The Magic of Jules


Oh, man! It felt like a horse had kicked me in the stomach. I leaned against the kitchen bench, feeling out of breath and nauseous, and staring at the tablet, still open on the table.How the fuck could Cathy do this?! Why the fuck didn’t I see it coming?!Truth to tell, I should have seen it coming. Cathy, my sexy, loving partner for three years, had landed herself a two-year research scholarship to Germany, and had left early in the year. We had promised each other that we would keep in close contact, and that I would head over to Germany, once university had finished, to keep her company for a few months, at least. But, promises are one thing …Six months later, all the Covid travel restrictions had shot down any thoughts of me getting over there, in the foreseeable future. Covid-19 also meant that Cathy had spent too much time with a guy called Dietrich, who literally charmed her out of her panties and into his bed. That’s where she planned to stay and had just applied for residency. With that, she abruptly ended the Whatsapp call.At first, I was stunned, scarcely able to believe what had just happened. What really hurt; what really got under my skin, was that she chose to tell me about Dietrich for the first time, today, on my twenty-third birthday!Well, happy fucking bahis siteleri birthday to me! I thought, as I took a ten pack of XXXX Gold from the fridge and chugged one down. Then, just as I took another from the box, Jules popped into my head.Jules was a lovely, warm, vivacious, fun-loving, feisty, petite twenty-two-year-old redhead, whom I’d met through one of my university classes earlier in the year. She was good company and I enjoyed her cheerful, warm personality. Although there were times when I was tempted to go further, our friendship stayed platonic, mainly because we were both ‘spoken for’ and I was still being faithful to Cathy.Our friendship became closer, a few months ago, after Jules’ stupid, paranoid and possessive boyfriend had tried slapping her around, suspecting her, quite wrongly, of sleeping with other guys. During that nasty little interval, Jules was able to lean on Naisha, her best friend: she also turned to me for support, which I willingly provided. Thus, if there was anyone I could talk to about Cathy’s out-of-the-blue ‘announcement’, Jules was the first to come to mind.After some hesitation, I called her and told her what had happened, thinking that maybe we could go and have a coffee somewhere.“She what? Wow, what a totally bitchy, horrible thing canlı bahis siteleri to do to you,” she said, indignantly, then after a pause, “I’m coming over…”“It’s all right, you don’t have to …”“Shut up, Chris, it’s not all right, I’m coming over, okay?”True to her word, Jules arrived about fifteen minutes later. She looked really attractive, in a medium blue summer dress, that complemented her wavy, shoulder-length auburn hair and hazel eyes, as well as showing off her figure. There was a tasteful hint of nipple showing through the thin fabric of the dress, although I wasn’t really in the mood to take much notice at the time.She gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek, then leaned back against the bench beside me, pushing her hip against mine. Her presence was calming, and my brain started to clear itself from the dark, grey fog that had enveloped me, since speaking to CathyAfter a long, companionable silence, Jules thumped my arm, “Hey, by the way, how come I didn’t know that it’s your birthday?””Ah, geez, sorry Jules. I guess with all this pandemic shit and other things, I almost forgot about it myself.”Jules just shrugged, “That’s okay. But, anyway, what are you going to do now?”“Huuuh, I don’t know, get drunk maybe?” I muttered, reaching for another XXXXJules canlı bahis slapped my hand away, “Uh, uh, no,” she said standing in front of me, “you’re not going to get drunk, especially not tonight, right?“Well, why th’ hell not?” I grumbled, immediately regretting it. There was no need to take my bad out mood on Jules.“Because,” Jules smiled as she reached under her dress with both hands, “drunk guys aren’t much good at sex.” I gulped as she straightened up, letting her lacy white panties drop to her feet.Before I could say anything, she slipped the thin straps of her dress down her arms, letting the front of it fall away from her pert, beautifully rounded, 36B breasts: her pretty, dark-pink nipples were proudly centered on her darker areolae. Jules’ smile was positively sultry, as she lifted the hem of her dress, showing me her beautiful camel-toe mons. Her succulent, fleshy-pink labia pouted through her slit, while above her mons, there was a triangle of curly, dark-auburn pubes.She turned quickly, tucked her dress above her waist and bent across the table that Cathy and I had used for study and other purposes, propped up on her forearms and elbows. My mouth watered and my cock throbbed, at the sight of her curvaceous hips, her firm, peachy little buttocks and her gorgeous mound, with those pouting, wet pussy lips, framed between her thighs. As further enticement, she reached back and briefly opened her arse crack, showing me her cute, puckered little arsehole. A long, primal grunt escaped my lips.

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