My Neighbor


Placing the freshly washed plate in the drainer, I dried my hands and pulled the kitchen curtain to gaze at my ridiculously handsome neighbor, who was just stepping out of his car. I had noticed him for years, but we have never interacted. I’m positively sure he doesn’t know that I existed. Ugghh.He appeared to be in his late forties, early fifties. He looked to be in perfect health, with a body to die for. I often wondered what his cock would look like between my creamy thighs. This delicious man makes my body weak and my pussy moist, just by staring at him.Sighing sadly, I lowered the curtain and made my way to the bedroom to get my art supplies. I had to paint away this unwanted emotion. When I had gathered everything, I made the short trek down to the seashore.My home was situated a stone’s throw away from the ocean. The location was very secluded, so I decided to paint in just my tank top and thong.Positioning my supplies on the grass, I took out a sheet of paper and pencil then sat upon the dry grass and began sketching. I had no idea what I wished to paint, I just wanted to get my sexual frustration out.When I was through, I was amazed by the results. güvenilir bahis Erecting the easel, I placed the drawing paper on it and began. With concentrated strokes, I lightly applied the colors to make a perfect mixture.By the time I looked to the horizon, I realized that the area had gotten darker and a bit chillier. I decided to call it a day before I fucked up my painting in the dark.Before making my trek back to the house, I wished to take a swim. Removing my top and my underwear, I deposited them beside the supplies, I ran towards the water then drove it.When I surfaced, I took in a deep breath and drove under again. I loved the ocean. I loved its smell and the way it sounds when being underwater, it gives off a gurgling and rippling effect in my ear.When I had my fill, I swam out as if I owned the world, confident and determined. Until I stepped on a jellyfish and fell, landing on a few more. It took a few seconds for the pain to reach my brain then I bellowed a pained cry.”Fuck, where did you come from, you guys weren’t there earlier. Fuck, it hurts,” I whispered crying.Through my tears, I saw a figure barreling towards me. When he came to güvenilir bahis siteleri a stop, I realized that it was my gorgeous neighbor. With concern and confusion etched across his face, he asked.”What’s the matter, Sweetheart? I heard your scream from the inside of my car.” He had an Italian accent that made me freeze. I had a weakness for all things Italian. Fuck!That was the last thing that I remembered before I blacked out from the excruciating pain.When I came too, I saw that I was in a room that wasn’t my own. Surveying the area, I called out with caution. “Hello? Is anyone there?”Where am fuck am I?Then I remembered what had happened and who had come to my rescue.”Shit,” I muttered. Then I heard footsteps, and he appeared with a brilliant smile. “Good, you’re awake, wonderful. I was beginning to think that I would have had to wake you the military’s way,” he said with a raised eyebrow.”Oh really? Should I pretend to be asleep then?””That’s your choice, Sweetheart.””What fun would that be if I had to fake it, hmm? Maybe next time,” I said encouraging his banter. “Thanks for taking care of me, but I must leave,” wincing in pain as I rose.”Why iddaa siteleri the rush?”Looking at him I replied, “I must return to the shore to retrieve my belongings, then I have a …” I whispered the last part so he wouldn’t hear.”Could you repeat that please?” he inquired.Looking him in the eyes, I said, “I have a dick appointment to get ready for.”He gazed at me and chuckled so suddenly that it had me feeling awkward. Then he announced devilishly, “So you’re going to get naked for this guy with all of those stings? If you haven’t noticed, there is a sting exactly on your pink pussy, and it’ll be so uncomfortable when he begins to pound into you.”Looking at him in shock, I opened my legs to examine my pussy, and came to the same conclusion. Exhaling in frustration, I swung off the bed with his sheet wrapped about my body. Fuck! I’d been anticipating Matthew’s cock inside of my pussy for weeks.I heard his groan just as I mumbled, “If you’d excuse me, I must get to my home. Thank you for your help, good night.”He made no move to stop me. And for that I was thankful.After my incident, I haven’t seen or heard from my handsome neighbor, and that was about four months ago. I still didn’t know his name. He looked like a “James or Granger.” Picking up the remote, I leaned against the sofa and began surfing through the channels.The unexpected knocking at my door, took me out of my activity.

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