The hired help


The hired helpFirst lets say I would be the last person in this world who would cheat on their husband or so I thought. I guess I should start at how it happen or what lend up to it.I was working as a bartender in a nice place. That’s where I met my husband. One night a fight broke out which does happens in bars, but that night it was just two other girls and myself working, so all we could do was call the cops. That when Tom walked in and soon the fight was out the door and by the time the cops showed up the two dudes were on the sidewalk waiting to be taken to the drunk tank. The damage was one broken glass and a turned over table. Well Tom sat at the bar with the drinks on the house.Tom is huge and very good looking, just the kind of guy who makes my heart melt. At 26 I couldn’t believe he hadn’t ever been married but he wasn’t, so the next night was my night off so he asked me to dinner. He was such a gentleman, opening doors for me, making sure my chair was just right for me and never missed a word I said. He was so different from most the guys I met and if he had made a move. If he had I would’ve gone to bed with him, but he kissed me on my cheek when he dropped me off after dinner and a little dancing, hell he didn’t even try for a quick feel.I had hoped I didn’t scare him away somehow but the next morning he called and I was almost late for work we talked so long. It was 8 months and two days later we were married. The owner of the bar made us a offer we just couldn’t turn down on buying the bar. Things were going great, I still did the bartending, Tom served drinks when it got busy plus was our bouncer when needed, which wasn’t often. We were making a good living and were very happy with the way things were going.Then the virus hit. We were force to close our doors for months, but are lucky the old owner is our lender so when the doors closed he said that we should not pay him a penny until we could bahis şirketleri reopen and what we don’t pay now would just go on the end of the contract. How could we get so lucky. Two weeks before we were to reopen Tom got the virus. At first it didn’t seem to bad then he went to have a bath, and I had to get help to get him out of the tub. Within minutes he couldn’t hardly breathe. I got him to the hospital and he is now considered recovered but, he can’t walk across the room without being on a oxygen and will be needing a lung transplant soon.Tom told me to call Ty and old friend of his to see if he could fill in for him. Ty was happy to do it as he was out of work, and what he did wasn’t reopening anytime soon. When Ty walked in I was a little shocked cause Tom never said, and Ty didn’t sound black on the phone but black he was. Tom isn’t small at all but Ty would make him look small. Ty is one hell of a worker and works the kitchen as well as serves when needed but, when he was needed as a bouncer he didn’t hesitate, and the guy on that road house movie couldn’t of done a better job.With Tom at home on oxygen 24 hours a day and me working 7 days a week sex just seem to be on the back burner until the day Ty took his shirt off and I seen his six pack abs plus his back, oh god I felt a need building inside I haven’t felt in months. As I thought back Tom would carry a full keg one at a time, but Ty takes two at a time like they are empty and weigh nothing. Well about two weeks later a fight broke out and even thou Ty did his best I got nailed with a beer glass along side of my head. Well the guy who threw the glass wasn’t going to walking very good with two g****fruits between his legs after Ty got done with him, hell he may never be a father after that night,As Ty held a towel to my head I looked at him and he had tears in his eyes. He said that he couldn’t stand to see such beautiful woman like me hurt in bahis firmaları anyway. The next thing I knew I was kissing him hard on the lips. I wasn’t planning it, it just happened, and it was a good thing it was closing time cause before I think about what we were doing our clothes were hitting the floor as we couldn’t get each other naked fast enough. I wasn’t even thinking about Tom or really what I was doing, before I had Ty on his back with me trying my best to get him inside of me. It felt like I was trying to sit on a log cause everything on Ty goes with his size and his cock wasn’t an exception. Oh god it hurt as I sat down more and more, but in a good way. Ty pulled me down taking one then the other nipple sucking hard on them. I didn’t realize how much I had been missing having sex until now, as my first orgasm hit like a hammer. I didn’t have half of him inside me and by the time my orgasm died down, I was sitting on his balls feeling like he had to be coming out my belly button. I slowly rode as my body adjusted to his size when I felt my next orgasm coming on, and with Ty pushing a finger against my rear rosebud, my orgasm blew through me, and his finger went inside my ass. Ok I have had some awesome orgasms in my life but, I never had one like that where I had colors flashing in my head and my body just wouldn’t stop jerking. Ty lifted me just enough so he could start doing the fucking, and oh how I wish I could put it into words how it felt, but I just can’t.We made love for what had to be forty minutes and when Ty said he was about to cum, he said, I said for him to cum in me cause that’s what he did. By now I was on my knees with my forehead on the floor and before he was done our cum was running down the inside of my thighs. I never felt so fulfilled in my life and I remember thinking that if I died right there and then, I would die a very happy girl. When Ty finally pulled out there was kaçak bahis siteleri such a gush of our love making come out of me I thought something must’ve ripped inside of me. I bent my head and could see it was just our combined love spilling out of me. At the time I didn’t even think about the fact I had ran out of birth control pills four months ago and hadn’t filled it cause I knew there was no way Tom was going to be able to have sex of any form for god only knows how long. I mean when he came home from the hospital I started giving him some head and he blacked out cause he couldn’t get enough air in his lungs as he was about to cum.After I cleaned up I knew I should be feeling something on my cheating but all I felt was fulfilled. I climbed into bed next to my husband and before I fell asleep I had to finger myself one more time to the memory of what Ty and I had done. I didn’t understand how or why I didn’t feel like a slut or something other then wanting to do it again. The next night we closed the bar early and made love for two hours in the back where we have a cot. Again Ty made me cum like I have never cum before. Ty came once inside of me, and once I made him cum in my mouth and down my throat. I never swallowed Tom when he came in my mouth, but split it out instead. Swallowing Ty’s cum just felt right to me, plus his isn’t as bitter as Tom’s cum is, I wonder what makes it so different from one guy to the next.Ty and me had sex every night for ten days straight without me even thinking about not being safe. Well you guessed it I’m pregnant, and I know it’s Ty’s baby. I know I should have an abortion but I think I’m in love with Ty as well as Tom and I wonder if Tom doesn’t already know somethings up cause he said there’s a glow about me and he also said how much happier I have been and last five or six weeks. I know I have only so long to make up my mind on what I’m going to do, but if I keep the baby does Tom understand or does he kick my ass out the door and Ty last night was rubbing my belly with a smile on his face, so I think he knows that I’m pregnant and if I lose the baby do I lose him as well. I wish I knew what to do.

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