The greenhouse

Big Tits

The greenhouseIt looked like a normal greenhouse, albeit larger than usual, from the exterior but once entered its true purpose was revealed……..?Through the door and past the fragrant flowers was what looked like a bank of fog but was in reality a gauze curtain. The curtain was hiding her playroom. Polished tile upon which rested an opulent posted king sized bed with built in restraints located in the center of the room under the domed glass roof. To the left was a St Andrews Cross and an assortment of flogging implements, vibrators, clamps and gags. Opposite the door was a double sized claw foot tub, a sink, a toilet and bidet. To the right there was a body swing, a padded horse, and an articulated massage table all with tie down points. ???Trace scents of perfume and smoke register in your mind even as you feel a small sting on your neck. You awaken nude strapped to the cross amid a raging storm with lightening and candles providing the only light. You’re not frightened but amused and slightly aroused…you call out. ??You’re answered by the click of a lighter from somewhere behind you followed shortly by the unmistakable tapping of heels just audible over the pounding storm. You track the slow paced movement as your captor approaches. The fog curtain parts and you see her emerge. ??Brunette hair flowing mane like across her shoulders and down her back, glistening blood red lips, red lace basque and panties connected to sheer stockings ending black patent leather 4 inch stilettos all providing sharp contrast to her pale and delicate complexion. She saunters towards you in the flashing light of the storm, casually drawing on her holder and letting tendrils of smoke wisp away in the light current of air forced into the room from the wind. Finally standing in front of you you can see her arousal evident in her hard kaçak iddaa cock straining over the top of her panties. ???She scoops a copious amount of pre cum from her leaking member with her thumb and coats your lips before sealing them with her own. Her delicate tongue softly darts into your mouth to caress yours. All to quickly the kiss ends and she pulls back to study you. She draws on her holder with languid ease then reaches for your own turgid cock. She teases you with her sharp nails, scratching up the length of your shaft and over you sensitive glans. You groan with both desire and frustration at your predicament. She smiles wickedly and moves towards you again…….???Her cheek brushes yours even as her tongue feeds your earlobe into her soft smoky mouth where it is nursed and teased before receiving a small tug by her lips. The teasing of you cock intensifies and starts to include your smooth testicles. They squirm involuntary as her palm closes around them and her sharp pointed nails press and sc**** against the outer edges. A surprised “ahhhhhh” escapes your lips at the sensation of her stretching of your tight sack. She chuckles and releases her hold and your ear, stepping back again she evaluates her handiwork. Red lipstick stains your lips and ear, your cock is weeping pre cum and throbbing with your elevated pulse and your balls still roil from the handling they endured. Lost in thought she takes the final drag of her cigarette and exhales a perfect cone of smoke aimed at your cock as she ejects the spent butt to the floor and crushes it out. Placing her holder into the bodice of her corset she disappears behind you. With the glass being pummeled by the rain and wind you can barely hear her as she hums to herself. You know from your entry that there are flogging implements behind you. For the first kaçak bahis time tonight you begin to worry. She’s not the same girl you met in the bar last night. So far she’s d**gged and bound you to a cross without a single word. What could happen next?Without the visual and physical stimulation your cock has deflated somewhat….exactly as she anticipated. Her heels announce her return to your pillory and her scent washes over you again…smoke and Obsession finally registers with your subconscious. Her hand coats your cock with a tingling lube quickly followed by a small penetration of your clenched ass accompanied with a rush of the same lube from the bulb in her other hand. Even as you begin to react to the suddenness of sensation a cockring is snugged over your growing hardon and testicles followed by the attached plug pushing into your ass. The speed it goes in left little time to process the invasion and you brace for the inevitable pain you know will arrive…..only it doesn’t. She is again in front of you…and speaks. “The lube has a mild desensitizing component and the lightest touch of GHB that I think you’ll find most pleasant, I know I do.” With that she points a remote at you and the plug deep in your ass gently vibrates sending muted pulses to your prostate and points beyond. She watches you intently waiting for the signs of the d**gs onset and as you slowly begin to slip into its relaxing stupor she kisses you. Aware yet disconnected you enjoy her lips and tongue playing against your own. Chasing and probing…promising. Her kisses and the prostate action have had the predictable effect on your cock it’s throbbing and drooling with desire.You barely register the subtle bite of the nipple clamps as they close nor do you note the wires connecting to the small box now strapped around your stomach and further illegal bahis connected to the bands around your pulsating erection. She pushes a chair in front of you, it is an elegant yet obscene affair. A heavily brocaded turn of the century ladies wing back chair with phallus mounted in the center. “Do you like my chair?” She asks, “I designed it myself”. After placing a delicate table next to her chair upon which she deposits a crystal ashtray, lacquered cigarette box and her Art Deco lighter she makes a lurid spectacle of lubricating the dildo and her shapely ass. Pressing her body against you once again she is planting nipping and licking kisses on your neck moving towards your ear…your lobe is consumed by her hot mouth and seized by her teeth just to the point of pain when the palliative caress of her tongue draws a low moan from your lips. “We are going to cum together long and hard my pet”. She whispers in your ear them slinks to the chair. Centering her full figured ass over the dildo she gently lowered herself onto it. Her eyes alternately shining and flashing in the respective light of the candles and lightening. Her lips parted with a moan lost to the wind and thunder as she settles completely on the phallus. Holding still for several moments as her boi pussy adjusts to the welcome invasion. You keenly watch the transition as the tension drains from her frame replaced by a languid placidity.She draws her holder from her bodice and fits a fresh cigarette. The white teeth that have given such pain and pleasure to you clench the holder firmly while she manipulates the lighter to bring life to the cigarette. She draws….the cherry coal flares bright and dims. Her lips part displaying a thick ball of smoke. Just as tendrils start to wisp away she snaps the smoke in and slowly releases it towards you. “I hope you’re ready” she says as she points the remote at you again and you jump as electric current sizzles through your nipples and cock even as the vibration in your plugged ass increases. She begins another drag…..

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