the start of our club fun


the start of our club funwell now where do I start, are you sitting comfortably then I shall begin with you and I being invited to a party you know the kind people like minded and ready for fun at this great venue not too far away it has a Jacuzzi pool wet room so to speak and a dance floor bar dark rooms for later and beds.we turn up nice and early you dressed to thrill of course no panties on short dress and low cut top mmmmmm we start to chat to people and get a few drinks in as we decide to go to the Jacuzzi to start stripping off and sliding in to the hot bubbles which totally cover us slowly we start to slide our hands over each other under the bubbles so no one can see lol but as you get more and more excited I slide my fingers inside your now soaking pussy slowly spreading your lips as I slide first one then two fingers in to you your eyes close as you are slowly stroking my cock which is rock hard by now.I see some more people coming to the Jacuzzi but carry on slowly sliding my fingers in to you the three men and their partners get in alongside us so we are all filling the Jacuzzi now you realize that they are there but keep stroking my cock under the water as I finger you the cpl opposite see what is going on and smile at me as they start to play with each other then all of a sudden I feel another hand slowly stroking around your hot clit I look over and the guy next to you smiles as I move my hand so he can put his fingers in deep where mine had been I smile back and you slowly spread your legs wider so he can get his hands inside that sexy pussy of yours I watch as your smile grows and you pump my cock harder and I see your other hand slide under the water and grab hold of him too and slowly start to wank him off at the same time.the others are playing now all around us bodies sliding up and down on each other we watch them as you are fingered and I slowly suck on your nipples ,I slide you up and on to me so I can feel my cock slide deep and slowly in to you the kaçak iddaa guy is still rubbing your clit as you wank him faster he is now biting your nipples as you ride up and down on me and starts to slowly move around in front of you he smiles again and asks if he can fuck you as well you nod your head as I am inside you with this I slide a finger slowly under you and start to finger your tight ring gently opening it as you pump up and down on me he positions himself in front of you and slides his cock in next to mine so you are stretched you moan with pleasure as I slide my finger inside you further and he starts to pump in to you as well.I slide another finger in to you from behind and then as you start to relax move my hard wet cock from your soaking pussy to your tight ass you have the two of us now filling you up and you slide down fully to get both of us deep in to you the water churns as your rhythm picks up and you start to cum hard but we are not stopping and pump harder and faster you let out a moan as you cum hard just then the man who had just bee fucking his girl on the edge of the pool pulls out and walks over to you with his hard cock sticking out and slides it slowly in to your mouth as we carry on fucking you now all your holes are filled and we start to pump hard wanting to fill you with cum you suck his cock down and he fucks your throat as he is about to cum you pull him out and he shoots all over you face at this point the man in front cum’s inside you and that sends me over the edge and you as I cum hard inside you it makes you cum again and you grind down on to me . Now full of cum you slowly ease off of us and I bend you over the side of the Jacuzzi on your back and finger you in your two holes as the cum oozes out of you and then as I cup it I let you lick it all out of my hand and then slide ly fingers back in to get more for you mmm everyone is so turned on by this that we decide to move to the dark room to play some more. After we had all finished kaçak bahis sliding our fingers in to your cum filled holes and letting you lick them clean I decided it was time to move you away from the Jacuzzi I took you still dripping through to the dark room a large and strangely enough not totally but close enough to pitch black room which had a collection of stools benches and beds in it by now a few people had already entered the room I made you wait outside as I made sure the space I wanted for you was emptya you stood there cum still dripping from your pussy and bum I came out of the room and placed a blindfold on your face and led you in to the room you could hear other people in the room and it wasn’t hard to tell what they were doing as I led you to a large padded bench and got you to lean forward and kneel on all fours so your sexy pussy was on show and still glistening with cum.I was going to introduce you to sex by feeling only no sight and so the first thing I did was tell you to open your mouth which you do as a good cum slut and straight away a cock slides in to your warm mouth you know it’s not me as you can hear my voice from behind you as my fingers slowly slide in and out of both your hot wet holes you grab around the strangers ass and pull him in to you as you suck him deep then you feel a hot tongue on your pussy licking away at all the juice that is now pouring from you you try to lower yourself on to it but it teases you and darts in and out of your holes slowly you feel more fingers stretching you as they push inside you and you start to push back to force them in deeper all the time sucking down the cock which is now dribbling cum from the end.another stranger climbs underneath you and I slowly allow you to lower yourself on to his large cock filling your hot wet pussy as you slide all the way down the man in your mouth now grabs the back of your head and forces his cock in deep as he shoots his hot cum deep down your throat you slurp it up as much illegal bahis as you can but some dribbles down your chin as you slide up and down on the large cock underneath you you release his cock and another takes its place bigger and harder than the last and it goes in to the hilt as you pull him in to you ,still you can hear my voice behind you and feel my fingers sliding in the only place left to fill and as you get wetter so I slide another finger inside you and stretch your tight rear hands are fondling and grabbing your sexy tits and pulling your nipples as you fuck the cock under you your juice is now pouring out of you as you cum hard and pound harder moaning as you do with a mouth full of cock then you feel me lick where my finger had been and slowly feel the tip of my hard cock pushing in to your tight entrance you slow down and feel me force you open and slide in to you as your tight ring closes around my shaft feeling like a vice as I push all the way in . now you can feel both cocks pumping in to you and as they fill you it feels like they are touching you suck hard and thrust back now given totally over to pleasure not caring who or what is happening as you want to be filled with cum again and again. You start to moan it turns to a scream of pleasure as your whole body trembles and shudders your knees give way and you cum so hard it is like you have wet yourself juice flowing everywhere we keep pumping in to you hard then the cock in your mouth withdraws and sprays over your mouth and tits as the big cock in your pussy jerks and shoots load upon load of hot cum deep inside you as I feel it I cum too firing my hot cum as far inside you as I can we all collapse still inside you and covered in sweat and cum as we slowly pull out of you one at a time our cum comes rushing out of your sexy holes we turn you on to your back and raise your legs so it stays inside you then one at a time feed our cocks in to your hungry mouth so you can suck them clean of yours and our cum s this is happening we get a glass and as we lift you up you let the cum drip in to it till it is all out we check with our fingers and tongues and slowly watch you drink it down before kissing us all.

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