A helping hand


It all started a few years ago. I was dating a girl who was bisexual. So much so that she wanted me dressed as a woman for sex. To begin with I was not sure, but eventually I came round to the idea. It was mainly just some lipstick and perfume. After a few months we split up, but I continued to dress up. One day I decided to venture out as a woman. I lay in bed thinking what I should wear. I showered, shaved my legs and under arms. I had decided to wear a pair of black satin panties, a black satin boned corset and stockings, leather trousers and a black satin blouse. bahis siteleri I fixed faulse nails on, then put my make up on, fixed my auburn wig then put on my knee high boots. Picked up my jacket then took a deep breath and went out the door for the first time as Annabell. It took around 20 minutes to get to the shops. I parked the car and went to the department store. I began looking at the skirts and dresses. I decided to buy a trouser suit and jacked, and a white shirt. Then it was on to the lingerie. I felt like a kid in a sweet shop. Pinks, reds, ivory, canlı bahis siteleri blacks, all soo nice and girly. I picked up a pink satin set. The bra was pink satin with lace around the cups, the knickers matching. As I put them in the basket I felt a hand on my shoulder, and a voice saying “i think you need some help with those madam”. It was my ex girlfriends mum, she didnt know of my secret but now she had seen me. I bought the underwear, and we went for a coffee to talk. Ibroke down in tears and told her I felt the true me when I was Annabell. She canlı bahis didnt say a word untill I finished telling her what it felt like to me to be Annabell. Then she said, we need to go to the restroom. This was a first for me. We went in, and she pulled me into the same cubical, sat me down. Then she slapped me, hard. Then told me that I was to be her sissy lover. From now on I was to live my life as Annabell. We went to quite a few other shops, buying skirts, dresses, underwear, shoes, boots make up, etc. After a long shopping spree we went back to her place. We sat in silence as we looked at all the things she had helped me buy. Then I had to give her a fashion show. The first thing I had to wear for her was the pvc catsuit, gloves and boots. I felt soo good, sexy, femanine, free and happy.

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