The Wedding Weekend: Chapter 13

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After Marina and I rang in the 1994 New Year in San Diego with Allen and Jeanette our focus turned to our wedding. The date of Saturday, April 16th had been selected for months now.Marina, Molly, and Christine had all put in hours upon hours of planning the wedding. Typical wedding details such as colors, flowers, dresses, the meal, the cake, the band, etc. The biggest issue was how to convert a metal and concrete industrial type of building into a location for a beautiful reception.While Marina and I were not going to arrive until noon Thursday, Molly and Jorge flew up late Monday. Thankfully our parents had become really good friends the past year and a half since Jeanette and Allen’s wedding. Molly wanted to be there when everything started to go up. Even from five hundred miles, away Molly knew all the details thanks to the weekly calls and packets Rina and Christie would send her. The packets had details and photos of the flowers, dishes, chairs, floor plans, etc. Christie joked that she wore out the Polaroid camera she bought just for such tasks.Set-up for the wedding began on Tuesday that week. And there was a lot to do. The ladies had worked with a firm that rents concert stage lighting and convention pipe and drape to define the reception space in the cavernous winery. The stage and dance floor went up first and then black drapes were hung from fifteen feet. The winery building had a ceiling of thirty feet, and the firm used several massive white sheets of the same drape. Lighting was placed all around the building ensuring guests could see everything going on in the building.Thursday another casino siteleri vendor came in and they added the finishing touches of tables and chairs, cocktail height tables, the bars, a large industrial generator, and several luxury porta-potty trailers.The large grass lawn area, sixty feet by one-hundred-twenty feet, was transformed into a lavish garden. Trees, shrubs, and bushes were brought in from area nurseries and the pots were wrapped in burlap with a burgundy-colored ribbon and bow. The stage had a custom-made arbor and more greenery, including four twenty feet tall palm trees, a nod to Marina’s hometown of San Diego.I knew my parents called in a few favors from the nurseries, but with all of the extra things needed to transform the winery, I knew it had to be a lot of money. I never asked the amount, but I knew that Jorge had given Marina a budget. And I know my parents said they’d pay for all of the items needed to make the winery look special. Christie had hired a professional photographer just to take photos of the wedding and reception area. These pictures would be used to sell the winery as a special events venue once it was open and operational.When Rina and I arrived on Thursday the only thing missing was the fresh flowers that would arrive on Saturday before the wedding. Marina walked around and gave Molly and Christie her approval.Later in the day, everyone else started to arrive. This included the Best Man Allen and the Matron of Honor Jeanette, Jenny and Jeff, Paul and Jovita, Bud and Laura, and the wedding party of Rich, Tony, Lisa, and Vicki. Jenny güvenilir casino and Jeff were also in our party.The weather during the entire week was amazing, hovering around the seventy-eight-degree mark and Saturday’s forecast was for warm eighty degrees.Molly and Mom had every meal coordinated either at a local restaurant or for it to be catered at the ranch. I knew that after the rehearsal on Friday afternoon that Jorge and Molly were hosting a large dinner for the wedding party and all of the Flores family members in attendance.As the group gathered Thursday afternoon for cocktails near the pool at the ranch house, I asked my dad what we were doing for dinner. “Top Secret,” was his reply.I pressed him, “Seriously, what are we doing for dinner tonight? I’m starving.”“I promised I would not tell you. Let’s just say you will like it,” Bob said.As we looked out over the vineyard towards the winery, we saw two large passenger vans heading towards the house. It was at this time Bob started trying to get the attention of everyone.“Family and friends! Family and friends!” he said. The group quickly stopped their conversations and gave their attention to dad.“On behalf of my wife, Christie, and I, we would like to thank everyone for being here this weekend to celebrate the marriage of Marina and Scott. I want to thank Marina’s parents, Jorge and Molly Flores, for their friendship and all of their help with planning this weekend.”Laughing, he continued, “Who are we kidding, this was all done by Marina, Molly, and Christie.” This drew a big laugh from the guests. “Scott and Marina canlı casino will say more at dinner, but first, I’d like to introduce Bud and Laura Smith. As most of you know, Bud’s son, Allen, and Scott have been best buddies since their fraternity days in college. Bud.”Bud moves next to Bob, “Tonight, the Smith family will be hosting dinner for everyone at Scott’s favorite restaurant in town, Murdaca’s Italian. Dinner is at seven o’clock, so we have about thirty minutes before we need to leave.”Marina and I walked toward Bud and Laura to say thank you when her parents stopped us. “We’d like to talk with you two along with your folks Scott, and with Bud and Laura,” said Jorge.The eight of us gathered and I was puzzled about what this was all about. I also noticed Allen from afar looking at us with a big smile on his face while he talked with Tony and Richie.Jorge began, “Marina and Scott, Molly and I had given you a budget for your wedding. When the decision was made to have it here at the new winery Bob and Christie said they would be happy to split the costs. Last week Bud visited my office unannounced. He asked to pay for the entire weekend, but only if Bob and I would agree to give you two the money to purchase a bigger home in Palo Alto. Bob and I have agreed to do so. On behalf of the Flores and Williams families, I would like to thank the Smiths for their generosity.”Marina and I were stunned. I looked at my mom and she was shaking her head up and down indicating yes. I looked at Bud and Laura and they both had huge smiles. Rina left my side and went straight up to Bud and gave him a big hug and kiss on the cheek, and then Laura. I followed suit.Bud looked at us and uncharacteristically whispered, “Scott, you are like a son to Laura and me. You two are Allen and Jeanette’s best friends. You two are family. And the Smiths take care of their family.”

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