Bathing Suit Dilemma


“Dude, do you wanna go sit in the jacuzzi?” Eric asked his best friend Jamie as the boys stood at the kitchen island finishing their fourth beer of the night.

The two 21-year olds had spent the evening together at Eric’s parent’s house watching the high-stakes game 7 on the large flat screen that spanned an entire wall of the family room. Neither of their teams were still in it—the matchup was simply a good one and they bet small amounts of money back and forth on stupid things as the game went along. When you were a little tipsy and making gambles on who would be the next player to do a celebratory dance move after a basket, you had clearly moved into shark jumping territory.

But then, that’s how they usually spent their time together. They’d been friends since elementary school and grew up in the same small neighborhood. They saw each other during college break.

On this particularly trip home, Eric’s parents were taking a June cruise on the Danube and so the boys would often end up at the big empty Craftsman at the end of their lazy summer nights. They’d spend the day and afternoon at the nearest townie dive bar or at the nearby lake where old high school friends were constantly bumped into and reminisced with. There were the girls developing into their late teen bikini’s and local college kids getting high and tanning.

They’d struck out earlier at one particularly pool hall with a couple of girls who were a couple of years younger than them but they’d remembered from high school—sophomores to their seniors. After too much booze had been the thief of their possible hijinks, they made sure the girls got into a Lyft and home safely, and then they called another car to take them back to Eric’s house.

Now they’d watched some sports and improved their own inebriated happiness and the jacuzzi sounded like a brilliant idea in the warm summer-night air.

“I don’t have a suit though,” Jamie realized as Eric headed towards his bedroom and beckoned his friend along.

“No worries, I’ve probably got something you can wear.” Eric assured him, and they headed up the stairs to search through Eric’s drawers.

Due to a recent yard sale, Eric didn’t have the extra trunks he thought he might have. There was his own pair of board shorts and nothing else really.

“Well crap…I thought I had some extra swim trunks…looks like we sold my old ones at the yard sale.”

“Who the hell buys old swim trunks at a yard sale?” Jamie asked, a little tipsy as he hiccupped at his friend. The alcohol felt good coursing through his blood and he smiled at the thought of someone wearing some old, stretched out swim trunks from a yard sale.

“What’s so weird about that? Not everyone is made of money young man!” Eric joked, admonishing his friend in mock parental tone.

“Oh, that doesn’t bug me at all,” Jamie continued the convo, “I just don’t wanna have some dude’s old ball sweat on my dick. No thanks, man.” They boys both laughed at this.

“You do realize you can just wash them, right?” Eric said.

“Dude…some ball sweat just never washes off…that’s just the way of the world.” Jamie said almost philosophically now.

“Ahhhh yes, the immeasurable lifespan of ball sweat.” Eric said cheekily.

“I honestly wonder how we don’t have girlfriend’s right now.”

“Seriously, it’s a damn mystery, my friend.”

They both chuckled at that and Eric suddenly pulled out an unopened box of white jock straps.

“Hey man, what about one of these? I got them for varsity baseball and then never ended up using them because we accidentally bought the ones that didn’t have the pouch for the cup.” Eric tossed the box to Jamie and he looked at them with a cocked eyebrow. The box was indeed, unopened, with three clean pair inside.

It’d be a little weird to wear a jockstrap in front of his friend he thought, but the alternative wasn’t any better. “I guess my only other options would be naked or to wear my boxers and I have to fucking sleep in those tonight because I’m definitely not driving home at this point so…” Jamie was still mulling over his options in his head.

“You could wear a pair of my boxers if you want, but then again, I guess you’ve established how you feel about another guy’s ball sweat touching you,” they both laughed at that again.

“Looks like we have a winner!” Jamie said as he ripped open the package and grabbed a pair.

“You can use the bathroom to change if you want…I’m gonna go grab us a couple more beers and change in the downstairs one, meet you in like two.”

The boys quickly got undressed and changed into their swimwear.

Eric wore his small, navy blue board shorts that came up to the middle of his muscled thighs and tied with a light brown drawstring that matched his sandy mop of never fully organized hair.

Jamie meanwhile changed into the jock strap and if he hadn’t been slightly drunk, he would’ve never left that upstairs bathroom. As he looked at his body in the mirror he cracked up. He was a good looking guy in very bahis şirketleri good shape, but the jock strap made him look like he had stepped out of a gay porn photo shoot. The briefs were tight on him and held his package on full display. The white knit patch was comfortable though confined and ended in two simple straps that ran just under Jamie’s ass cheeks, which were fully exposed in the back. The polyester spandex material was designed for peak performance and movement and the wide belt had a red, white, and blue threading which spoke to a patriotic sports theme that these accessories tended to carry.

“Welp, fuck it,” Jamie said as he laughed at himself one more time in the mirror and came back downstairs into the kitchen where Eric was waiting in his board shorts.

He laughed so hard when he saw Jamie approach that beer shot out of his nose.

“OHMYGOKGHD!” Eric chortled, as he mercilessly teased his friend when he reappeared in the tiny sports underwear.

“Shut the fuck up and give me my damn beer!” Jamie laughed. They were both used to ribbing each other. There was no real offense taken. Also, they were drunk, so their night was already expected to include as many verbal jabs as could be expected between long-time friends.

They grabbed some towels and headed out to the fancy spa installed on the far corner of the house’s backyard deck, which Eric had previously turned on full power as the water heated up impressively fast.

The boys cracked their beers on the surrounded deck’s edge. The spa itself had been designed to sit mostly into the actual deck making the floor of the structure closer to the spa itself.

They sunk into the marvelously therapeutic water and immediately enjoyed the feeling of the days stress drifting away into the bubbles. Eric leaned over to a control panel and turned on the lights and jets and they cracked open their fifth bottles of the night and enjoyed all of the freedoms that summer had to offer.

The spa was an eight person set up with a couple of two person benches and four carved out corner spots for deeper lounging. There were nearby cup-holders and a control panel for the inset music system. They put on whatever FM top forties station had previously been set and relaxed as they felt the breeze dance across their faces in conjunction with the bubbles jetting across their legs and backs. This was just what the doctor ordered. Summertime, and as the song would confirm while they soaked into oblivion, the living was indeed, easy.

They sat catty-corner from each other as they stretched out in long diagonals and enjoyed their buzz.

As their skin slowly raisined, their bodies relaxed and their muscles softened in the sudsy heaven.

“Dude, this is the fucking life.” Jamie said, as he sipped his beer and enjoyed the way the contrast of the frosty glass reacted with the hot body temperature of his chin.

“Yeah, seriously. I could fucking fall asleep I feel so relaxed…also I think I’m a little drunk…we haven’t really eaten since those late-afternoon tacos.” Eric chimed in.

Jamie nodded in a silly sort of agreement. “Yeah, I’m feeling the buzz too right now, it feels good man. I’m so glad to be done with school for the next few months.”

“Cheers to that,” Eric agreed as they reached their beers out to clink them together.

“So, what do you plan on doing over break?” Jamie asked his friend as he bobbed his head lightly to the radio, which continued cycling through currently popular club songs and various remixes of the moment.

“Welp,” Eric started, as he pressed the cold glass against his neck and pondered the question, “I’m gonna sleep in a lot. I’m gonna drink a lot of alcohol. I’m probably gonna watch lots of movies and get high and lay on the couch without moving very much. And…hmmm…oh yeah, I’m gonna try to have as much sex as possible with whatever girls from high school are still slinking around this town.” They both laughed at that last line.

“That sounds like a fairly brilliant list of summer ambitions.”

“I think so,” Eric smiled.

“Do you have any possible ladies lined up or are you just planning on going to the bars and using that brilliant swagger you have where you walk up to a girl with a sort of dumb smile and say, “Hey…sup?”

“Whoa! Don’t knock my game. Part of the charm is the dumb opening line. Make yourself look like the most adorable puppy and they might just forgive the fact that you’re actually just a horny dog that wants to hump them later that night.”

“My God dude, how has your dating advice novel not made Oprah’s book club, yet?”

Eric splashed Jamie as they both laughed at that and downed the last of their beers.

“So to answer your question…I think I might have a couple of possible girls in mind. I’ve actually been texting back and forth with one of them. You remember Julie Vandermeer…she was a year behind us—super into ASB, kinda nerdy in high school.”

“Oh yeah, I remember her, she was always nice, kinda quiet though.” Jamie responded bahis firmaları as the tried to remember what she looked like. She was always fairly shy in high school, though cute enough as far as he could recall.

“Well, let’s just say she bloomed man. She’s like…just coming into her prime ya know? Like, she discovered how hot her body was getting and now she’s making up for lost time or something.”

“Wow, really? Who would’ve thought. When did you see her?”

“I bumped into her at the Archery Bar my first night back in town. Don’t know how she was in there cuz she’s only twenty but damn…I didn’t even recognize her at first. She was wearing these tight jeans and a very small tank top that showed off some very ample cleavage and…get this, she’s got tattoos now!” He said, and Jamie was shocked by this.

“Damn…you’ll have to show me a picture later.”

“Yeah I definitely will.”

“Fuck dude, what about you? Got any girls you’ve been talking to that you’re gonna try to get with this summer?”

“I dunno man, I might text Kristen. That girl is always down for some fun.” Jamie thought about his on-again, off-again fuck buddy. She was awesome—as slutty as most guys he knew were.

“She’s amazing. You know she and I hooked up, right?” Eric said, cocking his head to make sure his friend knew that story.

“Ha! Yeah, she told me. That doesn’t bug me at all. I’m glad you were able to experience how fucking amazing she is.” Jamie assured him.

“I guess that kind of makes us Eskimo Brothers, right?” Eric asked, and Jamie nodded to him.

“Totally. Eskimo brothers chilling in a spa.”

“She actually gave me a blowjob in this very spa.” Eric said, and Jamie laughed a little as his mouth hung open.

“Fuck…really? Wait a second…hahaha, oh my god, dude, you’re gonna love this,” Jamie started.

Eric raised an eyebrow to his friend, “What is it?”

“Well, she and I have had lots of conversations about sex and stuff and she once told me that the best cock she ever had was from a guy that she blew in a jacuzzi!” Jamie was telling the truth. He remembered the conversation well because he admired that she was honest enough to not blow smoke up his ass about his own penis. He had a very good cock, but he didn’t need his sexual partners to hyperbolize it. She had told a very detailed story that night about this perfect cock she had played with in a jacuzzi.

“Wow…that’s…I mean, I guess she COULD’VE been talking about a different time, right?” Eric tried to eat the humble pie.

“I don’t know, dude! DO YOU? Do you have the most amazing cock ever?!” They both cracked up at that.

“I mean, I’ve always gotten compliments and girls seem to like what they find down there.” Jamie could tell that Eric was being purposefully bashful.

“Wow dude, you don’t have to a be so fucking modest. If you have a godly cock just admit it! THIS MAN HAS A GODLY COCK LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!” Jamie splashed his friend again across the spa.

“Okay! Okay! I admit it. My cock is a fucking tractor-trailer. My cock plows enough fields to feed an entire countryside of peasant farmers from the Ukraine. My cock recently solved the Hodge Conjecture and the Riemann Hypothesis.”

“Ahhh, there it is. There’s that confidence I know and love!” Jamie bantered back. “Also, if you reference anything else regarding your current schooling I’m going to smack you. I am too drunk for that shit.”

“Dude, speaking of which, open us up another beer.” Eric said as Jamie looked behind him on the deck. Because the jacuzzi was inset the deck floor was basically their ledge. They’d placed their last beers down with their towels when they got in. Jamie was closest.

He got up out of the spa and leaned over the side to grab them as they’d accidentally set them a couple feet too far away. As he did this his jock-strapped ass came above the water line and Eric got a good view of his friend’s naked buns. He was actually surprised at just how good an ass Jamie had. The naked booty bubbled like a girl’s would, and there was very little hair. How drunk was he exactly? He laughed inwardly at the idea of checking out his friend’s ass, but his cock twitched a little regardless. The hormones of a 21-year-old were ridiculous.

As Jamie slid back down with the two beers he noticed that there was a pink, plastic bottle beside the jacuzzi that read “Spa-Safe Bubble Bath Formula.”

“Dude,” he started, handing Eric beer number six, “is this bubble bath starter for the jacuzzi?”

“Hahaha, yep! Girls love the bubble baths man. It’s like an instant party.” Eric confirmed, swigging another chilled round of beer into his belly.

“Fuck just girls man, who the fuck doesn’t love bubble baths?” Jamie said, almost with a boyish excitement in his face. “Can we?”

“Why the fuck not??” Eric allowed.

They were both drunk now. Jamie poured way too much of the soapy liquid into the bubbling water and very soon foam began to surround them both until they were two heads floating above kaçak bahis siteleri a topographical winter wonderland.

“This is fucking amazing,” Jamie said, and Eric whole-heartedly agreed again.

“I am definitely drunk right now,” Eric said simply with a decided nod as he blew a flurry of soapy foam away from his face.

“I am ALSO drunk right now. The best kind of drunk. Fuzzy fun drunk and with like, zero body pain.”

“Mmmm, I love fuzzy fun drunk.” Jamie said, and they both smiled at each other again as if that was an actual thing that people said.

“Ughhh, I wish there were some girls we could call over right now. I wouldn’t mind having a couple of naked ladies in this spa with us.” Eric opined as he felt the buzz of his body connecting further to the needs of his cock.

“Maybe we could text Kristen and see if she’s free right now?” Jamie suggested. Eric’s eyes got big. It wasn’t that late, she was probably still up.

“Do you have your phone on you?” Eric asked his friend. Jamie nodded. He turned back around and sat up out of the spa to grab his phone, once again causing Eric to check out his friend’s ass—god, he really was horny. Eric moved over to sit next to Jamie as he hastily composed a text to the girl that both boys had fooled around with before.

He showed Eric the phone as he texted.

Jamie: ‘Hey! Are you free right now? I’m over at Eric’s house and we’re hanging out in the spa and we were wondering if you might want to have some fun?’

He threw in the devil emoji at the end of his message in order to fully sell the sophistication of the young person’s sexual courtship.

“Good thinking man, now she’ll know we mean business.” Eric joked, and Jamie elbowed him in the side.

They got a message back a moment later.

Kristen: ‘Hey! Oh fuck!! You guys have the house to yourself tonight? Dammit! I have a friend staying over…we’re already drunk!”

She included a picture of herself wearing very tiny pajamas with a cute Asian girl who was similarly dressed. They were having a classic girl’s sleepover. The boys both groaned when they saw the picture. Kristen was giving a cute little kiss on the cheek to her friend as she smiled teasingly at the camera. In the background beside Kristen’s bed you could see a tall half-empty bottle of Tito’s sitting on the nightstand.

“Fuckkkk!” The boys said in unison.

“Okay man, we gotta send a picture back. Let’s make fun of them a little!” Eric leaned in and gave Jamie’s face a little nuzzle and Jamie laughed as he snapped a selfie and sent it back to the girls.

“She’s so fucking hot dude…and so is her friend, do you recognize her?”

“I think that’s Debbie Lawson—remember, she was like, the really sort of rebellious art student in high school. A grade behind us I think.”

Jamie composed a response and included the picture they’d just taken.

Jamie: ‘Awwww, what if we sent you ladies a Lyft and you both came over??? The more the merrier. Naturally, we’ll take great care of you both.”

The blinking dots on the iPhone seemed to take forever. The boys sat very closely together as they stared at the glow of the screen just above the soapy surface of the water. Jamie felt Eric’s leg press up against his tightly under the water, neither of them caring about the fraternal mood due to their shared interest in this conversation.

The text seemed to take forever. And they soon understood why it took forever. A picture message arrived which Jamie hastily opened.

The girls had taken their shirts off. They were hugging with their breasts pressed together to cover their nipples. Kristen’s friend was kissing her neck in the picture with Kristen biting her lip and looking at the camera. The girls’ legs were also bared as they had stripped down to their cotton panties.

Kristen: “Oh? You’d take care of both of us, eh? ;)”

The boys practically died when they saw the shot. Good Lord, she had fucking panache. Their bodies were stellar, particularly now that they were down to their panties and nothing else.

“We need to send them another picture man…what should we send?” Eric posited.

“Hmmm, I dunno, they just upped the ante on us. I think we need to tease them right back dude, we’re both in really good shape. Let’s fucking see if we can turn them on just as much as they’re turning us on.” Jamie said.

“Yeah, you’re totally right. Okay, I’ve got an idea.” Eric stood up from the jacuzzi waters to sit on the edge.

“I’m gonna put this boner I’ve got to good use and tease them.” He bunched his shorts up around his crotch as Jamie laughed at his friend’s ballsy idea. He watched as the outline of Eric’s cock became very visible in the now-tightly constrained pouch that he had formed around it. He suddenly understood why Kristen had been so enamored—his manhood was clearly impressive, even through the board shorts—like an overeager performer pressing out from a closed theater curtain.

“Okay, now bring your face over and like, put your face up against my abs like you’re kissing them and look at the camera…the girls will fucking love that!” Eric said, and Jamie saw the humor in the similarity of the shot. They’d have to send something back and this was probably good enough.

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