Evening at the Opera, An

Double Penetration

The Sachsen Opera Company was conducting a tour around the countries of Occasus with a production of Niesz’s ‘the Affair of Lena and Sa’ir’, an epic work inspired by earlier Graecian tragedies and reworked with typical Sachsen theatrics and bravado, arriving in Snjórland just the other day to put on a performance to entertain and astound the masses of the remote northern nation – or at least those who were able to afford tickets – for a single night only before continuing on with the latter half of their tour. As such, Princess Silfr – the raven-haired, pale-skinned third child to Snjorland’s king as ghostly beautiful as she was eerily mystifying – decided such a rare event would be an ideal opportunity to educate her elder non-identical twin – the Princess Eir – on the fine arts beyond the confines of fairy stories and pantomimes she so highly high regarded even in her adult life. Eir agreed to this evening out within a heartbeat following Silfr’s proposal, if only to spend time with her most favoured sibling than anything else.

On the night of the performance, the twin princesses arrived at the Malmhule Royal Theatre via private carriage, stunning the throng of local socialites gathered before the great ornate facade of the prestigious performance hall into silence and awe from their conversation with their presence alone upon alighting from the passenger’s compartment, both of them accrued in some of the finest regalia in their wardrobes reserved for only the most esteemed of social events. Silfr was outfitted in a long, narrow dress – woven from black threads with purple fringes – which complimented her slender figure, with a high collar that banded tightly around her thin neck and wide sleeves which dangled loosely from her fragile wrists. Slightly off-centre atop her head, she wore a small fascinator resembling a bouquet of inky hydrangeas encircled within a wreath of shadowy ivy, from which decorative netting hung to partially veil her haggard face, though it would have perhaps been better suited for the attendance of a funeral rather than the theatre.

Silfr’s efforts at making a respectable public appearance, however, were utterly overshadowed by Eir’s elaborate, puffy-sleeved gown of marigold cloth hemmed with white frills in addition to a complex scene of a flowerbed in full bloom portrayed in pearly embroidery close to the bottommost trimming that ran all around its wide perimeter, which itself just barely fitted through the door of their transport. Her heeled slippers clacked against the cobblestone street as she tripped over her own frock during her exit, her auburn locks – freshly curled into fluffy ringlets which rested upon her shoulders and partially hid a silver diadem set with emerald ovals resting on her crown – bouncing during her brief stumble.

Immediately following on from regaining her balance, Eir turned to beam brightly and wave with both hands – each clad in a silken glove which extended a little past her elbows – towards what she perceived to be an adoring public, which seemed to be the catalyst in sparking a whole new buzz of excited discussion amongst the aristocrats and yuppies which the twin princesses were no doubt the focal point thereof. Although Eir enjoyed the lively atmosphere, her more reserved sibling seized her by the wrist before she had an opportunity to mingle with their fellow theatre-goers and hauled her past the flock into the playhouse’s foyer ahead of when the performance was due to begin. Silfr quickly flashed a pair of tickets toward the first attendant she came across, who then escorted them to a private box far above any other seat in the auditorium save for a second loge located directly across on the opposite side of the stage which they both overlooked side-on.

“Wooow! We’re so high up!” Eir exclaimed the obvious, peering over the bannister after the attendant had left them. “But why have we gotta sit in these silly seats, Silf? It’s gonna be hard watching the show sidey-ways!” She added, the first complaint of many she would voice that night.

“I absolutely abhor the mixing with sheep-like multitudes ‘neath my standing where I can help it, especially with the manner in which they idiotically gawp and fawn over our mere advent for the superficial fact we have royal blood flowing with our veins. I would prefer not be made of such a spectacle, and I disapprove greatly of your encouragement of such behaviour through your earlier flaunting.” Silfr responded with her usual monotone as she took her place upon one of the two lavishly designed seats cushioned with red velvet present within the booth, removing her headwear and placing it on her lap.

“Hm-hm, hm-hm!” Eir hummed and nodded as if she agreed with Silfr’s sentiments, though in truth understood little of her sister’s grandiloquent vernacular, before joining beside her on the empty chair.

About a quarter of an hour later, the rest of the general audience began to pour into the auditorium to take their own places in the lower stalls, kaçak iddaa many of them glancing upwards to the box for a chance to catch another rare glimpse of the princesses before the lights would be dimmed, with Eir airily waving her gloved hand yet again towards those she just so happened to meet with her hazel eyes while Silfr remained aloof, her attention focused towards the stage even though the curtain had yet to be raised.

It was not long after this that the pit orchestra started to warm up, the spectators settling down as the curtain was at last lifted onto an expertly crafted set depicting the forgotten ruins of the fictitious Castle Vandenbracht half-submerged in the midnight marshes of Ostmür before the leading lady costumed in the tattered garb of a peasant milk maiden burst onto the scene from stage right to start wailing a melancholy melody in the Sachsen language, specifically in the dialect peculiar to its easternmost state.

“Pssst…Silf…” Eir leaned over and gained her sister’s attention not long after the opening number had begun before whispering aside: “Who’s that meant to be?”

“That is the pious maiden Lena Unsuntîg, central character of this dramatic work.” Silfr answered with prompt frankness.

“Oooh~!” Eir then cooed from this enlightenment before sitting herself straight once again to turn her attention back to the performance, though her silence this would last only a few seconds before she asked her younger twin another question. “…What’s she singing about?”

“…She is lamenting on having fled far from her home in the dead of night in order to escape her abusive husband, who has become a bitter man in the years following their marriage, and the once-unconditional love she had held for him has since wavered.” The raven-haired princess responded once again, though this time with a moment’s less immediacy, as if she was caught off-guard by having another query directed towards her so soon after the last.

“Aaah~!” Eir expressed her revelation before following on with an additional obvious observation: “Gee…sounds kinda sad…doncha think?”

Silfr dreaded that this exchange was a prelude of things to come, and her premonition would indeed prove true as her elder sibling continued to interject after seemingly every other verse the actors sung with queries on character relationships and motivations that the younger believed were simple enough to be answered through basic, undivided viewing of the story unfolding on stage, eventually forgoing with giving proper acknowledgement to Eir’s inquiries altogether about midway through the first act, and simply meeting any further interruptions from the copper-haired princess with a sharp, hissing hush through clenched teeth.

Though there were many things in this world which vexed Silfr, few of them could incite such internal ire in the pale witch as the complete lack of respect for the theatrical arts by ceaselessly chattering in the midst of a production in progress, especially when said chatter was directed towards her. Though considering the majority of Eir’s theatre-going experiences up until this point have involved some form of audience participation, such a thing perhaps should have been expected. Silfr also feared that her elder sibling may suddenly blurt out “he’s behind you!” from the top of her lungs whenever the antagonist appeared on stage unbeknownst to Lena, though that would be assuming she recognised which character fulfilled that role in the first place.

Her constant questions eventually culminated into a single blunt statement which was enough to tip the younger sibling’s frustration over the edge: “Silf, I’m…kinda bored.” uttered right at the moment when Sa’ir, prince of the incubi, made his dramatic first entrance perfectly portrayed by Sachsen’s premier primo uomo Peter Puristisch with a masterwork combination of make-up and costume to accentuate the character’s otherworldly beauty, all facets of no small note that went utterly unrecognised by the nescient Eir.

In spite of her patience having reach its peak however, Silfr did not raise her voice, or at least not to a volume one would normally associate with extreme exasperation, though the biting bitterness of her speech still surfaced on her monotone syllables as she rolled her icy eyes and said: “Then perhaps this shall be more to your sensibilities?” Then, without a modicum of shame, the younger sibling swiftly reached aside with one skeletal hand and gripped a fistful of fabric on the front of Eir’s dress before deftly flipping the garment up and away from her sister’s lower body less than a second later, completely uncovering the cotton stockings and silk bloomers she wore underneath. Eir had only time to make an embarrassed squeak in reaction while her cheeks naturally turned red in an instant before she next felt Silfr’s paw slip into her underwear and punctually arrive between her pillowy thighs and directly over her privates, yet all the same she made absolute zero effort kaçak bahis to deter her twin’s perverse act.

Silfr unhesitatingly pressed the tips of her slender index and middle fingers precisely against her elder sister’s clitoris – making Eir momentarily flinch upon contact – to then begin rubbing them both in small, quick circles which made the auburn twin slide into a slump in her seat as she started slipping into a laid-black bliss accompanied by a sigh escaping from her smiling mouth in utter spite of the very public auditorium the twins were currently sitting in, only escaping obvious detection by the grace of their private box elevated high above the heads of the unsuspecting audience below whose attentions were doubly engrossed with the ongoing opera in front. “Instant and gratifying and base as only an ignoramus such as yourself is able to appreciate. Enough to keep you muted ’till at least the curtain is drawn on the opening act, yes?”

Eir did not answer, the younger sister’s scathing disapproval seemingly lost on the elder’s naivety, though neither did Silfr await a response and merely returned her focus back onto the staged drama to try and enjoy the remainder of the performance while she still could, though now with vexation tingeing her thoughts over how her entire intent for even bringing Eir to this outing in the first place had been rendered void, and was only being ceaselessly reminded as she continued to idly play with her sister’s pussy to the side as it seemed to be the the only thing which was keeping the usually talkative copper-haired princess content and quiet for the time being, save for the occasional soft mewl she sounded.

Of course, such an explicitly incestuous episode was nothing new between the twin princesses, having successfully maintained the secrecy of their taboo liaison to all but themselves for a solid couple of years now. Partaking in such an indecent deed in the main performance hall of the Malmhule Royal Theatre however – in the midst of a production no less! – was not a scenario either sister could claim to have prior experience in, not that semi-exhibitionism was something Silfr would prefer not to make a habit of regardless, seeing the obvious risks involved would very much end only in a monumental scandal for the second and third daughters of King Stål should things go awry to say the least, and that was before even taking into account the verboten nature of their sexual affair…

After what must have been at least a solid ten minutes straight of indolent fiddling with Eir’s love button, it was becoming increasingly difficult for Silfr to ignore her twin’s constant squirming in her seat and the pleasing hums that seemed to be ever so slightly steadily increasing in volume as time passed on to the point where they were now distinctly – albeit faintly – detectable to the adjacent raven-haired princess even through the roaring vocalisations of the trained sopranos and tenors below, though mercifully drowned for anybody who was not present in the overhead booth. The pale-skinned sibling’s cold eyes slowly turned aside as Eir’s musical murmurs directly caused by her efforts was enough even for the outwardly passionless Silfr to start feeling greater illicit desire well up inside her frigid heart as it started thumping within her bosom at a rate such as she had not felt for many months.

Silfr silently cursed herself for succumbing to the same tawdry impulses that she had earlier berated her copper-haired sibling for before withdrawing her digits out of Eir’s undergarments, bringing the elder princess out of her trance-like delight with a few bewildered blinks of her big, brown eyes before casting them to her younger twin with a puzzled glance. But before Eir was able to ask “Why’d ya stop so suddenly, Silf?”, the silver-skinned sister had already left her seat to stand in front of where the auburn sibling was seated still slouched with a startling burst of celerity for one so normally lethargic before just as abruptly dropping down to her knees in the next instant. Sifter then raised her bony left hand and darted it directly inwards to the space betwixt Eir’s slightly parted legs, grabbing fast onto the crotch section of her silken bloomers before wrenching them forcibly off her hips and halfway down her legs with the zeal of a woman possessed.

Eir made another squeak in surprise at this sudden shift in her sister’s behaviour, her cheeks turning an even more vibrant shade of scarlet, although Silfr’s face remained just as blank as before from the brief glimpse she caught of her younger twin’s mien the second prior to her raven-haired head disappeared from plain view behind the lifted frills of the lavish yellow gown as it dove straight forwards betwixt the auburn princess’ plush thighs. Immediately following this, Eir gave a sharp gasp as she next felt the unmistakable slippery texture of her sibling’s tongue slide between her plump labia majora before licking leisurely upwards along the spongy flesh that lay illegal bahis within all the way to her clitoral hood, only to then perform a similar motion in reverse at the same steady pace.

A shiver was sent all the way up Eir’s spine from this opening pair of lingual strokes, and Silfr would be able to clearly taste her sister’s salty-sweet arousal as it exuded from the leaking honeypot, her hands sliding up the length of the elder princess’ creamy legs till they arrived at her knees, upon which both sets of her fingers clamped down like a cat’s claws, digging slightly into the skin to keep Eir’s legs firmly apart so that she may sample her sibling’s cunny for as long as she pleased without interference. Regardless of the effort, Eir had no intention of hindering her twin, especially not when the pointed tip of her sister’s tongue started to nimbly tickle at the pink lining within her genital slit.

Sensual whines were sounded from behind Eir’s bottom lip while her two top teeth she chewed on it as Silfr wormed her oral muscle slightly deeper within her pussy hole, feeling it wriggle just inside the entrance for a brief while alongside her sister’s heated exhales before it was withdrawn and brought upwards to her clit. Silfr then glided her right hand from her twin’s knee inwards along her velvety thigh to slip her narrow index finger into the vacant, seeping aperture, pushing it as deep into Eir’s pussy inlet until her knuckle touched the slightly sticky folds before then proceeding to repeatedly slide the digit back then forth at a steady deliberate pace intermixed with regular rotation, all while the dark-haired sibling revolved her tongue in small circles around the salmon nub just above.

Eir’s semi-stifled groans were now promoted to lustier cries which gave the lung control of the trained vocalists on stage a run for their money in terms of projection and persistence even without the copper-haired princess purposely trying to do so, much to Silfr’s exasperation that such hearty expressions of delectation could very well result in the twins and their semi-public engagement of oral sex from being discovered, although it mercifully seemed that the elder twin’s noisy soughs were intermingled enough with the escalating octaves of the enacting soprano and tenors reverberating about the auditorium to be masked from distinguishment for the time being.

That being said however, Silfr – being the one in closest proximity to her erotically wailing sister – could still recognise Eir’s specific sounds through the rising diapason, and they were starting to make the younger sibling feel a greater riling than before beneath her smart dress, particularly in her lacy panties as her nethers steadily but surely began heating up with titillation even if her mien did not reflect the climbing libido. Uncharacteristic for the ice princess to go against her better judgement, Silfr even went so far as to slot her middlemost digit alongside its fellow within her sister’s cunt, beginning to push, pull and turn her wrist with somewhat greater energy than she had previously shewn knowing full-well that she further risked them both being caught in the prohibited act from making Eir spout her unchecked moans even more spiritedly…though the very notion of such an outcome’s possibility was only adding to the pale-skinned twin’s thrill! Not that Silfr would admit to a concept so crass, of course, even if it was not her twin sister whomst she was fingering.

However, Silfr would not continue with the double digit probing of her elder sibling’s pussy for very long, at least not in the way she currently was. All of a sudden, the younger twin paused both her tongue and hand motions, and withdrew her fingers from out Eir’s now-sopping aperture, as well as her face from the now-erect clitoris before standing straight and upright – if slightly slouched in the shoulders – once more, the dimmed light of the chandelier at her back and casting the princess clad in black in near-silhouette while her arctic-blue eyes pierced through the shadow and loured down on the elder sibling. Eir’s groaning quietened down to softer sighs to regain her expended breath about the same time her dark-haired sister ceased stimulating her privates, looking upwards with hazel optics enlarged with both mild perplexity and slight intimidation as Silfr loomed over her while she still sat slumped.

“Wh-why’d ya stop, Silf…?” Eir eventually broke her silence, her voice little more than a whisper beneath the ongoing belting onstage before resuming her deep breathing, her ample bosom notably rising and lowering in accordance to her in and exhales which the stern eyes of Silfr seemed to be particularly focused on in that instant. Not giving a verbal response, the younger twin’s mitts both shot out and grabbed at the collar of the copper-haired sibling’s gown before they each gave a mighty downwards heave with all the strength Silfr was able to summon in her skinny arms for that instant, wrenching the neckline – along with Eir’s white, floral-patterned brassiere – almost entirely away from the elder sister’s chest, stretching the luxury fabric beyond salvaging and very well nearly splitting the stitching in the process!

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