Tempted Moms Ch05: Summer Awakening (Part 2 of 2)


“Holy shit! You’re my hero!” Jacob said to his friend, Logan. “You have to tell me what it felt like to fuck your mom.””It was the best thing ever, and I almost didn’t get that far. But, I swear, when she sucked on my cock, I practically blew right then.””Dude! She sucked your dick too?”Logan chuckled and said, “Yea, and she’s very good at it.”Jacob quickly became envious of his friend since he himself had been plagued with dark, incestuous thoughts of his own mother over the past couple of months. Ever since his mother Margery started wearing very revealing clothing around the house while she did her housework, he couldn’t help but look at her in a different light. And if that weren’t bad enough, she would sometimes dance around shaking her tight little ass while she cleaned in a manner that seemed very erotic to his eighteen-year-old mind.”Aw… That’s it, I got to try to get somewhere with my mom,” he announced to his friend.As they talked, off in the distance, he heard the television playing in the living room and said, “My Dad’s out of town for a week. So this might be my best chance to try to make some advance towards Mom.””What you going to do?” Logan asked.”I’m not sure yet. However, she’s watching some kind of movie. Maybe, if I take an interest in it, something might come to mind.””Okay, well, let me know how it goes. I’ll let you get to it. Good luck.””Thanks, man. And I’ll catch you later,” Jacob said, before hanging up.Jacob changed into his pajamas, walked into the living room, and said, “Hey Mom, is the movie good?””Huh? Oh… It’s okay. Who were you talking to?Jacob looked at his mother and admired how the television light glistened off her short, blonde hair and said, “Just Logan.””Oh… Did he happen to mention how things are fairing with him and his mother?”Jacob sat down next to her and said, “Not really? Why… What did you hear?””Oh… Hmm… Maybe she didn’t talk to him yet. Nevermind.””About what, Mom?””I really shouldn’t say, Jacob.””C’mon, Mom, spill it,” Jacob said and playfully smacked her thigh, which caused her to jump and yell, “Ouch!” as she tucked her legs under her fanny.Laughingly Margery replied, “Hey, that smarts,” and rubbed the sting in her thigh.Jacob twisted his body more toward her and casually ran his eyes down her figure. His dick impatiently bulged under his PJs as he gazed upon her large melons tucked tightly against her light green ribbed shirt. Then trailed down lower and admired her snug dark blue jeans and said, “So what’s going on over at Logan’s?””Just forget I said anything.”With a serious complexion, Jacob said bluntly, “Don’t make me tickle it out of you.””You wouldn’t dare!” Margery replied back with an astonishing appearance.Jacob lunged forward, grasped at her sides, and wiggled his fingers rapidly.”Oh!! Ha ha ha ha. Oh! Jacob! Ha ha ha ha. Ssstop! Stop! Ha ha ha!” Margery pleaded as her hands tried to force her son’s prying fingers from the sides of her tummy.”Tell me, Mom. Tell me.””Nnooo! Ha ha ha. I’m not say-i-n-g. OH! Ha ha ha ha!” Margery managed to shout as she twisted her body and nudged her son with both feet.Jacob pushed his mother backward, and on his knees, centered himself between her thighs. His hands dug deeper into her sides, and she wiggled, kicked, and laughed louder.”Ssstop! Jacob! I, I can’t breathe! Ha ha ha ha!” Margery uttered as he continued his assault on her.Then, as his mother flopped and thrust her body, it connected with his groin.Bump… Bump bump bump; he felt as his mother shifted around and caused his already stiff dick to become super hard.Jacob leaned forward and pushed his head just above her breast and smashed her melons into his chest, along with nestling his swollen rod against her mound.Jacob loved every smash and grind his mother did against his shaft and met it eagerly with a shove of his own as he continued to tickle her.However, it didn’t go unnoticed. Oh, my God! My son’s hard cock is rubbing against my pussy! Margery thought when she realized what was taking place. Then an unexpected jolt of intense sexual pleasure raced through her body and stimulated her in a way that she had never felt before. bahis siteleri Shocked and horrified, she suddenly froze and sternly said, “Okay, Jacob, that’s enough. Let me up.”Jacob held himself still and chuckled, “You going to tell me now?”Margery’s heart, thumped loudly in her chest as her body responded to the feel of her young man’s swollen penis against her. Astonished by how excited she got, she worded, “Yes, yes, now let me up.”Jacob sat up and looked at his mother’s flush complexion and said, “Okay, Mom. Time to talk.”Margery sat up and fixed her clothes, still in disbelief that she actually got turned on, said, “She was supposed to discuss with him about their current activities.””Activities? Um, what, what current activates?” Jacob cautiously said. Not sure if Ava told her that she fucked her own son.Margery rubbed her neck with her right hand, unsure if she could continue with explaining what Logan and Ava were doing, and bashfully said, “They’ve been being a little more playful towards each other lately.””Huh? I’m not following you, Mom. In what manner?” Jacob pressed.With a deep sigh, Margery said, “They’ve been stimulating each other sexually.””Oh!” Jacob said, and after a long pause followed with, “So, what do you think about them doing that, Mom?”Margery straightened up on the couch, crossed her legs and arms, and paused. If her son had asked this question yesterday, she would have known exactly what to say. However, after feeling that tingle in her pussy just seconds ago, she wasn’t so sure anymore and bluntly lied, “I think it’s very improper for a mother and son to do such a thing.””Oh. So you definitely think what they’re doing is wrong?” Jacob said.Margery had to change the subject somehow. Her son was asking too many questions that she knew she couldn’t truthfully answer and quickly said, “Logan’s father is also having an affair.””Oh! Wow, Mom, he never said anything about it to me.””He might not be aware of it, so I don’t want you to say anything to him.””But Mom, don’t you think he has a right to know?””It’s not our place to give him that information. But, if his mother hasn’t told him yet, I’m sure she has her reasons.””So what about yourself, Mom? Would you tell me if Dad was having an affair?”Margery paused for a second and said, “I guess it would depend upon the circumstances.””Circumstances? Like what?””I don’t know! Why are we even talking about this?” Margery replied, since she didn’t know what else to say.”Okay, Mom. Don’t get upset. I was just curious, that’s all.””Well, let’s just drop it.”They both sat quietly and watched the television for about half an hour when Jacob said, “Do you masturbate when Dad’s away, Mom?””What!” Margery replied. “Why would you ask me such a thing?””Well, Dad’s been going away so much now that I was just curious as to how you deal with your own needs.””Jacob, I don’t think that is something a son should be asking his mother.””I don’t see why not. It’s not like something people don’t do all the time. But, hell, if I were you, Mom, I know I would be doing it.”Margery rolled her eyes and said, “I can’t believe we’re having this conversation.””So… Do you?”Margery paused before saying, “What I do or don’t do is something I plan to keep private, and I think that is enough of this talk.””Okay, Mom. I guess I’ll turn in, then. Sorry if I upset you,” Jacob said and leaned over and gave her a lingering peck.”Um… It’s fine?” Margery replied, as her son’s questionable kiss took her by surprise as she watched him walk away. However, she couldn’t help but think back to what her son had said and found herself wondering what would have happened if she actually discussed how she did masturbate. Would it lead to something more? Did she secretly want it to?Get a hold of yourself, Margery, she thought and watched the television until she dozed off.”Mom… Mom,” Margery heard as her body shook.”Wha… What,” Margery said while her eyes opened unfocused.”Mom, you slept on the couch?””Oh… I guess I did,” Margery groggily replied as she eased herself upright. “What time is it?””Almost nine. I’m going to be late,” Jacob said and dashed off.Margery stood up canlı bahis siteleri and reflected back over her problem, and called Ava.”Hi, Marge.””So, how are things going?” Margery said.”Oh, I didn’t get a chance to talk to Logan yet. However, I did have a long conversation last night with Chris, and he wants to try to work things out. Except, this morning he hit me with how a bunch of people from his office are coming over for a football party. That really annoys me. I mean, now I have to run out and get stuff for that and try to straighten up the house before they get here.”Margery wanted to tell her friend about the conversation she had with her son last night, but after hearing Ava’s news, she just said, “I won’t keep you then. I can see you’re very busy today. I’ll call again tomorrow.””Okay, Margery,” she quickly heard, before the phone hung up.Jacob made it to school with only seconds to spare when he saw Logan in the hallway and yelled, “Hey, you lucky dog.”Logan fast-paced over to Jacob and pulled him to the side, and whispered, “I got to fuck her this morning as well.””Holy shit, man. Oh hey, my mom told me about your Dad having an affair. Is it true?””Yea, but we had better get to class. I’ll tell you about that later.””K… see you at lunch,” Jacob said and headed towards his class.That afternoon, Logan told Jacob what his mother had told him about his father and then finished with how his mom would give him a second chance.”Aw, man. So you think your mom will forgive him.””I don’t know. The way I see it is he had his chance, so I’m not going to give up on her that easily. Oh, hey. Did you get anywhere with your mom last night?””Dude, It was great. I found a way to tickle her, and while she was laughing, I got between her legs until her pussy was right against my groin.””Well, I guess that’s a start.””Yeah, but I think she knew what I was doing because she got up real quick and had this funny look on her face. Oh, and then she said how your mom was going to talk to you about you two fooling around.”Logan laughed and said, “Yeah, we talked. She wanted us to stop fooling around. But I managed to talk my way back into her pants afterward.””I tried talking to my mom about how you too were behaving, but she seemed dead set on what you two were doing was wrong,” Jacob replied.”I think she’s just fucking with you like my mom was. I’m telling you. You have to figure out how to make more body contact with her. I’m sure once her pussy gets all hot and bothered, it will be a cinch to get your cock inside her.””Jezz… Okay, maybe you’re right. I’ll try to come up with a way. I’ll talk to you tonight about it.””Nah, can’t tonight, man. My dad’s throwing a football party at our house.””Oh well, I guess tomorrow then.””Yeah, tomorrow. We had better get back to class before we’re late,” Logan said and quickly departed.Meanwhile, Margery was busily cleaning around the house and usually didn’t enter her son’s room. Nevertheless, today she felt compelled to clean it for some unknown reason, and when she stripped off his bedsheets, she noticed a CD fall onto the floor.Now, why did he hide this? She marveled as she picked the disk up off the floor. “I wonder?” she said and walked over to his laptop and started it up. Once the PC finished loading, she inserted the disk, and it began to play.Margery took a step back, and her jaw dropped open when the sounds of sex flourished in the room. And as the people moaned and ground, she whispered to herself, “Oh my god. Where did he get this?”I thought he destroyed this years ago?” she said as the sounds of her fucking raged on.Then it hit her as she listened to herself whine, “Fuck me. OH Yes! That’s it, fuck me harder!” Her son must be getting himself off listening to it. For some unknown reason, that thought sparked something hidden deep inside her.Margery’s brow began to sweat as the sounds of sex intensified, and she found herself getting excited picturing her son jerking off listening to her having sex. Then, without thinking, she reached down and pushed her palm hard against her mound and was shocked by what she was doing.Oh, this is so wrong. Why am I getting canlı bahis so turned on by this? She thought as the visions of her son wanking his stiff pole grew stronger.”But his cock looks so hard,” she nastily whispered to herself as her hand grazed slowly over her jean-covered crotch.Margery lay back on the bed, unbuttoned her jeans, and thought, I wonder if he knows it’s me, he’s jerking off to? How could he not? And snaked her right hand inside her panties until it found her swollen clit.”This is so wrong. I shouldn’t be doing this,” she said as she massaged her clit in time with her moans on the disk. Then, closing her eyes, her mind filled with wicked pictures of her son yanking profusely on his pole, which immensely excited her.”Oh… Oh my god. I’m getting so wet. I’m going to cum. I can’t help it!”However, she wasn’t prepared for what happened next and mumbled, “OH… OH NO! I can’t think this!” as her mind quickly changed from her son jerking off to laying upon the couch with her son on top of her like the other day. Except for this time, instead of him tickling her, they were both naked, and her legs were wrapped about his body as he slammed his hard meat deep inside her.”I… I have to stop imagining this,” she moaned, but alas, she couldn’t fight off the incestuous image and hesitantly slid her fingers into her welcoming snatch.Faster and quicker, she finger-fucked herself as she moaned loudly, while her mind envisioned her son getting ready to explode into her womb, and she screamed, “OH FUCK NO!” just as her body began to quiver.Bucking and wailing, her fingers locked inside her soaked snatch as she experienced the most intense orgasm of her life while the familiar grunts of a man coming echoed throughout the room.Margery sat up, panting profusely, and straightened her clothes. Horrified by what she thought and did, she quickly remembered the conversation she had with her friend.”Oh my God, Ava, you didn’t! Think about what you’re doing.””I have Margery, and I never had an orgasm like that with Chris.””But he’s your son. Ava, you have to control yourself.””Listen, Marge; it’s just two people helping each other find some sexual relief. As long as we keep our clothes on, I don’t see the harm.””You’re playing a very dangerous game, honey. I hope you know what you’re doing.””I’m sure I can keep things under control. Listen, I have to go and get ready. Logan will be home soon.”Margery removed the disk from the laptop and tucked it back into its hiding spot.”I have to clear my head of these thoughts I’m having of my son,” she said and decided that if she washed the car, it might help to do just that.Margery went to her room to change. Stepping out of her jeans, she slipped on a white tee-shirt and a pair of cut-offs and headed out to the vehicle. She had just finished filling a plastic bucket with soapy water when she noticed her son walking along the street.”Hey, Mom. You want some help?” Jacob asked.”Sure, you can lend a hand. However, go change first.””Okay, Mom. I’ll be right back.”Jacob hastily returned wearing a red tank top and a pair of blue shorts and said, “Okay, Mom, I’m ready.”Margery soaked up a sponge and handed him the bucket, and said, “I’ll do this side, and you do the other.””Okay, Mom,” Jacob replied as he quickly looked over his mother’s sexy figure. Her chest heaved at the white shirt and caused his dick to twitch at the sight of them.Wow, she’s so hot. I would love to just once run my hands over them, he thought. But then he had an idea and reached for the hose while his mother was busy, bent over washing the front bumper. He aimed the hose downward and sprayed the car hood full blast, sending water flying towards his mother.”OH!” she yelled and quickly stood up.Jacob lifted the hose upward and caught her square in the chest before he turned it off and said, “Oh, ah, sorry, Mom.”Margery gasped as the thin white fabric rapidly became transparent, and her light pink areolas quickly came into view while her nipples hardened expeditiously.Quickly, Margery covered her chest and yelled, “Jacob! That’s cold!””I said I was sorry,” Jacob said as he gander over her wet chest.”Well, just be more careful next time,” Margery said and noticed her son’s eyes gleaming at her bosom. Her old secret desire to tease her son once again raced to the surface, and she found herself wanting to excite him once more.

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