Becoming a Cum Dump Ch. 04


Ding-Dong! Ding-Dong!

What the heck? I thought. My mind was fuzzy as the doorbell rang. I heard someone open the door followed by some muffled voices. I heard and felt feet on the stairs as someone came down towards my room.

Knock! Knock!

“Alex are you awake?” my mother called. “Your friend Thomas is here to see you.”

“Thanks,” I heard Thomas say on the other side of the door. My mom went back upstairs as Thomas entered my room.

Fuck, he’s in my room! I kept my eyes shut not wanting to wake up. That and I was still exhausted. I had a restless sleep.

Whoosh! The covers were pulled off me suddenly. I felt a weight on the bed. Thomas’s fingers pulled my buttcheeks apart before something wet touched my butt.

My eyes shot open and I jerked up.

“Well that got your attention huh?” Thomas asked smiling. He sat on the end of my bed smiling at me. “Get up, we have plans today.”

He got up and grabbed my jock I wore yesterday. It had a gray waistband that was connected to a yellow pouch with two gray bands that ran under my butt. I slipped it back on feeling the straps lift up my butt. I was starting to like the feeling.

Thomas threw me a pair of pants from his gym bag he brought down. I put them on along with a pair of socks. I put on a tank top and gym shoes. Grabbing a sweatshirt and my gym bag, Thomas and I headed out.

We got into his Suburban, and he drove us to the gym. I hadn’t really paid attention to what I was wearing until we were in the gym. All eyes seemed to be on me. I looked down to see myself wearing yoga pants! They were skin tight and clearly showed my underwear. And they looked like they could be meant for women.

My face immediately started to burn. Thomas wrapped his arm around my shoulder and laughed seeing my face.

“You’re cute when you’re embarrassed,” he whispered into my ear. I blushed even more.

We entered a studio in the back of the gym and Thomas rolled out two mats near the front of the room.

“Hey Thomas, who’s this?” came a sweet voice. I looked up from my mat and saw a stunning woman. She stood around five feet, seven inches with a very athletic build. She had blond hair and blue eyes with angular features. She looked down at me with a quizzical look.

“Hey Linda, this is Alex,” Thomas responded. She looked me up and down again. She smirked when I’m sure she saw the strap to my jock.

“So this is the new kid you were talking about. Cute,” she remarked. She looked around the room. I did the same and noticed that the room had filled. It was full of people from college age to quite a bit older. “Well, let’s get this class started. You all know you are in the beginners class right?” Everyone nodded. “Ok, let’s begin.”

Linda went through the routine. The class lasted about an hour. It was incredibly exhausting. I never knew a yoga class could be that much work. Linda helped me out a lot but so did Thomas.

I laid down on my back on the mat. My muscles were exhausted, and I didn’t want to get up.

“So are you staying for the intermediate class?” Linda asked Thomas.

“Yeah, of course. It’s not like this was much of a workout,” Thomas said.

“When are you going to join the advanced class?” Linda asked.

“Maybe when this kid can catch up in the intermediate class,” Thomas said. I looked up to see Thomas and Linda both looking at me. I flipped over to my stomach before pushing myself up.

“I don’t know about that,” I said.

“Well, as long as you’re with me, you’ll be coming here. So you better get used to it,” Thomas said with a wink. Linda was sitting very close to Thomas. Thomas had his arm around her, and she had her hand in his lap. We were the only people in the room though.

I heaved a large sigh and sat up. I looked at the clock seeing it was 9:40am.

Linda saw what I was looking at commenting, “The next class starts at 10:00, but most people start coming in around 9:50.” I was confused why she was telling me this. “So I hear you’re a senior.”

I looked at her confused. I wondered where she heard that from. Then I remembered Thomas asking me that. Then I wondered when Thomas talked to Linda.

“Um, I’m actually a junior in high school,” I responded.

Now Thomas was confused, “A junior huh? I thought you said you were a senior?”

“Um, I think you said that, but I don’t think I ever said yes or no,” I mumbled out.

“Really, but you’re a junior huh? Cute,” Thomas said.

Linda studied me for a second before starting in again, “Well, but you’re still 18 right?”

“Yeah, I’m 18,” I replied.

“When’s your birthday?”

I hesitated for a second, “It’s September 27th.”

“So a fresh 18 huh?” Linda scrutinized me again. “You’ve got a nice body for an 18 year old. Do you have yourself a girlfriend?”

“Yeah,” I replied. I wondered why Thomas would tell Linda my age but not that I had a girlfriend.

“What’s her name?”


“Chrissy, that’s a pretty name. How old is she?”

“18,” I bahis siteleri said immediately regretting it.

“Oh really? When did she turn 18?” Linda asked again looking deep into my eyes.

I don’t know what I kept talking but I did. “September 23rd.”

“Oh! So you two are close in age. That’s cute,” Linda mused. “You look cute in those yoga pants. And what kind of underwear are you wearing?”

I finally paused before responding, but I did respond. “I’m wearing a jockstrap.” What was I doing. I felt compelled to answer her though, just like I felt compelled by Thomas.

“Well, aren’t you the daring type. I thought that’s what I saw pushing at your skin-tight yoga pants,” Linda said with a twinkle in her eye. “Well, I’d like to continue this conversation another time. I definitely want to get to know you a lot better. But look at the time. It’s almost time to start the next class.”

I looked at the clock again. It read 9:48am. Wow, the conversation took a little longer than I thought.

Linda moved away from Thomas then. She set up in front of the room again. Thomas helped me up and moved us to the back of the studio.

“I thought we’d sit back here this time. That way you won’t be such a distraction to the others. They’re a bit more serious than in the beginners class. Plus, I need to focus on myself and can’t be distracted by you,” Thomas explained.

We sat and watched as the rest of the class filtered in. There were a few more people in this class than the other with a larger population of women. Very attractive women. Many of the people said hello to Thomas as they entered.

At 10:00 sharp Linda started her class. She wasted no time diving right in. I gave it my best effort to keep up, but it was to no avail. Most of the time I ended up watching Thomas or the rest of the class. Thomas looked incredible moving through the poses. He looked fluid but strong. I found myself ogling him and his large package. Unfortunately all my watching affected my cock. It started to get hard, and, unfortunately, I couldn’t calm myself down.

I was snapped out of my watching when Linda called an end to the class. She thanked everyone for coming while everyone started to pack up. Thomas did the same, but I wanted to wait until after everyone had left.

“What’re you doing?” Thomas asked. “Come on, it’s time for us to go.”

Thomas motioned me to get going. He had rolled up his mat and had it tucked under his arm.

“Seriously, get up, we have stuff to do,” Thomas urged again. My cock was still hard, and I knew it would stick out. I didn’t want everyone in the room to see my hard cock.

Unfortunately, Thomas had other plans. He reached down and grabbed my arm.

Pulling me up he said, “Maybe if you tried harder, and didn’t just watch, you wouldn’t have this problem.”

He knew!

I was embarrassed as I was pulled up like a child. I stood and used my other hand to try and adjust. Unfortunately, there were quite a few people who had looked over and watched as I adjusted my hard cock.

A few of the people looked surprised, others looked shocked, and a few others looked disgusted. Although, I think a few had a couple of appreciative looks on their faces.

“Come along now,” Thomas said giving me a wicked look. I quickly squatted down to roll up the mat. “Hold on. Not like that.” I stood back up. “Bend at the waist there hon.”

I turned beet red. I knew what was going to happen. I gave him the best puppy-dog eyes I could muster. But he just met me with a cool, wicked look.

I sighed knowing that I would do it. Reluctantly, I bent at the waist. My butt pushed out and the fabric covering my butt stretched out. I could feel the straps of my jock tighten against my butt as well and knew they stood out. I faced the wall so I didn’t know who could see everything, and yes, everything.

When my mat was rolled up and under my arm, Thomas finally took us out of the studio. I was surprised when he took me back to his car.

“Come on, we have other plans,” Thomas said getting into his car. We put the yoga mats in the backseat before Thomas drove off.

“Where are we going?” I asked him.

“You’ll see,” was all Thomas said.

I rode in silence the rest of the way.

Finally, we pulled into the parking lot of a nice looking massage parlor. I looked at the place, and it looked like a nice, fairly upscale place. I was surprised that we would come here.

“Come on, I love a good massage after yoga,” Thomas said getting out of the car. “Oh yeah, and grab my bag.”

I quickly snatched up my bag and Thomas’s and headed after him. We walked into the building and were immediately greeted.

“Hello Thomas, good to see you again,” the receptionist said.

“Hey Paula, how are you doing?” Thomas asked her. She looked nice. Probably late-20s.

She looked me up and down before responding, “I’m doing well. Just here again.” Thomas gave her a chuckle. “You and your guest can head straight back. You’ll be in room 3.”

“Thanks. See canlı bahis siteleri you in a bit,” Thomas said.

He led me down the hall to room number three. This was a super nice place. I couldn’t believe it. There were two tables in the room next to each other.

“Just set the bags on the chair and strip down,” Thomas said. Without waiting he stripped down. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist. I quickly followed suit.

Knock, knock!

“Excuse us,” said the masseuse. “My name is Andrew, and this is Serena.” He walked in followed by another masseuse. They both looked to be in their late 20s. They were both very attractive people and was getting a little honry seeing them.

“Hello Mr. Ayers,” Serena said.

“You can call me Thomas,” Thomas replied.

“Um, ok, Thomas,” Serena hesitated before saying his name. “You can lie down on the bed.”

“That means I’m with you,” Andrew said turning to me. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Alex,” I replied.

“Cool. You can lie down on the bed. We’ll start with your back,” Andrew said motioning to the bed.

I laid down on my stomach thankful to cover my partial hard-on. I could hear Thomas and Serena talking about his massage.

“So, you have the full body massage, but is there any place specific you want me to work?” Andrew asked.

I thought for a second, “Not really.”

“Great, well I’ll just start then,” Andrew said. I heard him opening up a bottle and quickly felt a cool liquid on my back. He must have poured some oil on my back.

Andrew started right into the massage. He worked on my shoulders before moving to my back. His hands felt amazing. Andrew moved his hands lower down my back and worked my lower back. He seemed to work a little longer and push a little harder. I noticed that my lower back was getting really relaxed, even my ass was getting more relaxed.

Suddenly his hands were on my butt. I tensed up for a second, but Andrew’s hands quickly relaxed me again. They felt amazing kneading my ass like it was dough. Andrew spent awhile on my ass. I could even feel my asshole start to relax. He moved down my legs and even gave me a bit of a foot rub.

“Ok, we have a little time left, how about you flip over?” Andrew said.

“Um, ok,” I mumbled out. I pushed myself up and immediately felt my cock flip up to my stomach. Oh shit! I thought to myself. I was hard as a rock and wearing only a towel. What to do?

“Hurry up, there’s not much time left,” Andrew said.

I quickly turned around and laid on the table. I squeezed my eyes tight hoping that Andrew wouldn’t see. But how could he not.

“It’s fine. It happens a lot,” Andrew said not needing to explain what “it” was. He quickly worked over my chest and abs. His arm and his hands brushed up against my cock a couple of times. Just brushing the tip which drove me wild. Andrew was such a tease with his hands that I stayed horny the whole time.

“How do you feel?” Andrew asked removing his hands from my body.

I felt the most relax I’ve ever felt. I had never received a massage before and this had been amazing.

“I feel great,” I mumbled out.

“That was great,” I heard Thomas say. “I’ll have to remember your name for another time.”

“Hey, you’re just going to ditch me like that?” Andrew asked with mockingly.

“Haha, I’d never just ditch you, just meet you at other times,” Thomas said. I looked up, and Andrew was standing close to Thomas. Thomas had his hand on Andrew’s arm. It was obvious that they had a very close relationship, very close.

“Anyway, you have a cutie there,” Andrew said pointing to me. I blushed at that.

“Yeah, he’s a real cutie. Especially when he’s embarrassed. Like when he’s sitting with a hard-on,” Thomas said not missing a chance to embarrass me.

I immediately tried to cover up as all their eyes stared at my crotch.

“Oh, don’t cover up. You’re fine here,” Thomas said nonchalantly. “Anyway, you have to get up so we can wash off this oil.”

“Where?” I asked confused.

“Over here,” Serena said. She moved over to a part of the wall and pulled at a hidden lever. A door swung open revealing a full bathroom.

There was only one shower though. This was definitely a room for couples.

“Come on,” Thomas said. As he stood up, his towel fell to the floor. He wasn’t embarrassed at all by his obscenely large cock dangling in the breeze. Damn, that cock always got to me. My mouth immediately started to salivate and even my ass started to feel funny.

“Have a good shower you too. Don’t get it too dirty though,” Andrew said with a laugh. Serena gave me a wicked look before following Andrew out the room.

I stood up and my towel hung on my hard cock.

“Oh, I wish you had done that with Andrew and Serena in the room. You look so cute as a towel rack,” Thomas said with a laugh. “Now hurry up, we don’t have all day.”

I pulled swiftly pull the towel off my cock which was a poor decision. My cock swung from side to side slapping against canlı bahis my thigh once. Oh man was I horny. I quickly followed Thomas into the shower room. He turned it on and hopped in. I quickly followed suit.

Unfortunately, the shower was very uneventful. I tried to make it more interesting by playing with Thomas’s cock, but whenever I started to play, instead of just wash, Thomas always pulled my hands away. He didn’t even say a word, only had me wash him. When I finished, washing Thomas he just left the shower and toweled himself off. I quickly washed myself before following him out.

When I got back to the main room, Thomas was still naked but pulling clothes out of his gym bag. He had pulled out a new jock. This one was bright pink. He had also pulled out a tight pair of jeans and some long athletic socks. The socks were white with three stripes, the top and bottom were blue, and the middle was red. He finally pulled out a small pink t-shirt.

Thomas set them down on a chair for me while he pulled out his own clothes. He put on a pair of tight fitting trunks along with low-rise jeans and a nice fitting t-shirt. He put on ankle socks before putting on his stylish running shoes.

I looked at my clothes for a second before putting them all on. I loved the feel of all the clothes. I really love how the jock pulls my cheeks up. I feel so sexy. And I liked the tall socks. They felt sexy on my legs, and I liked the tightness on my calves. I felt so sexy in the outfit I almost didn’t want to put on the other clothes. But of course I did. I slipped the jeans up my legs feeling them form to my muscles. The back of my jeans even slid between my crack making me feel so sexy. The tight t-shirt also felt sexy as it showed off my upper body. Thomas definitely knew how to dress me to make me feel sexy.

I grabbed the bags again; this time without being asked. Thomas led the way back out of the building. When we reached the lobby, I received plenty of stares. I even caught the receptionist looking my way. Although, I wasn’t sure if they were appreciative looks or simply a little scandalous because there wasn’t much left to the imagination.

When we got back to the car Thomas finally broke the silence. “You look so sexy in that I kind of want to show you off.”

I blushed not knowing how to respond.

“What do you think?” Thomas asked getting into the car. I wasn’t sure how to respond. “Ok, we’ll make a quick pit stop before we go to my house.”

Thomas drove us to a CVS that was close to the gym. He parked the car and took out two twenty dollar bills.

“Ok, I want you to go in there and get a couple things.” I nodded my head. “Great, first I want you to get a box of condoms.”

I looked questioningly at him. “Um, do I have to?” I kind of whined when I said it.

“Well, I assume you realize now what’s going to happen.” I nodded my head again. “Well if you want it to happen you have to get this. Got it?” I nodded again. “Great.”

“Um,” I interjected. I paused for a second as I gathered my nerves. “What size should I get?” I blurted out. I felt my face get hot again.

Thomas chuckled. “Why don’t you choose,” he said. I nodded again. “Great. And the second thing I want you to get is a box of enemas. Get four. We might as well be prepared.”

“Um, what are enemas?” I asked.

“Well if you’re not sure, then just ask,” Thomas said with another chuckle. “Now off you go.”

He shooed me out of the car. Apparently he thought that I could remember everything even though I was super nervous. Thankfully there were only two things. But still, I was nervous to buy condoms at around 12:45 in the afternoon. It was broad daylight and people walking in and out of the store. Also, the enemas concerned me only because I didn’t know what they were.

But I summoned my courage and stepped out of the car. Click! When I closed the door behind me, Thomas locked the doors. Shit! I thought. I was trapped. But I suddenly realized I had a hard-on. I was nervous, but it was making me excited.

I sucked in a deep breath trying to calm my nerves. After a few people walked by giving me, hopefully, appreciate glances, I walked in. The store wasn’t packed, but there were still quite a few people in the store.

I walked straight to the back starting with the condoms. I knew that would be the easiest to look for seeing as I knew what they were. When I got to the section, I was surprised by how many different types and styles there were. I knew a little about condoms, that magnums were the biggest. I assumed that would be the right size for Thomas so I grabbed a package of them. I didn’t want to seem overly confident about it so I picked out a smaller pack of them, only a three pack.

I nervously palmed package, trying to hide what I had. I nervously looked around at the aisle headings trying to figure out where to find enemas. I really didn’t want to ask anyone so I started to walk around a bit. I didn’t think I would find it in any of the food or makeup aisles. I looked through the aisle I was in but didn’t see anything. I wandered over to the pharmacy department and started walking through the aisles. I tried to keep my head down and not look at too many people. I definitely avoided eye contact with anyone.

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