Party Stray Pt. 01


The door makes a slow creak as it opens. I can hear footsteps coming into my room, slowly towards the bed. I lay as still as I can, pretending to be asleep.

The room is all dark except for the light creeping in from the open door; a soft, warm glow. I’m lying on my belly wearing only a loose t-shirt and my cotton panties, my head only just showing above the sheets. My jeans and heels are in a heap by the bed from my rush to get into bed earlier tonight. I thought no one knew I snuck up here?

I can hear the muted music downstairs, loud and fast barely covering the murmurs of conversation and bursts of laughter from the party.

Still, I can hear the footsteps approach, then stop, right at the foot of the bed. There is a faint, unfamiliar, musky smell. I hear the clinking of a belt and the rustling of what I know are jeans being pulled down. My heart skips a beat.

I can’t believe this is really happening. I’m so nervous and feel completely vulnerable under the blanket. I have also never been more excited.

I can feel myself getting wet as my heart begins to race.

I feel a hand slide under the blanket near my feet and softly grab me on the back of my calf. It’s an older man’s grip… definitely not Jake’s. With the other hand, he lifts the blanket up and over itself to reveal all of my legs and ass, leaving my head almost fully covered on the other end.

He lets go of my leg and I feel him kneel onto the bed on either side of me. He grabs me again, this time with both hands at once, right under my ass. His thumbs are pushing under both cheeks and stretching them upward. I have no idea who these hands belong to… And I love it.

I feel myself lifting my own ass up closer to him. Why am I doing this?

His hands don’t leave me. He slips his thumbs under my panties and slowly stretches me open. I can feel his breath through the cotton, right against the wetness between my thighs. His face must be close.

Suddenly I feel his wet tongue press against me through the cotton, and then his lips. I let out the softest of moans, and push hard against his face so that his open mouth is almost covering both my holes. He grips my ass cheeks bahis siteleri hard now and pulls me even higher, licking and kissing me through my soaked panties.

I am a quivering, wet mess. He can feel how bad I want him. I don’t know who he is. I don’t care.

All I know is I can still hear my boyfriend’s laughter downstairs, no doubt chatting up some little co-ed and getting off on the attention… as usual.

They’re probably both on the couch, oblivious to the rest of the room, and the little slut probably has her hand ‘casually brushing’ against his package through his jeans while they talk. She’s probably one of those ‘swim chicks’ he keeps mentioning from training.

I bet she doesn’t even know he has a girlfriend. Or she knows and just doesn’t give a shit.

No. I bet he has never even mentioned me. He’s probably got his hand on her thigh ‘casually’ sliding it up the micro-skirt the little slut’s most likely wearin–

My focus is abruptly brought back to the stranger, as he pulls my panties down, just under my butt. He grabs both butt cheeks, greedily digging his fingers deep into my flesh as he continues to lick my pussy from behind, now parting my lips with his tongue.

I can feel its strong wetness push in and out of me. Fuck I want him. I’m pushing my pussy so hard against his face now, he knows I’m awake now – and he knows I’m his.

Suddenly I feel a firm, wet softness press against my mouth. It shocks me at first and I jerk my head back a little. The stranger is still lapping away at my wetness, so I’m caught completely by surprise by this… thing… that can not possibly be him.

But it only eludes me for a second… Even though it’s practically pitch black in here – I know what a cock smells like.

Holy shit! Yes! It’s another guy. He must have crept in while I was thinking about that horny fucker downstairs. Why does this excite me so much??

The room stays completely silent, as the smooth, wet tip of the new man’s cock pushes against my closed lips. He is not pushing hard, just enough to let me know his intentions. Almost asking and telling at the same time.

I can’t believe what is happening, and canlı bahis siteleri more so, I can’t believe how much I want it. I’m in a dark room with two men, clearly intent on staying until they get what they want from who they thought was a sleeping 21-year-old. Fuck, I’m only 5’2 and have the tiniest build of all my sisters AND I had my blond hair in that high ponytail for the party still… I could be barely 18 for all they know! What fucking creeps!

Yet – I have never wanted anything more in my whole life than to be used by these men right now. I want them to leave me in a cum-covered mess for that fuckhead boyfriend of mine to come find and know that he’s not the only one that can just go fucking around.

But I don’t even want it for that. I just want to be used and fucked like I deserve to be. By real men with real cocks, and real strength.

The cock is still pushing against my lips. Harder now, but still ‘asking.’ I have decided I don’t want to be ‘asked.’ I keep my mouth shut tight. He forces his cock gently past my lips and against my teeth. Still, I keep my mouth shut…

The first stranger stops licking me, pulls my panties all the way off and tears off the blanket. He spreads my legs open. I take a quick hard breath in. I am now lying here with nothing but my loose t-shirt, my exposed holes spread open, and a cock still pushed against my firmly shut teeth.

The man at my mouth grabs my face with one hand, thumb and fingers pushing at my cheeks. He is gentle but strong, and his hands smell of dirt and oil. Fuck, that’s so hot.

I keep both my eyes and mouth shut still, for just a second longer…

He pushes harder at my cheeks. Harder. Harder. Suddenly, I feel him get impatient (finally!), and with his other hand, he yanks my head back, hard, by the hair and forces my mouth open at last.

That’s all I wanted. Was that so fucking hard?

I open my mouth wider – wide as I can – and poke my tongue out as far as it can go and take as much of him as I can – all at once. His cock is so thick and firm in my mouth. I can feel the warmth of his flesh on my tongue and his thick veins sliding along it. My eyes start to water canlı bahis as the stranger’s cock takes up more and more room in my mouth. He keeps a firm grip of my ponytail and just as his cock hits the back of my throat, he stops, and then slowly let’s my throat open up for his cock head as he resumes feeding his cock into mythroat. He knows I want it now, he knows he broke me. He slides all the way in until his belly presses against my face. I can’t believe I could take it all! Then he slowly slides out and does it all again… then again… then again… but faster. I lay there feeling like a used fuck toy… and I LOVE it! I have never felt anything like this. I never want him to stop face-fucking me like I’m his.

But I’m not just his.

The whole time, I could get his friend’s massive cock head sliding up and down along my slit as he rubbed his pre-cum all over my pussy lips while he watched me get face-fucked. I don’t need his pre-cum. I am a fucking dripping mess. I need that cock in me more than anything else right now. I want to scream. I want to offer him anything, just to feel it happen. I want to cry.

Then, finally… just as one cock slides all the way out of my mouth, another, pressed hard against my wet cunt, ‘pops’ passed my pussy lips and stretches me wide open.

“FUCK! YES!” I cry out – I don’t even care who hears. I’m their free-use slut and they can fuck me in front of the world for all I care right now!

He pushes more of his cock into my eager pussy, stretching me more than even my biggest 8in dildo… and a far cry from my boyfriend’s 6.5in ‘wonder.’ He keeps pushing… I have NO idea how big this cock is but it never seems to end. Finally, he bottoms out, leans forward, grabs my waist… and just starts pumping. His hands are massive around me and he practically fucks himself with me like a doll.

“DON’T. FUCKING. STO-MMMMMMMM” I cry out but his friends cock slides right back into my mouth and down my thoat. This time all in one smooth motion.

I am in complete bliss. These man are using me like I have only ever dreamed of being used and I never want this to stop. I want them to take me with them. I want to be fucked like this every day – I want more. I need more cock. Now!

How have they made me crave it so much in this moment? Have I always craved it? Fuck… I need a cock in my ass. I don’t care who’s. I need to be full.

Pt. 1 End.

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