Terry’s Party


I had moved out of the dorms and was temporarily living at home while looking for a place to live in the city.

I was still in contact with a lot of friends from the dorms but it was harder to just have those impromptu get togethers, parties or other fun activities.

It was summer recess and I kept myself busy with lots of exercise, especially swimming. I had been on the swim team in high school and it always was my preferred form of exercise. I was more than content to do a couple of hours with of laps every morning.

A couple of months into the summer, I was getting in pretty decent shape.

I was always the husky type but my six foot four frame was getting slimmer and more well defined.

One day I got a call from a friend from the dorms. His name was Terry and he had also moved out and was living at his parents house while they were on a long world cruise. Terry lived on the same floor as I did and we always attended each other’s parties or would share some beers in the afternoon. We were not like best friends but certainly had a bond.

He invited me to a weekend party a few weeks out. I was quite bored with my summer at this point and eagerly accepted the invitation.

He told me there was a catch. It was to be a ” sexy” party requiring the girls to wear either very revealing swimwear or lingerie and the guys speedo like swimwear.

At first it sounded kind of contrived and tacky to me but I remembered that even in the dorms, Terry always kind of leaned that way. He once hosted a sauna party where he plugged up all the vents in the bathroom and ran hot water out of every shower and sink until he had created a pseudo steam room. All guests were required to bring only a towel to wear.

It was a bit silly but did result in a great night’s sex with Veronica, my dorm neighbor from down the hall.

I told him I’d adhere to the rules. Parading around in a small, tight fitting swimsuit seemed a bit weird but I was feeling good about the shape I was in so what the heck.

The prospect of being around a bunch of scantily clad girls made the decision easier too.

The day of the party arrived and I packed a bag. His parents house was about an hour and a half drive south and Terry had told me that I could spend the night or even the weekend there.

When I arrived at the place I was confronted by a large ornate metal gate with an intercom.

I pressed the button and Terry answered and buzzed me in.

It was about a quarter mile drive to the house. It was huge. Terry showed me where to park and we walked around the building to the pool area.

The pool was huge and there was a large hot tub by some trees, with an impressive man made waterfall feeding it.

There was another house set back a bit in some trees and it turned out to the guest house where he was living. It was easily the size of an average suburban home.

I knew that his family was wealthy but this was beyond anything I had imagined.

It also explained some of his character peculiarities I had always wondered about.

I noticed that his girlfriend, Sarah was sunning herself on the one of the lounges by the pool. She was lying on her stomach and got up when she noticed Terry and I.

She was topless, wearing only a tiny thong bikini bottom and made no effort to cover up when she walked over to us and give me a big hug.

I had met her before when she’d come to visit Terry in the dorms.

I always found her to be charming and fun with an unpretentious personality.

She was a pretty girl. Not a head turner but had a very pretty face and nice figure.

Classic, old school girlfriend material that the parents would approve of and welcome into the family.

The fact that she was so comfortable being just about naked around me as an acquaintance was the only thing that struck me as weird or out of character.

And Terry seemed perfectly comfortable with it too.

She joined us as Terry showed me my room. It was hard not to stare too much.

I had arrived early and Terry suggested that we’d just hang out by the pool for a while until more guests arrived.

I opted for some board shorts for the time being and joined them poolside.

We chatted about school and future plans but then the conversation turned to the party. I asked more details about the concept of his “sexy” party but he kept avoiding much real information and said that it was a matter of chance how things would go but that he wanted a theme to establish a mood. I had seen his meticulous planning for parties in the dorms and was not quite convinced by his nonchalant responses.

But I was here and at the very least had his almost naked girlfriend to look at.

Might as well go with the flow.

A bell rang and Terry quickly got up to answer. Sarah put on some shorts and a tshirt. I guess not everyone was going have the same privilege I had.

Two couples arrived with Terry and we introduced each other.

Sarah rolled out a couple coolers with soft drinks, beers and wine and a cart with some hard liquor bahis şirketleri and mixers. She asked the other two girls to help her with some set up of food and snacks and they went into the house.

The guys grabbed some beers. I opted for some chilled white wine and we lapsed into some obligatory small talk. As evening set in, more guests arrived. Some couples,

single girls and guys and small groups.

Everyone seemed to be right around our age and I recognized a few people from the dorms. It struck me that none of the people from our closer circle in the dorms seemed to be there. But then not everyone lived in the general area. I had still expected some of the regulars but to no avail.

Some people seemed to know one another while others went through introductions. There were about twenty people in total and no more seemed to trickle in. Terry was nervously looking around like he was trying to find someone particular and would regularly chat with Sarah about something.

As it got darker, he turned on the lights around the pool resulting in a spectacular wonderland of lighting effects with the landscaping, waterfall, pool and hot tub illuminated in various changing colors.

All the French doors of the house were wide open giving easy access to the interior where a big spread of food and snacks was laid out.

Music emerged from an array of hidden speakers. The whole scene was a spectacular setting for a party.

Terry came out with large gong and announced in his showman style that the party was commencing and for people to get in costume for the evening.

I refilled my wine glass and headed up to my room to change into my “sexy” outfit.

Still feeling a bit weird about what was supposed to be happening, I decided to open the window in my room, which was overlooking the pool area and observe the ongoings for a bit. I was leaning on the window sill, glass of wine in hand and saw that at least the girls adhered to Terry’s rules.

It seemed to be a competition about who could manage to strap the least amount of material to their bodies.

The guys seemed to have a bit looser interpretation of the dress code but most seemed quite content showing off their goods in the required Speedo fashion.

I took a sip of wine and was enjoying floor show when Terry came into the room and joined me. He looked out the window and still seemed to be trying to find someone specific.

He told me that it would probably be a good idea to join the party and to take it easy on the wine. It would be worth it to stay awake and sober for later. He did not elaborate.

I continued to watch from the window for a while and saw that things were starting to warm up a bit by the pool and in the hot tub. People were starting to pair up and getting close. I was not sure if this was supposed to turn into a full fletched orgy or what was going to happen.

Terry poked his head back in and once again prodded me to get ready. He was wearing a tiny speedo and had made sure that his cock was positioned to the side so that the outline was fully visible through the thin fabric. Sarah was standing next to him in a tiny white micro bikini. The tiny bits of material that were there were pretty much completely transparent under the bright hallway light.

I could only speculate what would happen if it got wet.

I finished my wine and started to think about what I was going to put on.

I had several pairs of Speedos since I had been the swim team.

Among them was an old pair that had the inner lining ripped out and the fabric was worn to incredible thinness.

It really left very little to the imagination but I decided in light of the almost naked girls running around down there, I’d go for it. Plus my recent exercise regime had me on the confident side.

I but on a tight sleeveless white T-shirt over the shorts for a bit more subtlety but the sight of the expanse of female flesh had my cock in a semi hard state, making the pronounced and well defined bulge anything but subtle.

So I went down to the pool area with a ” devil may care” and ” no guts, no glory” attitude.

Hopefully some girls would show me theirs, considering they would have seen pretty much all there was of me on my part.

I did make a point to reinforce my courage immediately with another large glass of wine. Sarah was already pouring herself a glass when I got to the cooler. Her bikini had gotten wet and my earlier suspicions were confirmed. There was now zero left to the imagination.

She looked down at my Speedos and said that she was happy that someone had read the memo. As she was saying that, she gently dragged her fingernail around the outline of my cock.

The already prominent bulge was now growing quickly to a point where the material was now completely useless at constraining my growing erection.

She seemed delighted by this and gave the tip of my cock a little scratch with her nail before she scooted away. I always liked Sarah.

I decided to go sit down for a while.

With the help of one of bahis firmaları the many towels that were stacked in various spots around the pool area, I was able to calm down and relax a bit. I kept it on my lap as a precaution. There were too many almost naked girls running and parading around.

Even though there was this underlying air of sexuality in the air, the full blown orgy I had contemplated earlier, really had not manifested itself. But the night was young.

That being said, I did glimpse a couple fucking behind a bush with seemingly no worry of being spied on. There also seemed quite a bit of groping and stroking under the water in the pool and hot tub.

I suddenly got a tap on my shoulder and I turned to see that it was Terry in the company of a very striking girl.

He introduced her as Sabine and I got the impression that she was the person he had been looking for earlier.

He had her sit in the chair across from mine and went off to get her a drink.

I was very happy with my towel as things had not quite calmed down enough yet to make me completely comfortable around someone I had just met but was already engaging in a nice conversation with. I thought it might be a good idea to leave my penis out of it for a while.

The more I looked at her, the more beautiful I found her to be. A very pretty slim face and a short curly haircut with a big shock of that curly hair hanging down over one side of her face. She was around six feet tall and of mixed race.

I guessed Caucasian and African but was not sure as her skin color was extremely light. I was proved correct when she told me that her father was an African American GI and her mother German. I had guessed that there was a Germanic connection from the way she pronounced her name.

She had grown up all over the place in typical army-brat fashion but they now lived permanently in Germany and her parents had sent her here for a couple of years of college to get an additional outlook to her armed forces and German education. That’s how she met Sarah and they became friends.

Terry and Sarah came over and we all chatted for a while. We talked about how I was raised in Germany too and that we could speak in German together if the need arose.

Sabine was still wearing shorts and a T-shirt and Sarah told her she’d show her her room so she could change.

I guessed that Sabine was going to be an overnight guest too.

They went into the house and I saw the light in the upstairs room next to mine turn on. Convenient.

While waiting for Sabine to return, I looked around again to see that activity had increased a bit.

There were at least two blowjobs going on.

One in the hot tub with a small audience and a more shy couple in the dark by a tree.

Terry would be pleased. He had this thing for always pushing for some naughtiness to happen at his parties. I guess he made sure with the theme of this one.

Between the setting and the weird sexual vibe, the whole thing felt a bit odd to me.

I was not prude or anything. Quite to the contrary. Just being around a bunch of strangers with this energy felt strange.

A girl that I recognized from the dorms came up to me and asked if I wanted to go to the hot tub with her. I really wanted to wait for Sabine to return and was about to politely refuse when another completely naked girl came up behind her and ripped her bikini bottom off and ran away with it.

The now bottomless girl gave chase and I amused myself by watching what appeared to be a group of girls playing a game of chasing and stripping each other.

A few guy’s Speedos fell victim to the fun too.Terry should be very pleased with himself.

I pressed the towel harder into my lap.

A good thing because when Sabine returned and I got my first glimpse at her outfit, I went fully erect in a flash.

Her figure was reminiscent of an Olympic athlete without the bulky muscles.

Her hips were a bit wider too, giving her a more feminine air.

She had small, pert breasts with very erect nipples.

These were barely covered by the tiniest string bikini top. The cloth portions were barely a three inch triangle.

She did not wear a bikini bottom but a gauzy yellow length of fabric wrapped around her waist.

When she turned and one of the lights shone through the wrap I realized why she chose that instead of a bikini bottom.

I could see a well defined dark triangle of dense pubic hair. No bottom that matched the top she was wearing would ever suffice to contain that.

The bottom halves of her buttocks were exposed too. She exuded pure sensuality.

Sarah came by to inspect Sabine’s outfit and made her do several threehundred andsixty turns in front of me. She then asked me if I approved. She would not have needed an answer if I did not have that towel. My rock hard penis would have been the ultimate sign of approval.

I nodded my head and Sarah seemed pleased.

She then ran off and joined the cloth ripping game that had spread to a larger crowd now.

About kaçak bahis siteleri half the crowd was naked now.

Sabine sat down and we resumed our conversation. I was really entranced and noticed less and less of the naked activities around me.

My trance like state was abruptly interrupted when Sabine stuck her wineglass towards me and asked if I would get us some refills.

It was the moment of truth. I was no longer fully erect but the old Speedos would do little to hide things. I pulled the towel off my lap Sabine’s eyes went directly to my cock and made no attempt to look away.

I thought I saw a little smile of approval which made my cock twitch and swell noticeably. Her smile got bigger too.

I came back with the refills and Sabine suggested that we go to the hot tub. There was a raucous party in the pool now but the hot top was deserted.

We got in and continued our conversation.

She edged closer and closer to me as we talked until our thighs were touching.

She seemed very relaxed and made herself comfortable, resting her head on my shoulder and looked up at the night sky. My reaction was to get hard again.

She told me me that she was reluctant to attend this party at first but Sarah told her about this big, tall, German guy who would be there that was her type and that she might like. That explained Terry’s invitation and maybe why I was the only one from the regular dorm crowd to be here. I felt a bit set up but was not about to complain.

We hung out in the hot tub for about half an hour when Terry, Sarah and two other couples approached. Terry said to come with them.

He had a special game set up in the house and that’s the required four couples and that we were the fourth team.

I tried to explain that technically we were not a couple but was quickly interrupted by Sarah who asked the other two couples in tow to vote wether we looked like a cute couple or not. The vote was a unanimous yes. I thought so too.

Knowing Terry, I was worried about what his couples game was all about.

I asked Sabine if she was comfortable with this and she just squeezed my hand and led me into the house.

We went into a large room at the back that looked to have been a den or game room at one point but now there a big square cloth covered cushion in the middle of the room. It was about ten by ten foot square and about a foot and a half high.

It was firm like a thick gymnastics mat.

The room was dimly lit by small light fixtures around the perimeter walls.

This set up had Terry written all over it.

And I was about to be part of his little sex fantasy. But I was in this deep an there was no good exit strategy. The fact that Sabine now had her hand firmly on my thigh was a big deterrent to any escape plan too.

And regardless, looking around the room at the other participants, things were not so bad. Sarah was certainly sexy and attractive and the other two couples were straight out of central casting for a show about aspiring models or actors.

I was by far the red-headed stepchild in this crowd. Well there was Terry.

He explained the game to us.

It would be played in stages and involved some sort of spinner, dice and numbered pieces of paper with instructions.

As Terry walked us through the rules and procedures it sounded like some fancy over complicated version of spin the bottle meets truth or dare, created by a control fanatic. Straight out of the mind of Terry.

He went and locked the door. I could have taken that as an ominous sign but that I was well aware who had set this up.

I quick glance out a side window confirmed that the party outside was still going full steam ahead. Naked people outnumbered barely clothed ones and by the looks of things they were further along the path than we were. Terry’s little orgy was progressing nicely.

We all knelt down around the big square cushion, one couple on each side.

Apparently the first round was designed as an an ice breaker.

Terry spun the arrow on the spinning device he had built. It was a circle divided into for colored section, each of which was again divided into two shades of the color.

Sabine and I were the blue team. She was light and I was dark blue.

Inevitably, the first spin landed on dark blue.

The task for round one was to kiss every member of the opposite sex passionately for 30 seconds starting with ones partner.

I certainly had nothing to complain about there except that I had to sit in the middle on the square and each girl would join me there.

Sabine crawled towards me on all fours and kissed me a bit apprehensively at first and then we fell into a full embrace and tongue wrestling match. It was fabulous.

My old threadbare Speedos were starting to get a workout again.

At exactly thirty seconds, Terry sounded the alarm and we reluctantly disengaged.

We moved in a clockwise direction and my next candidate was approaching me.

She had introduced herself as Jessica earlier. If it were not for Sabine being there, I would have been chasing her down all party long. She was a really cute tallish girl with beautiful tan skin with freckles and the most piecing blue eyes. Her face was framed by an incredible mane of wavy brunette hair.

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