Perverted Siblings

Big Dick

I arrived at the station expecting to see mom or dad picking me up, but instead, I saw my exuberant sister jumping and waving at the platform. She wasn’t too hard to spot; that blonde hair blowing in the wind really stood out in a crowd.

“Callie!” I shouted and waved back at her.

She came running. Jumped up at me and made me lift her off the ground.

“Yaay! My big bro’s home!” she practically squealed.

“All right, all right, don’t overdo it, I’m just here for the weekend…”

I put her down and took in the sight of her; I hadn’t seen any of my family members in almost six months. She looked like she’d dressed up a bit, wearing a nice yellow summer dress as well as some pretty earrings. She had also done a really good job with her makeup. From what I remembered, it wasn’t that long ago she was the typical clumsy teen who either used too much or not enough. At this point, though, I had to admit she looked good – almost like a proper adult. Well, technically, she was one at this point. She was only two years younger than me, about to turn nineteen this weekend. That was part of the reason I was here; because I was unable to come home for her eighteenth birthday, she was determined to get the whole family together for her nineteenth.

We got to the car and she practically jumped in the driver’s seat, as if afraid that I was going to usurp her driving privileges. I remembered the feeling from the time when I got my license; any opportunity to get behind the wheel was happily taken, and whenever someone else could feasibly be a competitor for that seat, you had to be quick. I didn’t put up a fight, though; it had been a long train ride and I was happy to get in the passenger seat.

“So… how’s college?” she asked as she drove us out of the station area.

“Good. Great, actually. It’s a really nice campus, we’ve got some really good professors… there’s this one guy running our history class who’s got us laughing so hard when he…”

“Any girls?”

“… er…. what?”

“Any girls?!”

“Uh… yeah, I think you’ll find that girls are allowed to go to college…”

“No, I mean: are you seeing any girls?”

“Yes, all the time. I’m not blind.”


She rolled her eyes at me, but dropped the subject for the moment. I wasn’t really seeing anybody right now, but I wasn’t going to tell her that. She was always trying to dig into my love life, like a journalist trying to get the latest scoop on a celebrity. I guessed she was just being nosy.

We drove home, making small talk. Apparently, mom and dad had taken up new hobbies, we’d had new neighbors move in next door to the old family home and Callie had started looking at colleges. Nothing to write home about, really. As we pulled into the driveway, mom was already waving us inside, having spotted us coming up the road.

“Come on, you two, dinner’s almost ready!”

Good timing, I thought and hopped out, grabbed my stuff from the trunk and followed sis inside. Being a typical heterosexual male, my eyes strafed down from her neck to her feet, just checking out her shape real quick before heading in. She really did look good in that dress. And she must have been working out a bit more recently; I was sure that her waist seemed a bit slimmer than the last time I saw her. But okay, that’s enough looking at my sister’s ass, I told my permanently hormonal brain.

Having put my bags away in the spare room, I went straight to the bathroom to wash up before dinner. Callie was already using the sink in there and I ended up waiting behind her for a minute. She washed her hands thoroughly… and then she started checking her makeup in the mirror, touching up her cheeks with a brush.

Eventually, I just lost my patience and stepped up behind her, reaching around her petite frame and turning the faucet.

“Hey!” she complained, smiling in that sibling rivalry kind of way she does sometimes; kind of offended and mad, but not really.

“You were taking too long.” I replied dryly.

“Yeah, and you – with your orangutan arms – can reach around me even from the other room.

She leaned forwards and turned her attention back to the mirror while I started washing my hands.

“So what are you doing back there? Trying to take me from behind or something?”

She smiled cheekily and started pushing her butt back towards me. I felt her rubbing against me, gently wiggling back and forth.

“Hey, stop messing around, I’m just trying to wash up here.”

“Oh, I bet. “

I rolled my eyes as she kept teasing me with her wiggling. She returned to focusing on fixing her mascara, but also kept moving her ass from side to side, rubbing against me.

It got me hard. Yes, she was my sister, but doggy style is my favorite sexual position. There’s just something about taking the girl roughly from behind and seeing her round butt cheeks bounce into me that really turns me on. A round ass curving in towards a narrow waist… that shape is just amazing to look at from behind. kaçak iddaa Callie had a perfect example of that womanly shape. By the time I had finished and stepped away from the sink to dry my hands, there was a distinct bulge in my pants.

I faced the wall to avoid her seeing it. And to avoid staring at her. She was still bent over the sink, getting her face really close to the mirror for her final makeup touches.

“Stop staring at my ass, you perv.” I heard her say from behind me.

“What? I have my back turned, you idiot.”

“Well, you were staring.”

“How the heck would you know?”

“Because my ass is amazing and every guy stares at it all the time.”

“Well, I’m not every guy…”

“No, but you have a dick and when a girl with a hot ass is around, it does the thinking for you.”


I was getting a bit annoyed and decided to head out to dinner.

“Don’t go yet.” Callie suddenly interrupted.

“What? Why?”

“I have a question about college.”

“So ask it later, I’m hungry.”

“It’s about sex.”

“Uh… all right…”

“So… do people have a lot of sex in college?”

“Uhm… about as much other places, I guess?”

“Hundreds of hot, young people living together in close proximity on campus, that’s gotta lead to something. So you probably have a lot of sex, right?”

I sighed. Apparently, my sister thought adult life was like a dirty movie.

“Look, sis… college isn’t all ‘girls gone wild’ and ‘spring break party coeds’, okay? It’s full of completely normal people. They’re not all hot, they’re not even all young.”


She turned around and leaned backwards against the sink, looking slightly disappointed.

“Now, I’m hungry and I’d like to tuck in to mom’s amazing butter chicken. I’d be more than happy to satisfy your perverted curiosity about college life later on.”

I headed out of the bathroom. Behind me, I could hear her trying to retort:

“I’m not perverted, you’re perverted.”

The chicken was amazing; mom always knew how to cook up something nice when I came home to visit. We all ate together and I had both seconds and thirds, filling my stomach until I couldn’t take another bite. Afterwards, we all ended up in the living room, totally drunk on food. The TV was on, but I wasn’t really watching; I just leaned back in the sofa and slipped into a drowsy food coma.

Callie then came to sit next to me. Well, almost on top of me, in fact; the couch wasn’t that big.

“Mmh… uff… get off…” I moaned, uncomfortable with any physical contact as I was so full.

“Neh… I wanna snuggle…”

“Get off, I’m too stuffed…”

She shifted slightly, but still lay almost on top of me, resting her upper body on my lap. Oh, well, I thought. At least I got her to move off my stomach.

Moments later, she started stroking my leg. She seemed absent-minded, looking at the TV and occasionally her phone. I felt her fingernails claw at my jeans, slowly and gently as if she was playing guitar at a really slow pace. It was actually getting a bit annoying.

Then her hand was in my lap, her fingers scratching away, almost exactly in the middle, right where my bulge was starting to grow.

“Mh…” I grunted. “Stop it.”

“Mmno.” she replied sleepily.

“Get off.”

“No. I’m comfortable here.”

She continued stroking me, still resting her upper body on my legs. I looked down at her and noticed that I could easily see down her top. My cock twitched in my pants as I realized that I was seeing almost all of my sister’s right breast. No bra, nothing under the top at all… just a creamy, soft, fair-skinned breast. My heart started beating faster and faster. I couldn’t relax anymore.

This went on for ages. Callie stroking my lap through my jeans, me staring at her half-exposed chest… our parents sitting less than five feet away. I felt my face go red whenever mom glanced over in our direction. Not that she seemed to notice anything; she just smiled happily, enjoying the sight of her two children in a loving, caring embrace.

Eventually, I couldn’t take it anymore. I pushed Callie off me and got off the couch. Then I went to the bathroom to splash some cold water in my face. As I left, I gazed back at her and I could have sworn she was smiling that naughty smile of hers, as if she knew she had beaten me at something.

I had trouble getting to sleep that night. My sister was acting weird. Whatever she was up to, it didn’t seem like anything she had done before. We had always had a bit of sibling rivalry going on, and she enjoyed teasing her big brother in a variety of ways… but this felt different.

The following morning was Callie’s birthday. We did a whole thing: waking her up by knocking on her door and singing ‘Happy Birthday’… she sat up in her bed and mom had baked a cake for the birthday girl – just like when we were kids. Callie blew out the candles, closed her eyes, made a wish and then we all went down for breakfast.

“So kaçak bahis what are your plans for today, honey?” mom asked.

“No plans, mom, you know that. Too busy next week, so I just need to charge my batteries. Get my mind off school, the tryouts and everything else.”

“Of course, dear.”

“But I figured I can play with my big brother now that he’s here!”

I looked over at Callie and saw her give me a real Cheshire cat grin. I eyed her suspiciously. What did she mean by ‘play with’? She looked back at me and several seconds passed by. Then she went on:

“I’ve got the new Mario Kart, and there’s also the old classics if you wanna get beaten at something you’ve played before…”

Ah. That’s what she meant. She just left that double entendre hanging in the air for a second to confuse me. To make me think of something else. I was starting to catch on to her game now. She was teasing me. Trying to embarrass me. This was her latest idea of fun. Well, she’d have to do better than that to phase me; I was the older sibling, after all. I wasn’t going to let her get the better of me with simple suggestions.

After breakfast, we went back upstairs. Mom had this old-fashioned idea that we should always make our beds properly. We went along with it as a matter of habit. Callie followed me upstairs and ran up the last couple of steps at the top to come up beside me. As soon as we were out of earshot of our parents, she went back to her new favorite topic:

“So, tell me more about sex…”


“In college.”

“Oh. Uh… okay…?”

“You live in dorms, right? So how’s it work – do people really put socks on door knobs and all that stuff?”

I was determined not to let her unhinge me this time. I just replied matter-of-factly, trying not to appear very shocked.

“I’ve heard that happens. I haven’t seen it myself.”

“What about you?”

“What about me?”

“Are you doing it a lot? I mean, I woulda thought that once you were away from here and got some privacy, you could have sex all the time.”

We went into her room together and started straightening the sheets.

“Look, sis… college is like a city; you’ll find all kinds of people. Sure, there’s bound to be some sex happening here and there… I guess it happens a bit more often if you’re the slutty type… but it’s really not what most people are there for. People meet, they have fun, they party, they date, they have sex… but you find that everywhere. Not just in college. My point is: don’t just think about going to college for the sex. Go to college for the education. Sure, have sex too if you want. That’s one of the things that young people do – you’re right about that. Just don’t expect the whole place to be an orgy 24/7. It isn’t. We’re really busy. It’s… lectures… and study groups… and working part time jobs to make ends meet… and…”

“Boring.” Callie said and started to wander off to the door. “I was hoping my big bro had some cool raunchy stories to tell me… Oh, well, I guess that when I go to college, I’ll be one of the slutty ones. Anyroad… I need a shower. Seeya later.”

She wandered off. I was a little annoyed that she just dumped her side of the bed and left me with the rest of the work; just as soon as I’d helped her with her bed, she left me to do my own by myself. It didn’t take too long, though, and then I could just chill on the couch downstairs, watching Netflix or something.

Before leaving my room, I took a minute to take everything in. I hadn’t been here in a while. My old room. When I moved away a few years ago, I couldn’t wait to get away. Start over in a new place, far away from all the ‘kid stuff’. Moving out, becoming an adult, I had really looked forward to that. Since then, I had been back here a few times, but it was only now that it really dawned on me that after getting properly settled in a new city, this wasn’t really ‘home’ anymore.

One of the things that sold this feeling for me was that mom had changed the room. Most of my old stuff had been put in storage, and she had turned it into something more of a guest room. Some of my old sports trophies and pictures were still scattered around on the shelves, but… yeah… it didn’t really feel like my room any longer. And it didn’t feel bad, just a bit… nostalgic. Like I had truly moved on.

I took a breath and left the room, turning off the lights and closing the door behind me. Then, just as I was about to head downstairs, I heard a noise.

“Psst! Hey!”

I turned to see Callie’s head poking out the bathroom door.


“There aren’t any bath towels here, can you go downstairs and get me one, please? One of the big blue ones, thanks!”

She disappeared back into the bathroom before I had a chance to reply. With a resigned sigh, I went to get one of her favorite towels from the downstairs bathroom. I never understood why mom insisted on putting these bath towels downstairs; as far as I could tell, Callie was the only one using them. Mom illegal bahis and dad used a set of yellow ones they’d bought from IKEA.

I grabbed the towel and went back upstairs. I knocked and waited for her hand to come out and grab the towel. I was surprised to feel her grabbing me instead, pulling me inside. For a split second, I thought she must not have showered yet. Then I looked down on the floor. There were puddles everywhere. When I turned around, I saw my sister standing there… completely naked.

Fresh out of the shower with her blonde hair hanging all wet down her back, I got a full frontal view of her nineteen year old body. She was a sight to behold. By any standard, my sister had become an incredibly beautiful young woman. Her hips had widened as she grew up and she had kept her waist slim, giving her more of an obvious hourglass figure.

Her breasts also seemed to have grown – not that I had been intimately familiar with them before. Now I could see them clearly. They were an amazing pair of half-globes, looking identical and perfectly balanced; perky nipples standing proud right in the middle. Her skin was wet and looked silky smooth all over, and she had a tiny, trimmed bush on her mound downstairs.

My jaw had dropped, partly in awe of her beauty, but mostly due to the shock of seeing my sister naked. She didn’t seem bothered, though. Standing a mere 5 feet and 2 inches tall, she looked up at me with her customary sassy stare.


“Whaaa…. uh… aren’t you gonna… cover up or something?”

“I will if you give me the damned towel!”

“Oh. Right.”

I finally gave her the towel. I had been holding it, just standing there, staring. Once she got hold of it, she started drying herself, still looking at me.

“What are you staring at? You a perv or something?”

“Um… I… sorry, I didn’t expect you to be naked in here. I mean… uh… you’re naked!”

“Yah, I was in the shower. That’s why I needed a towel, duh.”

She bent down and dried her legs. I was still staring – I couldn’t help it. She tilted her head sideways so that her hair fell down on the side rather than dropping down over her face. She bent all the way down to her feet. I swallowed and looked over her shoulder towards her back, seeing the contours of her naked butt.

She stood back up and pulled up the towel, still not covering up, just drying her arms and shoulders. She locked eyes with me and just stood there, as if she meant to let me keep staring.

“What’re you lookin’ at, you perv? You wanna fuck me or something?”

“Wha… uh… no! The fuck?”

“Well, you’re standing there, starin’ at my sexy body, so…”

For a split second, I was thinking about denying it, but quickly dismissed that idea. There was really no denying that I was staring; I was standing right there, looking at her, and she was looking right back at me. And to be fair: if I were to claim that I wasn’t looking, I would have had to turn my back, close my eyes or… something. Anything other than what I was doing.

I couldn’t very well say that she wasn’t sexy either. She clearly was, and the fact that I was unable to look away was evidence of that. This whole thing felt weird. On the one hand, the incredibly hot woman in front of me had everything needed to turn me on. On the other hand, that incredibly hot woman was my little sister, and there was just something in my brain telling me that I couldn’t be turned on by that.

Since I didn’t know what to say, and my brain was working overtime trying to come up with a suitable retort, several seconds went by without either of us saying anything. Callie eventually broke the silence, still busying herself with the towel but not really covering up any of her lady parts.

“So you admit I’m sexy. I knew it.”

“What? I didn’t say anything.”

“Well, you didn’t disagree either. This body’s so hot, I could start modeling. Maybe I’d do it too, if I wasn’t going to college. I mean, look at this…”

She put the towel behind her and got ready to dry off her back, but then she just stood still for a minute, striking a pose and showing off her curves. She still hadn’t dried her chest, so her breasts were full of water droplets that glistened in the light. Once again, I couldn’t help but stare at her. Eventually, I just blurted out:

“Well, it’s really your fault, not mine. You’re a hot, naked teenage girl. And you’re the one who dragged me in here, even though you were still naked, you didn’t give me any warning, tell me to turn around or anything… Of course I’m looking when you’re showing it off like that!”

Callie smiled cheekily and turned around. Then she wrapped the towel around her body and covered up before going past me.

“Good.” she said as she stood by the mirror.

“Er… good… what?”

“You’re admitting you think I’m hot.”

“Wha… that’s what you took from this?”

“Yes. You can go now.”

She bent forwards to look closely at something in the mirror, taking out some clippers or something to tweak her eyebrows. I just stood there for several seconds, confused, expecting her to say something more, but she just ignored me. Eventually, I threw up my hands and left.

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