Mistis’ Adventures Part 223


Mistis’ Adventures Part 223Gloria was in the best mood she could remember, when the sun came through the window, the next morning. She was warm and comfortable, in a nice bed, had the arm of a man that she was getting good feelings about, around her, and had a future that, while not quite what she had envisioned, was satisfying, and something that she loved to do. It not only was something she was good at, but, it took her back to her c***dhood days, before she was taken away from all that she loved, and put in harm’s way. If only she HADN’T been so hard headed, and listened to her Mom, Dad, and Bubba. They ALL tried to tell her that he was NOT the guy she thought he was. She had to learn it, the HARD way. The other two bozos hadn’t made it any better, either. THEY had both, not only used her to a fair-the-well, for their own pleasure, but had turned her out, and sold her body to buy their junk. She was glad that her cousin had been able to come to her aid. HE was a TOUGH customer. He had a special liking for her, and when he finished with the two of them, they were begging him NOT to hurt them any more. She never knew the when, or the how, but both of them handed her cousin well stuffed wallets, and actually begged him to PLEASE not beat them any more. He took the money and handed it to her, then reached in the glove box of their car, and pulled out the title, and told them to sign it, or more was on the way. She took the car, and used most of the money to fix it, and get completely away. It was the car she was using until the last few days.Now she was laying here beside a man that she could, possibly, fall in love with, and friends that were bending over backwards to be nice to her. She shifted herself, and turned over to look at Steve. His face, in his sleep, looked like an overgrown, little boy. He stirred slightly, in his sleep, and nodded. Then his arm came up and was placed over his eyes, to block the sunlight. His hand was palm up, and she leaned over and took his finger, and put it in her mouth, drawing it out slowly. As she was pulling it back, she was using her tongue to lick it gently. She did this several times, and watched what she had hoped for, to happen. He was “making a tent” with the sheet. She saw his eyes open, and gave it an extra bit of suction, and smiled at him. “Is something WRONG, BABY? You look like somethings bothering you..” His hand went town to confirm what he was suspecting, and moved the sheet slightly. “What the fuck is going on?” She laid somewhat over him, and bent down to kiss him lightly on the lips. “NOTHING, YET! But that’s what I had in mind. A NICE, HOT, WET FUCK!!!”She flipped the sheet to their feet and changed positions, taking his swelling cock into her mouth. It was just the right size to be a mouthful for her. She felt it, just barely, hit the opening of her throat, and closed her lips around it, pulling back, and letting her teeth, just barely, touch his skin. She pulled back until the head was barely between her lips, then kissed it, and started the same motions, all over. She, on every fourth time she pulled back, took one of his testicles in her mouth,and gently sucked on IT. All the while her tongue was licking it inside her mouth. She was carefully watching his face, and letting her lips and tongue tell her what she wanted to know. She wanted to know when he was about to cum, so she could give it to him GOOD, for the FINISH.She already knew that it wouldn’t stop there, though. She would keep on until he was good and hard, again, and had him in her tight, little box. She loved the taste of his cum, but wanted him to seed her, just as much. She wouldn’t admit it, but, she was obsessed with getting pregnant, again. She had cried for a long time over her baby, when it died. Now she wanted another.She felt the slight spasms that signaled his cumming, and bobbed her head a little faster, and sucked just a little harder. His hands went to the back of her head, and pushed himself deeper into her mouth. She felt the smooth texture of his cum on the back of her throat, and her tongue at almost the same time. It to her tasted almost like sushi, with something sweet in it, and with a slightly salty aftertaste. Her first time had been forced. The guy had had her on the ground, and stuck it in her mouth, and fucked her face until he had cum in her mouth, twice. He had reached down and held her nose to make her swallow it, too. She had puked it all up, and was crying. He laughed at her and told her, “The NEXT time I tell you to suck my dick, you damn well BETTER open up and get it on, or I’ll stick it in your ass first. Give you a good taste of shit to go with it.” He had told her every day, after that, for a week or two, two or three times a DAY, to suck his dick. She’d done it. Not much after that, he found out she was pregnant, and he left her. During the course of her “training,” she had grown not to mind the taste, and later, after a couple of her customers, had grown to like it. Somewhere along the way, she had learned to like, and enjoy, the taste of a man’s cum in her mouth. It was a weird feeling when she realized she had grown to like it.She felt him holding her head and pushing deeper, and she was swallowing as fast as she could. She raised up and looked him in the eyes. “GOOD MORNING, SWEETHEART! DID YOU SLEEP WELL?” She was getting ready to take him into her mouth, for the second time, but he took her shoulders, and pulled her atop of him, and reached down to place his dick at her vagina. He was just as hard as he was before. She was already wet, and he slipped inside of her, sending shivers up and down her spine. It had, after a while, become a source of pride, to know that the sight of her naked body could get a man so excited, so fast. Some had even got excited at seeing her with her clothes ON. THEY were the easy ones. With them, all she had to do was to lean back against a wall, or bend over anything near, and let them do what they wanted to do. She had always wore panties, when she was working, so all they had to do was to move the crotch piece aside and stick it in her. Most would reach under her blouse, to play with her boobs, while they fucked her, but some didn’t even do THAT. She would already have their money in her hands, so she waited until she felt them cum, and told them, simply, “See ya’ NEXT time, ya want some pussy.” and walk away, looking for her next customer. She charged 20 dollars for oral, 30 dollars for vaginal, and 50 dollars for anal. For 2 or more she charged them 40 dollars each. The guys were around, near by, and took the money from her to get their fixes THEY made her put out even when she was having her period. She kept a wet cloth in her purse, to wipe herself and the customer, when he was finished.She felt Steve rolling her over, after a bit, and she spread her legs wide and drew her knees up so he could go deeper inside of her. She had already cum two or three times, and was building to a whopper of an orgasm, now. He was going deep and was making her feel it. The overwhelming warmth, was building inside of her and filling her body. If he would only take a few seconds more… WHAM!!! BOOM!!! HERE IT WAS!!! SHE FELT LIKE THE TOP OF HER HEAD WAS EXPLODING!!! She gasped and choked on the sudden rush of heat throughout her body. At the same instant, she felt his cum rushing into her body, filling it, and the wetness of the overflow, trickling down the crack of her ass. She pulled him down and kissed him with everything she had inside her. Her hands were around his back, and the back of his head, as she muttered endearments to him.They laid there for minutes, holding each other and exchanging kisses, while his hands ran up and down her body, feeling her smooth, soft skin. It gave her another thrill to be felt up like this, afterwards. They got up and went to the shower, and cleaned each other, and dried themselves off. Steve went and dressed, and then to start the coffee. She douched herself, and remained undressed as she went into the kitchen. Poor guy made some good coffee, but couldn’t even fry an egg without it being too done, or too raw. He could cook bacon, so he took out a pan and started it. She handed him a loaf of bread, and he started it to toasting. Soon they had a simple breakfast.He tool a jug of milk from the icebox, and poured each of them a glass. They sat down and ate, while discussing their plans for the day.”What were you saying about going skinny dipping, yesterday? You wanted to know if I enjoyed it YES, I DO!!! I feel so free with the cool water all over me, and the sun on my bare skin. A small breeze makes it all so much better.” He smiled at bahis şirketleri her. “I know where a nude beach, or rather, clothing optional, is located. On a day like it’s supposed to be, today, there will, probably, be a big crowd there. I was wondering if you were brave enough to take your clothes off and go swimming, where everybody can see you naked. What do you think?’ She reached over and laid her hand on his, smiling at him. “BABY CAKES, I can handle anything you show me, and THEN some. I like for people to see me naked as a jaybird. How about YOU? Guys seem to have more problems, worrying about how they “measure up.” Gals don’t have that problem. DO you want to fix a picnic lunch, or get something on the way?”They went and took several towels from the linen closet, and an old blanket she’d seen in a plastic bag, in the garage, and he took a few cans of pork and beans, some plastic flatware, some cans of SPAM, and the rest of the loaf of bread. Both agreed that they would stop to get something for them to drink, ice, and a small jar of sandwich spread, on the way. She had heard the others speak if it, a time or two, but had never heard them say where it was, or how far. Maria had said it was very nice, with lots of grass, and large shade trees around it. Althea had said that, on nice days, it could see some big crowds. Several of her dates had been there. They loved to see her naked.They got in his pickup and went north a short distance, and then turned at a cattle guard. It was a black top road, and it went for a distance through some trees, and it came into sight. The water was a bright blue, and had barely more than ripples in it, from the breeze. It was already in the 80s, and there were a few s**ttered puffballs of clouds in the sky. There were many cars, trucks, and motorcycles parked just past the trees, from the beach, which looked, from here, to be pea gravel. They took the blanket, and an umbrella that Steve had in the back of his truck, and the bags and ice chest of food and drink. It was a fair arm load for them, but it was just a little over 50 yards for them to walk. Steve spied a place that was not too far from the water, and spread out the blanket on the gravel, and took a spiked holder, and drove it into the gravel, to hold the umbrella.They used the other things to anchor the blanket, in case a wind came up. Gloria smiled at Steve. “You take ’em off first. I dare ya!” He looked around for a second and pulled his shirt off, then his shoes. She smiled at him even bigger. “ALL of them!” He pulled the zipper down and dropped his shorts to the ground, revealing an erection. “WOW!!!” she exclaimed. “So FAST, TOO!!!” He looked around, for the second time. If anybody was paying any attention to him, they were being extremely furtive about it. He sat down, and pulled a towel over him to hide his erection. “YOUR TURN!!!” he stated. She never gave it a thought. She was wearing one of the halters that belonged to Susan, because it was a bit smaller, and fit tighter, and a pair of low cut shorts, that barely covered her butt. She untied the strings, and the halter fluttered to the ground. Then she hooked her thumbs in the elastic of the waistband, and pulled down the shorts, and kicked them at Steve. She heard a low murmur, and looked a few yards over from them, where three other couples were sitting. An American man, an Asian man, and two Asian women. All of them were smiling at her. The man quickly put his finger to his lips, as he smiled at her. The other two people were a black lady, and a white man. The black lady was showing a small baby bump.”SOME PEOPLE NEVER LEARN TO LOOK AROUND AT WHO’S NEAR, DO THEY? THEY NEVER LEARN TO LOOK AT WHO MIGHT BE CLOSE!!!” Steve started at the voice. “Hey, Mikey. What’re YOU doing here. Mike stood up, with the other two men and came over and hugged Steve. “Same as everybody else. Just enjoying a rare day off. THIS is my Father-in-Law, Ben, and Arnold, a friend that’s visiting for a few days from out of state. You know Misti, but the ladies are her Mom, Sam, and Arnold’s wife Valerie. We call them Arnie, and Val. She worked for me for a while, and we fell in love with her. She brought Arnie here to meet us, and we decided to come out for a while. They have to go home in a couple of days, and Val kept pestering us to show her this place. She heard us talking about it when she was working for us at the store. It was too cold, then, but we told her that we would bring her here when it got warm. She’s on a tight schedule, now, though. She’s in her fourth month, and wanted to come out while she still had her shape, to strut her stuff. Misti and Sam love to be naked as much as they can, so we decided to make a day of it.” Mike had hugged him, and Arnie had shook hands with him. All three of the ladies kissed and hugged him. Misti poked him in the ribs. “You said you were going to come see us, but you never did. WHY?” “I couldn’t get away, Love.” he answered. “I have a job, and it keeps me busy. I have to do my yard work and shopping on the weekends. We’re house sitting for our boss, now.”He turned and drew Gloria up to his side. “This is Gloria. My room mate, and hopefully, soon, to be fiance, She operates the machinery, and I swamp for her, so she’s my boss, too.” Gloria kissed and hugged all of the party. Misti looked her over, and exclaimed. “She;s BEAUTIFUL!!! Much better than YOU deserve. You better watch, or I’ll tell her some stories about you. THAT’LL fix YOUR wagon. She’ll take a shotgun after you.” Gloria laughed at the exchange. “I’m so glad to meet you, but, I keep a loaded gun with me all the time, just in case.” Misti invited them to come and sit with them, and share their food. Mike had brought the same four umbrellas he had used in Germany, along with the huge ground cloth from the same place. They moved over and sat together, talking about life before, and some of the things they remembered, or chose NOT to forget. Arnie was fascinated by the story behind the scar on Steve’s back. Misti and Val, especially, asked what it was like to drive something so BIG! Gloria told them that the size wasn’t anything special, she just had to be aware of her surroundings, and to give herself room to move, safely.They went into the water several times, with Gloria admiring the physiques of all three of the other ladies, but more so, the physiques of the men. Arnie was slender, but had a nice chest, Ben, was smaller by a small bit, than they others, but you could see his muscles under his skin, and Mike was built like a body builder. Arnie was just about the same size as Steve, but Ben and Mike, were larger than most men of the same size. ESPECIALLY MIKE!!! He was HUGE!!! Misti saw the way that Gloria was looking at her husband, and whispered something to her mother, in Thai. Both of them laughed. Shortly, Misti asked if the rest of them were getting hungry, and suggested going to their house to eat, instead of having a picnic.All agreed, and they packed up their things, and went to Mike and Misti’s new home. They had been living there for a couple of months, and wanted all to see the new house. They loaded their things, and went to the new house. It was almost a hundred yards from the next house, belonging to Bruce and Annie. They didn’t even bother putting on their clothes for the trip home. Misti had asked for a walk in refrigerator, and it was in the basement. All of the food was taken down to it, except for the baskets of egg rolls, and won ton. They were re heated, and put on the table for them to eat. They ate on the patio, with a spectacular view of the river flowing past, only about 75 yards away. The entire distance was covered in large elm, cottonwood, and pecan trees, and the river was lined with willows. Steve asked about the twins, and was told that they were at Betty’s house, playing with her c***dren.Mike, smooth as silk, went over and put his arm around Gloria, and kissed her on the ear. “Would you like to see the place better? I’d love to show you anything you’d like to see.” She was a little surprised, but owing to the way she had been looking at him, wasn’t TOO surprised. “PLEASE!!! If it’s okay with Misti.” Misti smiled up at her. “WE are the folks that Maria and Floyd told you about. We love to share and be shared. Mike has spent some time with Maria, and her older daughter, and I have been intimate with Floyd. Not as much as I’d LIKE, but time is not something we worry about. I enjoy his company, VERY much. You two go and have some fun. Mike. Perhaps she would like to see the patches of clover, over under the willow trees.” Mike held her hand as she rose, looking over at Steve. “CON bahis firmaları PERMISO, MI AMIGO?” Steve smiled at him. I want to get acquainted with Sam. SHE is so LOVELY!” She dimpled at him, and commented, “I was wondering if you were going to ask me.” Val chuckled. “Better check to see if you have plenty of Ben Gay. You’re going to need it after Mike gets through with you.” Ben stepped over and kissed her. “You better worry about yourself, Dear lady. The old man is feeling like he needs some chocolate.” Arnie looked at Misti. “Are YOU up for some fun and games, SWEETHEART? I feel like some Thai dessert. It’s always so sweet.”They split up, and Misti and Arnie stayed out on the patio. Misti smiled at him. “I’m so glad you met Val. You deserve each other. I just wish than Van and her new boyfriend were here with us. I would like to meet him, and she is so sweet. You would all fall in love with her. She’s even smaller than Mom or me, and so beautiful it almost hurts to look at her.” Arnie smiled at her. “I’ve seen the pictures of her that Val has, and I agree. She is a wonderful looking lady. She says they may come out next year, and come by to get us, and come to see you, on the way to see her family. She recently decided to get the breast enlargement that her Father spoke to her about. Not much, THANK GOD, but she is going to get her self enlarged from a 34 B to a 36 C. I think, from her pictures, that that will be more than enough.”Misti took his face, and drew it down to kiss. “I think it will too. How about MINE? Are THEY big enough” He finished kissing her. “Yours are works of art. The Old Masters would have loved painting you, nude. IF they could ever stop making love with you.” That’s the thing I love about being a Museum Curator. My day is spent looking at things the other people only get to see once on a while.” He had already told them about having several pieces of art on loan for a few months, next year. He was going to have, among them, the “MONA LISA, and The MILKMAID.He had seen them in the Louvre, while in Paris several years ago. Misti, ever curious, about the people she loved, asked him, “How DID you and Val meet?” He smiled at her, and replied, “We had some programs for our computers, and the people sent her over to fix them for us. We had had a few problems, and she made short work of them, and soon had everything going the way it was supposed to. We had been thinking about hiring a specialist, but, hadn’t found anybody suitable, yet. When she finished, I asked her if she’d like to go get something to drink. We went to a little place across from the museum, and drank coffee, and talked for a while. I asked if she might be interested in having a full time job with us, and told her what it would pay. She agreed, and, a few days later, she joined our staff. We went out several times, and I found her directness to be fun. After our first date, she asked me if it was because I wanted to change my luck. I had NO idea what she was talking about. She explained that, if someone was having a run of bad luck, they would go to bed with a black girl, and it would change their luck. I admitted to being naive, but that I had never heard of that one. We sat in her apartment, and talked most of the night. I thanked her for her hospitality, and left to go home, but I couldn’t sleep. I had her on my mind.””I went to work the next morning, and heard her call my name. It was the first time anyone had called me Arnie, since I was in Grade School. She was sitting in her car, waiting for me to arrive. We walked in, together, and she came into my office. I was much less than usual, with my appearance. My suit was rumpled, my tie was badly knotted, and my vest didn’t match my suit, either. I had also spilled coffee on my shirt, and it had stained it. A blue checked shirt, with a big brown spot, dead center of my stomach. I was a mess. SHE thought it was FUNNY. We talked for a bit, and came to an understanding. We would see how things worked out, socially. I had a gathering a few nights later, and invited her to come with me. We had a wonderful time, and SHE charmed the Board of Governors to no end. She was the hit of the party. I wore a tux, as was expected of me, and SHE wore a long, black, form fitting gown, that showed her figure to the Nth degree. She had all those old men eating out of her hand, and wishing that they were, at least, 30 or 40 years younger.””I had been charmed by her, the first time I saw her. She came in wearing a pants suit, and a turtle neck sweater. She had a purse that was oversized, but that was how she carried her tools. I showed her where everything was, and a few hours later, she came to my office, and told me that if I had any more problems, to call her, and gave me a card. That’s when we went for coffee. Three days after, was our first date. We went to a club, and had dinner, and danced for a while. She suggested that we go somewhere, where we could talk privately. THEN she asked me about the change of luck. We went out for a few weeks, and then were all but living together, and I asked her if she had any interest in going to the next level. She smiled at me, and my heart melted. She stood and removed her clothes, and asked me how I liked face to face. We made love, and that weekend, she closed out her apartment, and moved in with me. Six months later, we were married. We’ve only been married for 4 months, now, but she’s already pregnant, and I couldn’t be happier. We both want a family, and want to have at least 3 and possibly 4 c***dren. SHE wants 2 of each, but I told her that if the girls grew up ANYTHING like her, I wanted as many as we could have.”Misti took his hand and led him to a chaise. She knelt in front of him and began kissing him. “That,” she said, between kisses, “Is the most romantic story I’ve heard from our friends. I almost cried when you were telling it to me. Now, sit down and let me show you what I can do.”She sat him down, and took his penis into her mouth, and began to suck him. Shortly she felt his hand around her thigh, pulling her on top of him. “I’ve got to make you as happy as you’re making me. Come up here.” She released him long enough to stretch out on top of him, and scoot back to allow him to reach her nether regions. She barely had him in her mouth, and felt the wetness of his tongue exploring the insides of her vulva. She gasped at the speed in which he had found, and attacked her sacred, G-spot. It was like a bolt of lightening had hit her. He felt her jump, and repeated the maneuver. SEVERAL TIMES!!! She screamed out loud. Her body shook from the spasms of pleasure that washed over her, leaving her breathless.She sucked him a bit longer, but she was busy answering her own orgasms. He pushed lightly on her hip, and she got on to wobbly legs, while her got up and spread a small blanket on the cement. He helped her to recline, and went down to join her. They embraced, wrapping their arms and legs around each other, and kissing like never before. They would soon be neighbors, of a sort, so she was satisfied that they would be visiting often, in the future. Her parents had bought the house that William and Sharon had moved out of. He rolled her to her back, and began to kiss the rest of her body, slowly going down her face, neck, chest, and her breasts, sucking her nipples and finding out that she was making milk, again. She had suspected, but not known for sure, until a couple of days ago, that she was pregnant, again. She had made an appointment to see Dr. Immelmnn for two weeks, hence. She wanted him to tell her how many, and what sex they were. She was wishing for boys, next.He raised up and looked at her, smiling. “I love to suck Val’s boobs for the same reason. I love the taste of her milk.” He resumed his downward journey. He kissed across her tummy, and soon found her parted legs waiting for his arrival. He wasted NO time. He spread her labia with his tongue, and pushed it back inside, to tease her G-spots some more, making her clutch at his neck and head, pushing her crotch into his face. He suddenly switched targets, and peeled the hood off of her clitoris, and grasping it between his lips, and licking it. SHE began to bounce up and down as the jolts hit her. She whimpered and moaned, as she begged him to “NEVER STOP LICKING ME!!!” She was, unlike with any of the others, able to wind her fingers in his hair, to pull his face into her. His style was reminiscent of the beach bums style. Long, but not unruly. His had been professionally styled. It was long enough to cover his ears, and was a light brown. With his build, he was a fine figure of a man. He could easily have been a male kaçak bahis siteleri model.He kept making her cum until she was almost ready to faint. He slowly made his was around her, to kiss both of her butt cheeks, and up her spine, to her shoulders. He rolled her back over, and kissed her like they had kissed before. She felt his hands lifting her hips, and a pillow was placed under them, and he was hovering over her, and she reached down to place him in the preferred spot. He began to push and she responded with raising her hips to receive him, until he had entered her to his full length. He wasn’t that long, but he had already used it on her one time, to her satisfaction. It had been good, but, NOTHING like he was, today. She could feel the wetness of her juices, filling the blanket, they were using for a cushion. He began an unhurried thrust, and was soon bringing her over the top, one MORE time. This time she whimpered, when he was all the way inside of her. Her sobbing cries filled his ears. “Oh My GOD!!! That feels so GRAND!!! Give it to me! I want everything you can give me! How do you manage to get anything else done? OH!!! THIS is so GOOD!!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!! VAL’S A LUCKY LADY!!! SHE GETS THIS ALL THE TIME!!! OH, MY GOD!!! GIVE ME YOUR CUM!!!”Arnie felt himself losing control, and picked up his pace, much to Misti’s delight. Her hips were moving at the same speed as he was driving into her, and the spasms made it feel like she was sucking the cum out of him. Her legs had, long ago, wrapped around his body, and her hips were unencumbered by the pillow she had been laying on. She moved in several different directions, ALL of them meant to coax the sperm out of his body, and into hers. He dropped his head down to kiss her and she levered herself up to envelope him completely, and clamp down with her internal muscles. He felt the sensation that was NOT to be denied. He pushed in with all his might, and felt her clamp down on him, even harder. He was beyond feeling, and reacting like any healthy person. He spurted his cum deep inside of her, and she used her legs to draw herself even tighter to him. They stayed locked together for several long seconds, with him pushed in, and her opening to receive his, to her, gift. They finally relaxed and separated, their sides heaving from the ordeal. He lay atop her for a few minutes, kissing her in appreciation, and her returning the kisses.Finally he rolled to her side, and he raised up on one elbow, to smile down at her. “That was one of the best pieces of ass I’ve ever had. Val said you were good, but not HOW good.” Misti blinked with surprise. SHE had never heard him say anything like this, before. She told him so. He laughed at her surprise. “I was an old farm boy, and my parents told me that if I was going to study like a gentleman, I had better talk like one. I listened to them, not because I was going to college, but because, if I spoke in the old terms, they would swat me. They believed in the old saying, “Spare the rod, and spoil the c***d.” I took many trips to the woodshed in my younger days, for what they called, a board meeting. My Dad was a school Principal, and used corporal punishment almost daily. In those days, a teacher had tacit permission to spank unruly students. Most parents encouraged it. He would call their parents, before he paddled them, and tell them the details of why he was punishing them. Then, MOST of the students got another dose when they got home. We had a few fights while in school, but, mostly they were taken away from the school. Pop used a belt. It was 1/4 inch thick, and was as soft as suede. But when it hit my butt, it felt like it was made of steel. He wasn’t a big man, but he could sling leather with the best of them.””We worked the farm, growing vegetables, and selling them in a roadside stand. THAT was my job. That and hoeing weeds. If he went out and found weeds in the garden, then it was “Katy, Bar the Door.” I got to go without supper, and had to pull the weeds with my hands. I learned to be responsible at a VERY early age. We only had about 20 acres of land, but we made a very good living from it, and my Dad’s salary. I was the first in my family to go through college, and the only one to get a Doctorate Degree. I got mine in Art History, and in Paleontology, and also have a Master’s Degree in Archeology. Right now, I’m studying for a Business Management Degree. I’m almost 40 years old, and have been on digs in Africa, the Middle East, and in Asia. Also on digs right here in the United States. I spent a little time in the badlands of the Dakotas, and found a mass site where over 100 dinosaur skeletons were found. I work to stay in shape, because the digging is hard work.” She looked at him, and shook her head at this new knowledge. “I knew you were smart, but NOT a GENIUS!” HE returned her smile. “NO, HONEY!!! NOT a genius. Just a guy that knows that you have to work for what you want.”Down the path, Mike and Gloria were laying under one of the willow trees, enjoying each other’s company, after making love. He had taken her and showed her why the other ladies loved to go to bed with him. He had given her the full measure of his gentlemanly behavior, and she had lapped it up, like a kitten with a bowl of cream. She was purring like one, too. Her body was tingling all over with the sensations he had given her. She hadn’t told him how she got there, but that she had learned, as a c***d, how to operate machinery, and got the job she presently held. He had caressed her smooth body, and had noticed, but NOT said anything, about the small scar on her abdomen. He had seen C-section scars, before. Sharon, Carol, and Betty ALL had them. He hadn’t seen them, yet, but he knew that Cathy, and Essie would both have them as well. If she wanted him to know, she would tell him. They had, just for good measure, gone into the river for a short dip, and slashed around playing, kissing, and holding each other. Then they had come out and made love while they were both still dripping wet. Then, afterward, they had gone back in the water to clean themselves. They would shower before they went to bed. in their own homes. He raised up off the bed of clover, and saw that it was getting late in the afternoon. He smiled at her, and asked her, “Did you get enough exercise to work up an appetite?” She smiled at him. “As long as I can have some dessert.” He smiled back at her. “You’re going to be just up the road in just a few days. You have been pegged as one of the crew that’s building the house for Bob and Melody. Carl’s, when they get back, going to get together with Albert, and have him helping to draw the blueprints for the upper story of their house. Give him a running start to architecture. He’s also going to draw the initial floor plan for the way the rooms are placed, and their size. He and his Mom can argue about how big, and how many.” Gloria giggled at him. “I’d be surprised if he’s thinking about anything but getting into the panties of Althea and Susan. Maybe even Maria’s and mine. I made up my mind when I met him, that it was a possibility, but now that he’s shown me his true colors, I will NEVER turn him down. He’s responsible for me having this job, in the first place. I was working for his Mom, as a part time maid, and he called Carl, and got me hired. I met Steve my first day, and we went out on the fourth day. Now we’re going to live together, and see if we like it. If we do, then we’ll go to the next step. He’s been a true friend, and I can’t think of a better way to tell him that I appreciate him. I think I’m ready to go there, already, but I DON’T want to make Steve feel as if he’s being rushed into something he doesn’t want. He thinks the world of YOU, TOO. He told me the story about how he got that scar on his back, and makes it sound like you were a mix between Superman, and The Masked Avenger. I saw you at the party that day, but was so busy I didn’t have time to properly meet you.”Mike stood, and reached down to help her up. “My suit and cape are at the cleaners, so I didn’t wear them, today. I’ll get them back, next week. It’s a chore getting the Kryptonite dust out of them, you know.” The sound of her laugh warmed him. He had always loved to make people laugh. He put his arm around her, as they walked back up the path. They stopped just short of the edge of the patio, and he pulled her closer, and kissed her. “You have found a good man in Steve. All of us thought he was the best thing in our lives, in Vietnam, and in Germany. He’ll never do you dirty, or go behind your back. It’s just not in him. Treat him right, and he’ll be the best thing you’ll ever find.”The evening was coming fast. A sliver f the moon was showing in the sky, as the sun was going down. A new day was coming, and new trials to face, and challenges to be met. Smiles would see them through it all, though.

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