Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 04


A certain style of visit is like entering a male paradise on earth. Smoking, promptly arriving at the bathhouse and drinking a beer, easily finding a willing mouth to suck my cock hard, enjoying an extended period of male on male sex, often with multiple partners before going back to the bar to start the cycle again.

The way time passes in such a state has become an accepted dissonance, seeing how an hour has passed between entering and leaving the darkroom, still convinced that maybe 20 minutes, at most, had been spent indulging myself in male sex. Poppers, though they play their wonderfully seductive role, were not the reason, as in several of the more intense encounters, there was no opportunity to open the little brown bottle. Or it might have been possible, but unnecessary. Particularly when riding along a wave of orgasm, just barely able to keep from thrusting and pumping cum as two men go down on me or a man rims me as another sucks my cock deep and wet, where having the fun remain uninterrupted was more than sufficient reason to leave the bottle unopened.

Rush is fantastic, having truly addicted me sexually over decades, especially when doing a hit with my hard cock in a wet mouth. This began with my first girlfriend after graduating from high school, and will certainly not be ending after the next time my pumping hot cums fills a cocksuckler’s mouth. What I have only recently discovered is how easy it is to get addicted to doing a hit of rush, followed by going down on a stranger’s sexy available naked cock, filling my mouth with pure pleasure while breathing out, turning into a total cock sucking slut.

Often combining both pleasures in such heavenly visits, more than occasionally finding other men just as interested in slutty poppered up sex as I am. Turning into pure animals, rimming each other, fingering wet asses, kissing a man who had just been going down on another man, while being sucked by the man who I’d been kissing a couple of minutes ago. Losing ourselves in an entrancing haze of male pleasure, without inhibitions when so turned on, unconcerned about condoms as the sensations of bare skin against skin or in a mouth are so delightful.

Discovering, especially after my second beer and an hour or two of sex, just how deliciously tempting it is to rub my wettened cock against a stranger’s asshole. I have even done this a couple of times after doing a hit of rush, careful to keep from going in. The feeling is indescribably erotic, especially when just laying on my back as a man uses my cock to pleasure himself over me.

Over the years, I have tried to stay at least somewhat aware of what is going on around and with me in a bathhouse, but in paradise, numbers do not exist. There are times when it is certain that there was only one partner for a while, even an entire hour, while getting off in the darkroom. Other situations developed so wonderfully that it became impossible to know whose cock was the latest in an unending sequence of sex delight. Again, poppers were not required for such a heavenly state to develop, though once involved, poppers fit into the abandoned pleasure perfectly.

Though poppers certainly play a role in such heavenly experiences at the baths, its use has fairly remained stable over the years, at least after discovering how easy it is to enjoy the little brown bottle in public areas like the steambath. What is receding at this point is using condoms, particularly in regards to getting or giving head. Over the years, a large number of dedicated cocksuckers have finally convinced my cock that the best way to be sucked off is naturally, without any barriers between swirling tongue and flared cockhead or pressing lips and rigid shaft.

The irresistible connection between taking a deep hit and going down on one or more stranger’s uncovered and willing cock has turned me into seriously devoted cock slut after just a couple of experiences. Feeling a cock fill my mouth is an overwhelming turn on, especially when being sucked or stroked at the same time. As has often happened, the darkroom being a place where sex would just stretch on, different men getting involved or cumming. Threesomes, foursomes, extended periods when numbers are meaningless – finding such extended opportunities to get off were often as easy as simply going to the bathhouse, at least for a delightfully high percentage of recent trips.

I now know why there are so many cocksuckers, güvenilir bahis such visits no longer being ‘merely’ about having men go down on my willing and uncovered rod, basking in the variety provided by letting anyone suck my cock, at least when everything works out in getting off with other men. The scent of sex has filled my nostrils for lingering hours after an extended visit more than once, a heavenly scented reminder of going down on a partner. The continued visits have completed my succumbing to naked oral temptation, fully experiencing it during the first of these several visits. Something even more eagerly succumbed to in later situations, sucking on at least a couple of cocks, with more than occasional times recently where the number is more like four or a half dozen in a single session, particularly in the steamroom.

It remains intriguing how much time can pass when so utterly turned on. These days, visits can be of any duration, though as still occasionally occurs, sometimes an hour or more can be wasted while hoping for something to develop, or what occurs is simply of lower quality. But when having hot sex, this lack of concern just adds to the pleasure, often spending a long time enjoying giving or getting head from strangers, taking advantage of another delightful opportunity to get off with other men.

Particularly when being a really naughty and decadent slut, playing one of my favorite sex games – keeping someone under my control long past their first indication of wanting to stop. He had joined me to the right, as the man to the left and I had been involved in mutual stroking and cock sucking. This was the second man to appear on my right, the first one having left a couple of moments ago, after spurting hot cum all over his body, fingers stroking his nipple while I licked his neck.

Soon, each man was playing with my cock as I jacked both of their hard lengths. We were an experienced threesome, hands and tongues roaming over sensitive spots, nipples being licked and cocks sucked. I sat up as the man to my left took me into his mouth, doing a hit from the bottle before going down again on the man to my right, feeling that amazing sensation of being nothing but shared cock and mouth drowning in pure satisfaction.

After an extended period, none of us cumming, the man to my left got up, prompting me to quickly go down on his still fairly hard cock, hearing him moan as he relaxed. Doing a hit of rush with his sexy cock in my mouth, I felt him lay back, almost whimpering as I took him deep as he began to thrust his hips. Rush helps my cocksucking when it comes to not gagging when being mouth fucked, and he was clearly unable to resist my talent.

He tried to distract me, playing with my cock as he stroked my nipple, but even near the edge of orgasm, I remained in control of his will. He made a couple more feeble attempts to leave, all easily defeated by pleasuring his slippery cock, but finally, his cock as hard as ever, his will grew firmer.

Helped by one of the more absurd incidents I have seen at the baths. Though my now main partner was against the wall, I had also remained involved with a couple of other men, especially the one who kept going down on me. However, towels started to be tugged as a man left the space, soon causing a voice to say ‘that’s my towel.’ As this continued a bit, I tried to find my bottle of rush, but it also seemed missing.

Considering the hurried confusion at one point, it seemed likely that the man just getting off the platform somewhat hurriedly had taken the bottle. In the grand scheme of things, it just didn’t rate highly, especially since as soon as the involved men settled out whose towel was whose, the man on my left was still available to suck. Part of what added to my amusement was knowing that the towel I now had was different from both my original towel, and the one that had replaced it.

Finally, after at least three more attempts to leave, he positioned himself so that my mouth could not engulf him again, and as the saliva slowly dried, my stroking lost its hypnotic effect. I wondered about his schedule – a lot of visitors to the baths are married men, such as myself – but unconcerned, as the point of such submission is how purely voluntary it is on the part of the person, who only needs to stop giving in.

After he left, I moved over to the gloryhole section of the dark room, keeping track of my things. Without güvenilir bahis siteleri my bottle, but still enjoying getting sucked by another man who had settled between my spread legs. Reaching up, I found a cock sticking through a glory hole.

Shifting position, now able to start licking this new cock’s soft and stretched skin, though without taking it into my mouth, and old compromise from my glory hole days, one that still makes sense now that the bathhouse has a gloryhole wall. I do love going down on men, though it still requires either extensive mutual playing beforehand, or a certain aroma filling my being. A gloryhole is extremely intense for the man whose cock is beyond the wall, but obviously, no 69ing will be occurring. Finally, things wound down. Leaving me in a thoroughly drained and wobbly state, amazed to see that another hour and a half had gone by.

The sheer variety of what can occur during such visits is one of the bath’s most powerful attractions. Particularly when it comes to group sex. The steam room is a reliable place for such encounters, though the heat that is generated tends to run up against the heat that already exists, limiting the total time possible to spend in participating in a freewheeling gay orgy. The steamy space is larger than the darkroom, and encountering strangers in all manner of arousal can often lead to what so many male sauna visitors desire, becoming part of a gay orgy of willing men. A group sharing the same interest in getting of with other men, without any women around.

Which makes a certain sense, even when possessing a distinctly bi orientation, not gay. The only way to have group sex is with a group, I have explained several times to my bi friend. Even she, a woman who is as slutty as I, finds the idea of having sex in such a fashion to be unattractive, at best. For her, the explicit directness seems to be part of the reaction. After all, foreplay in the steam bath is essentially the same as hot sex, after a quick determination of whether someone is available.

A gasp, hand brushing in return after the first contact, stopping and turning – there exist any numbers of ways to signal availability on the part of the person looking for sex. Easier is simply approaching a three or moresome in the steamy darkness, often leading to a hand or two reaching out to bring the new man’s cock to full hardness. Not everyone is interested in the same things or interested in anyone there at the moment, but the odds of hot group sex at the baths are more than high enough to ensure a constant stream repeat visitors, all of them men who cannot resist being in such a sexually rewarding male atmosphere.

All equals, no one responsible for anyone but themselves. According to my bi friend’s experience, places where women have group sex involve the woman’s partner accepting or rejecting advances in a way that does not happen in a gay sauna. Advances and rejections are always done by individuals – with a distinct possibility of acceptance, for example when a man bends and takes a cock into his mouth after a moment of mutual stroking.

The Turkish bath and darkroom are not the only places for group sex, even if these last visits have not involved the porn theater at all. The porn playing has been generally unappealing. A more than personal opinion, as the theater and two video booths have been basically empty for a couple of months. However, the proximity of the darkroom to the theater does provide a bit of an opportunity to trawl for partners – or to be trawled.

It is straightforward to follow a man, allowing for certain variations in approaching them after than initial decision. Or just letting them approach you after getting near. It is almost as straightforward to tempt a man to follow you into the space, pausing to make sure he has caught at least a glimpse of a potential partner heading into a public space devoted to sex among strangers. Even first timers are curious, though in all honesty, it remains fairly unlikely that I have had sex with a man exploring a bathhouse for the first time.

Since I have never had the slightest interest in virgins, this is not a problem. Someone who is experienced and willing is always more desirable than a beginner, allowing for the fact that everyone was a beginner at some point. Finding other men to play with who share one’s orientation and tastes just adds to the fun of group sex when opportunity iddaa siteleri arises.

Such as getting involved in a wonderful serial threesome, with the fourth man fully aware of what a cocksucking slut I had become at that point. We were soon sharing the cock of the man I was straddling, my length in his open mouth. This occurred at the edge of platform, making it easy to take both of their cocks into my mouth as he shifted, encouraging me to ‘do it, suck cock, take it,’ his finger stroking between my ass cheeks.

I did another hit, and as the rush filled me, I took my cock out, settling down on a willing man’s mouth, feeling his tongue on my balls. The man at the edge moved a bit and bent down, his mouth sliding exquisitely past my cockhead. I sank lower, making explicit my desire to be rimmed, while moving my mouth closer to his glistening wet stiffness. Breathing out, I moaned ‘oh fuck .. slowly .. I love .. cocksucking.’

Sensations stretched and multiplied when my mouth enveloped his jutting cock as his tongue began to bathe my asshole in pure pleasure, as another tongue slowly swirled around my cockhead. Being sucked and rimmed at the same time was the sort of abandoned sex that was rumored in the 1970s to be found in certain places called the ‘baths.’ This was paradise, shared among partners fully aware of what it felt like. The rush was slowly receding when a finger found my nipple. We continued to switch positions enough so that each cock was well sucked by the other two men, with seemingly endless kissing and caressing and teasing.

Finally, the man who had so encouraged me vocally when going down left, soon followed by the man that had rimmed me so deliciously. Turning to the middle area, finding a stretched figure in the center of the platform, his cock easily located as I did another hit of rush, letting it fill me before going down on another stranger’s available cock, knowing that the decision to enjoy cocksucking had been made before the bottle was opened. This is often the case these days, poppers being a reliable accessory to my desires, which exist before the bottle is opened.

My schedule has grown somewhat regular enough that I have definitely encountered some partners more than once, particularly a heavy set man that sucks me with skill, and knows how to make me cum so good by finger fucking my ass. Twice now I have spent more than an hour in the dark with him, enjoying poppers and receiving his devoted attention. He is not really not interested in having his cock played with, though it is not only a courtesy to at least try to play sexually with a partner. But not all men are interested, for whatever reason, and by the second time, I was comfortable knowing that he did not care about my pleasuring him in any way except for letting him suck and play with me.

He is a devoted cocksucker, and the last time we were in the darkroom together, as he went down on another man’s cock between sucking sessions on mine, I hovered near his head, licking his ear, telling him things like how he was a ‘sexy cock lover’ and ‘slutty cocksucker’ and ‘don’t stop, take it deeper.’ He seemed to appreciate it, spending a long while pleasuring the other man. Who just happened to be stroking my slick cock as my hand roamed over his chest.

As often happens, he pulled away after a while, unwilling to cum right then, and left. This is an aspect of the baths that tends to lead in unexpected directions – men wish to prolong their pleasure, meaning cumming is generally neither quick, nor casual. Of course, sometimes control is lost, resulting at times in a certain sense of personal failure. The most recent example being a man who came just before I went down on him, who then spent the next minute or two moaning about his fate.

This apparent rarity also leads to a category of men who seemingly keep a personal score, interested not so much in sex as in having a man cum, unconcerned about what their partner desires. Balanced by the appealing reality that generally the longer one holds off cumming, the more intense the orgasm that finally occurs. Leading to an interesting tension, balancing self-control against surrendering to the pleasures offered by the strangers one meets at a bathhouse, suspended in heavenly sexual bliss.

Any man that returns to the bathhouse knows that by entering, one is often rewarded by the chance to enter paradise for hours at a time. Sucking and being sucked by a number of men that is not possible to keep track of the deeper one submerges in the wonderful sensations of men having sex with men. Touching and stroking and fingering and kissing strangers, lost in the endlessly intense joy of group sex.

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