Making a Memory


Like all couples, I suppose, quietly and to ourselves, we have sexy little fantasies that we have and sometimes act out as a way of spicing up our love life.You know the sort. When you come home and walk-in unexpectedly I get told: “Gosh! I wish you wouldn’t walk in on me like that, he’s just jumped out of the window still holding his clothes so you wouldn’t find him…”And “Stay here for a moment dear, he’s just about to nip out through the garage…”You get the idea. Also fantasies as to who your ‘best’ phantom lover would be given any choice.Recently we’d progressed as far as ‘if you had the chance to have sex – note, not making love – would you do it?’ In the last few days, we’d agreed that we had the basis of a ‘hall pass.’ If we had the nerve to go through with it. Having said that we’d both, in a way laughed it off as an unlikely happening.So today you’d decided to go out for a walk – a lovely sunny summer afternoon, güvenilir bahis but out of the holiday season so still quiet. There was a forecast of possible showers but not enough to deter the chance of a walk. I elected not to go as I was watching some motor racing on the box.We kissed and off you went, light blouse and summer skirt – the picture of contentment.About forty minutes later it had rained. A shortish sharp shower; made me look up and wonder if you’d found shelter. No matter, and I went back to my racing.You came back in, looking slightly flustered and your hair a bit mussed up – surprisingly, even though it had been raining, I noted you were dry.You looked at me, said, “Give me a minute and come upstairs, I’ve got something I want you to see.” Without waiting you’d gone.I followed you up as asked and found you laying on a turned back bed in just a bra and panties with a towel underneath you. güvenilir bahis siteleri The panties were visibly soaked. You took your bra off and showed me your ravished nipples.You spoke: “I’ve used my hall pass to create a new memory for us…”All I could think to reply was, “Wow!”You slid a finger into your pussy, something you never did – it came out coated.I started undressing; when I got naked I was very erect, and all I said was, “The agreement was that whoever created the memory must tell the other, so tell me.”So Kath told me.”Anyway – you were right – a couple of miles into my walk I could see that a rain squall was coming. A nice warm, sunny day and a heavy shower. Even though they had been forecast I wasn’t expecting it, so I only had my skirt and light blouse on. Fortunately, I was quite close to the bird watchers hide so I just ambled in there as the first big drops came down.”It was gentle iddaa siteleri at first but increasing – but I could see the other side of it, so it was only going to be half an hour or less.”So I sat down to wait it out and I had heard someone else coming up quite quickly and wondered who it might be. Turned out to be a nicely dressed man, about our age, very normal to look at, not the sort to stand out in a crowd. Of course, he apologized for ‘disturbing my peace and quiet’.”I told him nonsense – I was only sheltering from the sudden downpour, he wasn’t disturbing me in the slightest – indeed it would be pleasant to have company.”I was taking him in as I was speaking. Quiet and well-spoken, and I have to admit to giggling inwardly as I thought of all our play-acting and the possible scenario that was in the throes of presenting itself. We both turned to look out of the hide at the river just below – it was teeming down now. I must have moved my head awkwardly – you know I’ve had a bit of neck ache recently – because he spoke.””I know it might be a bit forward of me, but I’m a sports physio in another world, would you like me to help you with it.”

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