My BBC Fantasies Come True on a Road Trip

Big Balls

My BBC Fantasies Come True on a Road TripWe love road trips. This time we were headed to the coast for a beach trip. I really wanted to stop someplace and grab some snacks, but my husband kept passing places looking for a good spot with all kinds of this and that. He wanted one of those establishments that has everything you want…bathrooms, beef jerky, drinks, food, even electronics and grills and things like that. Finally I had to put my foot down and tell him not to be so picky and at the next place we saw, which ended up being some no name truck stop somewhere in South Texas. To my dismay, he answered a business call on his phone as we pulled in…even though he knows I hate it when he does that. As I was getting out of the BMW, he cupped his hand over his phone and said, “I’m going to be on this call for a bit, can you grab me a drink and some chips while you’re in there?” Slightly annoyed at the business call on our couples roadmap, I gave him my famous eye roll and agreed to his request and headed into the truck stop.The place was the typical truck stop with the usual options of chips and sodas and lottery tickets and even a small mom and pop type area where you could get homemade Mexican food. It looked like it had been there for several years and had seen its share of visitors. There was a guy behind the counter, a woman at the counter of the Mexican food place and a man working in the kitchen area, and couple of patrons walking around the few short aisles. I figured while I was there I might as well get in a trip to the restroom as well, so I searched the area and saw a restroom sign in the back corner. I made a beeline for the bathroom which was down a narrow hallway and sign on the door that said “Restroom” in handwritten black marker.Without really thinking much of it, I opened the door and was güvenilir bahis surprised and embarrassed to find someone in there already. My surprise quickly turned into shock as my brain registered the occupant as a tall, muscular black man standing at the single toilet in the bathroom. He looked like an NFL linebacker standing there. He was wearing a button down red plaid shirt with the sleeves cut off, showing off his big shoulders and tattooed arms, a pair of jeans and construction boots. In his hand he held a massive, heavy, uncut, dark cock and he was just finishing up. “Oh my god!” I screamed. “I’m so sorry,” I apologized, never taking my eyes off of his cock. Typically this is where you exit and run to the car and just tell your husband we’d try the next place, but my feet were frozen. I was mesmerized by his cock. I’d seen my share of big black cocks online in porn videos and pictures, but I’d never seen one up close. It was bigger than I’d ever really imagined and figured it could be at least ten pounds! He looked over at me, looked me up and down and simply smiled and shook his cock as men do when they’re finished. Then, still holding it in his hand, he turned toward me, giving me an even better view and looked right at me and began to lightly stroke it.I bit my lip, still staring, unsure what to do. He looked up and down my body while he stroked himself, and I watched his cock begin to get even bigger. His size already eclipsed my husband’s cock before it even started to get hard! I felt naked even though I was dressed in a cute knee-length skirt and the expensive blouse my husband had bought for me a week earlier, unbuttoned just enough to show off some cleavage and a hint of my big boobs. The situation made the hair on my neck stand up and made made tingle between my legs. So I had a decision güvenilir bahis siteleri to make. Keep watching or grab some chips and a drink and join my husband in the car. I looked down the hall out into the truck stop, thought for a moment, and then stepped forward into the small restroom and shut the door behind me. He smiled again and was now stroking what looked to be at least eleven or twelve inches of thick, black manhood right in front of me! I felt so many emotions running through me. Embarrassment. Shock. Guilt. Even disgust. But I also felt arousal. And lust. So I stood there watching, not saying a word. Part of me envisioned him reaching out to grope my breasts or tear my clothes from my body and ravage me. Maybe he’d grab me by my hair and force me to my knees to make me take it in my mouth. But he simply stood there looking me up and down, stroking his enormous black cock. I assume he was running through scenarios of his own in his head. It only aroused me even more to think about all of the dirty things he could easily do to me if he wanted. Part of me seemed to want that.My lips were watering, I was breathing heavily, and I was getting incredibly wet. He was breathing heavy now too, and soon I began to think about him erupting right in front of me. I went over in my mind the different ways I not only imagined him shooting, but now wanted him to do it. Finally, I knew exactly what I wanted. I watched him stroking faster and faster, knowing the telltale signs of a man on the verge of exploding. I watched a few more moments and then stepped to the side and hopped up on the end of the grimy sink and spread my legs, letting my skirt ride up my thighs, exposing my white, lace t-back panties to him. He let out a guttural moan as he stared between my legs. His response only fueled my iddaa siteleri fire, and I reached between my legs and pulled my panties to the side, exposing my pussy. He looked in my eyes, and I confirmed it for him by saying, “Do it. Defile my married white pussy. Fill me up.” He needed no further prompting and stepped forward and positioned his enormous cock head between my legs. I felt his warmth against my lips and moaned as I felt his fleshy cock part my lips and push in. He was so hard and I was so wet that he was able to push almost all the way in in one single thrust. His size stretched me open, and I felt as if my insides would be pulled out with him as he pulled away before he grabbed my hips and pushed back in hard, crashing deep inside me. I grunted as he hit depths inside me I never thought possible. Two more thrusts and that was it.He threw his head back and grunted long and loud, and I felt him erupting. It felt like someone turned on a firehose of warm liquid inside me. I felt his strong jets shoot deep inside me and fill me as I’d asked. So much that it began to run out of me and down my thighs. His cock pulsed as wave after wave of his cum shot since me.When he was finally spent he pulled away, zipped up his pants and simply thanked me. “Thank YOU,” was all I could think to say before he left the bathroom. I straightened up the best I could, freshened my lipstick in the mirror and took a few extra minutes, hoping he would be gone before I emerged from the restroom. When I came out of the bathroom he was nowhere in sight. I looked around the truck stop wondering if I’d been found out, but no one seemed to have any clue of the debauchery that had just taken place in the restroom. I grabbed my husband’s chips and soda and a few things for myself and jumped back in the BMW where my husband, as expected, was still on his call. I got one last tingle as my husband leaned over to give me a small kiss while I could still feel the black stranger’s cum still dripping between my legs. Only 600 more miles to go! That’s a lot of stops (I hope).

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