john never saw this coming


john never saw this comingyou have all read how john started and what he went through so i won’t be going into that.john was in his late teens 18 to be exact he had a nice set of tits from all the hormones he was taking and his tiny clit had shrunk to nothing he did have a virgina without an operation.with his tiny thing sewn in place by a mistress he was made into a fulltime sissy girl what was great about his pussy is that it was tucked in such a way that john got fucked like a girl there was enough room for a cock to slip in. the girls that john hung around with taught him everything there was to being a girl boys john went out with had no idea the she was a he alot of them fucked him and never knew they would comment on what a cute clit he had never know that they were tounging a cock.when kaçak iddaa john was 19 he started hanging around other sissys.must of them had hugh cocks that they cound not tuck i think they were a little jealous of john because at parties they would abuse john and pass him around to be fucked all night.they would take him to st8 bars and leave him there to be used all night by very big men.john became very lonely he began to wonder if this was the wrong path he was taking in life and soon began purging himself of his female side.he started weqaring male clothing again he cut his hair stopped shaving the only thing he could not get rid of was the 36d chest and his virgina if anyone asked about his chest it was a big hormone imbalance.he got a job waiting tables and everything was going fine until kaçak bahis one day one of the girls that had helped become a sissy female came in to the place he worked and saw him.well he tried to keep busy but he had to wait on her table when he came over and asked what was having she looked him in the eyes and ask where is your skirt and blouse you know you are not a man anymore. he asked her not to make a scene he needed this job she said i won’t make any trouble but me and the girls put alot of time and effort into turning you into a sissy queer i see you have you boobs taped back so no one see them and do you still have the pussy that mistress made for you i said is almost 12 noon you go to lunch i said well you are coming with me you are going to change back to what you really are i illegal bahis said i dont have anything female anymore i will fix that you faggot.she took me to her place and made me undress she untaped my chest and felt me up to make sure i was still fixed.she the damage is not bad and she would fix it she made a phone call and the other girls showed up an hour later.they shave john from top to bottomthey did his make up eye brows nail polish and then dressed him like a street john you will go back to your job tell them this is who you really are and if he fires you you will work for us we own a few small motels and you will work as a maidyou will clean rooms and do as you are told if a custermer says his pipe is clogged you will clear it for him if his says it needs a snake then you will let him put his snake in to help clear it.i told them i was lonely and was getting abused beaten well john this is a whole new job and you will work to earn your keep and keep those 3 holes you got well lubed.

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