The Bet (Mommy/Daughter Futa) Pt. 08


They ended up releasing me from the chair but did not do anything about the box tie or the ballgag, which was unfortunate because it meant I kept drooling everywhere. At the very least, they did take off my diaper.

Mom had told Ashley that we were going shopping but I didn’t realize that she had meant I was going bound, gagged, and naked. I resisted and protested, despite my gag turning my speech into just a series of “mmphs”. I even stomped my foot to get my point across, utterly horrified at the idea of going anywhere naked, much less in a stringent boxtie.

My mom, apparently, wasn’t having any of it. She responded by simply taking out a rope, throwing it around my waist and got to work. I didn’t really fight her, fearing that she would just pull my hair until I stopped resisting so I let her work. I ended up finding myself in a crotch rope that cut right into my delicate pussy and formed a ring around my dick before connecting back to the rope around my waist.

“There we go. Problem solved. That, sweetiepie, is your own variation on the crotch rope. Pull against me and it tightens.” A devious glint descended in her eyes. “Now, let’s test it.”

She yanked the lead she was holding and the leash tightened around my cock and bit deeply into my pussy. It hurt like a bitch and I jumped in response. It felt like my dick was about to burst! I yelped and my tits jiggled in their chest harness.

My mom laughed. “Perfect, it works. Time for some shopping!”


To my growing horror, we parked in front of a Walgreens. It looked decently empty but even then, the realization that my mom was going to make me walk in their nude as the day as I was born and tied up to boot was a tough pill to swallow.

It was also terribly humiliating. I mean, random people were going to be able to see my breasts, dick and pussy! And, even worse, what if it ended up being people we knew? I struggled in my seat. The seatbelt ended up doing a surprising amount to keep me in the chair, locking if I struggled too much. It was almost like these things were made for bondage.

“Oh sweetie, stop making such a fuss. It’s just a little bit of shopping. Here, I’ll come let you out on your side and we can just go right in. No teasing.” My mom hopped out on her side and walked right over.

Drool coated my tits and stomach as she freed me from the seatbelt. She grabbed her leash and pulled on it, eliciting another yelp of pain as I had to awkwardly hop out of the car. I chased after her, waddling like a penguin so that the ropes wouldn’t bite too much into my sensitive pussy.

We passed through the sliding doors and entered the store. Immediately, a couple nearest to us looking through the cards stopped what they were doing and watched us, mouths agape. The lady actually started to rub her crotch.

I blushed furiously and turned away, feeling such an intense embarrassment that I don’t think I would ever feel anything close again. I wanted to turn around and run away but everytime that I was even a little too slow for my mom, she would give the leash a tug and it would uncomfortably tighten around my dick and vagina.

We wandered to the diaper section. By this point, I was at full mast down there, the constant tugging really stirring me up.

“Ok, sweetie, which bahis siteleri ones do you think will fit?” She asked, one hand on her hip as she read over the different labels on each pack of diapers.

“Mmph smmph,” I responded, feeling more than a little agitated and embarrassed.

“Oh right,” she laughed. She grabbed my ballgag and pulled it out of my mouth. Relief flowed through me. My jaw had been straining against it for at least an hour or more. I rotated it a few times, gaining some feeling back in it.

“I don’t need any diapers, Mom.”

She continued reading the labels as she spoke. “Don’t be silly, dear. You wet the bed last night.”

An even more furious blush rose to my cheeks and ears. “Shh,” I hushed her. “Don’t say it so loudly.”

“Ok, I won’t so long as you help me find the right size for you.” Her eyes had moved from the diapers to me, looking faintly annoyed.

“Mom, stop. This is crazy. I’m eighteen years old. I don’t need any diapers. Just let me use the bathroom like a normal girl.” I wanted to turn away from her to make my point but the leash prevented any such thing.

“Are you really gonna resist me,” she said, now with more annoyance.

“Yeah Mom, I will,” I said, equally exasperated.

“Ok, then prepare for your punishment.” She grabbed me roughly and spun me around. One hand grabbed hold of my hair while the other unbound the crotch rope. It fell away.

Then I felt her cock pressing at my vagina.

“Mom! What the hell are you doing?”

“Oh shut up. Your complaints are getting annoying.” She returned the ballgag to my mouth.

No way my mom was about to fuck me in the middle of a Walgreens. She pressed in.

Kendra’s POV:

I rubbed my girlcock against her pussy lips. They were surprisingly wet. Must have been from the crotch rope. What a slut of a daughter I had. A bondage whore.

I had slipped my cock out through the zipper in my jeans and I pushed my fat girlcock in. It slipped into her juicy, warm insides. She yelped at the feeling of the intrusion. I held onto her hair as her moist cunt engulfed my hard member. It spasmed around my girldick which caused *me* to spasm in response and my heavy tits jiggled beneath their shirt.

I hilted her and she moaned like a bitch in heat.

“You slut. I knew you liked Mommy’s cock.”

“N nnnph mnhm nph!” she cried. I slapped her ass, hard enough that it shook from the impact and caused her to jump. I hilted myself, enjoying my daughter’s tight pussy.

“This is your punishment. You chose to resist and now you get to get fucked where everyone can see.” I pulled out just enough that only the crown of my girldick resided in her pussy, enjoying the gleam of her juices on it, and then slammed back in. The slap resonated through the store.

Futas didn’t have to abide by public indecency laws. Hell, rape and incest laws didn’t apply! It was why I could rope up my own daughter, drag her naked to the local Walgreens and fuck her silly. As to why this was the case, I wasn’t sure. I’m sure Cassie would know but currently my favorite red ballgag was occupying that cute mouth of hers. Maybe I’d inquire about it later.

Currently, though, I was enjoying the way her silky insides gripped my cock as I plowed her. My big tits made it hard to canlı bahis siteleri see all the action, blocking some of her ass but that was just the nature of being blessed in this department. At the very least, getting rid of this shirt would help.

I peeled it off, only releasing Cassie’s hair for the briefest of moments before ensnaring my fingers in it again, making sure to pull her head back a little more so I could stand up straighter. My tits free, they bounced and jiggled with each pump of my dick. I was now able to get a better look at my masterful work on her bonds and ties. Fuck, I was a good ropemaster. Her hands uselessly pulled against the ropes.

I grabbed my right one with my free hand and tweaked the nipple. It sent electric tingles racing down my spine and mixed with the way her pussy milked me as I reamed her, I couldn’t help but moan.

Pleasure surged through me.

“It’s certainly a nice thing to enjoy your daughter’s cunt, wouldn’t you agree?” I said, holding her hair tightly so that she couldn’t turn back and look me in the eye. She whimpered in response, absolutely embarrassed by my style of punishment. I could only imagine the car ride, her complaining, whining, getting mad and then stubbornly refusing to talk to me. A little teenage temper tantrum. It would be *so* fun to tease her. When she was upset, that’s when she was most teaseable.

As I continued to plow Cassie’s little hole, I noticed that a young shelf stocker was watching us out of the corner of her eye, clearly horrified by the turn of events. Latina. And a thick one at that.

“Hey, you! Come over here,” I ordered. She turned to look at me more fully, eyes wide, her hand that held a can frozen in midair. She couldn’t have looked more like a deer in headlights if she tried. “Yea, you. Don’t make me call again.”

She slowly, cautiously, put her can down and walked over, looking frightened.

Cassie’s pussy clenched around my cock as thighs hit her ass cheeks and my balls slapped her clit. My dick throbbed in her cunt, aching to cum. It would be just *so* delicious to see my pearly white cum leaking out of her pussy as she groaned in embarrassment.

The Latina girl made it over to me. She had such pretty lips, ones that were full and red. I read the name on her shirt. Anahi. Cute name. The name tag itself looked as if it had been placed right over her nipple. I mean, I’d only really be able to tell if she took her shirt off. God, she sure had a nice pair. They strained against her shirt.

She didn’t say anything to me, looking down and away, shy, hands clasped firmly in front of her, accidentally squishing her tits even more.

“Take your shirt off, sweetie.” I stroked her face with my free hand, feeling her soft skin as slap after slap of my balls against my daughter echoed throughout the store.

They were always hesitant at first but that’s because of taboos. Studies had shown time after time that the thing a girl wanted most was to be taken by a futa and I could see in her flushed expression, the back and forth she was having between being able to live a fantasy and engage in sexual activities publically.

She slipped her shirt off and carefully placed it on the floor beside us. A black bra restrained her bountiful titflesh.

My daughter canlı bahis groaned again behind her gag but I ignored her, cock pumping away at her silky insides.

“That too, babe,” I kindly said.

She took a deep breath and undid her bra from behind, revealing her large Hispanic boobs to me. My hand, without any conscious thought, immediately went to grab one of them. It felt as soft as a pillow and I squeezed.

“Damn, that’s a nice pair.”

She nodded but didn’t say anything, hands still clasped before her.

“Okay, now it’s time to suck my big titties. Come on down, babe.” I didn’t let go of her tit as she slowly lowered herself, bending over to reach my nipple. I felt a tongue lightly dance against it and immediately groaned, hand leaving her boob and grabbing her head to push her in even more.

My nipple entered her mouth and her face was squished against my tit. She suckled on it and I groaned.

“That’s it, babe. Suck on mommy’s teat. You want that mommy milk, don’t you?”

She nodded.

It felt amazing to have both my top and bottom receiving such lavish attention, my daughter’s velvety cunt massaging my cock and this Latina bitch sucking my tit. My balls tightened in response and I resumed fondling the Walgreens employee’s boob all the while plowing away in my daughter.

Pressure swelled in my balls. I knew I couldn’t last much longer in Cassie’s hot cunt. My dick throbbed as I pumped in and out of it.

My grip on Anahi’s tit tightened as I grew closer to cumming.

“Alright bitch, lay on my daughter’s ass and get the cum shot of a lifetime.” I pushed her off my tit, sexy lips creating a plop as they were removed from my nipple, and placed her head on Cassie’s ass, mouth above her asshole.

I felt the orgasm approaching. Time to soak her.

I plowed into Cassie’s silky insides one last time before ripping it out and jamming my rock hard cock down Anahi’s throat.

Her hands went to stop me reflexively but I grabbed both and was able to wrestle a hand behind her head, stopping her from pulling away. She choked and gagged on my cock but I continued to push deeper.

I felt my dick hit the back of her throat and I instantly could tell that it wasn’t gonna go any deeper. She’d need training. I sighed and then got to sawing my dick in and out of her mouth. Tears pleaded for me to take it just a touch easier but I ignored it.

“Suck my cock,” I ordered and she obeyed, her wet hole creating a suction seal around my dick.

I erupted.

Her mouth swelled with my seed.

“Don’t let a drop out,” I moaned, body rocking from the intense orgasm.

She did her best to guzzle it down, drinking every spurt of cum that erupted from my girldick. Pleasure swept over me and I groped my still-wet tit, feeling the softness of my big breasts.

She gulped and gulped but the flow did not stop. I used my other hand to stroke her hair as she suckled on my sensitive cockhead. A good slut. I was definitely gonna take her back home.

Of course, eventually my cum became even too much for her and she couldn’t keep it all down. Cum spewed out and drench Cassie’s ass. I aimed my girldick and sprayed this Latina slut’s face, dousing her.

As I sprayed my final spurt, I released her hands. She instantly went to wipe it out of her eyes, looking quite shocked as she did so. I stuck my dick back in her mouth and she resumed polishing it off, hair matted with my cum.

Cassie groaned beneath her and an idea formed in my head.

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