BLAKE’S ADVENTURES Chapter 16BLAKE’S ADVENTURESChapter 16″Have you decided what you want to do today?” Dan asked Blake duringbreakfast in their London hotel.”I’d like to go on the London Eye and visit the warship HMS Belfast,”replied Blake. “My Mum’s late brother was in the Royal Navy.””Okay. What else? An art gallery or museum?” suggested Dan.Blake shook his head. “I’d prefer something less stuffy. A walk in HydePark perhaps. Or maybe we could visit your friend, Richard? I know he saidhe was busy this week but he might have an hour or two free.””I can certainly give him a call. It would be good to see him again,” saidDan.Dan phoned Richard as soon as they got back upstairs to their room. “Great!We’ll see you about three,” he said as he ended the phone call. He turnedto Blake and said, “He’s got a funeral this morning and he’s meeting with asoon-to-be married couple this evening but we can visit him thisafternoon.””Good. I liked him and I know you don’t get to see him much,” said Blake.***After the sightseeing and a late lunch, the pair took a taxi to Richard’shome in South London.Richard greeted them warmly. “My housekeeper has gone off to see her sisterbut she baked a cake this morning. We can have that with a nice pot oftea. I hope you’ve enjoyed your first visit to London, Blake.””I have,” said Blake as he followed the man into the kitchen. “Dan took meon one of the open top bus tours and he took photos of me at the Tower ofLondon, Trafalgar Square, St Paul’s Cathedral…so many places. Mum’s goingto love seeing them. I bought her a few little things as well.””Have you bought anything nice for yourself?” Richard asked.”No, but Dan bought me a few toys.” Blake giggled and added, “My favouriteis a vibrator. It feels sooo good when it’s inside me.”Richard raised an eyebrow. “I can imagine. Now can you carry the tray withthe cake and the dishes through to the sitting room? I’ll bring the teapotin a minute.””Have you been close friends for a very long time?” Blake asked as theywere having their tea.”We were inseparable during our schooldays,” Richard replied. “We sharedeverything…until I felt the calling.” Richard tapped his `dog-collar.'”I’ve never been religious. I went to church every Sunday like a sort oftradition when I was young, but I stopped as soon as I left home,” saidDan. “But this one difference hasn’t really affected our friendship.””Yes, he treats me the same as always – like dirt,” grinned Richard.Dan laughed. “That’s not true. I don’t hold back like your parishioners butyou’re still one of my closest friends.” He turned to Blake and said, “He’sfirst guy I told about being gay.””That’s right. And I shocked him by telling him that I was too,” Richardsaid with a smile.”Really? Were you…erm, boyfriends?” Blake asked.Dan shook his head. “We experimented a bit but soon discovered that we bothprefer to be tops.””We had a few threesomes in our wild young days. Sharing everything, as Isaid,” smiled Richard.”Yes, fun times,” Dan said with a broad grin.”I’ve not had much experience of threesomes. Hint, hint,” smiled Blake.”Darling boy, are you suggesting something naughty?” Richard smiled andwinked at Blake.”Well, it’s really up to Dan,” Blake replied with a straight face.Dan looked at Blake and smiled. “I owe you a favour but do you really wantsex with a vicar?””Why not a vicar? I have a collar too but a different type,” repliedBlake. He turned to Richard and explained, “I have a leather collar to wearwhen I’m pretending to be Dan’s sex slave.” Looking from one to the other,he finished with, “Come on. It will be fun. You are both tops and I want tobe a good bottom. Share me…please.”The two men looked at each other and smiled. “Let’s do it, vicar,” saidDan.Richard stood up and held his hand out to Blake. “Come, my son. Lead meinto temptation.”Dan was the one who led the way to the bedroom. He had stayed with Richardin the past and knew the house well. “Do you want to undress Blake or watchhim do a striptease?” he asked Richard.”I bahis siteleri think a striptease would be nice,” Richard replied.”I will enjoy undressing for you,” said Blake. “Sit on the bed beside Dan.”When the two men were sitting comfortably, Blake began to remove hisclothes in a slow, sensual manner. He gave flashes of his chest afterunbuttoning his shirt and allowed the tent in his briefs to be seen afteropening his trousers but before taking them off. Eventually though he waswearing only his low-cut briefs and making no attempt to hide his rock-hardcock as he stretched and turned in front of the men.”Take them off,” Richard said in little more than a whisper. He was veryturned on by the display and by seeing the damp patch at the front ofBlake’s briefs.Blake turned his back to the men and smiled over his shoulder as he slowlypushed his briefs down. When the briefs fell to the floor, Blake steppedout of them. He then spread his legs a little and bent over to pick themup, allowing a glimpse of his hairless balls. Tossing the briefs atRichard, Blake turned around and stood with his hands behind his neck andhis stiff little cock thrust forward.”Beautiful,” was all that Richard said as he gazed at Blake’s naked body.”He looks good with his pubes shaved, don’t you think?” Dan asked Richard.Richard nodded. “He looks no more than f******n and I’m having very wickedthoughts.”Blake smiled when he heard that comment. “Maybe you will have more wickedthoughts when you see my boy-pussy,” he said. He turned around, bent overand pulled his arse cheeks apart to reveal his pink pucker. He heard agroan from Richard and said, “I love having a big cock in my pussy. I hopeyou will fuck me.””You heard him. He wants to be fucked,” Dan said to Richard.”And I want to fuck him,” said Richard.”You’ve got too many clothes on, guys,” smiled Blake. “Strip off and let mesuck your cocks.””You don’t give the orders, Blake. You should know that by now,” said Dan.”Yes. Sorry, Dan.” Blake bowed his head.Dan smiled and ruffled Blake’s hair. “It’s okay. I know you’re horny soI’ll forgive you this time. Normally that would have earned you aspanking.””You should spank me,” said Blake. “It will help me remember that you’rethe boss.””Okay. Get over my knees,” Dan told Blake before whispering to Richard, “Helikes being spanked.”Richard stood up and watched as Blake positioned himself. He rather enviedDan caressing the small, nicely-rounded buttocks before he began thepunishment.”Ow! Ow!” Blake exaggerated as he reacted to the spanks from Dan’shand. His buttocks turned pink as Dan delivered the six spanks.”Up you get, and remember that I make the decisions when it comes to sex,”Dan told Blake.”Yes, sir. I’m sorry, sir,” Blake said as he stood up. He rubbed his bumand then smiled up at Richard.”Your cock is as hard as ever,” Richard commented, looking at Blake’s stiffboy-cock as he began to undress.”I love seeing his stiff little cock. It’s so cute.” Dan had begun toundress too.”Indeed it is,” smiled Richard.Blake tried not to stare as he watched the vicar undress. Richard wasslightly taller than Dan at 183 cm (6 ft exactly) and had a bit of abelly. He had a hairy chest like Dan and seemed to have a big bulge in histrousers. Dan saw him looking and said, “I don’t think you’ll bedisappointed, Blake.”Blake blushed slightly and smiled at Dan before turning his attention backto Richard. “I’m not quite as well hung as Dan but I’ve not had anycomplaints,” Richard said to Blake just before pushing his boxers to thefloor.”It’s a nice one.” Blake smiled as he looked at Richard’s thick 19cm (7.5inch) cock.Dan finished stripping off and moved to stand beside Richard. “You have twococks to service, boy. Start sucking,” he ordered.Blake knelt in front of the two men, took hold of Dan’s cock with his righthand and started licking Richard’s cock. Soon he was sucking Richard’s cockwhile gently wanking Dan. Then he switched over, wanking Richard with hisleft hand while sucking Dan’s cock. “He’s canlı bahis siteleri good. You’ve trained him well,”Richard said when Blake started sucking him again.”He’s a natural. Didn’t need much training,” responded Dan. “Do you haveany lube?””Yes, in the bedside cabinet,” replied Richard. “I might not get as muchsex as you but I’m always prepared. You’ll remember that I used to be a BoyScout.”Dan laughed as he went to fetch the lube. “Up on the bed, on your hands andknees,” he told Blake. As Blake climbed onto the bed, Dan tossed the tubeof lubricating jelly to Richard. “You can prepare him,” he said. “You’llenjoy that.”Blake enjoyed feeling the man’s hands caressing his bum and his balls, thenapplying plenty of lube on and inside the entrance to his eager hole. “Thatfeels good,” he said as Richard began fucking him with his indexfinger. “And that’s even better,” he said when a second finger was added.””You have a hot pussy, Blake,” said Richard. “I’m enjoying it.””I hope you will enjoy it even more when your big cock is inside it,” Blakeresponded as he smiled over his shoulder at Richard.”Stop talking and start sucking.” Dan turned the boy’s head back to facehim and then thrust his big cock towards the open mouth. Blake was morethan happy to lick and suck Dan’s cock. He loved being in the middle of twonaked men.Richard finger-fucked Blake for a few more minutes and then greased his owncock. Moments later Blake moaned around the cock in his mouth whenRichard’s cock burst through his sphincter and then steadily pushed deeper.”He is tight,” Richard said to Dan as he savoured the feeling of being deepinside Blake’s arse.”Yeah, he’s a great fuck,” said Dan. He looked down at the boy and smiledas he added, “One of the best.”Blake was pleased to hear that comment. He used his arse muscles to squeezeRichard’s cock and then forced more of Dan’s cock into his mouth.”Don’t be greedy,” smiled Dan when Blake gagged. “You will get plenty ofcock.”Blake surrendered to the two men, allowing Dan to gently fuck his mouthwhile Richard fucked his arse with more energy. “This is wonderful,” hethought.Before long, Richard’s thrusts became faster and even more forceful. Hebegan to moan and then suddenly he pulled his cock out, leaving Blakedisappointed. “Time to change over,” Richard told Dan and then the pairswapped ends.Soon Blake was being fucked at both ends again, but this time with Dan’sbigger cock in his arse. Pre-cum dripped from his stiff little cock as itbounced up and down under the pounding he was receiving.”Again,” said Dan. He pulled out and the men changed ends again.”They have shared boys before,” Blake said to himself as his arse waspenetrated by Richard’s cock for the second time. He smiled at Dan and thenopened his mouth to take the man’s cock.Richard started off much slower than before but after only a few minutes hesaid, “I can’t hold back any longer.” He then proceeded to fuck Blake hardand fast. Little more than a minute later he roared and started spunkingoff. He held Blake by the hips as he unloaded a huge load of man-cream andbent forward to kiss Dan on the lips.Blake had been close to cumming too but he came back from the brink whenthe two men stopped moving. He smiled when he saw them kissing and thought,”That’s a sweet thing for two old friends to do.””I need to cum now,” Dan said when Richard pulled back. He looked down atBlake and asked, “Where do you want it?””In my pussy, please,” replied Blake. He wanted to cum while being fucked.Richard let his softening cock slide from Blake’s arse and then sat downbeside him. “Blake will suck your cock clean,” Dan said as he changedposition.”Yes. Please let me suck your cock, Richard,” Blake said. “I love takingtwo at the same time.””Have you tried taking two in your boy-pussy at the same time?” Richardasked.”Aaagh! That feels great,” Blake said as Dan’s cock entered him again. Thenhe turned to Richard and said, “Two cocks in a pussy at the same time? Thatsounds like a fantastic canlı bahis idea but it must be impossible.””I’ve seen it done,” said Richard.”Blake is too small and too inexperienced for that,” Dan stated.”Maybe one day,” smiled Richard. He moved in front of Blake and slipped hisnow almost flaccid cock between the boy’s lips.As he sucked the cock and enjoyed the feel of Dan pounding into him, Blakewondered how it might feel to have two men fucking his pussy at the sametime. Part of him thought it would be very painful to be stretched by twococks but then he thought it would be a huge turn-on to pleasure two menlike that if they had average or smaller than average cocks.”My dick is too sensitive now,” Richard said when he pulled his cock fromBlake’s mouth. “Nice to watch you two in action though.”Blake smiled at Richard and pushed back against the big cock battering hisprostate. A few months earlier, he didn’t like anyone seeing him naked. Nowhe knew he could get men aroused by displaying his stiff little cock and byletting them see him do sexy things.”Juice is dripping from your cockhead, Blake. Looks as if you’re enjoyingyourself,” smiled Richard.”I am. I love being fucked,” said Blake. “And I am beginning to realisethat I like men watching me get fucked.”Dan was pleased to hear Blake confirm that he had become a bit of anexhibitionist. “Let Richard see you spunking off without touching yourcock,” he said as he pulled the boy upright.”Okay. I’m very close,” Blake responded. He let his hands fall to his sidesand smiled at Richard as Dan continued to fuck him.Dan kept one hand on Blake’s right hip and used his other to play with theboy’s nipples. Blake winced and whimpered as Dan pinched and squeezed theerect nubs. “Oh! Oh! I think…yes. I’m going to cum,” Blake said a fewminutes later. Then he gasped and the first of several ejaculations sentwhite boy-cum high into the air before falling into the bedsheets.Richard’s mouth fell open as he watched the eruptions. “It’s rare to see ahands-free cum but that was truly amazing…and beautiful.”Blake’s face was red but he smiled at Richard as Dan continued to fuck him,now holding him with both hands once more. Small amounts of cum leaked fromhis piss-slit with each thrust from Dan.”I’m going to cum…aaagh!” Dan cried when he finally began shooting hisload inside Blake’s arse.”Yes, fill me up, Dan. Fill my pussy and then let me lick your lovely bigcock,” said Blake.Dan shuddered as he unloaded inside Blake. It had been one of the bestfucks in a while. When he pulled out, he reached for his phone and toldRichard, “Take a few photos of this sexy boy sucking my cock.”Blake smiled for the camera-phone as he took hold of Dan’s still hardcock. He glanced at the camera a few times as he sucked and licked thecock.”These are very hot pictures,” Richard said. “I hope you will send some ofthem to me.””Can I trust you, vicar?” smiled Dan.Richard laughed and took a few more photos. Then he spotted some cumleaking from Blake’s pussy and took some photos which captured that. “Youhave a fabulous arse, Blake,” he said.”I never thought about having a nice bum but a few men have now told me itlooks good,” Blake said.”More than good,” said Richard. “It’s small, firm and nicely rounded. Theperfect boy-bum in my opinion.””One man called it very fuckable,” smiled Blake.”It definitely is,” said Richard. “I hope I will get the chance to fuck itagain some day.””I’d like that,” said Blake.”We’d better make our way back to the hotel and allow you time to preparefor your religious duties,” Dan said.”Yes. I suppose I must think of other matters,” said Richard. “Would youlike to have a shower before you go?””You need to have a shower before you meet the young couple. We’ll get ashower when we get back to the hotel,” replied Dan. “Come on, Blake. Putyour clothes back on.”Dan and Blake got dressed and Richard phoned for a taxi. “I hope you willvisit me on your next trip to London,” Richard said to the pair as theyprepared to leave.”We will…and you are welcome to visit us any time,” said Dan. He gaveRichard a hug and a kiss on the cheek before leaving for the taxi.Blake did the same but whispered, “Thanks for fucking me. I really enjoyedit.”To be continued

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