My Maria Scene 5


It was Thursday, Maria and I had a date to go to Berkeley looking in some art galleries. Maria called and was running late, but said the door was open and I should come over. I drove to her house, parked in the driveway and entered. She was not downstairs, so I walked up to the second floor. I heard the shower running in the master bedroom. I had never been in her bedroom and walked in silently. The door to the master bath was open and the lights were on. I peeked in and there was Maria in the shower, her body glistened from the water cascading down. I felt a stirring in my loins as I looked at her. She never failed to get me aroused. Just the sight of her standing there water running in rivulets down the curves of her body made me yearn for her touch. She was standing sideways washing her breasts. It wasn’t really washing, more like caressing. Her nipples were hard and standing erect. Water was hitting them and bouncing off falling to the shower floor. Her hands were gently massaging her breasts and I could hear gentle moans coming from her. She had put her hands under her breasts lifting them up in the falling water offering them as a gift to the gods. I stood there watching as my arousal intensified. She poured body wash on her hand and moved it down over her hard stomach. She laved her tight stomach and washed her strong hips. Slowly the hand dipped into the junction of her legs washing and caressing her shaved mound. Another small moan escaped her lips as her fingers brushed over her erect clitoris. She paused there and rubbed it moving her hips with each stroke. The water was collecting in her hand as it moved on her mound. Her fingers were pushing on her lips spreading them apart to be washed and caressed. She slowly moved her fingers güvenilir bahis up and down her slit moving further inside with each stroke. Her breathing was getting heavy and I could see the arousal on her face. I coughed, she moved to cover herself, but when she turned, she smiled and dropped her hands. She was standing there with the water running through her hair over her neck around her breasts to her junction down her legs. She looked magnificent like a Greek goddess. She raised a hand and crooked a finger bidding me come join her. I had showered earlier but my arousal could be seen and I could not resist touching, caressing and possessing that beautiful woman before me. I quickly let all my clothes fall to the floor, kicked them aside and joined Maria in the shower. We greeted with a long loving kiss drenched with the water from above our bodies tightly joined as the two lovers we were. We silently said hello and held each other tight. Our tongues were dancing from one mouth to the other. My hands were moving slowly up and down her back and beautiful butt. As we kissed I heard small moans escaping from Maria. She was aroused and was enjoying being held in my arms just kissing. We broke apart and Maria turned off the water. She grabbed my hand pulling me from the shower. She said, “Cal I am so horny this morning. I want to feel you inside me now. We can finish the shower later.” We ran to her bed and fell on it wrapped in each other. She lay under me with her breasts heaving and her legs spread wide apart. I wanted her so badly that I just lifted her hips and rammed my rock hard cock in her waiting pussy. Maria screamed in pleasure as I invaded her pussy. She was moving with me urging me to move faster and harder. I pounded güvenilir bahis siteleri in and out of her harder than I had ever before with any woman. Her arms were flailing about her. Her head was rolling splaying her hair about. She had wrapped her legs around me pulling me hard against her as I thrust deep inside. Her hips were moving with me urging me on. I could feel the sides of her pussy closing around me as her climax built. The roaring had started in my body as I was getting ready to explode. I made one final really hard thrust and hit the back of her pussy hard as I exploded. She gushed at the same time mixing our love juices together and leaking out of her. She crushed me to her with her legs holding me as she shuddered with her orgasm. Her pussy was pulsing on my cock milking it for every last drop. Throughout this she had her eyes locked shut. She wanted to concentrate on the feelings and sensations physically associated with our coupling. This seemed to intensify her orgasm. To me it was amazing. She opened her eyes and gazed into my eyes with a look of pure orgasmic ecstasy. She wrapped her arms around me, kissed me softly on my lips and moved her lips to kiss my ear. As she kissed me she whispered, “Thank you my love. I really needed to have you in a way that satisfied both our lusts. You are the only man I have been with that can satisfy my total being. When you are not with me I get so wet thinking of you that it runs down my leg. Please stay near me” I looked down at her and smiled and said, “Maria, I will always have time for you. You are the most fabulous woman I have ever been with. I only wish we had started these couplings sooner. You don’t know how much I wanted to run here when you were in the window.” iddaa siteleri We lay there recovering our breath and letting our hearts slow. My arm was under her head with my fingers playing with her hair. She nuzzled closer to my body putting her arm across my chest purring into me. There was a noise coming from the master bath. We sat up quickly scared that we had been found out. Maria started laughing and poked me in the side. “I forgot to tell you that CC was here,” she said. I laughed and pushed her down on the bed as I ran to the shower. I wanted to wash that luscious ebony body all over. I stopped and stared. There in front of me was the most beautiful black woman I had ever seen. The water was beading up on her skin and rolling off. She saw me and turned. It had only been a week since we met and had sex, but I was dumbstruck by her body. CC was 5’ 2” with large breasts and big nipples that pointed up. She had a narrow waist and wide ample hips to grab when pulling inside her. Her skin was dark and glistened as if it had just been oiled. My little second brain sprung into action. She broke into a big smile and gestured for me to join her while she stared at my growing cock. How could I refuse such a temptation? I was hoping that I would not get all wrinkly from so much water. I entered the shower and grabbed CC to me hard. She came willingly and wrapped her arms and one leg around me. We kissed and our tongues mingled. My cock was knocking at her pussy. I felt something hard against my chest from CC breasts. I moved my upper body away and looked down at the twin peaks. I was surprised to see that her large swollen nipples glistened with piercings. I looked into her eyes questioningly. She smiled. I bent and took one of her nipples in my mouth the tingly taste of metal hit my tongue. I sucked on it hard and she pulled me harder on her breast. I came up to her lips and asked, “When did you get those luscious nipples pierced?” “I have had them pierced for a long time.

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