Miss Geraldine Culverhouse

Female Ejaculation

Judith Saunders was a fifty-two-year-old divorcee and she was sitting in her hairdressers reading a magazine, having arrived early for her appointment. She was sitting in the area near reception and did not look up from the magazine when the outer door opened and another customer arrived but after the new arrival spoke, Judith’s attention was attracted.”Good morning, madam, can I help you?” said the receptionist to the new arrival.”Good morning, my name is Geraldine Culverhouse and I have an appointment with Charlene,” replied the woman.The name resonated with Judith, and she immediately looked up from the magazine to see an attractive and shapely woman who was probably aged in her sixties. A thought crossed Judith’s mind that it probably was the woman that she knew of that name.Judith had had no dealings with the Geraldine Culverhouse that she knew in the last thirty-four years because the woman that Judith knew with that name had been her headmistress at school. Geraldine was then in her mid-thirties and rather young to be the headmistress of a prestigious all-girls school, so the woman in the hairdressers was round about the right age.”Charlene will be ready for you shortly, please take a seat,” said the receptionist to Geraldine, and she moved towards Judith to take an adjacent seat.Their eyes met and there seemed to be a flicker of recognition from Geraldine to Judith as Judith was trying to work out if she was actually who she thought she was.The two women exchanged ‘Good mornings’, and Geraldine sat down.Judith was debating with herself whether to find out if the woman was indeed her former headmistress when Judith’s hairdresser, Amy, arrived to say, “Come through now please, Mrs Saunders.”Judith looked at Geraldine and they exchanged nodded smiles as Judith got up, and then Judith followed Amy whilst still wondering if the woman was her former headmistress.Judith had a number of reasons to recall Miss Culverhouse, one of which was the almighty crush that Judith had on her when she was aged seventeen and eighteen. Another, not insignificant, reason was the caning that Geraldine had applied to Judith’s bottom when she was eighteen, a caning that ultimately made Judith desire Geraldine even more.At this stage, Geraldine had no idea that the woman that she had just spoken to was an ex-pupil of hers, although then named Judith Thompson; she did think the woman to be rather attractive.Geraldine was a lifelong lesbian who had the sense to not make advances on any of the girls at her school but that did not stop her thinking of many of them over the years, including Judith, whilst she masturbated. Geraldine did have long-term lesbian relationships güvenilir bahis with two of the teachers at the school, as well as the mother of one of the pupils.Judith had married in her early twenties, but that had ended by the time she was thirty-six, and she had had lovers of both sexes over the last decade and a half, although recently they were almost exclusively female.Amy had started working on Judith’s hair when Charlene called Geraldine through and sat her down in the seat next to Judith and the two women again nodded smiles to each other, in fact, Geraldine said, “Hello again,” because she rather fancied the, as yet, stranger.The two women got their hair styled and each chatted with their respective hairdresser but each was also half-listening to the other’s conversations to see if they could learn anything about the other.It coincided that both women were left unattended for a moment and Judith had made up her mind to find out if this woman was the woman of the same name that she knew, “Excuse me, I heard your name when you arrived, you were not the headmistress of a girls school, were you?” she asked.”I was, actually, until I retired almost five years ago. Were you a pupil?” replied Geraldine.”I thought so; you probably will not remember me but I was Judith Thompson when I was there, a long time ago, though,” said Judith who was starting to think that she still had a crush on Miss Culverhouse.”Judith Thompson, yes I do remember you, a very attractive young woman you were,” said Geraldine who then thought that she should not have said that.”Sadly not attractive now,” said Judith, self-depreciatingly.”I would certainly not say that,” said Geraldine as her hairdresser returned.”Do you have time for a coffee when we are done here, to talk about old times?” asked Judith hopefully.”Yes, yes, I would love that,” replied a happy Geraldine.Work continued on their hair and they each chatted with their stylist but both women were thinking back some thirty-five years and wishing that they could put their fingers to their moist vaginas.Judith was completed slightly before Geraldine and she paid her bill, plus a generous tip, and waited for her former headmistress. Geraldine was soon done too and having paid her bill they headed for a nearby coffee house.They sat opposite each other and chatted about the school and the intervening years.”I heard your stylist call you Mrs, so you are obviously married,” said Geraldine.”I was but it was over years ago; did you never marry, Geraldine?” replied Judith.”I almost was once, to the woman that I was living with, but we split up,” said Geraldine looking into Judith’s face for a reaction to her confessed güvenilir bahis siteleri lesbianism.”I had such a crush on you,” announced Judith who found her hand on Geraldine’s, although she shyly withdrew it.”As I said, you were a very attractive young woman,” said Geraldine, taking Judith’s hand in hers.”Us girls often wondered about you,” said Judith, who was finding holding hands with Geraldine after all these years very erotic.”Ha, I am sure that I was the subject of a lot of ‘is she a dyke?’ chatter; well, you were right,” laughed Geraldine.”Do you remember caning me?” asked Judith out of the blue.”I do, rather severely at that,” replied Geraldine feeling aroused at the memory of lashing her cane across Judith Thompson’s buttocks.”Twelve strokes and I deserved it, it so excited me; I was wishing that you were kissing my sore bottom better later when I, um…” said Judith without completing the sentence.”Oh, Judith, that night when I was pleasuring myself I was wishing that I was doing just that,” replied Geraldine.There was a brief silence before Geraldine announced, “I still have a cane.””Geraldine, are you suggesting that you and I, um…?” said Judith, whilst again leaving a sentence incomplete.”I have a cottage just outside town, I would love to continue these discussions with you there sometime, Judith,” said Geraldine wishing that she could kiss the younger woman’s lips.”Oh yes, I would love to; when, now?” replied Judith.”You are eager. We could, but we might mess up our expensive hairdos,” laughed an excited Geraldine.”Fuck the hairdos… oh sorry, Miss,” giggled Judith.”I might have to cane you for that, Judith Thompson,” said Geraldine with mock sternness.”I think you might, Miss,” replied Judith relishing the thought of bending over for a caning from her ‘headmistress’ after all these years.The coffee shop was not very busy and they were at a table well away from other customers, although an elderly couple had  ‘tutted’ after seeing two middle-aged women holding hands lovingly; the male of the couple had suggested that they might be sisters.”Do you really want to go there now?” asked Geraldine, although she was very much up for it.”I do, but I have wanted you for about thirty-five years so I can wait a bit longer if you want,” said Judith.”No, there is no time like the present. Do you have a car nearby?” asked Geraldine.”No, I walked into town. I do not live too far from here,” replied Judith.”I am parked just down the road, did you need to go to your home first? asked Geraldine.”For my toothbrush maybe?” smiled Judith, contemplating multiple hours at Geraldine’s cottage.”You could, but I always have several toothbrushes iddaa siteleri available in case there is an unplanned overnight guest,” said Geraldine looking at Judith lovingly.”Are you expecting any today?” teased Judith.”I was rather hoping to bed this gorgeous sixth form pupil of mine; I have wanted her for thirty-five years,” replied Geraldine, echoing Judith’s words.”Oh, Geraldine, let’s go now, please,” said Judith who could wait no longer.They left the coffee house but resisted the temptation to hold hands in the street, not that either was ashamed to be seen like that; it just did not seem appropriate.They reached Geraldine’s car and both women made sure that their bodies brushed together as Geraldine held the passenger door open, but not wide open, for Judith to get in. Geraldine got in the driver’s side and the women looked at each other for a moment before moving their heads together and kissing; just a gentle kiss and not a snog, but a kiss nonetheless. They both smiled and flashed eyes before doing up their seat belts and Geraldine starting the car.They chatted on what was about a ten-minute drive to Geraldine’s cottage. Geraldine discovered that Judith had lived in another town for a big chunk of the intervening years and Judith discovered that Geraldine purchased her cottage on her retirement.It was possible and even probable that they had seen each other in the past without recognising each other because it was only hearing Geraldine give her name to the receptionist that got Judith’s attention. They were both, however, very attractive women with neither looking their age, and both rather curvy, so one or the other may well have given a lustful glance at the other without realising who they were looking at.Whilst Geraldine had always been one-hundred per cent lesbian, Judith had enjoyed several penises between her legs over the years.”Does your cane get used much?” Judith asked as they approached Geraldine’s cottage.”Some of the ladies that visit me like to feel it across their backsides and I feel it sometimes,” answered Geraldine.They pulled up at the cottage and now they had the long snog that they had been wanting since the coffee house and, in reality, for thirty-odd years. When they finally broke from the kiss, Geraldine said, “You don’t know how many times that I have longed to do that.””Oh, headmistress, I have too,” replied Judith before they kissed again before leaving the car.Judith was a short distance behind Geraldine as they approached the cottage door and she had her eyes on her former headmistresses bottom. At school, Judith had looked at Geraldine’s rear at every opportunity and back then it was usually covered by a tight-fitting skirt; today her buttocks were stretching a pair of trousers. Geraldine unlocked the cottage door and said, “Welcome to my home, Miss Judith Thompson.””Thank you, Miss Culverhouse, I am so pleased to be here,” replied Judith.

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