Whored out at the mine


Whored out at the mineThis a true story of my first experience of being whored out.I sat at my desk in my office at work ( I recently got a promotion to team leader) I was feeling so horny, yesterday my husband took my naked pictures in to his work ( he works asa heavy mining equipment salesman) and put them up in the men’s changing rooms and public toilets with add reading ” whore to use please contact on number below if you want to use her!”My naked pictures were up for any one at my hubbies work to see, the pictures he took had me completely naked, they were close ups of my ass, my tits and my cunt.So I sat there at my desk and tried to concentrate on my work but it was no good, I could feel my pussy getting wet, I could help but get turned on knowing someone might be jerking off to my pictures! But sadly no time to dream work took over.’’Three o’clock came and a text came through on my phone, it read ” hi I saw your pictures and you make my cock hard, can you meet me for some fun?” Who was this? But instantly I felt arousal, my first contact with a stranger who wanted to fuck me, it was all so exciting, do I text back “okay I can meet you after work, but where?”Two minutes went by and my phone buzzed again ” meet me at your husband’s work, men’s changing rooms first floor!”I was so horny, I replied “okay see you soon” I instantly called my hubby and told him what I was going to do and promised to take a selfie to show him, so kaçak iddaa five o’clock came I hurried down to the car and drove over to my husband’s work, I made my way up to the first floor and along the long corridor to the men’s changing room, I was so excited but nervous as well, who was this person? I texted him that I was there, nervously I waited and then my phone went again, ” here’s the code to get in, now go inside, I did as instructed.I went in and turned the light on, there sitting in a chair was a really large white guy, he was fat, (obese, at least 250 pounds I would say) ” hello Pat, my names Paul, let’s not waste time, you’re a whore now strip for me”I looked at this disgusting looking man, he sat there staring at me, ogling me, but I did as he told me, I took my blouse off to reveal my cream bra and unzipped my skirt to reveal my matching thong, I reached around and unclipped my bra and let my tits flop free ” Nice tits whore” Paul drooled ” now your thong”I rolled my thong down to reveal my cunt to him, as I rolled them down I noticed the gusset of my thong was really dirty, my pussy juice and cunt cheese had stained my thong,” show me your dirty panties slut” Paul had seen my shame,I picked them up and, I passed them to him as Paul brought them to his nose and smelt my stinky thong.”Mmmmm so sweaty and stale” Paul gloated I stood naked in front this stranger letting him smell my dirty thong, ” now whore I want you on kaçak bahis your hands and knees and crawl over to me” Paul ordered, I did as I was told and got down on the floor and started crawling over to him, my tits flopped and swung from me, I was now looking up at this obese man leering at my naked body ” now unzip my flies and pull my pants down”I followed his command and unzipped him and pulled his big pants down, his cock was small may be five inches but thick with a large bell end, all swollen and purple!”Now suck my cock slut!” I leaned forward and opened my mouth to take his throbbing cock in my mouth, he smelt and tasted foul, like he had not washed his cock in days! I slurped and licked his cock, up and down my head went up and down taking all his cock in my mouth tasting his cheesy pre-cum spurting over my lips as he groaned and moaned.Paul’s cock was throbbing as I wrapped my long tongue all over his disgusting tasting cock, his pre-cum was all over my lips as I heard him say he was going to cum, he held my head down on his cock as he erupted inside my mouth, his cum hitting the back of my throat, squirt after squirt his cum poured into my mouth as I slurped and licked his cock” swallow it all whore!” I did as ordered and took every drop down my throat and started licking his cock clean, I reached between my legs and run my fingers along my pussy lips and felt I was soaking wet, I was so turned on by sucking this obese illegal bahis fat strangers cock, while being naked in the men’s changing room, it had made me so horny, I slipped three fingers into my soaking cunt and finger myself while still on my one hand and knees, I gasped and moaned, I knew it would not take long before I cum as Paul watched my exhibition, I sat back against the lockers and spread my legs wide open so Paul could see all of my cunt as I finger fucked myself, my cunt was starting to gape as my three fingers pounded in and out of me, my cunt was squelching and frothing my pussy juice, still tasting Paul’s cum in my mouth I arched my back and cried out as my orgasm ripped through me, I squirted my cum all over my hand and over the floor, my pussy throbbing and sensitive as I panted and gasped, I opened my eyes to see Paul standing in front of face jerking off his now hard cock inches from my face, then he groaned and shot his cum all over my face, I opened my mouth but most was all over my chin, nose, in my hair and was dripping onto my tits as I leaned there naked like a true whore letting this horribly fat man use me and cum on me like a slut, Paul wiped his cock on my face and squeezed the last of his cum onto my waiting tongue. He then said ” good whore I will use you again!” He pulled his pants and trousers up and left the changing rooms leaving me there naked, and my face and tits covered in his cum, I reached for my phone from my bag and took a selfie of my face and tits with Paul’s cum smeared on me and texted my husband and said your wife is officially a whore!I have posted a picture of Paul cumming on my face!

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