Pregnant Pause


I am heavy with child. My breasts are swollen with milk, my abdomen fully distended. I slump on the wicker chair feeling my baby prod my stomach. He marvels at how I’ll push myself to the limits of my endurance to birth my miracle. He treasures me, cherishes me, every pounding heartbeat, each sublime kiss. He lays his head in my lap.We’ve found our way upstairs to the pink bedroom: my wedding cake bed with its nest of soft cuddly toys, snow-white cot, rocking horse, and a cradle bedecked in pink. Soon as I fell pregnant, I instinctively knew my baby would be a girl.We enjoy a perfect love, a kaçak iddaa love that’s all-consuming, unselfish, respectful. I’m happy at last. He’s all I want in a man: passionate, caring, considerate. My eyes mist over with tears. I take his hand, wrap my fingers round his palm, and hold him to my swollen belly. I am enormous. The skin on my bulge has stretched. A brown line runs the full length of my belly from my protruding navel to the swathe of teak hair which sprouts profusely, hiding my beige folds. Proudly, I rub his fingers over the round of my belly so he can feel my baby kick inside me.He kaçak bahis beams with pride as he feels the baby reach for her father. Her tiny fists, pummelling the lining of my womb, wanting to touch the man who seeded me with his sperm.I lightly stroke the hairs on the back of his hand, seeking his intimacy. Exhausted, I close my eyes, savouring the smell of his skin as he moves closer to me. I feel his lips, kissing my eyes, the welts of tiredness that dwell beneath, my hollow cheeks. The subtle brush of his mouth over my pursed lips. His hot breath on my face. The tip of his tongue, licking illegal bahis my neck.I stir, feeling a delicious tingle inside me, a glorious hardening I haven’t felt for months. His tongue leaves a trail of saliva down my chest, licking the salt from the moist fjord that separates my heaving breasts. I become aroused, pushing his hand inside my panties, guiding his fingers through my matted hair, parting my folds, feeling me. I feel his leg slide up my thigh, alarmed by my daring, knowing I will gratify myself through his tender touch, he excites, arouses, me.He brushes the shock of hair off my face, kissing me fully on the lips. I feel his eager tongue enter my mouth, his tip tickling the back of my throat. He rubs me. I gasp, struggling to control the intense thrill of my arousal,‘Strip for me.’

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