The Third Door


This is my first story so be gentle.I walk past the doors and instantly it’s as if i’m walking into a different world. A world of sex, music and the flashes of colorful lights. My lips turn into a grin as I look around to see all the various couples engaged in different acts of almost animalistic fucking. I can feel my panties becoming wet as I bite softly on my bottom lip but I turn to the hallway and begin walking because i’m here for something else.I continue walking until I reach the third door. My kaçak iddaa hands shake slightly with anticipation as I open it to reveal only a large bed taking up the space in the dark room. The air smells faintly of sex and I smile knowing soon i’ll be adding to the delicious aroma. I close my eyes and let the vibrations of the music from outside the room guide me in my next steps.I slowly pull off my shirt and toss it beside me on the floor. I reach behind me to undo my bra, letting my fingertips brush kaçak bahis against the sides of my breasts as it drops. My nipples become stiff almost like the cold air is stroking my firm 44DD self into perfection. I then slide off my jeans and moist panties while a sigh escapes my lips. I’m ready.I walk over to the bed and climb onto the sheets not stopping until i’m directly laying in the middle. I spread my legs and slowly massage my nipples, staring at the door needingly. Slowly the door opens illegal bahis and the beautiful woman with the fiery red hair and body of a sex godess walks casually in. A wicked grin slides into place as she notices who lays upon her bed.”Madison, what a pleasure it is to see you again.” She says with a mischievous look in her beautiful eyes. “You know the rules, darlin.”I nod my head to show I understand. I learned the rules on my last visit to this sexy woman. Talking isn’t allowed, only screams of the pleasure she gives. If you talk you’re punished and this time i’m going to avoid the slaps she delivered to my ass. I raise my hips in a pleading gesture.She walks patiently towards me and my clit throbs with need.

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