Third Wheel Part 3


Mack hung on to Kyle’s arm and his every word as the pair of them meandered past alley after alley, looking for our lane, while I followed along behind. Somehow, I’d been tasked with carrying the bowling shoes–and the bill while they’d been busy making out in line behind me at the register.It wasn’t exactly what we had agreed.I’d gone back to Kyle and Mack’s apartments for two weekends after the first adventure, both times promising that the first trip had been a fluke and, both times, ending the evening in the same way as the first until, finally, Mack had said what we’d all been thinking:”We need to talk about this.””Justin and I already sort of have,” Kyle said. “We’re into…each other.”I remember being thankful that he hadn’t said men.”What about me?” she’d said.”You know how I feel, baby.””I like you, too,” I said, feeling that it was expected of me. Mack had even seemed relieved.”I like watching you fuck my boyfriend,” she’d said. All three of us had writhed together at that. “I want us to be closer.”She’d kissed me and I her.After that, we started going out together. Mack seemed to like that as much as the sex. She liked to be seen with us and, more and more, I liked it too.For the first few weeks, we wore out every date idea we could think of—hiking, bar-crawling, fancy dining, mini-golf. Now it had come to bowling and, in all of those places, it enthralled me to know what the other couples we encountered must be thinking when they caught Mack kissing first one, then the other of us. I liked passing by families on the mini-golf course possessing the secret of what Kyle and I were bahis siteleri going to do with Mack when we got home.More and more, I was growing comfortable with whatever Kyle and I were to one another—best friends with benefits? Boyfriends? Still, I refused to label it out loud but, being seen, feeling normal, I was beginning to be able to label us in my head.Mack was something different, though. In private, she gave me as much attention as she did Kyle—particularly after I had finished fucking him. But in public, especially recently, I had begun to feel like a third wheel.Bowling had proven to be an excellent choice of venue, even if our relationship was feeling more and more out of my control.Kyle and I unashamedly watched Mack’s ass rise as she threw her ball down the lane. It struck with a clattering strike and she turned around with her hands in the air and her breasts giggling. She knew the game too well.”With that,” Mack said with a little spin, “I’m taking a whazz.”She leaned over for a kiss from Kyle and darted away, running a finger across my shoulder blades on her way by.On screen, a bowling pin danced a tango with a ball while the work STRIKE circled it like a moon.I leaned over and kissed at Kyle’s neck.”Ready for tonight?” I said.”Not here, man,” Kyle said, brushing me off. He didn’t pull away completely, though. A finger slipped against my thigh.I no longer cared what people thought of us—at least not on date night. Date nights had always happened in Kyle’s city—close to his and Mack’s apartment where we could quickly retire—and not mine, where my roommate would be too likely canlı bahis siteleri to interrupt. That meant that I only saw the pair of them on the weekends and, when I did, I often felt like the two of them had shared a lifetime without me. Every weekend, there was a new special joke, a new pet name, a new wink for me and two for Kyle. Mack and I had still spent very little time together and whenever I tried to edge closer to Kyle, she would get in the way.”Come on,” I said, chasing his ear with my teeth. “Quickie, while she’s gone?””Shut up,” he laughed, pushing my face away. The strike animation finished playing out and I stood up, catching Mack’s ball as it rolled onto the rack. “We could follow her into the bathroom.”Jokingly, I made to go after her but, laughing, he pulled me down.It was supposed to be our date night, I thought, childishly, not their date night.Still, that was how all of these nights went. Mack chose one of us to be her toy for the night while the other watched and took it out in bed later. It was always been Kyle that she chose. Except that once, at the movies, when she had held my hand and let Kyle carry the popcorn. When she’d leaned her head on my shoulder, smelling of lilac. Only that night, Mack had gone to bed with Kyle and let me listen to her scream from the couch in the living room.I rolled the ball down the lane. Hard. It struck the center pin and rammed through, tossing all aside but the last two, one in each corner.”Oooh,” Kyle called, “bummer.”I shot a glance back at him and waiting for the ball return, still thinking.In name, they were both mine. canlı bahis My significant others. But only Kyle really seemed to want me. And thanks to Mack, I barely ever had him, except for when she wanted to watch. Mack fucked me alright—but she got Kyle to herself sometimes, too. I hardly ever did.It almost made me laugh, thinking now how I had felt three months ago when this whole thing started. I would have rather drowned than think of myself with another man. Still would, in some ways. But Kyle was different. I wanted him.The ball came back. I fingered its holes and tossed it unceremoniously down the aisle at one of the two corner pins. It missed.”Bad luck,” Kyle said when I fell back into my seat beside him and rested my head on his shoulder in mock defeat.He shoved me away and got up to be ready for his throw.”We should go out sometime,” I said, suddenly brave. “Just the two of us.”He turned, ball in hand, and looked at me quizzically.”Really?””You’re the one who wanted me to accept this for what it is,” I shrugged. “Let’s go on a date.”Kyle grinned, turned, and bowled. The ball slid from side to side on the aisle until it slipped into the pocket between the 1 and 3 pins for a perfect strike.”Okay,” Kyle said with a grin, dropping back into his place while a bowling ball lassoed a pin on-screen. “We can go back to your place.””Sure,” I said, feeling a lump in my throat and thinking of my roommate, who knew nothing of my arrangement.Mack’s name flashed on the screen. I looked around, but she still hadn’t come out of the bathroom.”Should we…tell her?” I said.Kyle shrugged.”If she asks,” he said. “It’s not a secret.”He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye that said he wanted me to kiss him. I glanced down and saw that the lump in his shorts matched mine.”I’m going to fuck your brains out later,” he whispered.

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