Transgendered Story – Part 3 – Lexi Does Dallas


Transgendered Story – Part 3 – Lexi Does DallasMy name is Alex and this is a true story. This is the continuation of my trip to Dallas for a conference which allowed me to dress and go to adult theaters and bookstores dressed as my female alter ego, Lexi. I am totally passable actually look like a woman even when I am dressed as a man.Day 3 – I awoke early the next morning with my bottom still vibrating from last night’s fucking. What was truly outstanding in my thoughts was my phone conversation with the desk clerk, Sandra. I was enthralled with her. She seemed so interested in me, my life and my experiences.I showered, shaved and dressed as Alex, dreading another long day at the conference. I wore my grey suit and generally felt uninterested and ready for the day to be over.I suffered through the speakers, droning on about something I did not care about. I was thinking of my evening! I needed to make plans!Finally, the day was over and I nearly ran to my car. A friend asked me if I wanted to get a drink and I said, over my shoulder, saying I already had plans as I continued walking past him. I drove to the closest grocery store and bought a premade salad and a bottle of wine and drove to my hotel.As I passed through the lobby, I saw Sandra working behind the desk. I said, “I hope you had a good day”. She did not respond. Her inattention bothered me as I thought we had the beginnings of a friendship. I was disappointed and continued to my room. When I got into my room, I removed my clothing and hung them up. I sat naked at the desk in my room and slowly ate my salad, mystified and depressed by Sandra’s actions. I sipped my wine and decided to erase it from my mind.After finishing, I moved to the bathroom where I removed the remaining evidence of Alex. I drew a hot bubble bath and sat in it forever. I shaved every inch of my body, admiring my slim figure. I stepped out of the bath and dried myself. I had decided to return to my first Dallas stop as Lexi…it is called Lido’s. I began the delightful process of turning into Lexi. I sat in front of the mirror and began applying my face. I decided I was going out tonight in using my slut makeup. I took a light blue eye shadow and applied it as a highlight underneath my brows. I brushed a dark blue shadow on the crease of the eye, then blended it on the outer edge of the eye. After this, I applied a very thick layer of eyeliner to the top and the bottom of my eyes. Next, I smudged the liner, then applied mascara to the top and the bottom of my eyes and I was finished! I then put on my cinch bra, pulling my chest together. I used two different shades of foundation on my chest to give the appearance of cleavage. I put on my gaff, pushing my balls up inside me, where they descended from many years ago, and pulling my cock between my legs. I then pulled my empty ball sack forward and squeezed it together giving the appearance of pussy lips inside my nude colored gaff. I finished this off by putting on totally nude pantyhose. The appearance gave me the slight look of a camel toe. I loved it!I then put on a pink crop top tee-shirt and a pair of slim low-cut blue jeans and a blue jean jacket and 4” black ankle boot. I finished this off by again putting on my blond Raquel Welch curly, shoulder length wig. I admired myself in the mirror. I looked like a prostitute…PERFECT!I gathered my keys and put my money and Id into my purse, strapping it across my shoulder and headed to my car. I wanted to check out the first-floor theater at Lidos and knew the upstairs would be fun! As I walked thru the lobby Sandra called out to me, “Hey girlfriend! How did you sneak in past me!”Surprised, I turned and looked at her and said, “I spoke to you”She said, “That was you!”.I chuckled and smiled. I told her of my disappointment when she ignored me.She said, “I didn’t ignore you, I ignored him!”I understood immediately. I smiled and leaned across the counter kissing her lightly on the nose, gazing into her eyes. She giggled and said that she didn’t even know my name. I told her Lexi. She smiled and winked at me. She told me she told me she got off work at 11pm and wanted to see me then. I asked her what I should do for the next 5 hours. She said, kaçak iddaa “Go have naughty fun Love!” I smiled and said, “I will see you then!” I crossed my feet as I walked out the door causing my ass to extreme swish and my heels to click on the floor. I strutted my stuff!I got into my car and began the drive to the bookstore. My mind was racing thinking about what Sandra had said. She wanted to see me…Lexi…she wanted to see me. I was so excited! When I arrived at Lidos I parked and checked my purse for my supplies…money, ID, tissues, poppers and condoms. I was ready! I went inside and directly to the clerk giving him my money. He looked at me and said, “No working in here!” I understood what he meant and assured him I was not working and was here for my pleasure. Inside I was secretly pleased as my “slutty hooker” look had worked exactly as I wanted.I found the entrance to the downstairs theater and opened the door. It is sometimes humorous to hear the scrambling of men to stop sucking each other’s cocks and act normal when a door opens. I had read about a “blow job chair” at the back of the theater and headed for that location. I wanted to sit there! I found it vacant and quickly sat in it. What makes it special is it in the back row where men stand with their cocks out, wanting to be sucked. My sudden appearance seemed to pass and as everything calmed back down, I saw a man sitting in a few rows in front of me bend over placing his head in the lap of the man next to him. There were several men in the back rubbing their cocks thru their clothing. I turned and looked at one of the men and smiled at him. He was in his mid-20’s and muscular. He was built like a football player. He looked at me for a moment and asked, “How much for a blow job?”I replied, “I am not a prostitute, I am more of a slut!” With that, he stepped in front of me, unzipped his pants and pulled out a very thick 6” cock and a pair of meaty, oversized balls! I quickly wrapped my right hand around the shaft and directed the head into my open mouth. With my left hand I cupped his balls, holding them delicately. I began bobbing my head up and down sucking his cock deeper into my mouth.I have always been fortunate to apparently have been born without a gag reflex. I seem to be able to the get the largest of cocks into my mouth and throat without much problem. I continued sucking Mr. Football deep into my mouth, hoping he would take the hint and start fucking my mouth. He did not. Suddenly I felt him quiver and his cock stiffen slightly and I knew he was going to shoot his cum. I wanted every drop! As he came, he deposited a very disappointing two small drop of cum in my mouth. I was expecting a giant load! I was so disappointed. He put his cock away and quickly moved towards the door.After he left, I sat there alone. No one making a move towards me! I thought to myself, “Well, this sucks!” I am going upstairs.I got up and swished out of the gay theater as it was full of men that only wanted other men who looked like men!I walked to the top of the stairs and heard the clerk buzz the door open. I decided to head directly to the theater and pick out a couple of men and take them to a booth for quality time! I swished down the hall, my bootheels clicking on the floor and felt the eyes of men, “eye-fucking me” as I walked by. I never turned, I just stopped at the door and wiggled my bottom, opened the door and went in. I turned right and went to the back wall. I let my eyes adjust to the darkness and noticed the room was somewhat filled with men. There were men standing on my left and right. Shortly after my entrance, everyone calmed down and went back to their routine. The man standing next to me slowly slid his zipper down and exposed a huge cock. It was at least 7” and very thick. He wasn’t playing with it; he was just letting it hang…inviting me!I knew what I wanted! I slowly slid along the wall until I was standing within inches of him. I let my right hand move towards him, touching his hip. He didn’t seem to object so I reach and wrapped my hand around his cock, feeling it twitch. I slowly started stroking it. It felt wonderful. It was thick, warm and starting to grow. He looked at me and said, “Suck kaçak bahis it”. I invited him to a booth and he declined saying, “Suck it here, now.”“Why in here?” I asked. He replied, “Because I want everyone in here to see a beautiful woman sucking my cock!”Beautiful and woman…in the same sentence…about me? I would have bought him a new car!! I stepped in front of him and slowly sank to my knees, looking in his eyes the whole time. I opened my mouth wide, engulfing his cock allowing it to slide to the top of my throat and a little further, my nose buried in his neatly trimmed pubes. I heard him sigh. I let his cock remain in that position for a very long moment. I was going to give him the best blow job of his life! I was also going to reward the onlookers the sight of me doing it!I put my hands on his ass and I began sucking him from tip to base, in and out of my mouth. Slowly and rhythmically, pausing every 5th or 6th time to allow him to sit in my throat.I put my left hand on his balls, gently squeezing them and pulling them down. I was in an adult bookstore, totally as a woman, being watched and making love to this thick, long cock with my mouth! I sucked him for like 10 minutes when I first felt his hips subtlety move and his cock slightly harden. I knew he was close! Wrapping my right hand around his cock I began quickly jacking him off while holding just the head in my mouth.My Lover soon groaned LOUDLY, shooting a huge load of cum in my mouth! Wave after wave of cum shot into mouth! I moaned LOUDLY! I literally had a mouthful of his cum when it finally slowed and then stopped. I loudly swallowed. I had to let everyone know, he came, I swallowed, we both loved it!I stood up and hugged him and gave him a sloppy kiss and thanked him. He asked me to come home with him but I declined. I wanted him to go to sleep believing a woman sucked his cock and swallowed his cum!I moved to a seat in the backrow and sat down, plotting my next move. I had read about another adult bookstore that had videos with “buddy windows”. I had never experienced them but it sounded like fun! It was not far from here and was on the way back to my hotel. I decided that I was headed there!In the meantime, a gorgeous young man sat next to me with his hard cock poking out of the top of his sweat pants. I laughed silently to myself and slid onto the floor between his legs, taking him in my mouth, without a word.I jacked and sucked him fiercely and within 1 minute he was shooting his cum in my mouth. I savored it for a moment, swallowed, stood up and walked away without a word. I strutted down the hallway, and down the stairs, out the door and to my car. Once inside I noticed the time seeing that I had plenty of time till my date with Sandra.I quickly drove to the next location and walked inside. The clerk smiled broadly as I walked to him and accepted my money without a word. He said, “Have fun” as I walked into the video booth area. It was a very clean place. Two hallways with booths on both sides. I walked the entire length and ducked into a booth with the “buddy window. That meant it had a fogged glass window that if I pushed a button on my side and the person on the other side did the same the window would clear. I could have fun with this! I decided to try it out. I heard the door in the next room close. I waited for a few moments and then pushed my button and raised my top exposing my bra and boobs. The look on the man in the next room was priceless! His mouth was literally open! I loved it! I smiled, spread my legs and slowly unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and slid them down allowing my voyeur to see my pantyhose, gaff and feminine looking crotch. I then fogged the window. I was having a blast! I waited a couple of minutes and heard the door open and close. I then turned around and bent over so that my friend could see my bottom without pants. I defogged the window and saw two more men had joined him! All three had their cocks out, stroking them! Oh my! One of them was a drop-dead gorgeous hunk! He had a nice, thick, very hard cock! I decided to give my audience a show so I turned around and raised my top again. My cinch bra is a padded shelf bra that leaves my nipples exposed. I use illegal bahis a suction device on my nipples nightly and they have grown in size and girth. They are fat and about 3/8” long. They look very feminine. I began tweaking my nipples…pulling and twisting them while dancing to a song in my head. I smiled, looking each of them in the eye while doing so.I pointed to them, smiled and gave the number one finger sign and pointed to the couch in my room, telling them one of them could join me. I then re-fogged the window.I readjusted my clothing and very quickly heard a knock on my door. I unlocked and cracked my door open…It was like watching a group of 13-year-old boys as they pushed each other to be first in line. My hunk was first! I let him in. Before closing and locking the door I told the other two they could watch thru the window and smiled. I took my hunk to the couch and told him to sit down and take out his cock. I defogged the window and I knelt down between his legs and I told him I was going to suck his cock and swallow his cum and that he could not fuck me. I took all of his nice, thick, circumcised cock in my mouth noticing he had shaved his pubic hair off at which point he exploded in my mouth! He shot a huge load of particularly sweet tasting cum into my mouth that I quickly swallowed. I sat next to him on the couch and kissed him deeply! I pushed my cum coated tongue into his mouth. We kissed for a long while and I stood and said, “I need to go, my husband is waiting for me at home”…I am so bad! I opened the door and left the business. I got back into my car and began my drive back to my hotel. My tummy had four loads of cum in it and I loved it!I arrived at my hotel and took the time to check my makeup in the car mirror and reapply my lipstick. It was 10:45pm and when I walked through the doors Sandra winked at me and said she would call me when she got off work.I went to my room and brushed my teeth and used mouthwash trying to get rid of any cock and cum breath! I quickly took off my top, jeans and pantyhose. I put on an oversized tee-shirt that I sleep in. Sandra called at 11:05pm and said, “I had a shitty night, did you have fun?”I said, “I had lots of fun!”Sandra laughed and asked if she could come to my room. I told her of course if it wouldn’t get her in trouble! Within seconds I heard a light knock on the door and I opened it and let her in. She came in and locked the door behind her. She turned and grabbed me and kissed me deeply, plunging her tongue down my throat! I moaned enjoying her warm clutch and sweet kiss! We held this kiss forever! Afterwards she sat on the couch and I got her a glass of wine. She briefly told me of her evening, which included the satellite tv and internet briefly going out. Apparently, this put some of the tenants into a tizzy with a flurry of complaints to the front desk!She asked me how my evening went and I told her of my night and that I had swallowed four loads of cum.She said, “Details! I need details!” I slowly and with great detail described my evening. I drilled down on every detail, even to point of how each cock smelled and how each of their different cum’s tasted. I continued to refill our wine glasses and soon we were both pleasantly drunk.Sandra told me she was bi and loved making love with women. I told her I was also bi but enjoyed men the most. She was so full of question. She asked if I still got a hard on with women. I told her I do not know as I had not been with one in a while.To my great surprise she said, “Well, let’s see!” She reached between my legs and began to rub me. Even though I had my cock and balls tucked she could me start to stiffen. Sandra said she wanted to see how I hid my cock so well. I stood up and slid my panties off, raised my sleep shirt, spread my legs and let my cock swing loose. It is about six inches long and not very thick. She seemed amazedMy cock, being the center of attention started to stiffen and we both giggled. I pulled down my shirt hiding my cock and sat back down next to her. We talked for hours and soon feel asleep on my couch. I awoke at 4am to find she was gone. No note, nothing…just gone. I guess she did not want to do the morning, “Slut Shame Walk” in front of her fellow employees. Strangely I was disappointed as I believed we were going to make love but did not.I got up and removed my wig and makeup and went back to bed for another hour of sleep. CONT.

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