Massage Experiences


This is a compilation of some massage experiences that I have had, the good, the bad, the ugly, and — just for a bonus – the inappropriate – in there somewhere. Not the top 21 but the 21 experiences that stand out the most for various reason. They all have a little bit of uniqueness about them. The time span is over the last 12 years and how I would rate them. 7/10 means very good and meeting expectations. 8 is very good and better than I expected, 9 really really good and 10/10 just out of this world good. Anything 5 or below is coming out feeling like just a waste of money. To the best of my memory it is roughly in chronological order. I expect a lot of the readers of this would have had a few similar experiences to one or two of these. All names have been changed so if you have had similar experiences with the same named people it is probably purely coincidence. Enjoy……….

1) First one in 20 years.

Back in 2010 I was in another city on a work assignment for a few days. Most of my work was carried out on a small farm 15km out of town. At night I would go into town for a meal and head back to the hotel to watch a bit of TV. One night I was driving back to my hotel when a sign saying “Chinese Massage” was lit up. At this stage I hadn’t had a massage for at least the last 20 years so feeling that I was a bit overdue I decided to pay it a visit. I went inside, an older (mid 50’s) lady and alone Chinese woman asked what I would like, I asked her for the prices and she replied $40 for 30 min, $80 per hour and 20 extra for a hand job. She spoke very good English and must have been here for a good number of years I would guess.

I had never had a hand job with a massage before so I thought I would try the $60 option. So she went and locked the front door or her shop and we went into a small warm room around the back. She asked me to undress and lie on my front on the double bed which I did. She stayed fully dressed, with a medium pressure and hot oil she massaged my shoulders, back, ass, back of my legs and down to my feet. I had my cock straight down between my legs pointing towards my feet and every couple of minutes she would slide her oily fingers down between by butt cheeks, around my anus in a circle the down lightly over my balls and along the back of my shaft. That felt so nice to have a women’s touch again.

I am married but my wife has the touch and sensitivity of a set of vice grips in comparison, quite often pinching and poking me. I love my wife, she is a very good mother but when it comes to bedtime she is one of the least sensual persons I have ever known. After this Chinese lady got down to my feet, she sat between my legs while I was still lying on my front and massage my penis from behind. This went on for about 2 or so minutes. This woman really knew what she as doing, I was in heaven with this. With a bit of a giggle she asked me to roll over. My cock was still flaccid but had grown a bit.

As I lay on my back she massaged my chest and tummy, then went lower down and did my thighs and inside of my thighs, occasionally blowing on the head of my cock as her face went passed it and her hands lightly brushing it. She began to lightly massage the inside of my thighs which was a very sensual and erotic feeling and her eyes were fixed on my cock watching it grow to full sized erection without her touching it. She kissed the head of my cock then she started speaking and softly said “I love watching that part, I love watching cocks grow by themselves and I love watching them ejaculate as well” and with that she applied I bit more warm oil to the head of my penis and gently massaged its head using her palms. I was so hard at that stage I don’t think a cat could have scratched it. After a minute or so of this she used one hand to cup my balls while she slowly and sensually was massaging my cock with the other. Her hand was nice and slow with no real speed,massaging my cock with a light to medium pressure while pointing it on about a 60 degree angle, her other hand cupping my balls with one finger lightly massaging my anus when all of a sudden I ejaculated about 4 really big squirts shooting 3 full feet into the air and two of them landing across my face and chest. ‘Ohhh wow’ she softly said. “I never get tired of seeing this.” “Wow so much there” she softly spoke as she slowly finished milking me then wiped me clean with some baby wipes. After this she used a hot moist towel over my whole body to remove a lot of the oil.

This left me feeling so relieved and so satisfied that after I got back to the hotel I filled up the spa bath where I lay in there for about an hour wanking and cumming several times. This woman was soft and sensual touch with slow warm hands, compared to my wife’s cock crushing and pinching type touch back home who had hands as cold as ice, from washing them in cold water before getting into bed every night, and a hand job technique that was comparable to a jack hammer.

By the time I hit the sack my cock was quite sore from being hammered by me in the spa bath. This was like the top standard in 30 minute clothed escort izmir massage and was the best I had had at the time leaving me addicted trying to chase similar levels of excitement since, stripping naked in front of strangers as well as arousing my curiosity for other types of massage.

I was hoping to go back the next day but didn’t have the time, by the time I finished what I had come to do on the farm my flight was due out at 4pm. I have never been back but couldn’t fault her and it was far better than I was expecting so I gave her an 8/10 score promising that I would visit again next time I passed that way. 12 years later I have yet to pass that way again by myself again.



A few weeks later I found myself thinking about it quite a lot so decided to go for a tantric massage. I had never had one before so I started looking around. There was only one person in my city at this time that claimed to do a tantric massage so I booked a 1 1/2 hour session with Janice expecting great things.

Janice, was an older plumb shaped woman in her mid 50’s with D cup breasts. We started in a very warm room where she asked me to strip, I sat naked in the chair in the corner. Janice stripped down to her nickers then came over and started massaging my feet and ankles. I found this quite erotic and it gave me quite a hard on. When she saw I was nice and hard she directed me to a proper massage table and asked me to lie on my front. I did as she asked but it was a bit uncomfortable lying on my front on a massage table with a hard on. It soon subsided so I lifted my hips and moved my cock so it was pointing straight down between my legs to give it some relief.

That was the most erotic part of this massage and the rest of it was pretty disappointing. When I booked it she said she would go nude but only went topless, she said I could touch her but turned out only around the waist. The 90 minute massage was over and done with by 70 and fell way short of what I was expect costing 3 x the price as my first massage. This was the first time I experienced ‘Breast Sweeps’ so this was new to me.

I was lying on a proper massage table, and Janice did the breast sweeps with her large D cup size breasts by standing on the floor and bending over me and then walking up and down the table a few time running her boobs along my back. So it was more like a breasts walk and a little bit comical.

What Janice meant by ‘tantric’ really only meant had relief with a bit of cock teasing, well oiled but jack hammer style. Next time, I decided to quiz them a bit more first before making an appointment with them. The start was pretty cool but the rest was quite disappointing overall I would give her 6/10 because it fell a bit short of what I was expecting. I think that offering somebody a tantric massage and using a proper massage table for it doesn’t really work and is not a good sign of things to come. The conversation was good and positive so 7/10 for that but overall not worth going back to.



A few months later I found there was another lady advertising a 30 minute Tantric massage that I thought I would try. She was Thai and her massage style was identical to a Thai massage with a little bit of cock teasing in it. She was fully dressed then when it came to finishing with a hand job she demanded another $40, I told her I only had $20 because the hj should have been included in the price of the massage she was advertising as an ‘erotic tantric massage.’ She took my 20 and did give me quite a nice well oil hand job but I left her feeling that I could have much done better for a cheaper price elsewhere. So I never went back there either. All of these people advertising that they did a ‘tantric’ massage was getting to be a real let down and the term ‘tantric’ I felt was being used pretty loosely by the massage arena. I decided maybe ‘tantric’ is a bad idea for now. 5/10



My next massage was a lady in her mid forties, Sophie. I spoke to her on the phone, she said she had been trained in a proper sensual massage parlour, yet she would be completely nude and yes I could touch her all over and it was &100 for one hour. This was advertised as a ‘professional full body sensual massage’.

Turning up at Sophie’s place, the room nice and warm and well prepared, she asked me to strip and lie on the bed on my back with my head at the foot of the bed. Sophie stripped off came over and stood just above my head, I was steering straight up into her clean shaven vagina in full view in all of its beauty and c cup breasts. She slowly leaned over and applied warm oil to my chest arms and legs, leaning forward and teasing my fully erect member while talking about other massage experiences she had. Her breasts hovering right over my face with one of her nipple bushing over my lips. After a few minutes she got me to roll onto my front and did my shoulders, escort izmir back, butt, inbetween my legs, for about 15 minutes or so. She sat on the bed next to me and applied the hot oil to her breasts then gave me my first proper breast massage I have had ie using her breast to massage my back.

Lying on my front and Sophie putting plenty of hot oil over her breast, chest and tummy, I felt her warm oily breasts touch my butt then move all the way up my back to my shoulder then she had her full body weight on my back. Then sliding herself up and down, massaging by back using mainly her breasts and using her pussy to massage my hamstring muscles. This was really really good when compared to Janice’s pathetic attempt a few months earlier.

After a few minutes of this she got me to roll over onto my back again, and again concentrating on my tummy, waist, inner thighs and cock. All the way talking, quite often negative, about how hard life is, how it is difficult to pay the rent, how she can’t find a boyfriend etc etc, not much positive energy from Sophie, almost like she was depressed. A good massage though and then massaging my chest using her breasts again with her naked pussy straddling and moving up and down my thigh like she was using my thigh as a masturbation tool for her clit.

Then she came over, stood up next to my head again so I was looking straight up into her vagina and said ‘Have a go there you like’, took hold of my hand and placed on her pussy. For the next few minutes let me finger fuck and massage her pussy while she was just standing there. She was soaking wet with her glands secreting so much juice and after a few minutes my whole hand was soaked. I think she was horny as hell. She didn’t orgasm but was really enjoying standing above me getting fingered by me while we were both just enjoying the moment.

Then she said ‘right, we need to finish this’ and said “I’m a single woman and if you are a single guy I can hop on top for a while if you like?” She was asking me for a fuck? Wow, but because I was married I declined and said no and told her why. Oral sex was as far as I was willing to go so with that she moved her pussy over my face in a 69 position, kissed the head of my cock and gave me a very nice and slow sensual hand job while sometimes gently blowing on the head of my cock and using her warm oily breasts again to massage my tummy.

While I was licking and sucking on her clit and tasting her plentiful pussy juice I ejaculated shooting several spirts over my belly. After I had finished cumming she hopped off a wiped me down with baby wipes and then we showered off with her washing the oil from my back chest tummy and cock then I returned the favour soaping up and rinsing off her back, chest tummy and pussy. We dried off, dressed in front of each other had a quick hug and left.

Total time was 70 minutes and the massage time did not include the clean up time so well worth it, with very negative conversations as though which put a dampener on it a bit. The Massage would be 9/10 because of the constant state of arousal she kept me in, the conversation 5/10 because it was so negative. This was the first really full body sensual massage that I had and the last one from this Sophie.

I tried looking her up again a few years later but she had moved away.



A couple of months later my 5th massage was 30 minutes with a slightly overweight Thai escort, she said she would go nude but moved her body like she was really shy, I never got a view of her pussy. The massage itself was only less than 15 minutes, after that she hammered away at my cock while kneeling in between my legs at the far end of the bed like she really didn’t know what she was doing. I left thinking it was a complete waste of money, funny how the bad ones stick in your mind like the extra good ones. She went nude but kept her pussy hidden from view. 5/10. I don’t think massages or hand jobs were really her thing, she should stick to just fucking the money from her customers. Although I’m not sure if she would have been much good at that either.



Massage no. 6 was an out of town one, I had to drive for 30minutes to get there. She was an older lady, early 60’s and it was a nude 30min sensual massage. She was quite plumb and there was not much to see, saggy boobs that she said I could touch but I didn’t really want to. I never got to see her pussy because of her overweight belly fat hanging down over it. She had very large warm hands though and as soon as she touched me, rubbing the warm oil into my back, it was the touch of experience. She had done this many times before, she was giving me a medium pressure full body massage and every five minutes she would brush her finger lightly over my cock.

When lying on my front, she was massaging my back before getting me to roll over she produce a large peacock feather, about a full meter long. She ran this down my spine, inbetween my legs and over that back of my cock and down the insides of my legs for a few minutes. It was such a nice feeling, an amazing feeling that I have never had since. After getting me to roll over she massaged my chest arms and legs which was really good up to that point. She then gave me a hand job while wearing latex gloves, jackhammer style which let the whole thing down a bit. If I broke this down into 2 parts, the massage I would give 7/10, it was very good, but the handjob 4/10.



The 7th massage I had was a petite woman in her 40’s called Alexa. This was supposed to be an erotic 60 minute massage. She was a real talker. In fact a bit too much. Alexa had a beautiful clean shaven pussy that she fond of showing off and gave a fairly good full body massage. She talked a lot, in fact more than any other woman I had met, it just never let up. The hand job at the end was pretty average, not the best but definitely not the worst either.

It was supposed to be and ‘erotic sensual massage’ but was more a relaxation massage with no teasing or touching my cock right up until the end. I asked her about half way through if she could tease me a bit more, her response was ‘Oh that is coming, don’t you worry’. It finally came but only in the last 5 minutes. This lady had only been doing sensual massage for 2 years she said, she was a computer programmer before that which she still did by contract from time to time. This was something we had in common so we talked about different languages etc that we both had experience in. She got into sensual massage because one of her friends was doing it and it sounded exciting — she said.

I asked her where she had trained and she said all of her training was from watching videos about it. She certainly was never really properly trained in sensual or therapeutic massage, she did a nice breast sweep along my back and I loved looking at her pussy but she didn’t use it in the way that Sophie had used hers. She always gave me a great view but no touching. There was no cock touching at all during the massage and saving it all up till the very end didn’t do that much for me either and made me appreciate Sophie’s massage a lot more after that. 6/10 so average but not worth going back to unless you like being talked to death.



In 2016 my wife went to Australia for a holiday with her two sisters for 10 days, so I had a day off work and booked in a proper therapeutic massage — non erotic. This was a 90 minute booking with

Serena. She was about 50 ish a warm personality European woman, petite and fairly pretty for her age, nice natured and very friendly. It was done at Serena’s house in her living room where she had a massage table set up and screened off area in one corner. When I got there we had a quick talk, had I had a massage before?, what sort of time frame did I want (90 minutes was the only option here)? What sort of pressure etc. Then she told me to go behind the screens and undress, lie on the table and cover myself in a towel. I had a 90 minute very good full body relaxation massage. It was quite professional and I was always draped with a large white beach size towel. Serena started at my head and moved down to my lower back, then covered me up, swapped ends, started at my feet and moved up my right leg, doing the inside of my upper leg I felt her finger brush over my cock. That was nice but I suspected it was only an accident.

She did my butt check, keeping the towel on the other cheek when I said to her she could remove the towel if it was getting in the way. She said no because a towel allowed her to concentrate easier on the area to be massaged, so only the part to be massaged was uncovered, that was her way. She did my other leg and again her fingers lightly brushed over my cock when massaging the inside of my upper leg while talking about her husband that had left her about 12 years ago, she hasn’t been in a stable relationship since, her only child, a daughter who was 20 yrs old and what she was up to etc. Again I wasn’t sure if this brushing over my cock was accidental or not. With that I rolled over and she started at my scalp, chest arms and tummy keeping my lower part cover.

The tummy massage felt a little erotic and my bladder was about half full. I started to get an erection, which she ignored but the outline of it growing under the towel was clearly visible to her. I was worried the head of my penis would pop out from under the towel when she covered my tummy back up. She then moved down lightly did the inside of my thigh which quickly gave me a full erection, she could see clearly the outline but kept the towel over my cock. She was also talking about various things and did a lot of beauty therapy from home as well including Brazilians to both men and women. This sexy kind of talk kept my erection to full size, with my cock throbbing away under the sheet must have been a bit amusing to her. She said she had given Brazilians to only a few men, mainly the one’s she did were boyfriends of some of her girlfriend’s and that she also did her sister’s boyfriend once.

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