Ashes to Ashley Pt 3


Our man finds himself with the daughter of his long-time friend after the funeral of her father. She has awakened many long-repressed feelings and emotions, things he didn’t expect from someone almost twenty years younger than himself.- – – – -I woke up in a strange bed.It took about three seconds for me to comprehend where I was, how I got there, and who I had made love to for a good part of the night.At the four-second mark my headache announced itself. I’m supposed to drink a lot of water before I go to bed, shit. I looked over my shoulder but found the room empty, which disappointed me. I guessed Ashley had chosen to let me sleep while she got the coffee going. Such a nice girl. No, such a goddamn wonderful girl. In spite of my hurting head, I smiled at the memories we made last night. She rocked my world.Since my separation, I’d slept with seven other women. Except I didn’t actually do any sleeping so I didn’t know the protocol for this type of morning-after situation. I don’t think I should go out there naked, should I? But I’m not going to wear one of her robes, either. And, I don’t want to get fully dressed because I want to fuck her some more if my head stops hurting.I settled on putting my suit pants back on, sans skivvies, and left my shirt draped over her chair in the room. I padded out into the hall and heard the television playing; it was two women talking so maybe it was one of those Sunday morning news shows or something.But apparently my hangover was a little worse than I first realized because as I rounded the corner and stepped into the kitchen, I noticed the television wasn’t on…… and Ashley and her mother Shelly sat at the dinette table having coffee together. I switched my gaze from one woman to the other as they both stared at me… I couldn’t tell who was more horrified, Ashley or her mom. My brain seized up around this time, and I couldn’t think of one single goddamn thing to say.Finally, Shelly broke the stalemate. “XYZ.”XYZ? What the fuck? XY… oh shit. She means the old kids thing; eXamine Your Zipper. I tried to nonchalantly zip up my pants, but it’s hard to be cool with two women watching as you do that. Ashley stood up and stepped over to me, giving me a warm hug and a lingering kiss. “Coffee, babe?” She patted my bare stomach and got a mug out of the cupboard. “How do you take it?”“Black,” responded Shelly, still eyeballing me.Of course she knows how I take it, we’ve gotten each other coffee a thousand times.“And two aspirins,” I added.“Advil okay?” asked Ashley.“Yeah, sure. Make it three.”“I need a couple also, honey.” I was pretty sure I knew the source of Shelly’s instant need for headache relief.Ashley poured the hot elixir into my cup which had a picture of the morning sun and bore the inscription that read “Have an Awesome day!” She handed me the mug and sat down next to Mom with the entire bottle of Advil in her hand.“Might as well sit down, Joe,” she beckoned.I took one step but Shelly stopped me.“Joe. As… nice as your body is for a man of your advancing years, do you think maybe you could put a shirt on?” She smiled at me, but it was a fake smile— her eyes were not happy.“Yeah, sure, of course.” I set my mug down on the table and went back to Ashley’s bedroom. I checked the window but found thorny rose bushes outside. Damn, so much for making my escape that way.I buttoned up my shirt, tucked it in, and put on my shoes and socks, too. I ran my fingers through my hair to try and make some semblance of order up there, but my coiffure wasn’t cooperating. Whatever, I sighed.I heard a door close and found Ashley alone in the entryway, her mother having just left. “Oh…” I began, not sure what to say.Ashley smiled sweetly at me. “Still want your Advil?”“Yeah… more than before, actually.”“So… I guess a mother-daughter three-way is out of the question?” Even I cringed as I said it; my comedic timing isn’t always spectacular.“Trust me, it was never in question.” She took a big sip. “So tell me, exactly how successful are you with women? Because you went from dry land to ultra-thin ice there in about two seconds.”“Sorry, a bad joke.”“A very bad joke, mister.”“I’m sorry, I’m… still hungover and my brain isn’t working properly yet. I was not expecting to see your mom here.”“I know, me either. And she certainly wasn’t expecting you, that’s for sure. Sit.”I sat down and took my pills. Right around then, I began to smell something glorious… toast. Ash buttered the four slices when they popped up and brought them over. “This is all I’ve got, I haven’t been able to get to the store in the last few days. Kinda busy, ya know?”“It’s fantastic,” I mumbled after taking a huge bite. “This really hits the spot.”“So, Joe. What do you normally do on Sundays? Spend the day with your latest conquest?” She tilted her head at me in the cutest way. She looked incredible in her little shirt and long sweatpants. How is she sitting like that, with her knee almost up to her chin? Oh yeah, she’s young and… flexible.“Well, I don’t really have a usual. And my conquests are not as many as you may think. I guess I clean up the house a little, wash and wax my car if it’s nice out. What about you? Going to church today?”“Well, I usually do. With Mom, as a matter of fact.”I winced a little at hearing that. “Ash… should we, should I just go home now? Let things cool off? I don’t want bahis şirketleri to cause trouble for you or your mom.”“Hey, you’ve already caused trouble for me. So, sure, go home if you don’t want to see me anymore. And by anymore I mean ever.”I thought about this for a full two seconds. “So… When’s the church service starting?”She smiled at me, her guard relaxed. “Good answer, but you can relax, tiger. I told Mom I wasn’t going today. Besides, you need some food. Finish your coffee, we’re going to Frank’s.”- – – – -Ashley screeched the tires as we left her complex. I was now regretting giving her the keys and letting her dive. “What kind of car is this? A Mustang?” she asked. “It’s a Cougar. A 1967 Mercury Cougar.”“Mercury… so like a Ford, though, right?”“Yeah, they’re a subsidiary of Ford.”She smirked. “Kind of cliche, don’t you think? Older man buys a muscle car?”“It’s a beautiful car, it’s distinctive, and it says I have style and taste. Please, drive a little… easier?”“I’m putting it through its paces. Besides, a BMW says you have style and taste.”“No, a BMW says I want to be just like everybody else.”The seat belt dug hard into my shoulder as Ashley performed a maximum performance stop at a red light. It was only two miles to Frank’s but that meant about ten stoplights, if I was lucky. “Traction control… that’s for babies, right?” Ashley reached up and flipped the switch off.“No! Leave it on…”The light turned green and the engine revved at over 5,000 RPMs… and the car barely moved. The air filled with tire smoke though as they burned through their treads. Very quickly, she let off the gas and put the traction control switch back to the “on” position. The car jerked and we sped away towards breakfast. “Might be a good idea to leave that on, huh.” She ignored me. “How much horsepower does this old thing have?”Old thing?“It’s listed at around 760. It’s a new motor, the Ford GT500 Predator. It’ll get 20 miles per gallon if you don’t drive like… well… like you’ve been driving it.”She giggled. “I bet you baby it … and anyway, this is fun.”We got to Frank’s without further incident, but we did get a lot of waves; a pretty girl in a muscle car does attract a lot of attention. Ashley seemed to eat it up, too. We were able to find a small booth with two seats facing each other. If I had my druthers, I would have gotten a bigger booth so I could sit beside her, but we were able to play footsies under the table and that was a small concession. “Coffee?” Madge asked us, her bored tone grated on my nerves a bit. She was the stereotypical middle-aged waitress that time and good fortune seemed to have left behind. I decided to aggravate her a bit.“I’ll have a cup. How about you, little baby girl?” I turned my cup over from its facedown position.Ashley picked right up on it. “Whatever you think is best for me, Daddy. I don’t want another spanking like last night.” We clasped hands on the table and gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes. “Two coffees then, Madge.”Madge filled our cups after giving us a horrified look and then ambled away, but we both heard her mumbling something about “… they don’t pay me enough for this shit…”“You’re a bad man, Joe.”“I know, but I’ll make it up to her.” I dug my wallet out and found a hundred-dollar bill. Ashley’s phone buzzed and she reached into her back pocket just as Madge was coming back to take our order.  “Get me whatever you’re having.”I looked up at Madge who was looking fairly annoyed at this point. I slipped her the C-note and, surprise, her attitude changed rather quickly. “Two orders of scrambled eggs, hash browns, lots of bacon, fruit, whole wheat, and orange juices.” She winked at me and hustled off to put my order in.“We got trouble,” Ashley informed me. “Mom is not very happy. She wants to see me for lunch. And she doesn’t want to see you.”“Well, that’s kind of to be expected, isn’t it? To her, I must look like the guy in the trench coat who’s looking through the elementary school fence,” I somewhat teased. “Yeah, probably so.” I inwardly cringed and wished that she hadn’t agreed with me so quickly. We each took a sip from our coffees before she continued. “But, Joe. I’m in this for real. Are you? Now that we can look at this in the light of day? Because if you aren’t, then there’s no sense in getting Mom all riled up, know what I mean?”I put my coffee cup down. “Other than your driving, I have zero issues with you, Ashley. You said you’ve dated a lot of toads in your life. I haven’t, but I don’t need to do that to know when I’ve met someone who’s extraordinary.” I took her hands in mine and looked into her eyes. They were a beautiful mix of hazel and gray, and, swear to God, they seemed to sparkle. Her expression didn’t hold any… malice, or hidden agendas, or anything except sweetness. This was such a welcome change from my soon-to-be ex-wife Alice, whose eyes could only be described as shifty at best.“Let’s eat our breakfast, take a little walk, then go back to your place for a shower and some shagging.”“I can’t wait to fuck you again, Daddy,” Ashley replied, just loud enough for Madge to hear as she brought our plates of breakfast.- – – – – As the shower water heated up to the appropriate temperature, we both undressed in her bathroom. Her lithe body was a wonder to watch as she stripped down, her hair falling forward until she stood bahis firmaları back up. I love how confident she is, completely unashamed of her body. Women my age aren’t like this at all, they always start pointing out their flaws for me as I’m trying not to notice them…Our bodies melded together under the hot spray, joined perfectly as if they were made to fit together. Holding her just felt right, I couldn’t get over how much I was enjoying her. Our lips came together in such sensual kisses that I had to let go of her with one arm and put it against the tile so we didn’t fall over. Good kissing has always been the thing that gets me going the most. A wonderful body doesn’t mean much to me if she isn’t kissing me like she means it. And Ashley sunk her heart and soul into her kissing… and drew me in like no other had before.Of course, the byproduct of kissing was my cock getting hard, and he quickly became an issue. His insistence could not be denied any longer as he inserted himself between us. “Daddy,” Ashley whispered barely loud enough for me to hear above the water. “I’ve neglected your cock, I haven’t even put my lips on him! It wasn’t my fault though. I knew if I touched it last night he would have cum, and I wanted you to fuck me again.”“Well, you did kinda hurt his feelings. He was missing you this morning, in spite of my hangover.”“Ohhhh… I can’t have him mad at me, I don’t want that at all. Here, let me sit down.” With one hand she swiped the several plastic bottles of conditioner and shampoo and god-knows-what-else off the little corner shelf that doubled as a seat. The loud noise wasn’t enough to deter me, though, and I moved forward as she sat down, her head at the perfect level. Her lips welcomed my member and she grabbed my ass cheeks to pull me in further. Her hot and wet mouth surrounded my excited cock as she continued to take him deeper. Is there no end to her surprises? I wondered as he banged into the back of her throat. She adjusted herself, and I felt him enter her tight throat. This was new to me, my wife never took him more than halfway, and neither had any of the other women I’d dated. This new sensation of fucking her throat was incredible, and when her nose touched my stomach I had to steady myself again. Ash pushed me back out completely, gasping for breath and drooling. I turned the nozzle so it shot against the shower door and not on either of us. She looked up at me with such loving eyes, it was still something that I was just beginning to get used to.  “Daddy, would you like to fuck my mouth?”“You’re… okay with that? I mean, really?” She was offering me another dream, another fantasy of mine that I had nearly given up on. “Can you breathe?”“Yes Daddy. Just notice my hands, okay? If they are on your ass then go as hard as you can. If I put them on your front then I need air or a rest or something, okay?”She moaned as I entered her mouth again. I rested my hands on the sides of her head like I’d seen in the pornos. She took me deep in her throat again and grabbed my ass cheeks, pulling me deeper. I got the hint and took her at her word; she wanted me to fuck her mouth. Slowly at first, I backed her off and then eased him back into her throat as she looked up at me. I noticed there was a point there where she stopped breathing for a moment until I pulled back out a little, so I made sure not to block that for too long. As I sped up, she closed her eyes to concentrate on my granite cock going into her mouth. Forcefully, I grabbed her head and fucked her face… fucked her mouth like a pussy… fucked this gorgeous woman’s skull as I grunted and cursed and called her dirty, sexy names…I was getting close when her hands went from my ass to the front of my legs and she pushed ever so slightly. I reluctantly backed off and she gasped several hard breaths, drooling like I had never seen, and then she looked up at me. “Okay I’m good… (gasp)… keep going until you… (gasp)… cum down my throat.”I was already close, and this twenty-second break did little to cool my ardor. I forced my cock down her throat again and pounded her like I would a common whore or, more correctly, like the woman that I loved. In less than a minute those fantastic feelings began to rise, and that glorious pressure built until I couldn’t stand it any longer… and my cock burst in absolute glory as I emptied my semen down her throat in hot, fiery ropes. She swallowed several times as I came for an extended amount of time. Ash looked up at me, nose in my stomach, and I realized she couldn’t breathe. To her credit, she hadn’t pushed me off so that I could enjoy my orgasm to the fullest— but I could tell she was hoping for some oxygen pretty soon. I pulled out and pulled her up to kiss her, half expecting to find traces of my cum in her mouth, but I came deep and she swallowed all of it. I kissed her hard as she held on to me, both of us breathing hard through our noses. I released her mouth as the water sprinkled on our faces, beading up and running down in little rivulets. Her eyes searched mine, she was looking for something. Approval? Reassurance? I’m not the best with these kinds of things, so I just went with my gut instinct.“I love you, Ashley.” Her eyes and her smile indicated that my gut was correct.- – – – -After we dried off, I carried her to her bedroom. I had scrubbed every kaçak bahis siteleri inch of her little body and made her cum in the shower, but I wanted to give her a little more attention; California was always in a drought and taking super-long showers didn’t feel right. I gently placed her in the still unmade bed, laying on her back. I grabbed a couple pillows and stuffed them under her ass to give me a better angle. I pushed her legs toward her and, flexible girl that she was, her knees landed nearly against her shoulders. I marveled at the view of her lovely and hairless pussy; her puffy outer lips cradled her delicate inner lips, which in turn hinted at the lovely pinkness inside… and her swollen clit begged to be licked. Of course with her in this pelvis up position, her asshole was on full display too— I started by licking there.A little shiver ran through her body as my tongue grazed ever so lightly over her tender little puckered hole. I couldn’t believe that something so small and cute could take my thick cock, but last night she took it like a champ. Right out of the shower, she tasted so clean and fresh. Her pussy began secreting its juices, or maybe it never stopped, her heady aromas filling the air. My fingers began exploring her sex while I continued to kiss her ass; little moans escaped Ashley’s lips as I kept hitting her magic spots. I switched it up after a while, kissing her pussy as my fingers played with her butthole. With big, open-mouth kisses I tried to cover her pussy as much as I could, sucking her lips into my mouth and drinking her tasty secretions.“Joe… keep going… for the love of God… oh fuck… when you suck my clit… wait… how many fingers is that?”“Just two, baby.” I quickly latched onto her clit again as I curled my fingers forward, rubbing her spongy flesh inside. The fingers on my left hand found some extra juice and began circling her asshole, preparing it for a digital assault. Soon, I had three in the pink and one in the… back…Ashley’s hands went to her breasts which she squeezed exuberantly as she climbed up her orgasm trail. She had been watching me work and we exchanged looks several times, but when she threw her head back I knew I was getting her very close. I nibbled her clit, scraping my teeth over it as I forced another finger inside her asshole… Ascension: complete.She squealed in ecstasy as her body trembled and shook… and I was rewarded with squirts. Her first hard one shot into my mouth and she reached up to push my head off of her. I swallowed most of it but she shot more straight up into the air— and the crazy spray landed on her stomach, breasts, and face— even into her mouth. I pumped my fingers rapidly in and out of her as I tried to keep her going, but after about five short squirts she collapsed, her legs coming down. I pulled the pillows out from underneath her so she could lay flat on her back, then I crawled up next to her and cupped her sex to keep the pressure on. Her orgasm continued to wrack her body as she moaned and thrashed. I pinched her clit fairly hard and wrung out a couple more small squirts from her which landed on her breasts but didn’t reach her face this time. Damn, it was awesome to see her swallow her own squirt a minute ago.She gently pushed my hand away so I relented, and I crawled up her wet body, stopping to slurp up her fluids from her navel and other areas. Some had collected right at her neck which I gathered in my mouth but didn’t swallow. Instead, I kissed Ash and dribbled her own juices back into her mouth. She eagerly swallowed as I entered her, our bodies joining completely for the first time in over twelve hours.“What are you doing to me, Joe?” It wasn’t really a question that needed answering so I just let it lie as we made soft and sensual love. With our lips and sex organs joined, I felt as if our hearts and minds began to join also. All I could think about was her; pleasing her, fucking her, loving my Ashley. Our undulating bodies moved perfectly together as our rhythm slowly increased. Eventually, we couldn’t maintain our kiss so I buried my head in her neck and my hands pulled her harder into me with each stroke. My entire body’s weight pressed her into the mattress— I wanted to pin her to the bed with my cock, fucking her good and hard.Our lovemaking had gone from gentle to… well it wasn’t really rough sex as it still seemed sensual, but we were fucking each other as hard as we could as we climbed together. When I pushed my finger inside her slick asshole, it sent her over the edge… and I went with her. I felt her pussy walls clenching my cock as she came, and she felt him flexing inside her as he squirted deep. Both of us completely spent, our legs unraveled and I became dead weight on top of her. As my cock began to shrink, I rolled off to her right side and pulled her with me out of the massive wet spot she left and onto the dry sheets. Still, many moments passed before either of us spoke as we just enjoyed the nonverbal communication between our lips. Her leg crossed over mine keeping us close as we lay side-by-side, reveling in our post-orgasmic bliss.“I used to…” she began. “Sometimes I would get… well I’ve been to a lot of weddings in the last five or six years. So many of my friends have started their lives, most of them now have children, even my younger brother. And I was… happy for them, of course. But I also began to wonder what was wrong with me, you know? Why couldn’t I find someone to spend my life with? Was I just, I don’t know,  weird or something? It’s, um… hard to admit this.” She looked at me.

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