INSIDE MAPLE GROVE -CHAPTER 6A story about one black family’s bid to conquer Boston’s EliteA Fantasy created by Ted Guy based on an idea by Julie Van.(Please read previous chapters to get maximum enjoyment).Chapter 6 – Stella comes through……..continued from Chap 5Stella Harris lay in her freshly drawn bubble bath and drank several gulps from her glass of red wine, hoping that a combination of warm soothing water and alcohol would quell the stinging sensation she had down below. She has spent the afternoon at the Jackson’s house where Lenny and Michelle had both fucked her mercilessly. She had been made to impale herself on Lenny’s huge cock and let Michelle fuck her virgin arsehole with a big black strap on dildo, all of which had been captured on film.Despite the discomfort, both at the time and now, she had actually enjoyed the experience and had orgasmed three times before Lenny had finally flooded her pussy with his black baby cream. She took another sip of wine and allowed herself a smile as she reflected on her situation.A few months ago she had been totally in control of her life, a nice house, highly thought of in the community and a caring husband, although at times she did feel that she and John were more like housemates than a married couple. There was very little intimacy between them and they seemed to exist in different circles but he was really the only man she had ever known and he had given her a good life, so to hurt him now was the last thing she wanted to do.During the last few weeks she had become entangled in the sexual web of the Jackson family and come to love the feeling of being their sexual slave. Michelle and Abbey Jackson had between them, ignited the flame of her now lesbian yearnings and she felt disappointed if, following one of their regular tennis lessons, Aaron didn’t demand she practice her serving him a little more, he had even fucked her on her tennis court whilst her husband John was in the house. The Jackson’s had, in their words brought her into their inner circle, and made it clear that there would be perks, however if she wanted to avoid footage of her indiscretions getting out to her husband and several other people, certain things were expected of her, which in the main was to help the Jackson’s weave their way into the lives of many others in Maple Grove. At first she hadn’t been able to work out if or how she would be able to do that however she had gone over to the Jackson’s that afternoon to discuss a potential opportunity which she was going to explore that evening and wanted their approval, which, along with another brutal fucking, she got.She looked at the clock and realised she needed to get dressed and ready to meet her guest and potential target Sofie. Sofie was amongst Stella’s closest and most favourite residents of Maple Grove, who although some 15 years her junior she got on very well with. Mainly because since they had moved in some 3 years ago, following Sofie’s husband Adam, getting made a bahis siteleri partner in a big Boston law firm, Stella had helped Sofie navigate her way through the initial trials and tribulations of being the wife to one of Boston’s elite. Sophie was a natural, she was blonde, fresh faced, slim and had a charming personality.They regularly played tennis, shopped and luncheoned together often and Stella had given Sophie lots of advice and help when it came to decorating the house and arranging expected and important dinner parties. It was probably fair to say that Sophie certainly considered Stella somewhat of a mother figure and confidant. The day before Sophie had seemed upset when her and Stella played tennis and when Stella pushed it she had broken down and revealed to Stella that Adam had been having an affair with one of his assistants at work.Stella had told her what she needed was a good long chat over a few drinks and that’s what she had arranged and was getting ready for this evening. Sophie arrived on time at 7PM and the two of them had a few drinks whilst chatting about Sophie’s dilemma. Adam had told her he regretted what he had done and that he would do anything to put things right. In Sophie’s head she didn’t think she could forgive him but didn’t want to leave him and give up everything she had gotten used to because of his indiscretion. Stella thought for a moment and asked Sophie if she had evidence of Adam’s adultery and she confirmed she did, with dates, times and places. “How would you feel about revenge?” Stella asked her. Sophie looked at Stella quizzically and told Stella she wasn’t sure what she meant. Stella basically told Sophie that if she slept with someone else then Adam couldn’t really complain and as she already had evidence of his adultery Adam wasn’t really in any position to take any formal action.“What do you mean actually let him know? asked Sophie. Stella laughed and pointed out that it wouldn’t really be revenge if he didn’t know, surely you want him to feel some of the same pain you have endured and make him suffer. Perhaps it was the drink but Sophie pondered over Stella’s comments and smiled, then paused and explained to Stella that she wouldn’t really know how to go about finding a suitable man for the job as all the men she knew were friends of both of them and mostly married. Stella smiled back at her and said “I think I could find you the perfect man and to really rub salt in the wounds he is black and we both know Adam has a poor opinion of black people. Sophie couldn’t believe what she was hearing and asked Stella how she knew of someone, so Stella began by telling her it was Lenny Jackson and the reason she knew he would do it was because he had already fucked her several times. She went on to assure Sophie that he was a marvellous lover with a huge cock and loved to fuck pretty white women. Sophie sat open mouthed staring at Stella, “For real?” she asked.Stella went a little red, not quite believing that she canlı bahis siteleri had confided in someone but she reasoned her friend that it was for the greater good and knew Sophie wouldn’t divulge anything. “Well think about it and I will just arrange a casual meeting, at the end of the day, what harm could that do?” Sophie took a deep breath and then probably to the surprise of both of them said, “OK. let’s do it” she said as she tapped her glass against Stella’s and drank the contents in one.Two days later Sophie looked at herself in the mirror of her dressing room. She had her blonde hair tied up, just a little simple makeup and was wearing a nice thigh length linen dress. I’ll do! She thought to herself as she set out on the short drive to the Jackson’s house at the other end of Maple Grove. When she pulled into their driveway Stella was waiting for her and she greeted Sophie and told her the Jacksons were aware of her circumstances and they were waiting for them in back.They went through the house and out onto the Jackson’s terrace where Michelle Jackson was sitting alone at a table. There was a bottle of champagne sitting in an ice bucket and three glasses. “Hi ladies, I thought we should just have a brief chat and a couple of drinks to begin with.” said Michelle Jackson, as she lifted the bottle and filled the glasses. The three of them chatted about general issues at first then as the second bottle was opened Michelle turned the conversation towards Adam’s infidelity and how committed Sophie was to getting revenge.Sophie put on a bold face and told Michelle she had thought long and hard and she wanted to go through with Stella’s suggestion. They talked a little more about her, and more importantly, Lenny’s favourite things when it came to sex and the fact he was very big in the manhood department so Sophie was left in no doubt that it wouldn’t be a sensual process and she would get a very hard fucking. Sophie showed no signs of changing her mind and as they finished the second bottle Michelle announced that they should go through to the lounge where Lenny was waiting. Lenny was sitting on one of two couches, set at 90 degrees to each other and Michelle ushered Stella and Sophie to sit each side of Lenny whilst she sat on the other sofa. After a little preamble chat Lenny asked Sophie if she was ready for some big black cock. Sophie nodded but was clearly a little nervous so Michelle called out to Stella, “Show her darling, how she needs to handle my husband’s cock.” Stella obeyed without delay and quickly unzipped Lenny’s pants and began to stroke his cock which was already getting to its full size in front of a wide eyed Sophie. “Take over from her sweetie!” Michelle called out to Sophie.Sophie took a couple of deep breaths then wrapped her hand around Lenny’s cock then lowered her head and began to suck on Lenny’s cock, slowly at first but within seconds it was clear she was loving the feeling of having Lenny’s huge cock in her mouth. canlı bahis After a few minutes Michelle asked Sophie if she liked Lenny’s cock and Sophie stopped sucking and looked at Michelle, telling her she thought it was marvellous. “Stand up and strip for him sweetie.” Michelle said to her.Almost without hesitation Sophie stood and lifted her dress over her head then removed her bra and panties to reveal her pale, naked body to Lenny. She was petite and had nice little breasts with light pink nipples. Lenny grabbed hold of Sophie’s arm and pulled her towards him so she had to straddle him across his lap facing him.He ran his big hands over Sophie’s body and squeezed her breasts before sucking on her nipples hard making her groan. Michelle told Stella to take hold of Lenny’s cock and rub it against Sophie’s pussy, which she did. “Is it wet darling?” Michelle asked Stella.“Oh god yes, she is soaking.” replied Stella.Lenny had heard the conversation and he moved his hand’s to Sophie’s hips and began to push them down. “Come on baby, sink down on my big cock” he said to Sophie. Sophie groaned as she sank down onto Lenny’s cock, and came to rest with her buttocks on his thighs, his whole length buried deep inside her. “Oh my god it’s awesome” she murmured as she now began to rock her hips back and forth. What seemed like only moments later Sophie was frantically riding Lenny’s huge cock. Gasping and shrieking a constant stream of “Oh yes, Oh God, Fuck it hurts so good, Ahh, Ahh” then she suddenly let out a loud scream “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum” before her back arched and she began to shudder and gasp on Lenny’s cock as her orgasm rocked her.A couple of minutes later Sophie’s breathing had settled and Lenny hooked his huge hands under her buttocks and stood up with Sophie still impaled on his cock then he turned around and set her down in the middle of the sofa before hooking his arms under her legs and began to fuck her deep and hard in her still contracted pussy. Michelle and Stella moved from their sofa and sat either side of Sophie and began to suck on her nipples as Lenny pounded her.Lenny went even harder, urged on by Michelle, “Go on babe, give it her hard, split that little white pussy” she said before putting her mouth next to Sophie’s ear and asking her if she wanted Lenny’s cum. “Oh yes” said Sophie.Michelle told her to beg him to fill her and she began to rub Sophie’s swollen clit. “Oh yes, Oh yes” cried Sophie. “Give it to me, give me your cum, fill my pussy up.” Lenny slammed into Sophie’s pussy which was becoming even tighter as she neared her second orgasm. Then as Sophie went over the edge and once more began to shudder he let out a grunt and his baby cream pumped into her.Minutes later Lenny had left the room and Michelle had made Sophie get dressed before Lenny’s cum had flowed out of her. She was sitting in her cum soaked panties and Michelle was showing Sophie the footage she had captured on her phone of Lenny fucking her and telling Sophie that the next step was for her husband Adam to witness his wife getting bred by a black man. “Stella will be in touch to make the arrangements.” Michelle said before she left the room. cont’d…….

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