The Naked End


“Veronika, I love you.”I sat bolt upright, looking at my beloved Mistress. It truly felt as if an electric shock had passed through my body, and my eyes teared up. Finally, I looked down, bit my lip, then moved down the bed towards her feet and held my forehead to her right foot in a strong gesture of submission.She pulled me up to her and stroked my head. “Sit up, my lovely slave. Sit up and let me hug you, beloved, for you are that, too: slave and loved one, both.”I slowly moved up next to her, eyes down. She waited. Finally, I lifted my eyes to hers and saw she was smiling at me. Tentatively, I moved towards her, and she opened her arms, and hugged me.I burst into tears, and wrapped my arms around her, pushing my head into her shoulder. She leaned back on the pillows and stroked my hair, kissing the top of my head, murmuring soft words.Finally, I needed a tissue to blow my nose, and broke from her, wiping my nose with my hand. She looked at me, then laughed, reached over and took a tissue from the bedside, and handed it to me.I blew my nose, then needed another tissue to finish the job and wipe my hand. “Mistress, do…do you truly love me?”She looked at me, a smile on her face, and nodded. “I realized when you were in DeCoven that my feelings for you were more than just for a slave, no matter how devoted. I care what happens to you, and I don’t think I could be happy if you were hurt or left me. I find that your happiness matters to me.“So, I thought about it, and came to the realization that, yes, I really did love you. Then I had to decide whether to tell you or not. After thinking about it long and hard – and speaking to Hans – I decided that I had to tell you. It’s the only way our relationship can truly grow.”She pushed me away from her slightly so she could look at me. “Who knows? Maybe we can become more than Mistress and slave, more than lovers. Would you like that?”I looked up at her, my heart full, and said, “Whatever Mistress wishes to gift me, I will love and cherish.” I kissed her neck, then started to kiss my way down to her nipple.“Stop a moment, Mouse. I’m not done yet.”I stopped, surprised. This had to be serious if she stopped me from worshiping her! “Mistress?”“I’ve decided that you need a vacation, so as a thank-you present to you for being so wonderful, we are going on a two-week holiday to Paris and the south of France.”I sat up abruptly. “Paris? The south of France?”She nodded, smiling.I thought for a moment, then pouted and said, “I won’t go…”Her face clouded up.“…unless I can fuck you. A lot.”Her expression changed to exasperation, then merriment. “You little brat!” And she slapped my shoulder. “Okay, yes, you can fuck me…a lot! But you will go where I tell you, when I tell you, and however I tell you to go…won’t you…slave?”She was kidding with me…but there was also steel in her voice. I dropped my eyes, picked up her hand, and kissed it. “Mistress, I belong to you. I will do anything, go anywhere, whenever, and however you tell me. I am your willing, and obedient slave, for as long as I live.”I looked up at her and smiled. “Even if I am a brat.”She looked at me for a moment, then pushed me over bahis şirketleri on my back, and walked her naked thighs up my abdomen, swinging wide around my shoulders, until she straddled my head with her legs, then settled her cunt down on my mouth. “Lick me, slave, and play with yourself. But you are not allowed to cum, ja? You will find, my little Mouse, that I can be bratty, too!”And that’s how our amazing vacation began.~~~~~The next day, late morning, we were driving down the autobahn towards Paris with the top down on Mistress’ BMW, and I still hadn’t been allowed to cum. From time to time she had smirked at me and told me to start playing with myself, or to stop, but I was never allowed to finally cum. It was driving me crazy, as she knew it would.“So, little Mouse, should the big, bad pussy stop playing with you now, hein? Should I allow you to cum now?”I looked at her suspiciously, but said in the most humble voice I could manage, “Yes, please, Mistress. Please let me cum!”She smiled and nodded, eyes on the road. “All right, you may cum…right after you’ve thrown all your clothes in the back seat where you can’t reach them. Oh, and keep your seatbelt on. I don’t want to get a ticket for my passenger not being properly…tied up.”I knew, from experience, that she wasn’t kidding, and as I was truly desperate to cum, I started – with my shoes. I figured that if I were going to do a strip-tease, then I would do everything I could to make her wet, too. Bratty is as bratty does!I slowly took off pieces of clothing, one-by-one, dangling them so she could see them in her peripheral vision or when she glanced my way, then tossing them behind her seat.By the time I got down to my frilly pink bra and panties, I could tell I was getting her hot and bothered. She might be my Mistress, and I would absolutely obey any and every order she gave me, but I knew where all her hot buttons were, and I was determined to push every one of them – and smile while doing it.I leaned forward in my seat, with the belt extending as far as possible, and turned towards her. I slipped one bra strap off my near shoulder, next to her, then looked down at it and put my hand to my mouth, as if I were surprised it had happened, then repeated it with the other strap. I undid the front clip of the bra, and it started to slip open. I caught it by putting my two hands over my tits, then closed my eyes, massaging my breasts with my palms, and moaning.When I looked at her through my slitted eyes, I could see her smiling even more broadly, yet resolutely focusing on the road ahead, while taking glances over towards my tits every once in a while. I knew she knew what I was doing, but she was enjoying it anyway. And so was I.She deliberately swerved the car, causing me to tip slightly, and I raised my hands in mock surprise, allowing the bra to fall. I picked it up, looked at it, then casually tossed it behind her.That left my frilly pink panties. I slouched down in my seat, and put my feet up on the dashboard, then slowly worked my panties, inch by inch, down my legs to my ankles, a naughty smile on my face, watching her.I kept my legs tight together so my bahis firmaları shaved pussy wasn’t fully on display. I finally pushed my panties down so they were over my toes, then quickly flipped my feet up, tossing my panties in the air.Because we were in a convertible, the air rushing by the car took them and they disappeared far behind us down the autobahn!“Oops!” I said in a little girl voice, bending my knees to my chest, and putting my hand to my mouth in mock horror.Miriam threw back her head and laughed…then hit the accelerator until we were positioned right next to a lorry in the inside lane. “Okay, my bratty little Mouse…if you want to cum, do it now!”Looking at her and smiling broadly, I switched my attention to the lorry driver next to us. I spread my legs wide to give him a good look, licked my fingers and traced them around my pussy lips, then split them and started to finger myself. I closed my eyes, and worked my clit, then put two fingers of my other hand into my pussy, massaging my G-spot at the same time.I got close very quickly because I was already simmering, but wanted to see how the lorry driver was liking it. I opened my eyes and looked right at him with a smile. His eyes looked as if they would bug out of his head any second. He kept looking at the road, then back at me, then quickly at the road, then back at me.His reaction was all it took to push me over the edge. My body tingled, and felt flushed and hot, and I made sure that everyone in the surrounding countryside heard my cries as I arched my back and screamed.Miriam laughed even harder, then accelerated again, and took off down the road, leaving the poor lorry driver far behind.It was that kind of a trip.~~~~~When we stopped for petrol, I retrieved my clothes from behind her seat at Mistress’ bidding, and dumped them on the floor in front of me, but didn’t put them on. It was her prerogative as to when I got dressed again, and I was fine being naked. (Stripper and exhibitionist, remember?)After we got underway, though, Mistress told me to put my clothes on as she didn’t want me to get sunburned. “Although it might be fun to spank your sunburnt ass…” she commented with a smirk. I shivered, and quickly got dressed.After about five hours or so of Miriam’s very fast, but extremely competent driving, broken with a stop for a late lunch, we pulled up in front of the Hôtel du Louvre in the 1st Arrondisement of Paris, about a block away from the Louvre museum. We both got out and stretched, let the bellman take our luggage and the valet take the car.We walked into the lobby, giggling, and went up to the VIP registration desk, where Miriam gave the desk clerk her name and handed him her American Express Black credit card and our passports. He glanced skeptically at us, then his eyes widened when he saw the credit card. He arched his eyebrows, searched his files, then said, “Eh bien! Bienvenue, mesdemoiselles,” ducked his head, and very quickly had us checked-in.The bellboy took us up to the top floor, and opened the double doors to la suite nuptiale, the honeymoon suite. Miriam stood there smiling as she watched me wander through the palatial rooms, kaçak bahis siteleri with the balcony overlooking the streets of Paris, babbling about how lovely it was.Finally, I turned, walked over to her, knelt down, bowed my head, and said, “Mistress, I…I am very grateful you would do this for me. Thank you.” I took her hand and kissed it.She stroked my head, drew me up, hugged me, and softly said, “My precious little Mouse, you are very welcome,” then kissed me.I was tempted to take it beyond that, and worship her kitty, but she broke and said, “Come, let’s have a quick shower, and then get a nap. We don’t want to waste our first night in Paris, do we?”~~~~~Mistress allowed me to dress as slutty as I wanted for the first night. I wanted to show off that I was her slave and fucktoy as we were going to a famous – or infamous – lesbian D/s club.We stopped the show when we walked in.Miriam is a statuesque blonde of regal bearing, and was wearing a black, sleeveless top over a translucent, loosely flowing black dress with a side-slit up to her waist. On her feet, she wore ten-centimeter, golden stilts, making her even taller. On her head, she wore a golden, woven Elven crown, like something out of Lord of the Rings, with a matching, braided gold Celtic necklace. She had slightly darkened her eyebrows, then applied gold eye shadow, and bright red lipstick. She looked like one of Wagner’s Valkyries – which, of course, she could easily have been. And, since I had bathed and dressed her, I knew she was wearing nothing underneath. That proved…convenient…later on in the evening.I wore a tight, black, backless halter top draped loosely over my tits. It showed off my nipples and could be flipped up for easy access. Below I wore a black micro-mini skirt that barely came down over my ass. No panties, of course.On my feet were black stilts. My hair was teased up and out, like a puff-ball, and I had on heavy, black make-up all around my eyes, like a mask.But most importantly, I wore my thick, black leather slave collar, plus black leather restraining cuffs on my wrists and ankles. Mistress had my black leather leash looped round her wrist and held casually in her hand.Once we had walked – carefully – down the stairs from the street, she said to me, “Hands and knees,” and I dropped to the ground beside her as we entered.The music kept assaulting our ears, but conversations stopped all over the room, and heads swiveled towards us.La Maîtress hurried over to us, stopped just short, the shock of recognition on her face, then gave a quick bow, and shouted to us, “Welcome, Grand-Mistress, and your extraordinary slave to our…humble…club. Please, follow me!”Mistress jerked my leash to get me to stand, and we followed La Maîtress to our table, Miriam exuding hauteur and expecting the crowd to part – which it did.La Maîtress led us through the club, following a route guaranteed to show us off to everyone, and placing us at a table where we could see and be seen. That turned out to be…amusing…later on.Almost immediately, a bottle of champagne arrived in a cooling bucket, along with two champagne coupes, brought by a barely-clad, collared submissive. “Compliments of La Maîtress, Madam.” Quickly, she broke the seal, removed the foil, and eased the cork out with a showy POP!  She poured for us both, bowed low, then backed away from the table before turning and hurrying away.

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