Hit and Miss


Amelia opened her mouth to provoke Kamarrah, but soft lips pressed against hers. Warmth spread through Amelia. She kissed her partner back, sliding her hands along her smooth, curvy body. The queen caught Amelia by the wrists and lifted them up and away. A dissatisfied noise reverberated in Amelia’s throat, but Kamarrah didn’t let go.Fingers danced and twisted, and something lashed Amelia’s wrists together above her head. Instead of panicking, she let out a soft moan. If Kamarrah desired to tie her up, she couldn’t say no. The thought of being helpless sent fire through her. As much as she wanted to touch and caress, being made a plaything drove her wild.Anticipation and desire arched Amelia’s back. She frenched Kamarrah with fervent passion, testing her new bonds. Her arms didn’t move. Fingers traced down over her armpits, across her collar bone, and she squirmed. Urgent noises eked out of her, and Kamarrah broke their sloppy kiss.“Do you enjoy being tied up that much, my dear?” Kamarrah cupped Amelia’s cheek and stroked with her thumb.Amelia rubbed her thigh against Kamarrah’s. “Only if the person doing the tying is a gorgeous, skilled woman such as yourself.”A flicker of excitement danced in Kamarrah’s expression, and she sighed. Her right hand drifted down Amelia’s abdomen to her backside and ran up along the back of her leg. “You’re exceptionally good with flattery. I must say,” the queen’s eyes strayed from Amelia’s and wandered her naked body, “you’re ticking all my boxes.”“I’m glad to hear that.” Amelia grinned and spread her legs, inviting Kamarrah to continue her work.“You’re also such a naughty girl.” Pleasure shook Amelia’s limbs as Kamarrah rubbed their intimate bits together. “It seems I’ll have to punish you.”Amelia’s heart pounded in her chest. “I’m sorry for my indecency, your majesty. I accept whatever punishment you see fit.”Kamarrah gripped Amelia by both ankles and pushed until her pelvis curled. Thin ribbons of gold formed around each ankle, stretching up to the canopy rods. Amelia attempted to move, to lower herself out of the vulnerable position, but none of her binds budged. Her short, heavy breaths echoed in her ears as she lay back awaiting Kamarrah’s next action.Leaning forward, Kamarrah rested her body against Amelia. She twisted her torso, and their nipples poked and prodded the others. An impish grin spread across Kamarrah’s face as Amelia attempt to lock lips. Kamarrah’s hand slipped down and parted slick folds.“You’re so wet. I guess you’re good and ready.” Two fingers curled inside to punctuate Kamarrah’s statement, and Amelia moaned.“Yes, your majesty, fill this naughty girl up. I’m all yours.”Kamarrah shifted and took Amelia’s tender nipple into her mouth. Long digits pumped in and out of her needy womanhood in a slow, steady rhythm. Amelia bucked and squirmed—as much as possible while bound—with each ongoing sensation. She gasped Kamarrah’s name, and a flash of light burst to life.In Kamarrah’s hand, a crystalline toy formed. Her grip closed around the shaft, with a small gap, and its length continued to grow. Despite the incessant rubbing of her g-spot, Amelia became transfixed by the display. Having a partner who performed such feats sent her mind spinning. Oh, what sinful things one could do.“Shove that in my—”An uncontrollable moan escaped Amelia, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. Kamarrah palmed her swollen clit and traced ponderous circles as her fingers worked faster. The familiar precursors of an orgasm built within Amelia: flushed chest, shallow breathing, tingling limbs, rapid heartbeat. Her partner pushed her closer and closer.“Cum for me,” Kamarrah whispered, caressing Amelia’s ear with her lips and hot breath.Amelia couldn’t refuse.Ecstasy rippled through Amelia, and she clamped down on Kamarrah’s fingers. She froze for a moment, trapped in bliss—toes curled, and eyes shut tight. The doting, relentless force delving deeper inside her continued. A shrill whimper escaped her.Warm, soft lips pecked up and down Amelia’s neck, güvenilir bahis a gentle scrape of teeth following. “I want to”—Kamarrah moaned, unable to control herself—“hear you beg and squirm and call my name.”Hearing Kamarrah lose herself to her desires pushed Amelia deeper into her own. She let out a little squeak and turned her head to the right. Kamarrah met her, their lips mashing together in passion. The tingles worked their way out of Amelia’s limbs as the queen slipped out of her quivering pussy.Amelia tried to comply and plead for more, but Kamarrah stuffed her tongue in her mouth. Verbal cues wouldn’t work, so she resorted to the next best thing. She wiggled her tight, bound body, reaching for something, anything, to touch her. Heat tickled her skin, yet nothing closed the gap below.Frustrated, Amelia groaned against Kamarrah. More of the other woman’s weight rested down on Amelia, breasts enveloping her upper torso. The invasive tongue withdrew. Air rushed into her lungs as her partner broke their sloppy kiss. An erect nipple brushed her lips, and she opened wide to accept her treat.Something stiff teased Amelia’s slick folds. She gasped and suckled harder on the ample breast. Excitement sent shivers through her body, causing her to buck her hips. Her womanhood parted. Kamarrah’s toy invaded, slow yet firm, and spread her as an inch and then another penetrated her.Amelia moaned and strained against her bonds. Fingers were pleasant and hit all her spots, but she craved something bigger, something that would fill her. Kamarrah recognized what she wanted and took pleasure in teasing her. Half the length probed her before retreating. She let out a dissatisfied noise.“Such an impatient, greedy girl.” Kamarrah worked the tip of the dildo in and out of Amelia’s entrance. “Maybe I should leave you tied up for now. I am a busy woman with other things to attend to.”Amelia attempted to turn away, to beg, but Kamarrah smothered her. The light sensations from her partner’s teasing, and the frustration building up inside, drove her elation. She struggled, dying to be satisfied. However, the only thing she could do was lavish the queen with licks and sucks and wait.“Careful,” Kamarrah cooed as Amelia brushed the nipple with her teeth. “I appreciate your enthusiasm, but you’ve made it very sensitive.” A shiver of delight disrupted her stoic demeanor.Amelia worked harder to crack her host’s façade. Her tongue caressed the swollen nub in apology for her roughness. Wet smacking sounds echoed with each of her sloppy kisses, worshiping Kamarrah. She remembered the sweet tang of her womanhood, the sensual sound of her moans. Once freed, she would ravage the queen’s body.Sharp, hot breaths rustled Amelia’s hair and blew across her ankle. Kamarrah leaned into her, and her empty hand shifted to Amelia’s back. She twirled the phallus in her other hand. Bumps graced the younger woman’s walls and lips. A shuddering moan escaped her as her name seeped out of her partner.Slickness brushed Amelia’s thigh, vanishing in an instant. She whimpered. “Would you like some more wine, my dear?”Despite her desperate need for Kamarrah’s body and her own gratification, Amelia let the hanging breast go with a soft kiss. “That would be wonderful, your majesty.”Kamarrah stood, but the dildo kept pumping, edging the slightest bit deeper. She flourished her fingers. Amelia moaned and curled up to glance down the front of herself. A tiny fraction of the toy peeked out of her needy pussy. She shivered as the glistening length pulled out of her, only to thrust back inside on its own.Footsteps grew quieter the father Kamarrah traveled in search of wine. “While I’m up, we should invite that girl that’s with you to join us. She looked stressed at dinner.”“Harper?” The thought of Harper seeing her like this sent her heartbeat sky-high. In excitement or panic, she couldn’t be sure. “I don’t think she’s into this.”“Men, then?” Kamarrah asked without hesitation.“I honestly don’t know what she’s into.” Amelia tried to güvenilir bahis siteleri focus on the wonders of Kamarrah’s magic, but something stuck in the back of her mind.Kamarrah reappeared, bottle in hand. She locked eyes with Amelia, slowing her hands-off ministrations. “The way she looks at you would suggest she’s into you.”“If she is,” Amelia squirmed, her breaths heavy, “she hasn’t said anything.”“Do you really think she would tell her beloved princess she wants to get in her pants?” Wine sloshed, and Kamarrah took a sip. Her gaze remained fixed on Amelia, challenging her to deny the statement.A shiver ran down her spine, and Amelia chewed her lip. “I don’t know, but if she’s interested, she has to make the first move. I’m not going to force her into anything.”“I was hoping for two little pets, but,” the bed creaked as Kamarrah sat beside Amelia, “I’ll make do with one.”Before Amelia could respond, Kamarrah leaned over her. The queen tipped her glass and poured a small bit of wine over her right breast. Liquid flowed to her nipple, dripping off. Amelia opened wide and stuck out her tongue. Warmth flushed over the surface, and she drank down the offered nectar.Kamarrah repeated her actions, but, this time, she dipped down. Sticky sweet, her tit entered Amelia’s mouth. She licked and sucked. A tingling sensation spread between her legs as the dildo began to piston faster and deeper. Deft fingers grazed her little button. Shudders worked their way through her oversensitive body, eliciting a soft moan.“Since you’ve been such a good girl,” Kamarrah said and emptied her wine glass. “Maybe I’ll give you a little treat.”Amelia let out muffled, urgent noises. Anything Kamarrah figured would be a treat, Amelia craved. She wiggled under the older woman’s ministrations. Her teeth scraped against the stiff nub, and Kamarrah exhaled a sharp breath. Circles traced Amelia’s clit, rubbing and grinding and tweaking.The crystalline phallus hilted inside Amelia, and she gasped. Kamarrah took the opportunity to pull away from her plaything and righted herself. Her fingers withdrew, leaving Amelia once again on the edge of another climax. Amelia bucked her hips to fuck herself faster, but her efforts proved futile.“Ah, why are you so cruel?” Amelia asked, unable to hold back her exasperation.“Cruel?” Kamarrah raised beside Amelia on the bed, standing on her knees. “I’m just playing with my toy. Besides,” with a bit of shifting, she worked her way over and straddled her guest’s head, “I believe you like being teased and denied.”Wetness dripped on Amelia’s cheek from Kamarrah’s drenched womanhood. Amelia craned her neck, stretching, and failing, to reach. Anticipation gripped her, and her body tensed up. Ridges stroked her g-spot. Her legs trembled. How much longer must she endure this torture?Kamarrah lowered herself, much to Amelia’s delight. Slick folds greeted her nose and mouth. She flicked her tongue, running along her partner’s delicious slit and catching copious amounts of love juices. The queen shuddered atop her, and she grinned. She couldn’t wait for a second helping.Force pushed Amelia’s head back as Kamarrah sat on her face. A musky scent filled her, and she licked. Kamarrah shivered and tipped forward, resting her hands against Amelia’s thighs. Slickness worked back and forth over her chin and nose. Her heart pounded in her chest.“You’re very eager,” Kamarrah breathed, rubbing her pussy against Amelia. “I suppose I’ll repay your attentiveness.”Warmth enveloped Amelia’s body. Kamarrah melted against her torso, sinking lower. Soft lips traveled down from her navel, sending shuddering waves of anticipation through her. With each loving kiss, the dildo plunged into her sensitive depths. She moaned into Kamarrah’s cunt between probing and sucking.Kamarrah teased Amelia’s swollen clit, and an electric sensation danced across her receptive bits. Her hair stood on end before her legs began to quiver. She sucked in a harsh breath. More of the new phenomenon spread from the slightest iddaa siteleri touch. Whatever Kamarrah was doing, she didn’t want her to stop.A wet pop echoed in the room as Kamarrah withdrew her toy from Amelia’s drenched womanhood. Any protest that sprung to mind wilted—her little button sucked into the skillful mouth of her partner. The rod rubbed up and down her folds, twirling. She wanted it back inside, but she couldn’t bring herself to do more than penetrate Kamarrah with her tongue.Lower Kamarrah’s hand slipped. Amelia’s own juices smeared down her taint to her rear entrance. The tip prodded her, threatening to slip in. Her breath caught in her throat. While she far and away preferred getting her pussy pounded, she never shied away from getting plugged.Kamarrah leaned forward and kissed Amelia’s lower lips. “I’ve been giving too much attention to this needy hole up front. Time to give the patient one in the back some love.”The dildo, lubed up with copious amounts of fluids, slipped into Amelia’s ass with ease. She gasped at the intrusion. Her body bloated as each inch sank into her. Kamarrah didn’t hold any back, yet she worked at a steady, relaxed pace. They both understood the entire thing would fit; she enjoyed stringing Amelia along.“You’re such a naughty girl.” Kamarrah purred, pressing the last bit inside with a playful finger. “You ate it right up.”“I’ve had”—Amelia gasped and quivered as more magic titillated her womanhood—“a lot of experience.”“A princess shouldn’t give everything away.” Despite Kamarrah’s stern words, she twisted the toy and kissed Amelia’s drenched folds.A wave of excitement washed through Amelia, and her heart pounded in her chest. “I thought you liked naughty girls.”“Oh, I do.” Hot air rushed between Amelia’s legs. “And you, my dear, have been a real treat.” The queen slid her dildo partway out and a yearning took its place.“You’ve been quite lovely yourself.” Amelia grazed Kamarrah’s little button with her teeth, drawing a soft moan out of her. She kissed the sensitive nub. “You really know how to work me up.”Kamarrah pressed her pussy down against Amelia, grinding. A quick thrust split Amelia’s ass, and she moaned against wet flesh. “Your praises make me want to fuck you harder.”“Oh, yes.” Amelia struggled against her bonds, lapping at her partner’s juicy cunt, desperate for release. “Be rough with me, your majesty. Fuck this dirty girl up.”“Don’t stop licking.”Kamarrah spread Amelia’s lower lips and plunged deep inside as she pumped her asshole. Her body swayed with every motion, the queen pounding her hard. She gasped and tried to rock counter to each thrust. What little of her goal she achieved heightened her enjoyment.As much as she wanted to follow Kamarrah’s command, Amelia fought to keep enough focus to pleasure her partner. Between the queen’s tongue delving into her silky canal and the dildo fucking her ass, she could do little more than mewl and shake. Kamarrah owned her slutty body.A wet smacking sound filled the room as Kamarrah serviced Amelia’s folds. She tugged and released, letting them snap back into place. Amelia grimaced. Her lady bits stung, but, before she squirmed away, three fingers penetrated her. She tightened up at the sudden intrusion, stopping herself shy of climaxing.Warmth encompassed Amelia’s swollen clit. She buried her face in Kamarrah’s womanhood and moaned, unashamed. Her tongue licked, flicked, and scooped as her self-control slipped. She couldn’t hold back anymore. One more little thing would push her over the edge. Kamarrah sucked, and Amelia exploded.Amelia shrieked and clamped down hard on the sublime fingers in her pussy and magnificent toy in her bottom. Her body locked up, toes curling, and she squirted all over Kamarrah’s face. The queen let out a quiet noise in surprise and switched from sucking to lapping up her plaything’s love juices.Tingles danced across Amelia’s skin and down her limbs, accentuated by each lash of Kamarrah’s mischievous tongue. Amelia lavished her partner in gentle, sporadic kisses, thankful for her orgasm. She sighed, shuddering. While things slowed down due to her abrupt tightness, Kamarrah didn’t relent.“Oh, your majesty,” Amelia whined as Kamarrah pistoned in and out of both her sloppy holes. “Harder.”

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