Kathy and the Beach Vacation


“It’s time for a beach vacation” I told her. The redhead looked at me with a big smile and a little shock.

When? Where? How soon?

I have been reading about some of those Sandal’s resorts. Adults only. All inclusive. Rum punch. I had something in mind, but didn’t tell her about Hedonism…

Let me make the arrangements and you concentrate on new beach clothes. I have a couple requirements. 1) wear mostly skirts and sun dresses. SHORT skirts and dresses.

What do you have in mind? As she grabbed my cock squeezing it. Kathy loved my dick. It didn’t take much to get her going. We were both early 40’s, both divorced about 2 years and had been living together the last year. AND WE WERE BOTH REDHEADS. She loved the beach. She tanned and was a sun worshiper. I was burned in 10 minutes in the tropical sun.

2 as my cock entered her mouth. G strings and thongs. 3 mani-pedi 4 Brazilian 5 only sandals, formal, semi formal and casual. 6 I get to pick your bathing attire and bra’s. Everything fits tight. Kathy is a grade school teacher. Conservative dresser, mild mannered, low keyed. The quiet Christian good girl. And she loved cock. Sucked me anytime, anyplace, just as she was doing now.

How many cocks have you sucked in your life miss? Where did you learn to do THTHHAAATTTT, OMG she had me on the brink in just 10 minutes. And talk about happy endings WWOOWW. Her deepthroat always got me. And she sucked me dry.

It was Saturday. Mornings started at sunrise. To reciprocate, I buried my face in her clean-shaven pussy. Kathy was a gooey girl. Instead of wet, she got creamy. We never needed lube. I teased her for about 10 minutes.

Fuck me hard, NOW. She was never shy in bed. Her first 38 years on the planet had been frustrating. Boring sex. But when we connected, I told her to let go. Little was out of bounds. Including her slut/whore dirty talk.

She rolled on to her knees. Put it in. My 7-inch cock always made her groan at penetration. That’s it babe, deep I want it deep, Fuck me, More Fuck me, Use that glorious cock to pound your whore. Harder, come on more fuck Oh Oh OH, FUCK ME FUCK ME aaAAAHHH. One thing I pushed her to do was to be more vocal. And she was.

Football season. I was an Ohio State fan. Kathy just loved anything that lead to a party. We purchased season tickets for a local small college. The excitement, camaraderie, and atmosphere on game day was our fun. The team won most of their games, one year a conference championship. I’ll tell you, the campus the night of a big victory was out of control. Co-eds drunk, was a site to behold. Wet t-shirt contests. Anyway that’s another story.

As we dressed for the noon game, I suggested cheer leader. She had a couple outfits. Pleated skirts tight tank tops and a nipple protruding sweater seemed the choice of the day. A vest to “hide” the nipples.

We headed to the college with our jug full of “lemonade”. We had found a small group of alumni, that immediately invited us in. Mature people with an 18-year old’s enthusiasm. And a tail gate party with candelabras and tons of finger foods. A formal table setting, surrounded by about 20 high energy bahis şirketleri recycled teen agers. It was at the morning party we liked to play “Seduction and Foreplay”.

Have you ever been fucked on a beach?


Fingered in an open-air market?


Groped in a swimming pool?

No and my panties are getting very wet. My nipples are in gum drop mode.

Keep these things in mind. I’m thinking 10 days in the sun over Christmas break.

It was mid November when I made the reservations. I booked a room with a big spa bath tub, a living room with bar, dining room table for 6, big screen tv, balcony over the lagoon, 2 sofas and a couple overstuffed chairs. AND a separate king size bedroom with an ocean view balcony. 5th floor.

I told Kathy to pack lightly, as we would buy some resort clothes at the beach. She did have some slut wear and 3 bikinis that her PTA would never approve. We also started taking salsa lessons 2 nights a week and went to the Latin club twice a week. I had been told by the travel agent that salsa was prominent at the resort. Kathy loved dancing. She always came home with soaked panties and the shower was always exciting.

The day arrived. We had an 8 am flight so we opted to stay at an airport hotel the night before. I had teased Kathy all that day, but no happy endings. Save it for the beach. The plane ride consisted of inuendo after inuendo conversation.

How soon till we take off

I can get you off in about 3 minutes

I hope it doesn’t rain

It’s a tropical paradise, you’ll be wet all the time.

Does this outfit fit the occasion?

It does, I love the gum drops

I wonder what the food is like

Lots of cream sauces

I can’t wait to hit the beach

I can’t wait to hit it either

What do you want to do first


And so it went for the entire 5 hour plane ride. I did manage to pinch her nipples a few times. Whispered stories about Kama Sutra in her ear. She retaliated with a squeeze on my cock, and a whispering like, I want to suck you all the way to the landing, in the cab ride to the resort, and anywhere else I can get 5 minutes. That’s my girl, giving as good as she gets.

We got there. Fortunately, the reception area was clothing required. The elevator was full of new arrivals, and the common areas were void of other vacationers. It took us about 3 minutes to shed our clothes and put on our beach wear. Outfitted like a couple excited yokels we grabbed our gear and headed for the blue water and tropical beach.

My plan was working better than expected. We dropped our stuff at a beachside palm frond umbrella. She noticed all the women were topless. I was down to my suit in seconds, as she struggled with her cover up. I helped her twisting her around and confusing her while the coverup came off, I snapped her bikini top off, “Oh wait, I don’t think I’m ready for, and threw her over my shoulder and quickly dumped her in the blue ocean Caribbean water. It was warm.

I am going to fuck you right now. My fingers found her clit and my tongue her tongue.

Oh wait, let’s get deeper. She tried to talk but my bahis firmaları tongue was relentless. I waded out to chest level water while inserting 2 fingers. With her arms around my neck I went for the gum drops. I sucked harder on her, my fingers left that wonderful pussy.

I released my dick and penetrated her quickly. I looked at her face. Eyes wide, mouth open. What do you think?….Arrested….indecent. All the while I pounded with growing enthusiasm. I was relentless. Eyes closed she was in another place. Orgasm dimension. I didn’t stop until the 3rd orgasm had completed. When she came back to earth, she was a zombie.

Disoriented, out of breath, her eyes yet to focus I walked her, on wobbly legs back to our chaise lounges. She laid back; eyes still closed. I handed her a bottle of water.

The beach waitress walked up to us, and I ordered 2 rum punch drinks. Looks like you 2 have settled in. She was a black woman with lovely tits, no top and a bright green thong. All the beach staff wore the same uniform. I looked over at Kathy who was half asleep, eyes still closed. Welcome to Jamaica teacher. She moaned finally coming back to the present.

When the drinks got here, I proceeded to dump the rest of the cold water on her tits. She yelped. Rise and shine sleepy head. And I removed my trunks. She looked over at me astonished, puzzled. This is going to be a very special vacation. You haven’t seen nothing yet. Drink this.

She took the drink, where are we? She noticed other vacationers. They are all naked. She looked at me and I removed her bottom. She struggled and grabbed for a towel. I ripped it out of her hand.

Have you ever heard of Hedonism II?

No. She was still covering her pussy and tits as best she could while holding a drink.

Then we have a new adventure to mix into our bucket list. I took her over to the dance, beachside pool area. Probably 50 people hanging out around this intricate pool/play corner. I walked her to an open pool area with a big raft in the middle. One sexy black woman was laying on it, but room for 5 or 6 more.

Come with me. We swam to the raft and climbed up. I said high to the black woman, “do you mind if I fuck my wife here? Before she could answer or Kathy could react, I laid my redhead down and entered her. You now have 10 people watching us fuck. Look around. She soon found many sets of eyes on her.

YOU CRAZY BASTARD. My dick soon changed her mood, and she was my little red head slut. Missionary position took her from utter confusion to a groaning smile.

I have always wanted to do this; how does it feel?

I am completely confused, disoriented, and shocked.

Your pussy is wet, breathing is heavy. And your being slowly fucked. You must be enjoying yourself.


Do you want to eat a red headed pussy? I spoke.

MMMMMM sweet ginger, she crawled over and kissed Kathy deep.

Her name was Sharon. A Wendy Williams look alike.

There I was. Balls deep in my hot girlfriend. Naked on a raft in a pool, while she made kaçak bahis siteleri out with a very hot black woman. Sharon moved to Kathy’s nipples. I was giving her a slow fuck as she looked at me.

You are the craziest bastard I have ever met. You take me places I haven’t dreamed of.

So how do you feel?

Angry, happy, turned on. And wondering what might be next.

Easy, Sharon, suck Kathy off. You get her pussy and clit. I get face and tits. As soon as Kathy felt those big soft lips and fat black tongue she started to moan, her eyes fluttered.

Now right here let me tell you about us. One of our games is to lie in bed, me fingering her or slow fucking while making out. At the same time, we talk about sex. So, I asked her.

Anything special you would like to do while we are here? I got a giggle as I squeezed her nipple and sucked on her tongue. Kathy likes everything we have done over our relationship. She is a True Virtuous school teacher while working. Chaste, very prim and proper. Yet under her clothes she wears a variety of lingerie from Victoria’s Secret and adam and eve. Crotchless panties, thongs, g-strings, shelf bras, corsets. On occasion nipple clamps and butt plugs.

Kathy is a creamer and a screamer. Just as I let go of the nipple Sharon put 2 fingers in her. Gushing her cream set her loose. A tigress in orgasm. Sharon was loving it.

Creamy pussy, tiger pussy she called Kathy. When you come girl, it gets me off. I want more of you. As she came down Kathy put her hands on Sharons head.

Keep licking honey, clean me up. Chris, we are coming here every day for the rest of our vacation. Can’t believe I am cumming and fucking in front of 20 people. Can’t believe I got sucked by a black woman, what a treat. Never thought I could enjoy so much sex and want more.

But we need to talk.

Am I in trouble?


All three of us were gooey from the encounter. Rules dictated we shower before entering the pool or the more vanilla areas. So, we did. And played a game called hold still.

I held Sharon in a wrestling hold. No use of arms and couldn’t move much. Kathy cleaned her head to toe. Including kissing those fat lips again, fingering, sucking nipples. She shot like a rocket in 10 minutes, especially when I stuck my finger up her ass. OOOOHHH honey. Going to have to watch you.

Yeah, watch me make you my cum bitch.

Then the 2 went at me. I struggled just to make it interesting, but Sharon got hold of my dick and threatened, seduced, and brought me off all at once.

Then Kathy. She likes clit stimulation and nipple pinching. I immediately put mouth to pussy, licked and sucked her nub till she started to quiver. Sharon went to work on those nipples. Quiver, long moan, and GUSH. Her cream covered my face.

We went to the bar that evening. Kathy in her sexy white sun dress, short, halter top probably 2 sizes too small but it made her ass and tits look good. She wore a tiny bra and panties in bright green. A hint of the outline shown through, but the evening light kept it pg rated.

We sat talking about the plane trip, our arrival and the events that led to her exhibitionism with Sharon and me. “I never expected you to bring me to a swinger resort.

I wanted non stop sex. With motivation.

Your libido is going to get us in trouble

Not today or even the next 2 weeks.

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