’s turn, remember, we’ll get her again another time,” Josh said firmly.Suddenly at the sound of her nephew’s name, Marilyn started, she had almost forgotten him, oh boy baby, where was he?Peter smiled shyly and began to rise from his corner in the room, elated that his aunt still seemed to want him.”Shall we watch,” Seth said eagerly.”I think we should let Peter have time alone with his aunt,” Josh said. “Come on, we can always come back tomorrow.”Marilyn knew now that she had gone, without a shadow of a doubt, beyond the point of no return as she heard herself agreeing to see the boys again, she knew now there was no turning back. Sooner or later, she knew she would be found out, but that all seemed rather unreal to her at this moment, she looked at the boys anxiously though. “You promise not to tell a soul boys, otherwise we can’t continue this way,”she said firmly.”Sure we promise, we know a good thing when we see it,” Josh said, smiling obscenely at the nakedly glistening body of the wanton woman spread-eagled on the floor.Both she and her nephew waited for the boys to dress and leave the house, then without a moment’s waste her young nephew dropped forward on top of her until she could feel the teasing prickle of her hard pointed nipples brushing against his chest.He twitched at the first contact of his throbbing cock-head against her warm inner thighs, then in a reflexive motion lunged forward, grunting in surprise as he felt the even warmer and deliciously moistened lips of her cunt right against the nub-end of his throbbing little penis. With another instinctive movement, the excited boy shoved forward again, gasping with surprise as he felt his blood- engorged cock-head slip into the wetly enveloping flesh of his aunt’s hair-lined pussy.”Oooooooooh!” Marilyn gasped as she felt the boy’s naked penis slip easily up into the warm elastic-like sheath of her vagina, felt it prod slowly and smoothly up into the moistened tightness of her most sensitive inner flesh, seeming to swell even harder as she began a gentle undulation of her hips.Peter groaned, hardly able to believe the warmth and softness of a woman’s cunt, his body jerking as his aunt flexed her inner muscles, squeezing the clasping flesh even tighter around his rigidly twitching cock. Then suddenly her hands moved down, her fingers digging into the flaccid flesh of his buttocks as she pulled him even deeper into her, beginning to churn and squirm her loins in wild contortions up against him, writhing the nakedness of her breasts against his chest.”Yes, Peter,” she moaned in a trembling voice. “Fuck me, don’t hold back! Fuck me!”The hopelessly aroused boy needed no further encouragement with excitement, he began a series of short sharp lunges, slamming his body down in racking fury against the voluptuously squirming flesh beneath him, ramming his cock all the way into the clasping tightness of his aunt’s pussy. He groaned again, already feeling the tingling sensations that were a prelude to his swift and obscene ejaculation beginning to run up and down the throbbing shaft of his cock.”Yes, come on,” Marilyn pleaded, responding wantonly to the frenzied assault. He was going to cum very soon. She could sense that in the increased tension of his body, the more violent fury of his shattering lunges. But she didn’t care. She didn’t even mind if it happened before she was ready for another orgasm. She could fake it if she had to keep Peter from feeling bad, because after what he’d been through today, she could hardly expect a display of control the first time he actually fucked a woman.Marilyn was ecstatic at the thought of teaching her nephew the ways of a woman, of initiating him into all she knew. She was his first woman and somehow the thought of that made her feel very powerful, all pervasive, all knowing, this was her glorious opportunity to truly become the goddess!Marilyn Goodge could hardly believe the turn her life had taken since she had opened herself sexually. At times she felt she was running a den of inequity as she shuffled her time between the three boys and Ronnie Goodge. She found now that she could deny herself nothing, she wanted Ronnie, yet she still wanted the boys and she realized, much to her surprise, that she had enough energy for all four of them.The boys had been sworn to secrecy, of course they knew nothing of her affair with Peter’s father and she had no intention of telling them.She looked at her watch, it was almost four o’clock. Peter was due to stop by to see her on his way home from school. He was begging her to let him see her alone and she had readily agreed — he was her favorite, really, although she couldn’t say that, she didn’t want to hurt Seth and Josh’s feelings. Nonetheless she knew that Peter ranked highest in their little foursome.She could hardly believe her own salaciousness, actually, she was seeing Peter at four o’clock and his father at eight!A little thrill ran through her now as she watched Peter coming up the garden path, she ran her hands down over her voluptuous body causing lascivious pangs of passion to erupt in her wanton form. She ran into her bedroom now and quickly stripped off her clothes, turning to look at her curvaceously naked body in the mirror, cupping her breasts in her hands, waiting, patiently, hungrily for her boy-lover.She heard him come through the back door, “I’m in the bedroom darling,” she sang out.Peter could hardly believe his eyes when he walked into his aunt’s bedroom and she was already ready and waiting for him, he felt his cock begin to pound furiously in his pants as she ran her hands up and down her body lasciviously, watching her tiny tongue darting out to moisten her ovalled red lips. He could hardly wait, and without a moment’s waste he began to strip off his clothes until his own lewdly throbbing cock was exposed to her hungry gaze.Marilyn whimpered softly at the now familiar but nonetheless thrilling sight, dropping down onto the bed and reclining slowly onto her back, gazing up at the young boy with an almost desperate desire in her eyes.Peter sat down on the edge of the bed, his eyes moving wildly over his aunt’s nakedly surrendered body. He felt the words in his throat that he wanted to say to his aunt but he couldn’t quite bring them to the surface and yet he knew he wouldn’t be satisfied until he had performed the vile act that had been haunting him for days now.”What is it darling,” Marilyn asked, aware that her young nephew was struggling with something.”I want to fuck you in the ass,” he said directly, hardly able to believe his own voice.”No,” Marilyn gasped, her eyes widening suddenly in shock and horror. She couldn’t imagine she’d even heard him correctly, but she knew she had. And the lewd act he was proposing was beyond anything she’d even dreamed of in her most perverted fantasies. It was sodomy! Pure and simple sodomy, the most warped and sadistic act of sex possible. And innocent little Peter, her darling little nephew was proposing that she, his aunt, submit to that perverted act.”No,” she repeated again, “I’ll do anything else Peter darling, but not that, please not that!””That’s what I thought Auntie, I didn’t think you’d let me do it.”Marilyn didn’t know what to say as she looked at the dejected form of her young nephew, oh God! she felt so terrible, why was she denying him his pleasure again, and yet the act he’d asked her to perform was vile, was unthinkable! She started to caress his youthful body but he pulled away from her and somehow or other she felt that she had lost him forever, she just couldn’t bear it, why did he have to ask her for this, the most lewd and vile of all the sexual acts. Suddenly though, she knew that she would never be able to deny him anything, he was far too precious to her and if this was what he wanted, she would give herself to him, she would surrender to him as he wished, she couldn’t resist him, couldn’t refuse him anything he wanted.”You can fuck me in the ass, if you want to darling, I can’t deny you anything,” she said quickly, hardly able to look at her young nephew fully in the face.Almost instantly, Marilyn saw the boy’s deflated cock begin to grow, brushing back toward its throbbing erection against her thighs, and she pushed the boy upward to allow her to roll over on her belly. Then she lay motionless, waiting, her eyes tightly closed to hold back the tears, her naked ass-cheeks clenching in fear as she awaited the lewdest and most obscene ravishment she would ever be subjected to in her life.Peter trembled in anticipation, propping himself up on his elbow to gaze hungrily down the length of his aunt’s prone body, his attention finally focusing on the forbidden dark crack of her defensively clenched ass-cheeks. His hand moved hesitantly to her thighs just below the clefts of her buttocks, and he began to stroke softly up between them, running his middle finger up the already lewdly moistened slit of her cunt to spread the flowing cuntal juices back over the forbidden little nether hole.Marilyn’s body jerked with a soft spasm as she felt Peter’s finger move across the sensitive membrane, coming into sudden obscene contact with the tightly contracted little circle. In spite of her shock and fear, her body responded spontaneously with a little undulating quiver, and a soft noise that could have been mistaken for a mewl of pleasure issued from deep in her throat. Then a wilder shudder passed through her body as she felt the pressure increase. Her eyes opened wide and she raised her head, staring straight ahead at the wall of her bedroom as she felt Peter’s finger slip right down into the little hole, burrowing slowly forward into her rectum in spite of all her attempts to clench her buttocks and contract her anus in resistance. It sank inward to the first knuckle, then continued the lewd intrusion until it was buried all the way up in her helpless rectal flesh.As a soft moan of pain rose to the older woman’s lips, Peter flicked his thumb down into the moistly splayed flesh of her cunt, the striking contrast of sensations silencing her protest. Then her buttocks resumed their sensuous undulation as Peter began to stroke up and down her tingling cunt-lips with his thumb, at the same time probing deep in her rectum with his obscenely piercing middle finger.As the pain-pleasure sensations increased, Marilyn felt fresh tears rush to her eyes, but at the same time she was unable to stop the soft gyrations of her hips squirming up and down in a lewdly hunching motion on the bed. It wasn’t the pain that made her want to cry, but the sudden shocking and devastating realization that in spite of all the perversion, in spite even of the pain, the idea of being fucked in the rectum, debased and humiliated to the limits of warped sex, was beginning to appeal to her.Even as she sobbed, little tremors of masochistic pleasure started to course out over every tingling inch of her goose-bumped flesh, and she could feel the fluttering excitement growing in her stomach.Then she gasped as Peter began to withdraw his finger, and in spite of the relief, the tight rubbery walls of her inner rectal flesh seemed to cling to it protestingly. Her body jerked from the sharp pop as his finger left her completely, then lurched forward as Peter rolled back on top of her and his finger was suddenly replaced by the bloodfilled tip of his cock, prodding right up against the tightness of her helpless anal entrance.”Aaaaaaagggghhhhh” she moaned thrashing her head from side to side as her nephew lunged ruthlessly forward, his cock-head pressing right against the tightly resisting little rectal opening and beginning to worm itself slowly up inside. The sudden white-hot pain caused new tears to rush to the older woman’s eyes as she shivered and trembled beneath her nephew from the raw sensation of the slender shaft of boyish flesh surging hungrily upward into her tight-fitting rectum.Sobbing from her pain and humiliation, Marilyn dropped back onto the bed, her buttocks still jerking in involuntary spasm from the shattering violation of her most sensitive orifice. She was hopelessly impaled now. Her body was pinned down to the mattress beneath her nephew and she’d taken his surging rod of flesh to the hilt between her reluctantly upthrust ass-cheeks.Then another cry rose to her lips as Peter began to move. But miraculously, it wasn’t really as bad as she had feared. The pain was tempered by an even more vivid sensation of pleasure, however masochistic. Her loins were on fire from the lewd skewering of her rectum and she could feel the tight sac that held the boy’s cumfilled testicles slap teasingly against the sensitive little slit of her cunt, sending undeniable ripples of pleasure darting out through her squirming body in delicious contrast to the pain. And as Peter continued to drive smoothly into the rubbery tight rectal flesh, her cries of agony and protest gradually began to change, becoming finally mewls of forbidden pleasure as the young boy began to fuck even harder.”God, it’s tight,” he gasped, grunting and groaning and laboring above her. “I’m not gonna be able to take much more. The friction is just too intense.”For a moment longer Marilyn hung in limbo, a part of her longing for Peter to achieve his early climax and end the merciless assault, another part of her beginning to cry out for more and more of the depraved sensation. Then it was Peter who turned the tide. In a sudden movement he slipped his hand in between Marilyn’s belly and the mattress, thrusting his finger up between her thighs to stroke in swift little movements right over the hotly pulsing bud of her clitoris, further increasing the confusing contrast of sensation for the older woman. Marilyn sobbed softly, then moaned even louder, suddenly rocking her buttocks back and pulling her knees up beneath her body, lifting Peter into the standard “dog fashion” position. The shift in position better exposed her rectum so Peter could thrust his cock even deeper into the sensitive tightness, and at the same time made it easier for him to reach her clitoris and the pulsating slit of her moistened cunt.Peter grunted even more excitedly from his aunt’s unexpected response, increasing the length of his own piercing lunges until he was unleashing the full fury of his lust with a series of mighty thrusts deep into her still wildly contracting anus. At the same time, he shoved his middle finger deep into the quivering softness of her cunt and increasing the friction of his thumb’s rapid stroking over her little twitching clitoral bud. Already he could feel the cum begin to well up in his balls and he knew it wouldn’t be long now until he lost all control. But his aunt was really beginning to respond and he was determined to hold off as long as he possibly could.Marilyn’s body was really coming to life now. The contrasting sensations in her two simultaneously ravished cunt and asshole had begun to merge. She could no longer clearly distinguish between the pain and the pleasure, and. her nakedly squirming body shuddered as the waves of delight began to course in swift overwhelming tingles out over her lust- contorted flesh. In spite of all the inherent humiliation in the “dog fashion” posture and the sheer degradation of the depraved act of sodomy, she was responding! She didn’t have to fake it — she wanted it! Peter’s throbbing young penis ramming up into her sensitively pulsing depths of her rectum was breaking down her will to resist and she screwed her buttocks back hungrily against the surging shaft of flesh that invaded her, longing for more and more of the lewdly masochistic titillation.Behind her, Peter groaned as he felt her anus contract even tighter around the lunging shaft of his cock. He knew he was hurting his aunt, and he was trying to hold himself back, but the obscene triumph of watching her wallow in masochistic bliss before him, not to mention the sheer intensity of sensation, were more than he could stand. Trying to compensate for the pain with an even more frenzied stroking of his finger over the little quivering bud of her clitoris, Peter began to ram into her clasping rectum with even more violent force.”Oooooohoooooh! Agggggghhhhhhhh!” Marilyn moaned before the frenzied assault, her body thrashing beyond control from the obscene sensation coursing through her loins and rectum.Gasping, Peter slacked off, reclining his weight heavily against his aunt’s upthrust buttocks, his cock buried to the hilt in the rubbery tightness of her rectum. He flexed, sending another wanton shiver coursing the length of her softly perspiring body.”I’m sorry,” he groaned, “I’m hurting you.””No,” Marilyn gasped, trembling beneath the boy’s sagging weight. She grunted as he flexed again, then turned her head to look back over her shoulder, and the lustcontorted expression on her face was like nothing Peter had ever seen in his life.”No,” she whimpered again. “I like it. I like it. I want you to fuck me.”Peter could hardly believe his ears. He remembered all the time he’d spent dreaming of doing this to his aunt, trying to work up the courage to ask her and now she was telling him that she loved it, she wanted more of it, she loved it.”Yes,” Marilyn groaned as Peter began to move again. “Fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck me harder!”Again Marilyn dropped her face down onto the pillow, her buttocks jerking and waving in complete submission as Peter resumed his youth- driven fucking, his cock swelling even larger in her burning rectum as the cum surged in his balls and began its mad dash up the blood- stiffened rod.Again she rocked backwards, taking the lust-inflamed hardness even deeper, screwing her buttocks in a passionate rotating motion. She knew she was going to cum any minute now, and she strained and fought desperately for her own release.She hovered on the brink for what seemed like an unbearable eternity; yet still it eluded her, and now Peter was running out of time.”Finger-fuck me harder,” Marilyn gasped in sheer desperation. “Fuck your middle finger harder into my pussy. Make me cum too.”As Peter slammed down on his aunt’s helplessly writhing body with an even mightier racking stroke, he slipped his middle finger eagerly into the softly parting lips of her already lewdly moistened flesh, worming it up into the unresisting softness until it was buried to the knuckle in her vagina. Wiggling it deep inside her, he began to finger-fuck swiftly in and out as he felt the last of his own control fading and the cum surged up hotly from his balls and began to splatter in thick squirting droplets deep up in the clasping tightness of her rectum.”Yes,” Marilyn purred as she felt the boy’s shattering lunges becoming even more intense, the obscenely shooting sperm that filled her rectum further lubricating the tight orifice until the pain faded almost entirely, replaced by the sheer pleasure stimulation of the shocking sensation that was now completely meshed with the wanton tingling in her cunt.”Yes, yes,” she moaned deliriously as she felt the waves begin to build in her own body. “Yes, and do my clitoris too. Do my clitoris with your thumb.”Peter willingly complied, and moments later the devastating contortions began to flow at swift relentless intervals through Marilyn’s ravished body. She sobbed without restraint from the shattering waves of ecstasy coursing through her rectum and loins, bucking wildly beneath Peter’s final racking lunges.With a last grunt Peter sagged back tiredly on his aunt’s still trembling buttocks, feeling the little spasms continue to shake her body for several moments longer.Then his lust-spent penis began to deflate up in her cum-filled rectum and he withdrew softly and rolled over tiredly on his back.Slowly Marilyn turned to look at her nephew, gently caressing his young face as she gazed into his dark brown eyes. “You satisfy me so Peter,” she purred, “you seem so much older than eleven.””You bring out the best in me, you really do,” he said quietly, feeling suddenly very grown up.”I liked it Peter, I thought I would hate it, but I liked it, but I want this to be our secret, just you and me, I don’t want the other boys knowing about this.”The young boy readily agreed, happy to have something special to share with his aunt, something that none of the other boys had.The satiated couple lay staring at the ceiling for a long, long time, finally drifting into a light sleep, locked in each other’s arms, safe within the confines of their secret special love.”Marilyn, I have to tell you, that it’s just beyond me, why on earth did you allow those boys to fuck you in the first place?” yelled Ronnie Goodge, beside himself with rage after having discovered the fatal tape in his son’s bedroom only an hour ago.”I was lonely, I don’t know how it happened, except that Peter came to me to tell him about the facts of life and we just ended up doing it. Oh don’t yell at me Ronnie, I’m scared enough as it is,” sobbed Marilyn.”You should be Marilyn, do you realize what will happen if the police find out?””No!””You’ll be imprisoned, that’s what, I still can’t believe it.””What can we do?””There’s only one solution. I’ve been thinking about it for a while anyway and this clinches it. I’ve been given a promotion. If I take it it would mean that I’ll have to move to Cincinnati immediately. Marilyn will you come with me. We could live together and no one would know we weren’t married.””What!” the startled woman cried out, her mouth dropping open in amazement.”Goddamn it, Marilyn, I love you, don’t you know that already, I’ve loved you for years, long before Walt died.”Marilyn was silent for a long, long time; it appealed to her somehow to live with a man again, and it was true she really did enjoy Ronnie’s company, with him she could have a normal relationship instead of having to skulk around in secret and eventually anyway she knew her love-affair with the boys would have to end.”What about Peter?””I’ve already talked to him about it. At first I was so angry I thought I would kill him Marilyn, I swear I did. Then I realized that he was only a boy and that probably you had given him something really invaluable and besides that, how could I blame him, you’re one hell of a woman Marilyn.”Marilyn Goodge closed her eyes, feeling her brother-in-law’s body suddenly rubbing against her, feeling his hardened cock digging into her belly as his urgent need began to come upon him. Perhaps she should, perhaps it would be the best thing, she certainly couldn’t stay here forever in this town making love to three boys, it was crazy of her to think that at some point they wouldn’t be found out, Ronnie had found out, others could and then it would be disastrous. It had been wonderful, while it had lasted and now it seemed that phase of her life was coming to a close, but another was opening and it was one that was exciting to her, Ronnie was a good man she knew that he would be very good to her and that she would never be lonely again.She turned now, slowly kissing her lover fully on the lips, running her hands down over his body to his hardened cock, pulling him urgently into her waiting pussy. “Yes, I’ll do it Ronnie but now please fuck me darling, I want you so badly.””As I said Marilyn, you’re one hell of a woman,” grinned the handsome man eagerly, “one hell of a woman.”

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