The Mature Married Neighbor


The Mature Married NeighborI was stroking my cock as I watched Hamster live a young African lady with big pendulous tits and a nice big ass was on her back fucking her cunt with a big white dildo. I had watched her routine twice now. I could feel I was not long from coming.” What are you doing!” Said Stephanie. I turned around to see my next door neighbor standing at the door to my dad’s man cave. “I ..” stuttering”Show me ” Stephanie moved the laptop round on the work bench to see what was on the screen. The lady now had her legs spread wide and was thrusting the white dick in her pussy hard and fast. Stephanie bent over giving me a good view of her big breasts and the sexy red bra that container them. Her thick thighs and big chubby ass in her tight figure hugging leggings left nothing to the imagination. I moved back to give her room and sneaked a peek at her rear end. Her slit was outlined by the thin bahis siteleri fabric. It was also damp. I sat with my hard cock in hand. ” You like women with big tits and asses? She turned and looked me in the eye. Her hand groping my swollen balls. I nodded. She pulled the top of low cut t shirt down. My eyes popped out of head as she exposed her big breasts dropped to her knees. She looked up at me with her big dark eyes.I hesitated.”Come on George. Get that big white cock between my tits. “I shuffled forward spreading my legs so I could put my cock between her big breasts. I watched as my white cock was surrounded by two magnificent brown breasts. She moved up and down my shaft. It didn’t take long and I came all over face and chest. Stephanie looked up at me slightly annoyed. She scooped up my cum with her fingers and put them in her mouth and smiled. “Tell me when you are going to cum I want to taste you canlı bahis siteleri in my mouth”She stood up and pulled her leggings down to her knees. She was about to turn and bend over when I picked her and sat her on the bench. I took a big mouthful of it in my mouth my tongue teasing the big hard nipple. The head of my cock pressed against her unable to find the target. Her big hand wrapped around my shaft and guided the head to her wet slit.”Fuck me boy””Yes Ma’am”I thrust in and out for what I thought was forever and erupted inside her. “Oh George you did it again.””Sorry Stephanie.””Your still hard” she sounded surprised. Her hand was once again stroking my shaft she shifted her big brown butt a little and pressed the head to her asshole. “Now George push slowly forward” she instructed.With teenage enthusiasm I thrust my hips forward and buried half the length of my thick cock in her asshole.”Fuck canlı bahis Me You Son of a Bitch. Slowly. ” She hissed between clenched teeth.Her bottom moved toward me as I thrust forward. God her ass was tight. Her sphincter gripped my cock and squeezed as my cock moved in and out.” I’m getting close ” I informed her. My legs buckled. “George your big joy stick is pushing my shit out my throat and you think I want to suck your dick now?”I pulled out stepped back. My big thick shit covered white cock waved around. Precum dribbled out the head. I looked in her eyes I looked down at my hard cock and grinned. Waiting.Stephanie got off the bench down on her knees and opened her mouth her hand stroking the shaft as I was about to come she opened her mouth wide to receive my spurts. I thrust forward pushing around 6 inches of shit covered cock in her mouth as I came. I held head with two hands firmly as I filled her big mouth with cum. She swallowed my my cum as she gagged on cock. I withdrew from her mouth. She spluttered and cursed as she got up and was about to walk out. “Stephanie I will be over tomorrow to mow your lawn. Be ready.

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