Mysterious Ways


***Friday afternoon. I sit here waiting for the five o’clock hour to arrive. After work, I will hang out with a few coworkers and my love interest Alex at a local bar. ***Alex and I became gay lovers after his ugly divorce. I sat comforting him at a pub one night after the demise of his marriage. We talked about women and how it always seemed to end badly. He knew I had my share of women over the years. My romances with women usually ended with me getting hurt.We laughed at how we do not need women. We could always use our hands. The drinks were flowing that fateful night. We both became tipsy and decided to take a cab home. We got to Alex’s place first, and he invited me in for a nightcap. I agreed.Alex asked me, “How about I grab us a couple of beers, and we go take a dip in the pool?”I replied, “I will need to borrow a pair of your trunks.”Alex threw me a pair of his trunks. I noticed as he changed, he was semihard.We jumped in the pool, and the water was perfect. We swam to the steps and popped open our beers. We continued the topic of the evening of how he was mistreated.I said to Alex, “I do not mean to embarrass you, but I noticed as you got changed you were semihard, and now it looks like you have a hardon.”He looked at me and said, “Ben, I am sorry. I guess I was thinking about my ex and how I miss sex. Masturbation is great, but there is nothing like a warm pussy or a blowjob.”He pulled out his cock from his swim trunks and started masturbating. He said to me, “I have to release this pressure. If this is too kaçak iddaa much, my door is open, and I will join you when I am finished.”I smiled at him and told him, “I have a better idea. Why don’t we both go up to your place? That way, you will not get arrested for public exposure, plus cumming in a public pool is gross.”We both walked up to his place sporting tents in our shorts.He told me, “I will go into the bathroom and take care of myself.”I said to him, “I have an idea why don’t we masturbate together. I will watch you, and you watch me. I am horny talking about pussy and blowjobs too.”We both pulled off our trunks and started masturbating. I had never seen another man do this, and it was somehow exciting to see.I do not know what came over me. Maybe it was all the alcohol or talking about sex. I got up and walked over to Alex and started sucking his cock. Alex showed no resistance as he laid back in his chair to enjoy the experience.I thought to myself. Am I gay now? Why am I enjoying this?The feeling of his warm cock in my mouth as I sucked on it was so exhilarating. He watched as my head bobbed up and down on him. I used my hand to stroke his cock as I sucked on it. I started tasting his precum.Alex jumped up and said to me, “You are not the only one going to have fun tonight. He said, “Stand up, Ben.”I did as he took my cock in his mouth. I watched him as he knelt before me, looking up at me as he was sucking on my cock. It was not long before I shot a load of cum into his mouth.I said, “Stand up, Alex.”As kaçak bahis he stood up, I knelt in front of him and took his cock back into my mouth. I was enjoying this more than I should have, I thought. I played with his balls as my head went back and forth on him. He came with an explosion.Both satisfied, we went and took a shower together. We both sprang back to life in the shower. We dried off and went to his bed and enjoyed another round of sex.We woke the following day, and I know I could feel the tension in the air. We talked about what happened and decided if we enjoyed it, who cares what others think. We both thought this was a one-time thing. We were so wrong. Alex has been my lover for over a year now, and we are proud to be called gay. We lost some friends along the way because we are gay. Were they friends?***Five o’clock finally came. It was like a stampede to hit the exit doors. Alex and I arrived at the watering hole, and a few of our friends had already arrived. Most Friday nights, we would sit around and complain about our jobs. Not much happened on these nights, but this Friday was to be different.She came walking through the front door. It was like time stopped as all the guys turned their heads to see her. She walked differently, almost mysteriously. She carried herself like the world was hers, and you were lucky to be a part of it.She came towards our table. I do not know what came over me, but I got up from my barstool, put out my hand, and offered it to her in a handshake.I said to her, “Hi, my illegal bahis name is Ben.”She slapped my hand away, then put her finger on my chest and ran it up to my chin and pushed my head back, then said, “So what.”She then walked over to a table where her friends sat.All my friends got a big laugh out of what she did. Even Alex had a wisecrack or two.We sat there all night drinking and watching guy after guy go to this goddesses table. One by one, she shot them down.One of my friends told us I will give anyone one hundred dollars if any of you can get her phone number. A couple of my friends tried with no luck. Alex got up and tried with the same results. She got up and started heading to the front door, and I thought I would give this a shot.I asked her, “May I please have your phone number?”She stood and looked at me with a smirk on her face and said to me, “You have to learn how to ask me that If you want to kiss the sky. Now get on your knees, boy.”I said, “What?”She said, “You heard me.”I got down on my knees and started to ask her again, and before I could, she said, “Now bow down.”I lowered my head then felt her stiletto heels dig into my back, and she said, “Lower boy.”With my face pushed against the ground, I asked her, “May I please have your number?”She said, “You will address me as Ma’am, so ask again.”I felt so humiliated, but I thought I had gone this far.I asked one more time, “May I please have your phone number, Ma’am?”She grabbed my phone and typed her number in it, then said, “You can get up now, boy.”I watched her walk out, and the view from behind was as good as the one from the front.I thought they laughed at me earlier. Now the entire bar was laughing at me and how she had made a fool out of me.

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