He Wanted Me To Meet His Wife

Big Tits

“I want you to fuck my wife,” he said.I was lying in Glen’s bed when he said it.  We’d just finished having sex. “Really,” he said. “I want to watch you fuck my wife.”I glanced over at the nightstand by the bed. She looked like an attractive enough woman, judging from their wedding picture. But the situation was weird. I told him I wasn’t interested.”Please,” he started to plead. “I’ve been working on this for years. Trying to convince her to fuck someone else while I watch. I think she’s ready.”“You’re being foolish,” I told him.  “You don’t really want this.  You don’t know where it will lead.”But he kept begging. I told him I’d think about it. Then I got dressed and got the hell out of there.  I had no intention of ever going back.  “Why do men always have to ask for more?” I asked myself.When I first met Glen we’d worked at the same office. I was used to coworkers flirting with me, but he was extremely forward.”Look,” I finally said, “I don’t date co-workers, and I don’t date married guys.”Neither one was 100% true historically, but Glen didn’t know any better. He was attractive enough, but it didn’t seem worth the hassle of a workplace fling.A few months later he’d left the company for another job. That’s when the packages started. It was mostly flowers and expensive chocolates. I ignored him, but he was persistent. I’m not made of stone.  I let him know up front that it was just a fling. I wasn’t interested in dating. He got a room in an upscale hotel, we ordered a room service dinner and ended up fucking. The next date was more of the same. The sex was good, but not mind-blowing or particularly imaginative. I was getting bored with the whole thing, but then he asked to be tied up.Despite some initial skepticism, I ended up enjoying it.  Our short-term fling turned into a weekly fuck session at his house while his wife was at her book club meeting.  I enjoyed tying him to their headboard. It seemed a bit risky, but I had nothing to lose.  When he mentioned involving his wife I decided it was time to move on. But, by that point, Glen knew the way to get my attention. Once again, he was persistent.  He sent gift cards to lingerie stores all over town. Each one accompanied by a note that begged me to fulfill his fantasy. He even included pictures of his wife, Cathy. She was an attractive Chinese-American woman.  It was obvious that she was several years younger than him. The first few pictures were casual shots taken at parties. He was in several of them. Then he sent a few of her from a trip to the beach in a bikini. She was petite with a fit body, and trendy, chin-length hair. Even at the beach, she looked uncomfortable to be so exposed. Eventually, he started including recent pictures of her in lingerie. She looked VERY uncomfortable. Yet sexy as hell. In the last one, she was wearing nothing but panties and covering her perky tits with her hands. At that point, I decided to give in. If he was going to keep pushing her to fuck someone, it might as well be me.Glen posted an ad online and told me to respond. He insisted Cathy know nothing about our previous relationship. When I sent a response, it was Cathy that replied. She explained that she was güvenilir bahis helping her husband play out his fantasy and that she wanted to make him happy. Even by email, it was obvious that she was shy and nervous about the situation. She was also witty and self-deprecating and intelligent. I liked her right away.Before the arranged night I laid down ground rules. I would only fuck Cathy. Glen could watch, but not participate in any way. I pretended to be uncomfortable about fucking a married man.I showed up dressed to impress. Cathy had made such a positive impression on me that I was actually a bit nervous. We’d exchanged pictures, but I still wondered if she’d like me as much in person. I wore a navy, satin sheath dress that hugged my body. My brand new bra and panties were the same shade of dark blue with satin and lace.Cathy answered the door in a long, black silk robe and black heels. She was even prettier in person, with an alluring smile and coquettish personality. She had the prettiest dark eyes and her hair looked shiny and silky.”Where’s your husband?” I asked after we exchanged greetings and an awkward hug.”Already in the bedroom,” she responded.”We don’t have to rush,” I said. “We have all night. Do you want to have a drink? Sit down and chat?”She agreed and we took a seat on the couch. Glen could wait.Instantly there was a connection. She was shy but funny. And even a little flirty. We avoided the point of my visit for the first few minutes. After we’d each had two glasses of wine, I decided to bring it up.”Have you ever been with a woman, Cathy?””Yes,” she answered. “There was a girl I knew in college….”She trailed off for a second.”But not since then,” she finally added. “Just the one girl. And that was several years ago.””I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to. If you’re uncomfortable…””No,” she quickly said. “I’m nervous. But I want to. You’re very pretty…”She blushed after the compliment as if it had just slipped out.There was an awkward moment of silence. And then I took her face in my hands and kissed her.Cathy didn’t pull away, but at first she just accepted the kiss. I kept going and she started to kiss back. I put my arms around her and my hands slid down the silk robe over her tight body.”Do you want to go to the bedroom?” I asked.She nodded and led the way.Glen was sitting tied up in an armchair. The room was lit by candles. The king-sized bed, where I’d fucked Glen several times, was dressed in new satin sheets. Massive Attack was playing on the stereo. Glen was in nothing but boxer shorts.  Cathy started to say something to her husband, but I placed a hand to her lips. Pretending he wasn’t even there, I kissed her again.I pulled the sash on Cathy’s robe and she shrugged out of it. She had on a floor length black negligee. The top portion was sheer so I could just glimpse her cleavage. Even without a bra, her tits were firm and perky.”Do you want to undress me?” I whispered.She reached behind me and unzipped my dress. We pulled it down together and I stood there in heels, thigh highs, panties and bra.I kissed her again. She was responding eagerly at that point.”Let’s go to bed,” she whispered.She pulled güvenilir bahis siteleri me toward the inviting sheets. Seconds later we were rolling around and making out like high school kids. My hands slid effortlessly along her silky gown as I touched every inch of slender, toned body. Cathy just kept her arms wrapped tight around the small of my back. Our tongues danced in each others mouth. Her kisses were soft, wet, and erotic. I took one of her hands and lowered it to my plump, round ass. She instinctively squeezed a cheek through my satin panties.I rolled Cathy onto her back. I slid a hand down the side of her torso and thigh. I pushed the fabric of her gown between her legs and cupped her pussy. Cathy moaned in response to my touch.I reached for the halter string behind her neck and looked into her deep brown eyes. She nodded.  I untied it and pulled the gown down to expose her tits. Her dark brown nipples were rock hard. I swirled my tongue around one and took it between my lips.Cathy groaned again. She wrapped an arm around my head, inviting me to keep going. She put her other hand on top of mine, wanting me to keep touching her pussy.I started grinding my hand between her thighs. With my middle finger, I pushed up inside her cunt, taking the gown fabric with it. I gently tugged at her nipple with my teeth.”Oh yes,” she moaned in her soft, slightly accented voice. “Oh yes,” she repeated.I pushed the gown and my finger deeper inside her gash. I moved from her left breast to her right and back again.  I sucked and teased and pulled her nipples.Cathy pulled my hand away. She frantically wiggled out of the gown. Her naked body was spectacular. We started kissing again. It was hot and hungry. I put my thumb on her clitoris and plunged my middle two fingers inside her tight wet hole. She squealed with delight.”I want your breasts,” she whispered.I just nodded and Cathy quickly removed my bra. She stared at my nice, full titties as if she wasn’t sure what to do. And then she attacked one with her mouth.I couldn’t contain my own moans.”Yes. Oh yes!” I heard Glen mumble from the corner. I’d almost forgotten he was there. I glanced over and saw his big, hard cock was now poking out. But with his hands restrained he couldn’t do a thing about it. I refocused my attention on his wife.As Cathy feasted on my titties I rubbed her clit with my thumb. I slowly fucked her with my two middle fingers.”Yes,” she moaned again. spurring me on.I kept diddling her clit and worked my wrist faster. I could hear the sound of my fingers sliding in and out of her wet pussy. I kept slamming them home, moving as fast as I could.Cathy stopped kissing my tits and just rested her head on them. Her breath was ragged. I wrapped my free arm around her and held her close while I finger-banged her.Her squeal was soft and sexy as she came. I kept touching and fucking her with my hand until she’d climaxed completely.We started kissing again. It was soft and sweet pecks. I kissed her lips, her cheeks, her neck, her tits. She did the same.”I want you to get off,” she said.I just nodded.”Lay down,” she said.I laid on my back and Cathy grabbed my panties and slid them down my iddaa siteleri stocking-covered legs, only pausing to take off my heels. She slowly worked her way back up with her hands and eyes, taking in the sight of me. Caressing me slowly.She leaned forward until her face was just above my pussy. Her eyes locked on mine. It was her turn to silently ask permission.”Eat my pussy, Cathy,” I said.She took her tongue and licked my slit from back to front. She trailed it around the outer folds and made me quiver. And then she started flicking at my clit.”Oh yes,” I said. Instinctively, my eyes closed, but then I snapped them back open. I wanted to watch this little vixen go down on me. “Eat my pussy,” I said again.She pulled away from clit, teasing me, and slid her tongue up and down my slit again. Back and forth. Making me wait for it. She slid a finger inside me and started fucking me. She was almost shy at first. Slow and tentative. But she started going faster as my hips started bucking.”Eat my pussy, Cathy.” I was almost begging. “Eat my pussy!”Her tongue flicked my clit. She started sucking it and going faster. Her index finger kept plummeting inside my wet cunt.”Oh, YES!” I moaned. “Eat my pussy. Eat my pussy!”I started slamming my hips up, forcing her finger into me. Her firm tongue rapidly started flicking me.”OH, YES!” I cried again. My orgasm was fucking massive. My entire body seemed to convulse. Cathy didn’t stop licking until I was done.We ended up wrapped in each other’s arms again. We kissed like old lovers. Finally, Cathy seemed to remember her husband in the corner. When she got out of bed she looked like a different person than the timid woman who’d answered the door. Her eyes were filled with lust.”Did you like it?” she said to Glen.He nodded.”Are you happy?” she asked himHe nodded again.”I bet I can make you happier,” she said.Cathy dropped to her knees. She jerked his underwear off quickly. His cock looked massive in her tiny hand. He wrapped her lips around the swollen head. With a twisting motion, she started bobbing up and down on his cock. She tugged firmly at the base. There was no teasing going on.  She wanted him to cum quick.Glen bucked against his restraints, trying to fuck his wife’s face. She was going up and down like a machine. Her tugs were growing more fierce. I recognized Glen’s groan and knew he was about to blow.”Oh fuck,” he said as he came into her mouth.He shot a massive load. Drop seeped past Cathy’s lips and fell onto her perky little titties.When she was finished, she stood up and kissed him. And then she came back to me.”I’ve had a wonderful night,” she said.I told her that I had, too.”I think my husband and I are going to spend some time alone now,” she said. “Not to be rude,” she added.The two of us kissed a few more times. I could taste Glen’s cum on her lips. She put on her robe and I got dressed. Cathy walked me to the front door.She stopped me and we shared a long, passionate kiss.”I know this was just supposed to be one time,” she said, “but I had a lot of fun. I hope maybe you’ll come back?”Turning her down didn’t even cross my mind. I told her I’d be very willing. We kissed again before she let me out.I walked out into the night feeling smitten.  I’d never felt that way about Glen.I went home, showered, and changed.  I checked my email and saw that Cathy had already written to me. She suggested that I come back over in a couple of weekends.

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